Mossad & 9/11

Apologies for beating this dead horse, but many people are still playing catch-up.
Needless to say 9/11 was a multinational operation which must have been largely controlled and covered up by elements of the US governmental/corporate complex, but it seems mossad played an important role and Israel was a prime beneficiary of the consequences. But looking deeper, both the US and Israel are being mercilessly exploited by the puppetmasters who are orchestrating the global takeover made possible by the collapse of the soviet union.  Functionally speaking both the US and Israeli governments are zombie puppets motivated and animated by the interests and resources of the transnational global elite whose foundation is the network of privately controlled central banks centered at the BIS. ( )

In the interview here ( ) , Alan Sabrosky, former director of strategic studies at the US army war college, states that the pentagon brass now believes that Israel did 9/11, and  Rockefeller minion Kissinger was recently quoted as saying that Israel won’t exist in 10 years. ( )   My guess is the same might be said of the USA, or at least the USA as we know it.  Americans and Jews have both been set up for tragedy by the same people who orchestrated the rise of the nazis and attempted to overthrow the US goverment in a military coup (see “The White House Coup” and nearby links in the reference section).  The rabbit hole goes very deep.

Here’s another interview with Sabrosky:

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