Bernanke: Federal Reserve caused Great Depression

So sorry, it was all a terrible mistake, which just happened to grossly enrich the coffers of the fed’s owners.  Of course they couldn’t be so brazen these days with the internet watching over their shoulders, so they resorted to a very clever sleight of hand: lure the job-starved middle class into mortgage loans at the top of greenspan’s mortgage fraud megabubble and then frame them as deadbeats who destroyed confidence in the credit markets.  But that was just random corruption right?  Deregulation and all.  Well, sort of:

Milton Friedman on the Origins of the Great Ripoff

The great depression completely, systemically reorganized the american economy from a rural-based network of economically autonomous, largely locally governed federation of states to an urbanized, centralized top-down economic pyramid of migrants and refugees from the countryside.  Orwell would have been proud at the political accomplishments of this massive application of the shock doctrine.  And now they’re doing it again.  Only this time people don’t know how to garden and feed themselves anymore.  They don’t know their constitutional rights, they can hardly even conceive of the right to organize or assemble.  Heck, they have a hard time getting away from the control of their brainwashing machine (their TV) long enough to meet their neighbors and organize into a community.  We’re already plugged into the matrix.  And whether you have a job or are on welfare, you are under the centralized control of their corporate-fascist economic system.  Obey or starve.  This is what the banksters have done to this former federation of sovereign human beings.  And it’s all based on fear, scrambling for tissue paper money issued by the wizard behind the curtain.  In other words, it’s a paper tiger.  There is no pyramid of power.  It’s a mind game, an illusion.  It’s sustained by your belief in its existence.