SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?

“In order to facilitate the action of liberative (sic) forces, …a special effort should be made to eliminate certain key individuals. …[to] be accomplished early in the course of the uprising and intervention, …

“Once a political decision has been reached to proceed with internal disturbances in Syria, CIA is prepared, and SIS (MI6) will attempt to mount minor sabotage and coup de main (sic) incidents within Syria, working through contacts with individuals. …Incidents should not be concentrated in Damascus …  a necessary degree of fear .. frontier incidents and (staged) border clashes”, would “provide a pretext for intervention… the CIA and SIS [MI6] should use … capabilities in both psychological and action fields to augment tension.” (Joint US-UK leaked Intelligence Document, London and Washington, 1957) ” …

History repeats itself….

Video: Shoot ‘Em Up: The Danger of Vaccines

“If you have care about Kids and your Pets, you must see this documentary. Discover what the experts say as they reveal the damage we unknowingly do to our children. Learn about mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum that some vaccines contain and the autism, asthma and neurological damage they can contribute to.”

Kosovo’s “Mafia State” and Camp Bondsteel: Towards a Permanent US Military Presence in Southeast Europe

“Kosovo is a tiny parcel of land in one of the most strategic locations in all Europe from a geopolitical standpoint of the US military objective of controlling oil flows and political developments from the oil-rich Middle East to Russia and Western Europe. The current US-led recognition of the self-declared Republic of Kosovo is a continuation of US policy for the Balkans since the illegal 1999 US-led NATO bombing of Serbia—a NATO “out-of-area” deployment never approved by the UN Security Council, allegedly on the premise that Milosevic’s army was on the verge of carrying out a genocidal massacre of Kosovo Albanians.  …

“US-NATO military control of Kosovo serves several purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda. First it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the transport corridors linking the EU to the Black Sea.

 “It also protects the multi-billion dollar heroin trade, which, significantly, has grown to record dimensions in Afghanistan according to UN narcotics officials, since the US occupation. Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. According to a 2008 US State Department annual report on international narcotics traffic, several key drug trafficking routes pass through the Balkans. Kosovo is mentioned as a key point for the transfer of heroin from Turkey and Afghanistan to Western Europe. Those drugs flow under the watchful eye of the Thaci government.

 “Since its dealings with the Meo tribesmen in Laos during the Vietnam era, the CIA has protected narcotics traffic in key locations in order partly to finance its covert operations. The scale of international narcotics traffic today is such that major US banks such as Citigroup are reported to derive a significant share of their profits from laundering the proceeds. ” …

Stratfor Lowdown

The privatization of war has been coming for some time now. The Stratfor story, seemingly unremarkable at the time, has prompted deeper analysis by those who know better. This is a survey of the information developed, put in context and contrasted with the mainstream media response.

Our taxes pay spies to work for rich shareholders   

by Jim Hightower

It’s likely that 99.9 percent of readers had never heard of Stratfor, Inc. (including me), and the story really wasn’t all that newsy. The main point seemed to be that the hack attack was pulled off by Anonymous. This amorphous global collective of incognito, anarchistic “hactivists” has shown a remarkable techno/ politico ability and agility, having penetrated deeply into the supposedly secure computer networks of a wide range of big targets, including Visa, the Church of Scientology, Monsanto, the Egyptian government, Universal Music, the Justice Department, the Tunisian government, Sony, PayPal, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system.

According to the story, the group had grabbed and publicly released 860,000 email addresses and 75,000 credit card numbers of the obscure firm’s customers. The firm’s full name is Strategic Forecasting, Inc., blandly described in the newspaper as a “geopolitical analysis and security intelligence company” that merely “gathers open source information on international crises,” which it repackages and sells to clients. Okay, but why would its database be a target of Anonymous, much less cause the group to boast on its website that it would cause “mayhem” by publishing the information?

Digging through the names “liberated” by the hactivists, … investigative journalists reported that far from being just another internet privacy story, the Stratfor hack offers a public peek into the dark and deep netherworld of the fast-expanding privatization of our nation’s intelligence, foreign policy, and military responsibilities.

Among the corporation’s customers were such prominent names from Ye Olde Spookesville as Henry Kissinger, as well as such oddities as Dan Quayle (whose link to any sort of “intelligence” has always been considered tenuous). Of much greater interest was the fact that Stratfor’s secret list of email addresses included 19,000 officials from the US military, 212 from the FBI, 71 from DIA (the Pentagon’s own spy operation), 29 from the National Security Agency (another global eavesdrop-ping apparatus, attached to the White House), and 24 from the CIA. In addition to these national governmental officials, the range of email listings stretched from Apple Inc. to the Miami Police Department.

The corporatization of war

The rise of the corporate spook is only one part of the dangerous drift that is steadily pushing the public out of “public affairs.” The Lowdown regularly covers the private seizure of government’s domestic functions (see last month’s report on postal privatization, for example). But it’s equally important to focus on the rapidly occurring separation of the public from control of and even involvement in such basic international work as intelligence gathering, foreign policy, and war itself.

Full story at the Hightower Lowdown

Fitts Interview: Unpacking Mr. Global

Part 1: Derivatives exposure of Bank of America and the FDIC; corruption at the Department of Housing and Urban Development; prosecution of Hamilton Securities; Community Wizard; 9/11; collateral fraud.

Part 2: Collateral fraud in the housing market; the black budget; financing of a breakaway civilization; privatization of advanced technology; $12 trillion leveraged buyout of the country; a financial coup d’etat; debt used to re-engineer governance systems; Uruguay round of GATT; $4 trillion missing from the federal government; pension funds the biggest financier of federal government; blackmail of congress; private defense contractor control of databases.

The Real Purpose of Intelligence Agencies: Subversion and Demoralisation

Absent the standard ideological baggage associated with left/right puppet politics one can see how such methods are applied in the USA by our corporate masters through their public and private subsidiaries.   The natural tendency of any society is to self-organize around common interests.  But job exports, the destruction of public education, the media monopoly, the outright lying by politicians, the obvious hoax of 9/11, the poisoning of the environment and the food supply, the endless manufacture of convenient enemies and entanglements, the “debt” which been transferred from the zombie “banks” to the public, all of these things are an insult to the intelligence of any thinking person, yet somehow we as a society are incapable of saying “no”, somehow these galvanizing issues that should unite us all are sidelined.  Listen to this guy and you’ll gain some insights as to why.   John Stockwell, former CIA station chief and whistleblower, has said essentially the same thing.  The CIA is about psychological operations, primarily directed domestically.  Unfortunately the speaker seems oblivious to corporate subversion and cartel behavior.   Still, the sophistication of his understanding of the topic of elite social manipulation should call attention to the behavior of our own media/governmental complex.