The Feds’ New Mythology of the American Revolution

This is just too bizarre.


Note, in the video above, Alex Jones misreads the patriot act’s definition of a terrorist (look at section B). Nevertheless, it appears our new outsourced government (the neogovernment) is bent on exploiting the dumbed-down generation that they created by teaching them that the american revolutionaries were terrorists, thus delegitimizing the very existence of the USA.  I guess we’re not supposed to follow that logic to its inescapable conclusion that the government itself is illegitimate.  Doh!  Thanks for the civics lesson guys, but I have a different one: this government is indeed illegitimate, but not because it represents the founders legacy, but because it’s an occupation government, a zombie puppet of subversive outside interests bent on destroying this country and selling it off piecemeal to the highest bidder.  In wall street terminology, a “hostile takeover.”

This paper-thin propaganda is a sign of weakness.  They must be getting desperate.