CFR Paper on “Unilateral Geoengineering”

Otherwise known as “chemtrails”.

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There’s a blatant scientific error on page 7, where the author “derives” that we must reduce carbon emissions by 80%.  He ignores the impact of increased CO2 concentration on plant growth.  Of course if they keep spraying aluminum in the atmosphere plant growth will be severely stunted, especially in the rainforests, where the soil is highly acidic and thus sensitive to aluminum poisoning.   It would be hugely ironic if the net impact of chemtrails was to increase CO2 equilibrium concentrations.

An 80% reduction in carbon emissions translates to maybe a 50% reduction in energy consumption in the short term, maybe 70% long term.   Ok, if food was transported from california to missouri on bicycles that might not be much of a problem.  If people heated their homes with geothermal heat pumps and solar collectors maybe they could get by with an indoor temperature of 50 degrees over the winter months.  People could adapt to this even if there was no good science behind it.  What they can’t adapt to is the massive contamination of water and agricultural land with aluminum.


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