Declaration of Repudiation

They murdered our president.  They tricked us into waging wars against countless innocents for their own profit.  They have vandalized the genetic code of our food crops and made them toxic.  They poison our children with their narcotics and toxic vaccines.    They make a mockery of our elections and political processes.  They have waged a covert war against our families.  They have made us hated around the world for the crimes which they committed in our names.

They do not lead us, they hide behind us.  They need us to be in denial of their treachery so they can continue using us.   In the arrogance they have built upon their monomaniacal greed they imagine themselves to be superior, but they have stood darwin on his head.  Compassion and empathy are the foundations of social power.  They have neither.   They would turn our beautiful earthly home into the smoldering ruin that they inhabit in their minds.

They are everyone’s enemy.   Their fear is evident, as is their weakness.  They are cowards.  They have no vision and no insight.  They are going to lose.

If the world’s intelligence agencies are worth a hill of beans, they know where the enemies of humanity reside.   If they were blood-sucking insects from another planet there would be no question of what to do.  For all practical purposes, they might as well be blood-sucking insects from another planet.  They are modern-day dinosaurs, heirs to a long extinct feudal system built on superstition and fear.  Hardly the stuff of an enlightened space-faring civilization.

They claim to represent us.  They do not represent us.  They parasitize us.  They have abrogated the contract.  It is null and void.  Everything is on the table.   Seize the future.

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