Fraudclosure: Wells Fargo Refuses Payment, Evicting Family of 7

Update from the Trenches of the BienAime Fraudclosure/Eviction Defense in Broward County, Florida, a collaborative effort involving,, Occupy Fort Lauderdale, Occupy Miami, and Occupy Our Homes.

This is an unfolding story of a family of six (mom, dad, 4 children, Grandma) we’ve posted about here and here and here.

Payments REFUSED then Wells Fargo proceeded with fraudclosure/eviction.

This morning’s update from a reader of and member of Occupy Fort Lauderdale who’s been out to the “Homefront”.

As the foreclosure was effective at midnight members of Occupy Fort Lauderdale came and went from the Bienaime’s household throughout the night to keep watch. The Bienaime’s were good enough to provide spare mattresses and coffee.

NBC 6 showed up as early as 5 am to begin interviewing people there and reporting on the situation as more Occupiers and supporters arrived, including a number of people from Occupy Miami who have also been bridging into foreclosure activism.

There was a live news broadcast for NBC 6 at just shy of 7 am from the home and the press interviewed a number of people. When the BSO office finally opened they reported that they had never received an eviction order. LW also spoke with a Wells Fargo representative who said that someone was working on their status but no word back, the news station also did not have any luck contacting Wells Fargo. Around 10 am 3 police cars appeared but they were City of Coconut Creek and just wanted everyone to move their cars.

I had to leave to go to work around 10:30 but there were around 30 people there and some were considering branching off to go protest the local Wells Fargo branch for refusing the Bienaime’s payments.

So far it seems unlikely that an eviction will take place today as BSO denies they received an order and Wells Fargo appears to be in “damage control mode.”

As a contributor to local Occupy movements I can say that there are dozens of activists in this movement that were more than happy to engage in foreclosure activism and are eager to network, learn more about wrongful foreclosures, and organize foreclosure resistance in South Florida.

More updates later.

Also look at

to see Obama’s stark betrayal of the victims of wall streets’ machinations.

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