Population Control is the Prime Motivation Behind Elite Social Policy

When the “compassionate” global aristocracy puts forth a new plan to save the earth, look for its impact on human life span, reproduction and development.  It’s never neutral on these measures, never leads to enhanced human life, more opportunities for women (which is known to reduce family size) or happy, healthy, family/community-raised children.  It’s always about centralization of power, the brainwashing and exploitation of children and a steeper survival gradient.  Maybe there ARE too many people in the world, but we can’t say for sure because our economic and political systems are so pathologically destructive to the environment.  Don’t expect the prime beneficiaries of these systems to threaten their own lifestyle.  They’d rather improverish and kill the rest of us through pointless, wasteful, ecologically devastating wars and exploitative economic policies.  Their abject failure as global leaders is manifest.  Humanity and the earth can no longer afford them.

Obviously they aren’t going to be open and transparent about their real motives.  At least not usually.  Here Ted Turner, at this years bilderberg meeting, calls for a 1 child policy for 100 years and a reduction to 2 billion people.  Not necessarily evil, until you consider the logistics.  The population is growing at around 70 million per year and most people are too desperate and lacking in education/indoctrination to voluntarily submit to the dictates of the central planners.  What are the options, realistically?  Think about it.  It’s not pretty.  Perhaps this is why the NIH pushed for the publication of the NIH-funded flu weaponization research recently.  As a way to obfuscate the proximate origin of any future outbreak.  But of course the ultimate origin will be obvious.

The elites were given a choice a long time ago: share the wealth and technology at their disposal to raise up humanity and create a sustainable civilization.  They chose differently because of their own fear of loss of power and control.   Therefore it’s unlikely that their predatory and ecologically destructive impulses would disappear even if the global population was reduced to 2 billion.  Population reduction would address a symptom, but not the underlying problem.   The problem is the structure and distribution of power.  A systemic approach is required, one that would start with economic localization and control of monetary policy.


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