Bypassing the internet choke point

The most hierarchical (and thus controllable) structure on the net is the domain naming system, the DNS, a networked database which your computer uses to translate hostnames like “” into numeric addresses like, which can be used by internet routing hardware to direct packets to their destination.   The routing hardware is a form of distributed autonomous intelligence (designed by darpa to survive nuclear war) but the DNS is under highly centralized control.   My suggestion is that you figure out what your favorite sites are and generate a list of their numeric adddresses.  There are web sites that do dns lookups and print out the address but the most sure-fire way of avoiding possibly manipulated data is to use your own computer to do the lookup.  In windows you can do this by opening a command window and typing “nslookup” for instance.  If you want to save the output, the following appends it to the file “addresses.txt”:

nslookup >>addresses.txt

On linux or mac the “host” command works better.

When you have a list you want to use, append it to your “hosts” file.   On windows this is in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.   You’ll need to open it as administrator in something like notepad.   On linux and mac, it’s in /etc, you’ll need to be root.

If and when “they” shut down the net because of some kind of virtual false flag attack , or just because el presidente feels like it, the first thing they’ll do is take over the DNS.  But as long as they don’t issue a router virus that propagates throughout the net (a distinct possibility) your packets will still get through  to the sites you’ve listed.    Any links or references from your listed sites to other sites won’t work unless they use numeric addresses (unlikely) so some things might be broken, but at least you can get to the specific pages you’re after.

Free PDF of Infowars Magazine

I haven’t read it yet but if it represents the best of Alex Jones’ operation it’s probably worth printing out and distributing, whether you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal or an economic anarchist or a political one.  The only question is whether you’re awake enough to recognize we’re all in this together.

If you sign up to their email newsletter you can download the magazine pdf:

9/11 In Your Face

Hello?  Is anyone listening?

It’s laughable how the so-called skeptics who doubt such a conspiracy could happen without public exposure disprove their own thesis simply by clinging to it in the face of overwhelming physical evidence.   They and their capacity for self-delusion (a predictable consequence of well known psychological defense mechanisms) are what makes such coverups possible.