Eugenicists Target Philippine Kids

As we promised our readers in our Tuesday column, today we will discuss the law that President Aquino signed last June 21 dubbed the “Mandatory Infants and Children Health Immunization Act of 2012,” which sounds very innocent enough because infants and children are supposed to be inoculated for mumps, polio, diphtheria, TB, measles, German measles, Hepatitis B, Flu and others. Mind you, there was no howl against this law when Congress passed it and when the President signed it into law.

But during the Philippines for Life Congress held last Friday and Saturday at the Summit Circle Hotel in Cebu City, Dr. Ligaya Acosta of Human Life International told her nationwide audience that foreign organizations have apparently found a way to reduce the populations of 3rd world countries through vaccines! This in my book is highly worrisome!

Dr. Acosta showed us a report by Theodora Filis, a UK Progressive who wrote only last Feb. 16, 2012, “When Bill Gates, founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provides vaccines to third world countries, promoted decreasing the population of the world and favoring the ‘death panel’, it shocked many people. Bill Gates believes that “instead of spending millions of dollars on old people who have three months to live, the money should be spent elsewhere, where it can benefit people.

Two years ago, the Microsoft billionaire unveiled his mission to reduce the world’s population through vaccines during the TEDx presentation. As Gates rambles on about CO2 emissions, and its effects on climate change, he injects without pause, that in order to get CO2 to zero, “probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty close to zero. The world today has 6.8 billion people, that’s headed up to about 9 billion. In January 2010, at the Davos World Economic Forum, Gates announced his foundation would give $10 billion over the next decade to develop and deliver new vaccines to children in the developing world.” For more information on this, I suggest you get in touch with Dr. Ligaya Acosta and she will give you a mouthful of info.

Now let’s ask ourselves, why is Bill Gates developing new vaccines for children in developing countries and talking about reducing the world’s population? Dr Acosta has an answer… “Because those vaccines will render many of our children infertile.” Apparently these new vaccines that is already made available for the Philippines will be used to immunize our children for the usual illnesses like small pox, mumps, polio, hepatitis, German measles, tuberculosis, measles, flu and tetanus. But in reality, their main purpose is for them not to be able to bear children when they grow up! …

Medical Police Force 4 Vaccinations Without Parental Consent

Are doctors and nurses going to start carrying tasers and handcuffs to enforce their corruption and assaults on others with impunity?   Maybe they should have gone into the “corrections” industry to begin with.  The only question is which side of the bars would suit them better.

Detroit teen given four vaccinations, including Gardasil, by her school without mother’s permission

Marcus Garvey Academy in Detroit, Mich., and St. John Providence Health System are in hot water after a student was forcibly administered four vaccinations recently without her mother’s permission. WXYZ News 5 in Detroit reports that Sighle Kinney’s 14-year-old daughter was pulled out of class on January 30, 2012, and given vaccinations for hepatitis A, seasonal influenza, meningitis, and HPV (Gardasil) by nurses from St. John’s, despite Sighle’s previously-stated opposition to her daughter receiving medical treatments from the school.

According to reports, Sighle was not notified by either school or hospital officials of their intentions to administer vaccines to her daughter. Not only is Sighle opposed to the vaccines that were given, but she has expressed anger over the fact that officials deliberately ignored her written filing with the school not to administer any medical treatments without her expressed permission.

“She comes home, hands me the envelope with the shot record in it that they gave her at school. And when I looked at it I said, ‘What is this?’ And she was like ‘They gave me shots, and they took blood, and they took urine,'” explained Sighle about the situation with her daughter to WXYZ. “Why would they give you an HPV (vaccine)? I never wanted you to have an HPV (vaccine). And as far as you getting injections, you have your own private physician. I don’t need them to do that in school for you.”

American Torturers Mount PR Offensive

The lawyers and politicans who allowed this to go on are just as guilty as the “specialists” who carried it out.  But it started long before 9/11; the “war on terror” only provided a pretext for its coming out as a means of domestic terror against the US population.  Let’s face it, this country creates monsters on a wholesale basis, starting with the torture and brain damaging of infants, through mother and breast milk deprivation, TV babysitting, broken families, government-imported street drugs, oppressive and mind-numbing public “education”, a mass marketed culture of rage and alienation, and an economy devastated by decades of corporate looting.  To all appearances, this is a comprehensive program of national destabilization.  It’s a prelude to the imposition of the shock doctrine, where the really big monsters who pay for it all finally see the payoff on their investment: the controlled demolition and subjugation of the united states.  They’ve made handsome profits using the same business model in the “3rd world”.  It was only a matter of time before they set their sights on the big prize.

