Ron Paul’s Idea for Currency Diversity

He makes some good points here, my main problem with it is that the most likely candidate for non-fiat currency (gold) has already been hoarded by the banksters who arranged for the  central banks to essentially give away their gold by leasing it to insiders who can never pay it back (see “GATA Confirms Central “Banks” Gold Suppression Since At Least Mid-1970′s” ) while actually collecting interest payments on US treasuries in the process.  No one knows how much gold actually remains in US government vaults, but it’s bound to be many tons less than the official number, which is based on paper receipts for these fraudulent loans.  The theft involved here is unprecedented in all of human history.

Silver would be ok as a stand-in, but the best solution is explained at  It would eliminate the national debt overnight and create the economic foundation needed for avoiding draconian austerity and mass starvation in this country.  It would also make the bankster’s gold hoards much less useful to them.

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