The “American” Empire, In Their Own Words

“This episode takes a critical look at the development of the American Empire during and after World War II, using official State Department documents, formerly top secret documents from the Council on Foreign Relations, and other official sources.

“Comparing the statements and ideas of those who formed the American Empire during this period with the intellectual elites of recent years who claim that America is a “benevolent empire”, we can see that America was shaped into an empire by design, with the overt and directly stated intent to control the world and its resources. In the words of a ‘Top Secret’ U.S. State Department document in 1948, the aim of the United States was to “maintain this position of disparity” between American wealth and the rest of the world. Thus, we may critically examine the American Empire by looking at it in the words of those who shaped it, compared to the myths that prevail today.”

Again, I’d highly recommend subscribing to Sibel Edmonds’ site so you can hear such excellent programs.  The only thing I’d take exception to is to call these gangsters “americans”.  They are globalists.  They care nothing about this country or its people.  We need to stop using their terminology, they have no more claim to the label “american” than would a tapeworm wrapped in a flag.

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