Willie Nelson: Occupy the Food System

“From seed to plate, our food system is now even more concentrated than our banking system. Most economic sectors have concentration ratios hovering around 40 percent, meaning that the top four firms in the industry control 40 percent of the market. Anything beyond this level is considered “highly concentrated,” where experts believe competition is severely threatened and market abuses are likely to occur.

“Many key agricultural markets like soybeans and beef exceed the 40 percent threshold, meaning the seeds and inputs that farmers need to grow our crops come from just a handful of companies. Ninety-three percent of soybeans and 80 percent of corn grown in the United States are under the control of just one company. Four companies control up to 90 percent of the global trade in grain. Today, three companies process more than 70 percent of beef in the U.S.; four companies dominate close to 60 percent of the pork and chicken markets.”


Iceland’s Triumph Over the Banksters

”I was left with the fundamental choice between what was interpreted as the paramount financial interests of the financial market in Europe with respect to Iceland and on the other hand the democratic will of my people. And I came to the conclusion that our society, like Europe or  the Western world, is more about  democracy than it is about the financial market. If we start sacrificing democratic elements of our societies for financial expediencies we have, in my opinion, entered a very dangerous journey.“

— President of Iceland, Olafur Grimmson


(interview starts 9 minutes into audio.  Transcript below.)


Just another piece of paper

“Once again the gods of war have united our Congress like nothing else. Unable to agree on the minimal spending necessary to save our economy, schools, medical system or infrastructure, the cowards who mislead us have retreated to the irrationalities of what George Washington in his farewell address condemned as “pretended patriotism.”

“The defense authorization bill that Congress passed and President Obama had threatened to veto will soon become law, a fact that should be met with public outrage. Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth, responding to Obama’s craven collapse on the bill’s most controversial provision, said, “By signing this defense spending bill, President Obama will go down in history as the president who enshrined indefinite detention without trial in U.S. law.” On Wednesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney claimed “the most recent changes give the president additional discretion in determining how the law will be implemented, consistent with our values and the rule of law, which are at the heart of our country’s strength.”

“What rubbish, coming from a president who taught constitutional law. The point is not to hock our civil liberty to the discretion of the president, but rather to guarantee our freedoms even if a Dick Cheney or Newt Gingrich should attain the highest office.” …


Along with “pretended patriotism” we have pretended law, pretended war and a pretended peace movement.  None of them amount to a hill of beans because they’re all based on fraud.  What’s happening is that the collapse of the soviet union deflated the pretended “red menace” and destroyed a major source of funding for wall street (the “debt” and military industrial complexes) as well as eliminated the need for the american middle class, whose economic utility as producers and consumers have evaporated under economic globalism.  The money laundering revenues from the pretended drug war and associated industries didn’t suffice to maintain the elites revenues or the domestic control needed to retain power, they needed new forms of social engineering to maintain their standard of living and eliminate the threat of democracy at home.  Numerous false flag domestic terrror operations including the WTC bombing in 1993, the OKC bombing in 1995, 9/11 and beyond, have ushered in a new “war” whose targets include the elites’ primary threat, the middle classes of the western countries, who have grown accustomed to being relatively free and having at least some token access to the levers of power.

And there’s the key: it’s only the expectations of the people that define what is possible.  The pretended “patriot act”, the military commissions act, the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, are all, like federal reserve notes, just pieces of paper.  Their value is in their influence on the public mind.   Just as with the “cold war” and the “war on terror”, they are only intellectual nuclei around which stable social organization can crystallize.   The only question is which type of crystal will form.

The tragic failure of the peace movement to push an utterly reasonable demand for a real investigation of domestic terrorism and the origins of “al ciada”, especially given the avalanche of evidence unleashed by the internet, represents what can only be seen as an act of supreme cowardice bordering on treason.  One has to question whether the american left is for all practical purposes just another arm of wall street.  By neglecting the achilles heel of the traitors, they have allowed the inflated fraud of “terrorism” to gain power over the public mind and missed an historically unprecedented opportunity to overturn the suicidal status quo and usher in a new age of real peace and prosperity.  As a direct result of the inaction of our so-called leaders in the peace movement, we are now at the brink of WWIII.

Personally, I know which pieces of paper are of value in the kind of world I want to live in.   I know I stand with a huge army of like minded people who know or are rapidly discovering the lies embodied in the other pieces of paper.   I know that if the heirs to the overlords of centuries of human suffering and degradation take power in the context of current technologies of control, there will be no hiding from them anywhere on this planet, at any time in the foreseeable future.  Those children who manage to retain some level of consciousness against the chemical and social onslaughts being mounted against them will justifiably curse us for allowing the entire earth to become, like Alex Jones says, a prison planet.

The ideas embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, empowered with a modern understanding of how money really works in an economy, are still utterly realizable.   The hopes of multitudes of past and future generations rest with the courage or cowardice of this generation.   Like it or not, you are on the front lines of an epic battle for the future.  The only question is which side you’re on.