Silver & Gold Looted from MF Global

and it probably wound up at JP Morgan, (i.e. Rothschild) the biggest short and manipulator of these markets in the world.  The physical supply must be getting very tight to risk such blatant robbery.   How much longer can they keep the music playing?  And what kind of false flag operation will happen then?  After all, they’ll need some kind of rationale for a crackdown to control the starving masses of people.  Maybe a biological outbreak?  A convenient excuse for mass roundups and “quarantine”, another strategic hamlet campaign like they pulled in vietnam.  For our own good of course.  My advice: stock up on food and water, arrange a meeting place for your family, and above all don’t go to the camps.  Wall street has a long history of genocide.  I’m not kidding.

JFK Issued Debt-Free Currency

“Most Americans have no idea that the U.S. government once issued debt-free money directly into circulation.  America once thrived under a debt-free monetary system, and we can do it again.  The truth is that the United States is a sovereign nation and it does not need to borrow money from anyone.  Back in the days of JFK, Federal Reserve Notes were not the only currency in circulation.  Under JFK (at at various other times), a limited number of debt-free United States Notes were issued by the U.S. Treasury and spent by the U.S. government without any new debt being created.  In fact, each bill said “United States Note” right at the top.  Unfortunately, United States Notes are not being issued today.  If you stop right now and pull a dollar out of your wallet, what does it say right at the top?  It says “Federal Reserve Note”.  Normally, the way our current system works is that whenever more Federal Reserve Notes are created more debt is also created.  This debt-based monetary system is systematically destroying the wealth of this nation.  But it does not have to be this way.  The truth is that the U.S. government still has the power under the U.S. Constitution to issue debt-free money, and we need to educate the American people about this.” …