OMG: Now they’re blaming Iran for 9/11!

How predictable.  9/11 is becoming the swiss army knife of american war policy.   Next they’ll blame “al qaida in china” or maybe “al qaida in san francisco”.  And if they ever decide to resurrect the space program it will be “al qaida in andromeda” as they go sailing off in search of enemies.  I’m sure andromeda has oil too.

A “default judgement” by the way just means that the plaintiff won because the defendant didn’t show up in court.   Who can blame them?

And why doesn’t some brave attorney sue the most obvious culprits, bush and cheney for involvement in 9/11?   Because it would threaten national security, you see.  And he’d probably die in a car accident anyway.

Really, these bullies must be getting scared to resort to such outlandish tactics.

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