The Secret “Government’s” Undeclared War On America

Of course I can’t do justice to this topic in a blog post, it encompasses the whole spectrum of utero-toxification, obstetrical abuse, genital mutilation, poisoning, drugging and miseducation of children, toxic vaccines, toxification and experimentation on soldiers,  vilification of veterans, drugging and warehousing the elderly, ecological devastation including clearcutting forests, the demolition of whole mountains, vandalizing genetic codes, destroying the gulf of mexico (was the oil spill really an accident by dick cheney’s corporate benefactor halliburton?  The massive toxic spraying which amplified the disaster by at least an order of magnitude certainly wasn’t)

You can speculate about conspiracies vs random corruption but it should be clear that it’s a systemic problem, embedded in the structure of governance itself.  It’s hard to escape the conclusion that depopulation is the logical, necessary end-point of the destruction of the food supply, the industrial infrastructure and the dollar, and the other catastrophes facilitate that eventuality.  I would argue that you don’t need conscious conspiracies to explain a lot of it, given the economic incentives which derive from the core, in-your-face, undeniable conspiracy and decades-long coverup at the heart of the financial system, which is the ponzi-scheme of debt-based money and the perfectly sensible and moral alternatives to it.  See for starters.

In any case, if there was a conspiracy to take over a nation by subversion, they would need a LOT of money, lots more than you see in fortune magazine, the kind of money that comes from multigenerational social and economic dynamics, self-organizing networks that spontaneously lead to dynasties and aristocracies.  And with that money they would buy influence.  Think tanks, endowed academic positions, philanthropic foundations, corporate investments, systemic bribery and blackmail of powerful politicians etc.  But a centrally managed enterprise isn’t really needed, given the nature of self-organizing systems.   A geographic center of power isn’t even needed, given the reality of economic globalization.  The power structure lives in the financial, not the physical dimension.

Aside from targetting the the intellectual, social, economic and ecological infrastructure, they would need to target the citizens, starting with the most vulnerable: the children.  There’s no end of information on the net about how american children are being seriously abused and injured in the name of medicine.  See my munchausen obstetrics and male circumcision articles linked at the top for starters.  And at some point as the society begins to collapse they would need to target its soldiers, the people who have sworn an oath to the founding document and have the skills and willingness to use weapons in defense of it.  So an important empirical indicator for the presence of a coup in the making (aside from the physics of the 3 WTC collapses on 9/11) would be the treatment of soldiers and veterans.  If the real structure of power had anything to do with geography, politics and elections, one would expect any self-interested power network to take good care of its soldiers and veterans even if empire-building is on the agenda.   But that’s not what’s happening.