The Dirty Secrets of George HW Bush

“Former CIA official John Stockwell looks at the 1988 presidential elections. He analyzes the amazing loss by the Democrats of a seemingly certain victory. He also assesses what a Bush administration can be, particularly when so many people inside and outside the government, at home and abroad, have knowledge of so much damaging information about Bush’s past. Stockwell views the elections from the power elite and ruling class perspective in which we operate under a single party system which is split in two, with both parties being controlled by powerful ruling class institutions and individuals. He places Dukakis’ performance within this framework.”

White House plan to use churches, mosques, synagogues for vaccinations

“Recently the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, held an invitation-only call.  The call was co-sponsored by the U.S. Health and Human Services, the Office of Minority Health, and CDC.

“Conspicuously, the end of the invitation read:  “This call is off the record and is not for press purposes” — but it became public when it showed up on the HHS website.  Fortunately one of our staff was able to get on the call.

“The focus of the call was on getting faith-based organizations to sponsor flu clinics with Walgreens.

“Basically, they want to move inside your church, mosque or synagogue, and set up shop, with your pastor, priest, imam and rabbi on hand to convince you to get a flu shot.  As an example, they cited a priest who stopped in the middle of mass to roll up his sleeve and get vaccinated, inspiring the rest of his parish to line up behind him.

“Zeroing in on minorities, particularly older adults, blacks and Latinos, health officials said churches, mosques and schools are places where barriers to vaccinations can be taken down, and these minorities can be convinced to get vaccinated. Besides hosting flu shot clinics, churches can also help by putting reminders in their bulletins, and by church members personally reminding others to get their shots, officials said. …

“The Secret’s Out – Flu Shots Are Hardly Effective, If at All

In February 2011, new research showed that 76 percent of white seniors get flu vaccines, with 68 percent of English-speaking Hispanic seniors getting them, and 64 percent of Spanish-speaking Hispanic seniors doing so. In the phone conference, officials emphasized that they want to increase flu vaccine coverage beyond those numbers.

But unfortunately, they neglected to mention the shocking lack of evidence supporting flu vaccines.

The truth is flu vaccines just don’t do what the CDC claims they do. I’ve written about this several times so far this year and the past few years, along with major news media like Time Health. Even the Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) admitted on its website on November 4, 2011 that it’s time to revise public messages regarding this vaccine.

Specifically, what happened is that a study published in the prestigious journal The Lancet revealed that flu shots provide only “moderate protection” against the flu, and in some seasons is altogether “reduced or absent.”

Specifically, the Lancet said the vaccine is about 59 percent effective. But when you break the numbers down statistically, what it really works out to is that the vaccine prevents flu 1.5 times out of 100.

That’s right. Using the Lancet’s own numbers, statistics show that the vaccine only works 1.5 times out of 100.

It’s a far cry from the 60 percent the CDC claims on its website, or the 70 to 90 percent it claimed before it changed the numbers this year. Some people call this lying with statistics, but any way you look at it the secret’s out: flu vaccine statistics just don’t add up to warrant pushing them in your church – or anywhere for that matter.

It takes a hell of a lot of faith in wall street’s pharmaceutical assets to allow yourself or your child to be injected with unknown substances.

Militarization of American Police and Shredding of Constitution Started At Least 30 Years Ago

“Most assume that the militarization of police started after 9/11. Certainly, Dick Cheney initiated Continuity of Government Plans on September 11th that ended America’s constitutional form of government (at least for some undetermined period of time.) On that same day, a national state of emergency was declared … and that state of emergency has continuously been in effect up to today.

“But the militarization of police actually started long before 9/11 … in the 1980s.”

Oregon foster kids get reprieve from psych drugs

“Fewer children in Oregon foster care were prescribed psychiatric drugs last year after a new law forced child welfare officials to monitor the medications more closely. But state data also show many children brought into state care as a result of neglect or abuse are not getting timely mental health evaluations. ”

“mental health evaluations” -> psych drugs & psych drugs imply a brain disorder, but clearly abused and neglected kids are not suffering from a dysfunctional brain, they are suffering from a dysfunctional environment.  But its much easier to pathologize and “treat” powerless kids than try to fix the larger society.  This is why psychiatry is in such demand.  It’s a relief valve to de-pressurize the push for social change.