Inside Boy Scouts’ secret child abuse files

More than 1,200 files on suspected molesters in the Boy Scouts of America were made public Thursday, lifting the veil on decades of alleged abuse in one of the nation’s oldest youth organizations.

Times investigative reporter Jason Felch and producer Ken Schwencke discussed the story and The Times database produced from the files in a Google+ Hangout this afternoon (see video above.)
The court-ordered release of the files offers a detailed view of how the Scouts handled suspected molestations from the early 1960s through 1985.

FULL COVERAGE: Inside the ‘perversion files’

Suspected abusers from all over the country are named in the files — many of them never reported to police or charged with a crime. Doctors, lawyers, politicians and policemen are among the accused and many are about to face public exposure for the first time. …

One could attribute the scout’s secrecy to the potential PR impact on its own reputation, but think of the opportunity that presents itself to a sufficiently psychopathic entrepreneur: by concealing this evidence against “doctors, lawyers, politicians and policemen”, the perpetrators remain susceptible to blackmail.  Not necessarily monetary blackmail but something much more insidious: control.  Controlling the decisions of powerful people through blackmail is one of the primary means by which intelligence agencies and secret societies exercise power in society.  The scouts could make a lucrative business model of selling such evidence to the highest bidder.  Think I’m being cynical?  Check out the role of Boys Town in the franklin coverup (see “conspiracy of silence” and related links in the reference section).   Check out the info on the suicided “DC Madam” at .  She had unwittingly compiled a blackmail dossier against dozens, perhaps hundreds of powerful insiders in washington.  I listened to many of her numerous interviews on the net at the time.  It was spooky knowing that she’d probably be suicided, but it was an inescapable conclusion even to her, once she knew that blackmail is foundational to real institutional power in this world.  This is why the expeditious disposal of the sandusky case amid allegations that he was pimping young boys to powerful people is so telling.

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