US Marines Pose with Nazi SS Flag

Just one thing these guys should know: the same lucifarian cabal that put hitler and mussolini in power are in control of the united states today, and have been very busy destroying the country whose constitution the marines swear to protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Come back home guys, you need to protect your own neighborhoods from the foreign mercenaries that your bosses have hired behind your backs.  The true test of patriotism is the same as the true test of being human, it’s having the courage to think for yourself when everyone else is marching in lockstep.  The german SS could have spared themselves and their loved ones a lot of pain if they’d recognized this before they carried out the orders that led to their shame and executions.

History is written by the winners, and the USA didn’t win world war 2 because it didn’t eradicate the traitors in its own ranks, who simply went back to the scheming and manipulation that has led to where we are today.

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