Former FBI Agent Interviews MK-Ultra Pedophilia Survivor

Paul Bonnaci, who has become a Christian, as a child was used as a decoy in parks, shopping malls, and various other public locations, to attract other children over to an automobile where waiting adults would snatch and kidnap them. Paul was himself a child-victim of satanic ritual abuse and sexual abuse who was forced into prostitution to satisfy the pedophile lust of wealthy and powerful businessmen and politicians. In this powerful DVD series (Parts 1, 2 & 3) spanning over 5 hours, Paul speaks from first-hand knowledge about the horrors against little kids he witnessed. This is one of the most important interviews Ted Gunderson has ever filmed. The revelations about Satanism and child prostitution rings operating in America are astounding as they are shocking. You will have new fervor for your own children’s security after watching this revealing DVD. Ted Gunderson is a retired FBI Senior Special-Agent-In-Charge who started his own private investigation business and uncovered extensive corruption on many levels of the US government and intelligence agencies.



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