Why everyone should Occupy US 1% corporate media: they lie

“Let’s examine the lies of commission and omission of US corporate media in this part of our series. The factual evidence in parts 2 and 3 of War Crimes and economic looting may have been new and surprising to you. Given the importance of these independently verifiable facts, and the stunning supportive expert testimony, the fact that corporate media will not comprehensively report it reveals their support of these criminal and ongoing actions that harm the 99%. These actions provide money to the 1%, but do not help them in any comprehensive sense.

“The 1% are to be pitied for their lack of experiencing and expressing available human virtues. And that said, I support their immediate arrest and removal from any power to engage in further violence, looting, and “official” lying. For years I’ve offered to represent their interests in corporate media for Truth and Reconciliation to exchange their surrender and return of assets for no prosecution and living the remaining years of their lives in peace. Indeed, I’d welcome their teaching roles to improve the 99%’s critical thinking skills from their lessons of how they played us as suckers for so long. I even suggest a stipend for relative lives of ease for the benefits of ending their destructive acts without a “fight to the finish” that likely would include attempts to kill millions (or billions) of the 99% and countless other planetary species’ members.

“Onto the evidence of corporate media lies that become “emperor has no clothes” obvious upon inspection:

“We have verified history of official government propaganda having infiltrated corporate media. The Church Senate Committee hearings had the cooperation of CIA Director William Colby’s testimony that over 400 CIA operatives were controlling US corporate media reporting on specific issues of national interest in Operation Mockingbird. This game-changing testimony was confirmed by Pulitzer Prize reporter Carl Bernstein’s research. Of course, corporate media refused to publish Bernstein’s article; it became a cover-story for Rolling Stone. Bernstein provided additional information of CIA control in the Senate report and corporate media subsequent “reporting”:

“Pages 191 to 201 were entitled “Covert Relationships with the United States Media.” “It hardly reflects what we found,” stated Senator Gary Hart. “There was a prolonged and elaborate negotiation [with the CIA] over what would be said.”

Obscuring the facts was relatively simple. No mention was made of the 400 summaries or what they showed. Instead the report noted blandly that some fifty recent contacts with journalists had been studied by the committee staff—thus conveying the impression that the Agency’s dealings with the press had been limited to those instances. The Agency files, the report noted, contained little evidence that the editorial content of American news reports had been affected by the CIA’s dealings with journalists. Colby’s misleading public statements about the use of journalists were repeated without serious contradiction or elaboration. The role of cooperating news executives was given short shrift. The fact that the Agency had concentrated its relationships in the most prominent sectors of the press went unmentioned. That the CIA continued to regard the press as up for grabs was not even suggested.””



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