Wall Street Traitors Keep Bradley Manning in Jail 560 Days Without Trial

“As soon as he was transferred from Kuwait to the Marine Corps Brig at Quantico, Virginia in July 29, 2010, Manning was held in solitary confinement and forced nudity.  He was classified as a “maximum custody detainee” and held under a “Prevention of Injury” designation for nine months until he was transferred in April 2011. A Prevention of Injury order is just short of suicide watch and means that guards check the cell every five minutes with the prisoner not allowed to sleep during the day. Manning was not allowed to sleep between 5 am (7 am at weekends) and 8 pm, and if he tried to, was made to stand or sit up. At Quantico he was detained in a 6 x 12 foot cell, with no window, and only a bed, toilet and sink.  He ate his meals in his cell. Manning could walk outside his cell only while shackled and for only one hour. He was allowed to keep only one book and one magazine in his cell.”


Why wall street you say?  What happened to the national government?  Exactly my point.  A national government would follow the rule of law and the bill of rights.  It wouldn’t conceal criminal acts such as torture, drug smuggling, child trafficking and massive wall-street money laundering under cover of national security.  It wouldn’t carefully orchestrate the destruction of the US economy on behalf of transnational corporations.  The so-called government has become a mask for organized crime.  It is an empty shell, a zombie puppet of unseen forces whose operations are largely funded by major wall street casinos and money launderers masquerading as banks.

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