Walgreens obsession with flu shots

There’s something odd about the increasingly militant marketing of flu shots the past few years, not just at walgreens.  As an aside, I recently met someone who had just undergone paramedic training in the army, and he said it was exclusively about giving shots.  Not setting bones, not bandaging wounds, not dealing with trauma.  Just shots.  As I’ve mentioned before, veterans and the military would be prime targets for the bankers who are attempting to take over this country.   They’re certainly undermining their health and sanity in these endless wars.



FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Terror Plot

What a surprise.  What was surprising to me is democracy now’s coverage, which never raised the obvious issue of the suspicious convenience of the alleged plot in making a case for the obama-con’s wet dream of war with iran.  In fact they tried to drag syria into it with no obvious connections whatsoever.  What has happened to DN?  Must be that corporate foundation funding, which seems just as problematic for the media as commercial advertising.  At least alex jones’ advertisers are too small to have “philanthropic” foundations at their disposal.