Silver market provides glimpse of elite machinations and plans for USA

Once you realize the manipulation of silver is a “government” operation, and that AIG  (a cutout for the CIA) used to be the main silver manipulator before going on to bigger things like being a conduit for the looting of the US taxpayer by goldman sachs via credit default swaps against the engineered housing collapse, which itself is key to the controlled demolition of the middle class etc, it becomes clear that the puppet masters who control the monetary system intend to destroy this country for profit.  Again, it’s called the shock doctrine and you need to get a copy of the book by the same name to see how it works.  Or increase your dosage of psych drugs if you prefer.

Silver is a natural for a form of currency, but it’s much more plentiful than gold and so harder to corner the market for it.  This is why the aristocrats hate it.

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