Designing GMO Cows for Human Baby Milk

The world of genetic engineering has fallen even further into the surreal with the announcement that New Zealand “scientists” have unveiled a genetically modified mutant cloned cow which they say produces a reduced-allergen milk for consumption by human babies.

It’s inspiring how these heroic scientists will go to any length to render mothers and families superfluous in children’s lives.  Not to belabor the obvious, but human mothers are already pretty good at nurturing their own children if they’re allowed to do so, human breast milk contains human stem cells and human immunogenic components which are vital to babies’ developing immune system (think lost medical business) and fatty acids which aid brain development, and I think most babies would have a hard time cuddling with a cow.   But really these scientists are just trying to make a living.  It’s the people who allocate the money that determine what is to be researched and developed for market.  Pathologized birth, pathologized breast feeding, pathologized sex (circumcision) and pathologized children (psych drugs) are part of a larger war against the family being waged by these people.  So what do they have against the human family?   What is the agenda here?
The most obvious problem is that human families create human beings and the malthusian fascist eugenicists who think they own the world believe there are already too many people for the totalitarian centralized economic and political system they want to create and control in perpetuity.  But it goes beyond that.  Good families represent the last store of traditional non-state-controllable knowledge and independent thought available to humanity.  They teach children not to trust strangers, even authorities with funny hats and silly titles.  They teach the basic sanctity of mutual respect and human rights.  They create strong independent people who don’t take orders or fulfill state-sanctioned economic roles readily.  This is a big problem for control freaks.  The project of creating a totalitarian dictatorship requires masses of miserable, weak and dependent human beings who will do what they’re told and passively submit to whatever circumstances are forced upon them because they have learned helplessness and alone-ness from the day they were born.

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