GMOs: California Prop 37: Phone Callers Needed

Monsanto & friends are spending over $1 million a day to fight GMO labeling and defeat Prop. 37.  YOU CAN HELP.  JOIN the VOLUNTEERS to FIGHT BACK NOW!


In less than 2 weeks, Californians will vote on Prop. 37. This is an historic campaign – it would mean that for the first time in the United States, consumers would have the right to know if the food they are eating has been genetically tampered with by chemical companies. Nearly one million Californians signed their names to put the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act – aka Prop 37 – on the ballot, and over 90% of Americans say they support labeling GMOs. BUT RIGHT NOW, the world’s largest pesticide and junk food companies, led by Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Pepsi, Kraft & Coca Cola have invested over $40 million and are spending  $1 million per day to deceive Californians. They are  flooding the state with misleading ads to confuse and scare the voters and to trick people into voting against their own best interests.  And it’s working. In the past week our poll numbers have dropped from 61% to 48%. WE MUST FIGHT BACK.


Here are the ways YOU can help to fight back:

  1. If you live in California, click here  to find your local leader and get involved. You can be a part of history in the making and help your state pass groundbreaking legislation. Your help will make a difference!
  2. Click here to Volunteer for our national phone bank to help us reach 1 million more Californians before Election Day, November 6! It’s super easy to volunteer. Sign up for a shift of your choice based on your availability.  This is a close race and your calls may bring home the deciding votes.  You can make a difference. We know we can win with your help! We are in the home stretch. California needs your help NOW.

Please pass this on to friends and family who would be interested as well.


The truth is getting out! Together we can overcome the dirty campaign efforts of chemical and big food bullies! With your help, we can win!


Thank you,

Institute for Responsible Technology Food Policy Fund

The Institute for Responsible Technology Food Policy Fund is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization engaging in advocacy and legislative lobbying activities.

Horrible Morons in Charge of US Foreign Policy

Drone-murders of Americans ‘Totally right, totally Constitutional’: Homeland Security Chairperson

… and if you question it, you are “a horrible moron,” concludes Peter T. King, Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

This 2-minute video from We Are Change Luke Rudkowski powerfully captures what US “leadership” has become. The good news is their arrogance and evasion is only tragic-comic sideshows to the “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts of their massive crimes centering in war and money.

This is what matters:

  • War law within US treaties is crystal-clear in letter and intent: no nation may use military armed attacks unless under attack by another nation’s government. The US military armed attacks in current and expanding targets are obvious unlawful and unconstitutional Wars of Aggression. War law was written in every language on the planet for the people to uphold limited government in war.
  • War law is the legal victory of all American families’ sacrifices through two world wars. US military have Oaths of Enlistment to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. War law’s treaty-status means US military are obligated to refuse all orders in current wars and act to arrest those who issue them. There are no lawful war orders when the wars are unlawful.
  • The use of war violence is usually associated with criminal acts for money, and lies to evade public recognition of these obvious crimes. Crimes by US oligarchic “leadership” for money are just as obvious upon inspection. Propaganda by US corporate media’s six companies to criminally lie and evade is also easy to prove for anyone willing to look.

This is our present and future:

  • Americans can choose intellectual integrity and moral courage to use their voices and actions in light of the “emperor has no clothes” obvious. This will save millions of lives, help billions in poverty, and reclaim trillions in the public’s monies that have been looted. The obvious war-murders will end. Obvious reforms to release looted money, and reforming credit and money as public services rather than bankster parasitism can quickly cause full-employment for infrastructure investment.
  • Americans should consider a Truth & Reconciliation offer to the “1%” criminals. The advantage is to split those members willing to reclaim their hearts and integrity to help us, make it easier for the criminals to surrender rather than fight us, and most quickly enact policies to reclaim our humanity.
  • Americans could refuse to engage in this basic civil requirement for freedom, and earn the Greek insult for political apathy that is so powerful it’s remained untranslated for over 2,000 years: idiot.

Choose carefully. You may just have what you choose and work for.

Actually it’s not fair to call him a horrible moron.  He’s just making a living in a corrupt system which selects for moronic behavior.  This is the problem with concentrated power, the connections between means and motive become ever-tighter.  This is why the founders’ model of separation of powers was so ingenious.  Unfortunately they didn’t understand money sufficiently to provide for the avoidance of the concentration of that power, which has purchased the other 3 branches of government.