The Real Purpose of Intelligence Agencies: Subversion and Demoralisation

Absent the standard ideological baggage associated with left/right puppet politics one can see how such methods are applied in the USA by our corporate masters through their public and private subsidiaries.   The natural tendency of any society is to self-organize around common interests.  But job exports, the destruction of public education, the media monopoly, the outright lying by politicians, the obvious hoax of 9/11, the poisoning of the environment and the food supply, the endless manufacture of convenient enemies and entanglements, the “debt” which been transferred from the zombie “banks” to the public, all of these things are an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person, yet somehow we as a society are incapable of saying “no”, somehow these galvanizing issues that should unite us all are sidelined.  Listen to this guy and you’ll gain some insights as to why.   John Stockwell, former CIA station chief and whistleblower, has said essentially the same thing.  The CIA is about psychological operations, primarily directed domestically.  Unfortunately the speaker seems oblivious to corporate subversion and cartel behavior.   Still, the sophistication of his understanding of the topic of elite social manipulation should call attention to the behavior of our own media/governmental complex.

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