Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job

This video was apparently broadcast on CNN in 2006.  To the totally clueless, it shows the handiwork of “the islamic army in iraq” shooting US soldiers.  But think about this for a minute.  The video camera is obviously mounted on the rifle itself and would require a sophisticated, bulky and expensive sniper rifle and associated equipment to record the event, as well as the ability to to travel freely inside iraq, confident that the rifle and camera would not be discovered by US troops.   And for what purpose?  So the “insurgents” could show home movies to their friends?  Not likely.  This video was obviously created by someone with a large budget and a free pass to travel unhindered, someone on the inside, conceivably for propaganda purposes to inflame public opinion in the USA against the non-existent “islamic army in iraq” which certainly never existed before the invasion and was likely created out of whole cloth by the same people who conjured up the al qaeda 9/11 legend.  The sniping itself would be useful in maintaining an atrocity-conducive environment in iraq for the purpose of perpetuating the war.   Blackwater mercenaries?  Maybe.  CIA?  Possibly, it would serve their wall street masters.  Neocon intrigue?  Also a possibility, especially given that elements inside the US military itself are apparently providing weapons to the insurgents with high-level approval:

There is also a state actor involved in iraq whose interests would be served, which is widely considered to be an ally of the USA.   One thing we do know, whoever created it is a monster.  In any case, here’s the video.  Not for the faint of heart.