100 Days Until Taxmageddon

“Sunday will mark the start of the 100-day countdown to “Taxmageddon” – the date the largest tax hikes in the history of America will take effect.  They will hit families and small businesses in three great waves on January 1, 2013 …”

And virtually all of it will go to wall street.  Just remember, over 90% of calls to congress during the negotiations to “bail out” the thieves and gamblers were dead set against it.  American’s aren’t stupid, we’ve just been beaten down and psyop’d to the point where we can’t even protect our children from the “authorities” in the so-called medical profession.
The first step in healing from an abusive situation is to acknowledge the abuse, who is doing it and why.  To do that we must admit that our so-called leaders have abundantly demonstrated to us that they are unworthy of our trust.   They do not represent us, they oppress us.   We are not their property, we are not constrained by their carefully constructed web of deception and doubletalk.  When they lie, even with the loudest megaphones, we can topple the edifice of their mental prison simply by saying no.  We can be “irrational” enough to walk away from their game and be free.
We don’t need them.

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  1. I visit your blog on a regular basis, thanks for the great info.

    Just a minor gripe I need to see your commentary in a text field that is different from the article text. i hope this makes sense It is sometimes hard to tell where the article ends and your comments begin. thanks again.

    1. Yes I know, sometimes I forget to include quotes etc. I’ve considered using WP’s block quotes, but that interferes with the formatting of the original article. Maybe a

      html directive?
      Thanks for reading! If you have any pointers to real news, please don’t hesitate to leave a note …

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