MMR Vaccine: Wakefield Vindicated, Where is the Media?

The science has barely survived the establishment’s hysteria over public concerns that it might not be a good idea to inject toxic chemicals and random bits of RNA and DNA into young children.   The hosts of KFRU’s “morning meeting” show are still claiming that Wakefield was discredited.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   If you know parents of young children, show them this link:

MMR doesn’t contain mercury, which itself creates autistic symptoms in genetically vulnerable children (see the reference section).   Apparently the genetic contamination issue is a completely different additional problem with vaccines.

Unless you’re still convinced this country is run by a benevolent but misguided democratic government, the evidence is mounting that children are specifically being targeted by powerful interests.   My guess is it’s the same interests who have exported our industrial infrastructure and destroyed public education.  There’s a term for countries which don’t manufacture anything and whose people are ignorant.  They’re called “third world” or (optimistically) “developing” countries.  It’s important to note that financial speculators such as zombie “banks” only make money during times of economic change and/or upheaval.  When they can buy influence over government policies that affect the economy then they have both the means and the motive to create those upheavals.  They’d be violating US corporate law if they didn’t maximize profits regardless of the cost to the rest of us.

Can there be any doubt that we’ve been set up?  Any “government” which oversees the export of its own industrial infrastructure has certainly proven itself unworthy of public trust.

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