The American Monetary Act: Solving the Financial Crisis by Monetary Reform

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has posted the following on his web site:
“The U.S. monetary reform is urgently needed: It is long past time we look at the implications of . . . the privatization of money created by the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, the bank fractional reserve system and our debt-based economic system. Unless we have dramatic reform of monetary policy, the entire economic system will continue to accelerate wealth upwards. I am currently working on drafting legislation for an ‘American Monetary Act’ to address these and other issues in order to protect the economic well being of America.”

Observers believe that this single measure has the potential of bringing together tens of millions of people who have realized that our bank-run debt-based monetary system lies at the center of the financial crisis. The question is of course – how are these tens of millions going to find out that there is such legislation being developed?

Kucinich is working closely with Stephen Zarlenga, director of the American Monetary Institute <> and author of: The Lost Science of Money. I interviewed Zarlenga in May 2009 after his return from Washington, DC, where he had briefed members of Congress. A report on the briefing was done by Richard Cook. <>


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