Medicine Hijacked: Books That Document The Real Health Care Crisis

“Business interests and commercial priorities undermine the precautionary principle of Medicine, the therapeutic mission of Medicine, and the scientific integrity of Medicine.   America’s healthcare system is riddled with financial conflicts of interest–including government oversight agencies and Congress.  As a result, America’s healthcare delivery system is the leading cause of death.

“A conservative estimate (JAMA, 2000): annually, there are 296,000 deaths caused by adverse drug reactions from prescription drugs (excluding errors). The latest published estimate, based on reports to FDA’s MedWatch database, FDA-approved prescription drugs are linked to 45 million to 50 million adverse effects–of which 2.5 million to 4 million are serious, disabling or fatal.   [ QuarterWatch , May 2012 ]”

There follows an exceedingly long list of links to books about the problems with american “health care,” which was indeed hijacked by wealthy “philanthropic” corporate foundations a century ago, starting with the medical schools.  The robber barons are in charge of medicine too.

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