Pivotal Player in Housing Collapse Linked to CIA

“… Starr sent insurance agents into Asia and Europe even before the bombs stopped falling and built what eventually became AIG, which today has its world headquarters in the same downtown New York building where the tiny OSS [CIA insurance intelligence] unit toiled in the deepest secrecy.”



Again, as I’ve shown previously:

1) AIG was the pin that pricked the deliberately created and maintained housing bubble, a tax money laundering conduit to the likes of goldman sachs. http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2012/01/inside-job-the-bailout-of-aig/

2) The CIA is not a government agency.  It is a privately held corporation incorporated in delaware.  Before the page was sanitized on the delaware secretary of state’s corporate registration website, it read like this (I saw this with my  own eyes several years ago):

“CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY INC. (CIA) For Profit General Delaware Corporation Incorporation Date 3/9/83 File No. 2004409.  background info: Transfers: With the National Security Council to the Executive Office of the President by Reorganization Plan No. 4 of 1949, effective August 20, 1949; to independent agency status by EO 12333, December 4, 1981.

“Central Intelligence Group established under the National Intelligence Authority by Presidential directive, January 22, 1946, to plan and coordinate foreign intelligence activities. By National Intelligence Authority Directive 4, April 2, 1946, NIA assumed supervision of the SSU dissolution during spring and summer 1946, assigning some components to Central Intelligence Group at request of Director of Central Intelligence, and effecting incorporation of the remaining units into other War Department organizations. SSU officially abolished by General Order 16, SSU, October 19, 1946. Central Intelligence Group and National Intelligence Authority abolished by National Security Act, which created the CIA, 1947. SEE 263.1.”

3) All of the above is just a crazy pipe dream, the ravings of a madman, until you actually go to the trouble of researching it yourself.  Then you become a raving madman!

The second link above lays it all out.  AIG’s intelligence connections are in all likelihood ongoing.

The federal reserve is the prime institutional culprit in the ongoing meltdown.  Again from the delaware corporate registration website:

“FEDERAL RESERVE ASSOCIATION (Federal Reserve) Non-profit Delaware Corporation Incorporation date 9/13/14 File No. 0042817”

The non-profit status means nothing, the profits are made by the insiders who position their investments in order to profit from their knowledge and control of the monetary policies that they implement via the federal reserve.

The delaware site is http://www.corp.delaware.gov/onlinestatus.shtml .  Search by file number to home in quickly.  Again, the CIA registration has been sanitized.

Is it a stretch to question whether the CIA, AIG, federal reserve and goldman sachs are controlled by the same network of people, and that this network (sometimes called “the octopus” or the new world order) is carrying out a coordinated plan to destroy this country and make a tidy profit in the process?