GMOs: Out of State Volunteers Needed to Pass CA Prop 37!

“The Institute for Responsible Technology’s Food Policy Fund is doing everything we can to help California pass Proposition 37 – an initiative requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food. Our Executive Director, Jeffrey Smith is speaking at various venues and educating communities around the state.  But  it is going to take  all of us, the entire country, to beat the powerful biotech industry that wants to keep Americans in the dark about knowing what is in their food.  That is why we feel compelled to share the following message.

“Pamm Larry – the Grandmother from Chico who started this effort is now asking for your help.   Please sign up to help get this initiative passed in California so we can move on to labeling GMOs throughout the  entire country. Here is Pamm’s message:

Pamm Larry

Hello USA!!!

I’m writing an urgent appeal to all who care about labeling GMOs in our great country.

“After years of feeling hopeless about the state of GMO labeling in this country, I had what Jeffrey calls “an epiphany.”  On the morning of January 20, 2011, it came to me in a flash of inspiration that it was my job from that day until November 6, 2012 to do everything I could to get a proposition to label GMOS on the ballot in California. I had no money, no experience and no hope.  I just started.

“Since that day, we have grown beyond my wildest dreams.  We have leaders all over the state working in their communities to educate and get out the vote.  We have professionals on board to guide us.  We have much in place to be successful AND we are entering the most difficult phase of this campaign.

“What happens here will affect the whole country.   Seven states that I know of are watching us and are poised to do initiatives or legislative efforts once we win.   Our opposition is firing up it’s weapons-  They have contributed over $25 million.  Last week, Monsanto added almost $5M more.  We believe they are putting that money in there because they are afraid of the polls so are starting their advertising campaign early.  We are  running out of time.

“We will never have the money they have.   But they don’t have what we do:  YOU! 

“If you care about labeling GMOs now is the time to help out.  We need your help making phone calls.  If you can help do that for us, it frees up the folks here on the ground to make eye contact. More information about this will be provided after you sign up!

“This is the battle of our lives.  The entire country needs to come together to win.

Please help us by signing up to volunteer here

I know that when we unite we can make great change. Please join us!!

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