Portland OR: Last Refuge from Fluoridation Under Attack

Another one of those conspiracy “theories” which turn out to be true.  But water fluoridation has never been about a cabal of commies plotting against the USA.  It’s as american as apple pie, a simple matter of the invisible hand of the “free market”.  Corporations which produce fluoride as a toxic waste byproduct (fertilizer, aluminum and nuclear industries) were faced with a question of simple economics: whether to pay steep costs for properly dealing with this notorious poison or find a way to socialize it to the broader population.  My guess is that the typical MBA would be perfectly willing to generate a small but measurable degradation in IQ, kidney function, bone strength and cancer rates in the population in exchange for a large reduction in his own operating costs.  Only outsiders could believe that a psychopath couldn’t find a way to act on this incentive when all they needed to do is make the lifestyles of a few public health authorities dependent on it.  But that was decades ago.  Now it’s become part of the culture, a test of being rational and sane.  What, you want to actually research the issue?  Better up your dose of meds.  Or drink more water.

“Joining us tonight are Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network and Kimberly Kaminski of Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water to talk about the current drive to add fluoride to the drinking water in Portland. We discuss the political background of this initiative, the adverse health effects of water fluoridation, and what people can do to get involved in the issue.”


Also check out my interview with Connett (the first podcast listed on this site) and the relevant links in the reference section.

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