Google Shopping Censors Dietary Supplements in USA

“Right around June 28 of this year, Google Shopping users first began noticing that search queries for many common health products like “vitamin C” and “fish oil” began turning up zero results, whereas before they would generate a copious list of vendors that offered these products, as well as corresponding price information. In the days and weeks that followed, these same users learned that vitamins and natural products in general were no longer showing up in Google Shopping. …”

This is in keeping with Codex Alimentarius, the genocidal treaty that prevents citizens of signatory countries from accessing traditional health products and supplements under the banner of protecting the public.  The US hasn’t yet signed the treaty but it’s making its way through the system.  Apparently someday we’ll all be “living” on diet coke, french fries and prozac.

Anyway, this is one more reason to diversify your search engine usage.  Google is becoming downright orwellian. seems to be pretty good.  It’s a publically-traded russian company so no doubt it’s subject to transnational economic takeover and political pressures in russia, just as google is subject to pressures here.  But the idea is diversification, not finding a new faceless bureaucracy to believe in.

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