Flu Shot May Weaken Immune System

“New research in the Journal of Virology found that the seasonal flu vaccine may weaken children’s immune systems and increase their chances of getting sick from influenza viruses not included in the vaccine.

Further, when blood samples from 27 healthy, unvaccinated children and 14 children who had received an annual flu shot were compared, the former unvaccinated group naturally built up more antibodies across a wider variety of influenza strains compared to the latter vaccinated group. …

The more vaccines are studied, the more apparent it becomes that proper vaccine studies are lacking, as vaccine expert and pediatrician Larry Palevsky explains. There is a major difference between natural acquired immunity and vaccine-induced immunity. Obtaining natural immunity has far greater benefits, but this fact seems to be completely overlooked in the United States, considering it’s recommended that U.S. babies receive 26 doses of vaccines before age 1 (which, incidentally, is twice as many vaccinations as are given to babies in Sweden and Japan).”


But the vaccines have vitamin M (mercury) and the  adjuvants do double duty, conditioning your immune system to react to the random dna and rna fragments from the vaccine which may become embedded in your genome, (sometimes causing autoimmune diseases or cancer) while they coat the inside of your blood vessels and reduce blood friction!  Never heard of blood friction?  Why do you think it’s red and hot?

Ok, so it’s only the multidose flu vaccine vials that still have mercury preservative that was banned in europe years ago.  http://www.vaccinesafety.edu/thi-table.htm  But the multidose vials are cheaper per shot and so will tend to be used on poorer children who don’t really have  an economic function in the new globalist (fascist) order anyway.  It’s true that the toxic affect is variable http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/blog/autism.txt but maybe with yearly shots most poor kids can be brought to heel.  Why not tamp down their aspirations before they get out of hand?  It’s all for the best.

Vaccine manufacturers been granted immunity for damages from vaccines while they spend millions on pro-vaccine PR campaigns directed at health care workers and the public.   For some reason most health care workers aren’t buying it, even though institutional medicine itself is replete with conflicts of interest regarding vaccines.

Medical science?  Or medical business? Or something else entirely?

Censored: Even Low Dose Vitamin D More Effective than Vaccine Against Flu

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