Gulag America: The Increasing Difficulty of Leaving the USA

We’re pleased that Cuba has promulgated rules, effective January 13, 2013, which will eliminate the requirement for most (but not all) would-be emigrants to obtain the government’s permission to leave the country, and to make the issuance of a passport a matter of right for most Cuban citizens.

At the same time, the US has ordered airline common carriers not to allow any would-be passenger to board any international flight departing from the US without individualized prior permission from the government. Any attempt to leave the US, even by land, without a passport, has been criminalized, without any recognition of passport issuance as a right. The State Department, in its claimed “discretion” to deny passports to US citizens at whim, has increasingly been demanding that passport applicants answer impossibly detailed and irrelevant interrogatories to establish their identity and citizenship. At the same time, the State Department has tried to suppress knowledge of its own regulations which entitle passport applicants to establish their identity by the testimony of a witness rather than by paper credentials.

And the State Department continues to ignore our complaints that these practices violate US obligations under the same provisions of the same human rights treaties that the US has invoked against Cuba. …

The Orwellian Fraud of Shock Treatment

Here are a few links on the subject I’ve accumulated over time.  ECT is a “shock and awe” approach to the social control of oppressed people, not unlike the practice of “destroying a village in order to save it” popularized in the US military.

This lecture is by Bonnie Burstow of the Univ. of Toronto, sometime in the mid-90’s.

Interview with Dr. Peter Breggin, dissident psychiatrist in the mid-90’s.  (transcript of this interview is at )


More Child Abuse in Medicine: Shock Treatment

Electrically stimulating the brain with so-called “electroshock” therapy may have help some children with mental illnesses — including depression — whose conditions are unresponsive to other treatments, according to a new study.

After receiving the therapy — now called electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, by researchers — 76 percent of children showed significant improvements in their symptoms. The treatment was particularly effective for those patients with depression — 17 out of 20 children diagnosed with depression showed significant amelioration.

They have to say “stimulating” and “so called electroshock” to maintain their own delusions about the reality of the permanent brain damage that is being done to these kids (the source of the “head injury high” which is mistaken for improvement) and the messianic role of psychiatrists  in “rescuing” children from their “chemically imbalanced” perception of their own misery.  After all, we live in a utopian paradise for kids, right?  Where is the gratitude?

This is especially ironic given that obstetrical and psychiatric medicine are almost certainly the biggest causes of “mental illness” in this country (see the munchausen obstetrics and circumcision papers linked at the top for the obstetrical angle).   This is munchausen by proxy consent.

BTW: psychiatry’s compulsion to “help” even extends to infants:

Mental illness strikes babies, too

Babies and toddlers are too young to take Prozac or complain about their childhoods, but psychologists are finding their tender age doesn’t protect them from mental illness.

Children under the age of 3 can suffer from symptoms of depression, including disruptions in eating and sleep. In recent years, researchers have discovered the youngest humans can even suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, once thought to be only an illness of adults.

“The picture has totally changed,” says Alicia Lieberman, director of the Child Trauma Research Project at San Francisco General Hospital.

Although much of psychology is built upon the influences of childhood, psychologists haven’t always paid much attention to the earliest years of a child’s life. Only in the late 1960s and 1970s did researchers begin to understand the importance of the relationships between infants and those who take care of them, says Alice Sterling Honig, professor emerita of child development at Syracuse University.

Researchers watched how infants reacted when their parents went to the hospital and found signs of trouble. “First, the little babies would protest enormously and search around frantically,” Honig says. “But after a while, they’d go into a despair and withdraw and look listless, with dull eyes, as if they gave up looking for their special person.” …

Need I point out that the children are reacting to returning to the smells and sounds of the dungeons where they came into this world?  It seems psychologists are STILL not paying much attention to the earliest years of a child’s life.

Obstetrical Abuse, Circumcision and Psychiatry: A Profitable Collaboration

Flagrant Medical Child Abuse and Quackery on Display

ECT: The Sadistic Weapon at the Heart of Psychiatry

Dr Bonnie Burstow on ECT as violence against women

Electroshock: Scientific, Ethical and Political Issues

Inside Boy Scouts’ secret child abuse files

More than 1,200 files on suspected molesters in the Boy Scouts of America were made public Thursday, lifting the veil on decades of alleged abuse in one of the nation’s oldest youth organizations.

Times investigative reporter Jason Felch and producer Ken Schwencke discussed the story and The Times database produced from the files in a Google+ Hangout this afternoon (see video above.)
The court-ordered release of the files offers a detailed view of how the Scouts handled suspected molestations from the early 1960s through 1985.

FULL COVERAGE: Inside the ‘perversion files’

Suspected abusers from all over the country are named in the files — many of them never reported to police or charged with a crime. Doctors, lawyers, politicians and policemen are among the accused and many are about to face public exposure for the first time. …

One could attribute the scout’s secrecy to the potential PR impact on its own reputation, but think of the opportunity that presents itself to a sufficiently psychopathic entrepreneur: by concealing this evidence against “doctors, lawyers, politicians and policemen”, the perpetrators remain susceptible to blackmail.  Not necessarily monetary blackmail but something much more insidious: control.  Controlling the decisions of powerful people through blackmail is one of the primary means by which intelligence agencies and secret societies exercise power in society.  The scouts could make a lucrative business model of selling such evidence to the highest bidder.  Think I’m being cynical?  Check out the role of Boys Town in the franklin coverup (see “conspiracy of silence” and related links in the reference section).   Check out the info on the suicided “DC Madam” at .  She had unwittingly compiled a blackmail dossier against dozens, perhaps hundreds of powerful insiders in washington.  I listened to many of her numerous interviews on the net at the time.  It was spooky knowing that she’d probably be suicided, but it was an inescapable conclusion even to her, once she knew that blackmail is foundational to real institutional power in this world.  This is why the expeditious disposal of the sandusky case amid allegations that he was pimping young boys to powerful people is so telling.