A Wikileaks for Circumcisers

Circ campaigner caught with child porn

Vernon Quaintance is a circumcision promoter—connected to doctors and Wikipedia editors—who was arrested after caught with child porn. There are Circumfetishists that experience erotic stimulation by watching others being circumcised, swap fiction about it, and trade videos. Quaintance is one of these individuals.

“On April 11th 2012, police raided [his] home. [He] was caught with a hoard of child porn. They found nine-hours’ worth of clips showing boys as young as 11 engaging in sex acts. These videos ranked at the second-highest level of severity. He admitted 3 counts of possession of indecent photographs of a child….

The Gilgal Society, run by photographer Vernon Quaintance, publishes circ propaganda, fetish stories and other materials. They have doctors and researchers among their members. Gilgal is Hebrew for “hill of foreskins.” To quote a Gilgal story, “if he wanted to, he could have a quiet wank whilst Neil was being circumcised.” …

African Babies’ foreskins could be sold

“Doctors and ethicists are embroiled in a dispute with Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi over fears that babies’ foreskins will be sold illicitly to the global cosmetics industry.  Africa may be viewed as the new source of discarded virgin foreskins to sustain a multi-million-dollar industry. Discarded human foreskins are used in the cosmetics industry, in the manufacture of insulin and artificial skin. …

U.S. paying for mass circumcisions

USAID is paying for circumcisions in Swaziland. $15-million to circumcise 160,000 men and teens within a year. “Recruiters” are deployed nationwide, combing the streets, persuading men to go to clinics or mobile surgical units housed in tents–their message backed up by a huge advertising campaign.  Interestingly, Swaziland is one of the many African countries where HIV is more prevalent in circumcised men. See p.256, table 14.10


It gets worse.  The sadomasochistic element in the pro-circ lobby is hard to miss.  See the “and here, if you can stomach it” link in the “Insanity in the American Psychiatric Establishment ” reference in my MGM primer article.  There’s a vast sadopedophilia underground associated with circumcision.  It just gets weirder and weirder.

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