Medical Mafia Demonizes Parents Making Informed Decisions on Vaccines

“Using electronic vaccine records tracking systems, public health doctors  concluded that about 10 percent of parents living in Portland, Oregon are making independent decisions about how many vaccines their babies should get and when they should get them. Those parents are rejecting the CDC’s aggressive vaccination schedule promoted by the AAP that directs pediatricians to give two to six month old babies between seven to nine vaccines on the same day –no exceptions.

“Public health doctors are slapping the label of “shot limiters” on parents giving their babies fewer vaccines. It has become fashionable in medical journals and media circles to demonize these parents, who engage in critical thinking about vaccination and follow their conscience instead of saluting smartly and doing what doctors tell them to do – no questions asked.   Can an attack on the legal right for Oregon parents to exercise religious exemption to vaccination be far behind?

FDA Licenses New Combo Vaccine For Babies

“Ironically, on June 14, the FDA awarded GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) a license to sell MenHibrix, a new vaccine that combines two meningitis vaccines into one shot.  The FDA had rejected the license in 2010 and 2011 because, reportedly, the British drug company giant was having trouble proving the vaccine actually worked.

“This time, FDA staff did not bother to ask for an opinion from the agency’s own vaccine advisory committee before giving GSK the green light to market MenHibrix in the U.S. for babies as young as six weeks old. In a letter, FDA official Marion Gruber, PhD, told the company that “We did not refer your application to an additional VRBPAC [review] because our review of information submitted in your BLA, including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise particular concerns or controversial issues which would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion. …”—fda-lic.aspx

It’s remarkable to me that conscientious doctors aren’t up in arms about the governance of the AAP, especially now that so much information has been surfacing about the multiple connections between vaccines and autism.  It’s scary how regimented, corrupt and legally empowered medicine has become.  You really have to have a lot of blind trust to take your child to a doctor for anything more than an infection or broken bone these days.

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