The people who “hate our freedom” are the torturers and terrorists who wrap themselves in the flag and parade their treason and sickness in public.

The so-called “debate” about whether torture helped to keep us safe is reemerging, as the former chief of CIA clandestine operations Jose Rodriguez is aboutev to publish a book claiming that the use of “enhanced interrogation” practices including water-boarding saved lives.

“We made some al-Qaeda terrorists with American blood on their hands uncomfortable for a few days,” Rodriguez said in an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that will air on Sunday, April 29. “I am very secure in what we did and am very confident that what we did saved American lives.”

Torture is also back in the news because Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats are producing a report stating that torture isn’t effective in producing information.

We will quote the top American military and intelligence interrogation experts to debunk the following 10 common myths about torture:

1. Torture is a partisan issue

2. Waterboarding isn’t torture

3. Torture increases our national security

4. Torture is necessary to break hardened terrorists

5. Torture is necessary in a “ticking time bomb” situation

6. The “enhanced” interrogation techniques were aimed at producing actionable intelligence

7. Torture helped to get Bin Laden

8. Torture provided valuable details regarding 9/11

9. Only bad guys were tortured

10. America doesn’t torture any more …

Batman Shooter Told Inmate He Was “Programmed”

All too plausible a story, given the state of the science, the evidence for its use in in the past and the eyewitnesses to an accomplice.

The shocking story has gone virtually unnoticed after appearing in a blog post on the Denver Westword website last week.

After failing to interest the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in his account of what happened, 38-year-old Steven Unruh has now gone public. Unruh was booked into the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility just hours before the ‘Batman’ massacre unfolded and says that he was still in the booking area when Holmes was brought in.

Unruh then claims that he was able to communicate with Holmes from a nearby cell and that Holmes appeared to show remorse for what had happened.

The most explosive element of what Unruh claims Holmes told him could – if true – shed an entirely different light on the circumstances behind the Aurora theater shooting.

“He says that Holmes told him “he felt like he was in a video game” during the shooting, that “he wasn’t on his meds” and “nobody would help him.” He says Holmes also mentioned NLP — presumably, neuro-linguistic programming, a much-scorned and outmoded approach to psychotherapy — and claimed to have been “programmed” to kill by an evil therapist.”

“When he got out to his car, he wasn’t programmed no more,” Unruh says. “It sounded kind of crazy. He was trying to run it by me, basically.” …

See the article for a short history of MK-Ultra mind control.

Goldman Sachs Completes Economic Takeover of Europe

The “surprise” announcement that Canadian Mark Carney is to be appointed Governor of the Bank of England means that the 2012 Bilderberg attendee completes Goldman Sachs’ virtual domination over all the major economies of Europe.

Carney’s appointment has come as a shock to many who expected current BoE deputy governor Paul Tucker to get the nod, but it’s not a surprise for us given that we forecast back in April Carney would be headhunted for the position.

Carney is a former 13-year veteran of Goldman Sachs and was involved in the 1998 Russian financial crisis which was exacerbated by Goldman advising Russia while simultaneously betting against the country’s ability to pay its debt.

Carney’s appointment arrives just six months after he attended the 2012 Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia, an annual confab of over a hundred of the most powerful people on the planet who have routinely flexed their kingmaker status. …

Edward Hammond on Bioweapons research

Talk and interview from 2008.  Hammond’s website exposed a massive, dangerously reckless, accident-prone and corruption-ridden bioweapons research establishment before his site was “invited” to close down in early 2008.    It is still archived here:

He also posted to until 2007:!searchin/

2004: US Biolab Safety Standards in Collapse

USA In Violation of Bioweapons Treaty: What Are They Hiding?

The multiple violations by the U.S.A. of the international biological weapons convention (BWC) has put the entire planet at risk.  Biological weapons are far more dangerous than nuclear in their ultimate destructive capability.

Last December I traveled to Geneva, Switzerland and addressed the Biological Weapons Convention and — for the first time in the Convention’s history — blew the whistle on the illegal offensive biological weapons program which is being covertly operated by the United States of America.

It is my intent to travel to Geneva again this December to update the Convention-at-large on the likelihood that deployment is now imminent.

Pundits, including insiders such as former Senators Graham and Talent of the WMD Center in Washington, DC, are stating that a biological weapons attack or (false flag) pandemic may occur as soon as the end of 2013.