The Fascistic Vein in Mainstream Medicine

“Ashley Montague notes in the Dehumanization of Man (and Woman via children), ‘the central issue of Western thought and civilizations is freedom vs. control.’ In 1932 with the publication of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley predicted an increasing and rapid centralization of power and control, not through oppression and terror, we have that too, but rather through the subtler devices of conditioning, persuasion, new drugs and distraction. What does rapid centralization of power and control have to do with breast feeding and equally intimate circumcision?

“Jump time -1928, The Psychological Care of Infant and Child, by John Broadus Watson, celebrated founder of behaviorism, and before that to Luther Emmett Holt, MD, professor of pediatrics at Cornell University and the author of the leading manual on child-rearing for more than a half a century (1894 – 1984), Care and Feeding of Children, a handbook read by millions of women where they were told among other things not to pick up their babies when they cried, to abolish the cradle, to feed them on the clock, and not to pamper them by too much handling, in a word, don’t touch because touch is bad. Montague summarizes Holt and Watson’s commandments.

“Keep your emotional distance and especially desist from kissing, coddling, or fondling it. Do not respond readily to your child’s cries for food or attention. The Child’s capacities, said Watson, should be developed towards conquering the world, to meet this aggressive purpose children must be trained to master their feeding schedules, toilet training, and other tasks according to a strict regime. It is through these techniques of problem-solving and being absorbed in strenuous activity that the child would be prepared to cope with the competitive demands of modern society. Such a child, wrote the supreme behaviorist, will be ‘as free as possible from the sensitivities of people and one who, almost from birth, is relatively independent of the family situation.’  More specifically:

There is a sensible way of treating children… Never hug and kiss them, never let them sit in your lap, if you must, kiss them once on the forehead when they say good night. Shake hands with them in the morning. Give them a pat on the head if they make an extraordinary good job of a difficult task. Try it out. In a week’s time you will find how easy it is to be perfectly objective with your child and at the same time kindly. You will be utterly ashamed of the mawkish, sentimental way you have been handling it.

“Watson’s advice to treat children like machines had a deep impact on psychology. It mirrored and reinforced what John Taylor Gatto calls the hidden agenda of compulsory schooling: prediction, conditioning and control, and more specifically, it had a profound impact on pediatric thinking and practice – which obviously continues today. Pleasure is Bad. Get over it – or if not -pay for it.

“Jump time – a few days ago. During an insightful, deep and passionate conversation James W. Prescott, PhD, made the simple observation that personal and cultural violence is rooted in the deprivation of pleasure, a theme he has been advocating for more than half a century. Marilyn Milos, founder of NoCirc, Lisa Regan, editor of Pathways, and I were discussing that there is no medical justification for circumcision. So why is it done to men and women around the world, and by who? The answer: to significantly impair and therefore control pleasure. For governments and religions, which are both vested in population prediction and control, the control of pleasure is a powerful and universal weapon to achieve male dominated objectives, at the expense of women and children.

“Please listen to the conversation and share it with friends….”

[mp3 audio at the above link]

“Male dominated?”  Only in the sense that men are the primary pawns in the state’s game of social control.

One reason I say fascistic is that this “scientific” approach to child neglect and abuse was very popular in pre-nazi germany and no doubt contributed greatly to the cruelty of the movement.

The USA is going down the same path.  We have a population of men who have been pleasure-deprived and imprinted with rage from birth, who are about to face the biggest economic collapse in history.   All we need now is a new messiah to lead us out of the darkness and into national salvation (see “The Occult History of the 3rd Reich” for a mind-blowing take on nazi movement.  One part of it is online:

If there was hard evidence of specific connections between wall street and medicine’s cruelty to children in germany and the US, it would be tempting to conclude that the economic collapse is only one facet of a larger plan to use this country as a kamikaze in a campaign of world conquest, in the same way that nazi germany was cultivated to conquer the british oligarchy’s arch enemy, russia.  This might be a very fruitful area of research.

In any case, I think the case is clear that civilization has paid an extremely heavy price for parent’s denigrating of their own instinctual capacity for nurturing their children and outsourcing it to medical “experts”.

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