USA outsources domestic wiretaps to foreign companies

Now I know in the brave new world of globalism there are no more nation states or national sovreignty or states rights or self-governing local communities or neighborhoods or intact families or whole and intact people etc, but I think it’s ironic that the “Foreign intelligence surveillance act” has been stood on its head by outsourcing domestic intelligence gathering to foreign companies with connections to foreign intelligence agencies!  Obviously these companies have back doors into their software that would give them access above and beyond what they provide to the host country, and would be able to filter such intel to manipulate the governments of these countries.  What does it mean for a “national government” to essentially outsource much of its policymaking decisions to a foreign government?  It means that country is in some sense a colony of the other.

But in a larger sense both countries are colonies of the borderless legal constructs known as corporations whose ultimate ownership and control is completely hidden, which operate completely outside the political process, which own the media that frames our political shadow-plays, finances the opinionmakers and think tanks which produce the desired analysis and propaganda, finance our political campaigns, control the very vote-tabulation process of our elections, and which, despite having achieved immortality, claim human and civil rights.

Given the existence of such hidden and unquestioned mechanisms of control, it would behoove anyone who seeks to understand the world to consider the question of just how centralized global social control already is.  There are clues buried in old newspapers.  Clues like the fact that the grounds of the united nations complex in new york was donated by the rockefellers.  The rockefellers are largely instrumental in the formation of the teaching and professional infrastructure of american medicine, the institution which has been stealing male babies’ neurological/sexual/emotional capacity to bond with their mates and has pushed access to even the most rudimentary health care (never mind the “miracles”) out of the reach of a large and growing segment of the population.   The american robber barons’ long term steering and manipulation of american education as a tool of social control is also a matter of known history. ( )   But apparently the largest pool of hidden wealth resides with the rothschilds, who cornered the stock market of what was then the british empire.  The british empire is gone, but the global economic and institutional linkages created by this takeover are in all likelyhood still in existence.  One can’t rule out the possibility that through various shell companies and numbered bank accounts, a large segment of the economic infrastructure of the world is controlled by only a few people.  Many of the central banks of the world are certainly controlled by private corporations, and the business model of these banks involves the use of war as an instrument of profit and social control.  But in any case, given the reality of how “money” works in society and the unsustainability of debt-based currency, the very concepts of “ownership” and “debt” become pretty vacuous.

Regardless of the extent of hidden global control, regardless of whether one is elite or poor, we all animate these immortal institutions and are conditioned by the worldviews that they perpetuate through their institutional mechanisms of self identity.  People come and go, but they move through and are governed by immortal religious, political and economic creations within which they attempt to stake a claim for personal dignity and meaning.

This is the matrix.

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