False Flag? Aurora, CO Shooter Had Accomplice

Was this a government operation to overthrow the second amendment as Obama promised Sarah Brady he would? ( http://www.infowars.com/obama-working-under-the-radar-to-sneak-attack-second-amendment/ )  Was the shooter an MK-ULTRA subject like Sirhan Sirhan?

It would certainly be consistent with operation “Fast and Furious” ( http://www.infowars.com/bombshell-fast-and-furious-secret-wiretaps-revealed/ ) a classic false flag which has been used to demonize private gun ownership, and which has resulted in the death of at least one US border agent ( http://www.infowars.com/fast-and-furious-five-charged-in-agent-brian-terrys-death/ ) and dozens of mexicans.  The guns were especially directed toward certain drug gangs which launder their profits using wall street banks.  ( http://www.infowars.com/bank-financed-drug-gang-plans-to-overthrow-mexican-government-next-year/ ) similar to the favored colombian and afghan drug gangs.

There must be some reason that the government seems unconcerned with the fact that nearly all these massacres, including columbine and virginia tech, were committed by people on SSRI antidepressants, which come with FDA “black box” warnings that they cause violence in certain individuals.   When did depression become associated with violence?  When these drugs came on the market.  ( http://ssristories.com )  The FDA has put thousands of human time bombs on the streets.

You don’t have to be a gun fanatic to recognize that the second amendment was put there for a reason and it wasn’t so people could hunt deer.   The founders knew something we’ve long ago forgotten: what it’s like to be outgunned by an oppressive government.    The fact is that governments have murdered many thousands of times more people than individuals have, and they always do it after individual gun ownership becomes illegal.  ( http://www.veoh.com/watch/v19384745tgeTy96g )  Pistols are of course worthless for overthrowing a government, but they can be handy for self defense.  So why doesn’t washington want us to be able to defend ourselves?

Keep in mind that this is a government which in the last 50 years has murdered millions of innocent men, women and children in foreign adventures and taught nazi torture techniques to favored dictatorships around the world.  It’s remarkable that some people still think this is a civilized, democratic government subject to some degree of popular control.  We lost control of washington years ago, they just haven’t chosen to demonstrate it yet.



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