Medical Freedom Victory: Naval Officer Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Naval Board Hearing

A scientist and expert witness shared with TrialSite a recent legal case involving a 22-year Navy enlisted LT. The winning law firm, R Davis Younts Esquire, reports that on May 20, 2022, a Board composed of three Navy officers found that the firm’s client, LT Bill Moseley, did not commit misconduct by refusing a COVID-19 injection and found unanimously that LT Moseley should be retained in the United States Navy.

A victory for medical freedom, attorney Younts represented LT Moseley at the administrative hearing and successfully argued that the order for military members to receive the experimental COVID-19 injection was not a lawful order.

After consulting with legal and medical experts, (Mosely) became convinced that as an officer he had an obligation to take a stand against what he considered an unlawful order and be a voice for thousands of enlisted Sailors.

Consequently, LT Moseley risked his twenty-two-year career and his military retirement because of his determination—led by faith, political commitment to a principle of medical freedom, and his commitment to his oath of office as a military leader.

Although this is only one case of thousands, this law firm has many more clients facing prosecution by the military. The firm’s principal R. Davis Younts is encouraged by the decision and hopes that this ground-breaking case sends a strong message to the Department of Defense.

Monkey Business

As expected by many of us keeping an eye out, a new biological threat to humanity is being unfurled and run up the flag pole. 

This time, much like SarsCov2 and Covid19 was game-planned by Event 201 at Johns Hopkins, the release of a monkeypox virus was the centerpiece of a “tabletop exercise” in March 2021, and a report made public in November 2021. Recent mainstream media reporting of an “outbreak” of a monkeypox virus, in the context of recent history and this exercise, demands closer scrutiny.

First off, Robert Malone, a physician and scientist who knows of which he speaks, explains the nature of a monkey pox in a Substack posting (some relevant excerpts): 

I keep getting asked the same question again and again; is this outbreak of monkey pox a real threat, or is this another case of overstated and weaponized public health messaging? I am going to save my answer to this question for the end of this article and instead focus on what monkey pox is, the nature and characteristics of the associated disease, what we know and don’t know.

The symptoms of monkeypox are somewhat similar to, but much milder than smallpox disease. The general clinical presentation of the disease caused by the West African monkey pox clade virus involves Influenza-like symptoms — fever, body aches, chills — together with swollen lymph nodes.

Current data indicate that Monkeypox is not very infectious in humans – it has a low Ro (perhaps below 1), which is the term used to describe how efficiency an infectious disease can spread from human to human.

In my opinion, based on currently available information, Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa, emerges sporadically after transmission into humans from animal hosts, and is typically spread by close human contact. It is readily controlled by classical public health measures. It does not have a high mortality rate. Unless there has been some genetic alteration, either through evolution or intentional genetic manipulation, it is not a significant biothreat, and has never been considered a high threat pathogen in the past.

Full article at

The exercise was conducted by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) in cooperation with the Munich Security Conference in March 2021. The report,  “Strengthening Global Systems
to Prevent and Respond to
High-Consequence Biological Threats” was released November 2021, available here

The scenario envisions a terrorist group releasing a weaponized form of monkey pox in the fictional nation of Brinia. The exercise
scenario concludes with more than three billion
cases and 270 million fatalities globally.

Scott Creighton has done an excellent job summarizing the ~30 page report and picking out the most salient aspects that we should be paying attention to.  We ignore the patterns of behavior these elites exhibit at our own peril, “Coincidence Theory” is not useful.

Globalists Held Monkeypox Pandemic Exercises Last Year

“This is so hard to believe,” she says ironically. “If it worked the first time, let’s do it again!” Was thinking today about the polio vaccine with soft tissue monkey cancer in it (Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”… they’ve been replaying that one for many years. Inject toxin into population; treat the disease forever after – for a hefty profit.

“In March 2021, NTI partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise on reducing high-consequence biological threats. They were looking at national and international security and pandemic preparedness.” After the exercise, they decided they need one entity in charge of the world response – using global funds. At the same time, Joe Biden is turning over our medical sovereignty to The WHO next week. In fact, 194 nations might turn over their medical sovereignty to the medical tyrants of The WHO next week.

Coincidentally, the exercise was a fictional monkeypox pandemic scenario. This is as Monkeypox makes it to the media and appears to be spreading in the West via sexual contact, which is new to the virus.

Did they cook that up at Microsoft? That’s a joke or ist it?…

Much more at

Bank of England Warns ‘Apocalyptic’ Global Food Shortage On The Horizon

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey warned that “apocalyptic” food shortages around the world are on the way, citing surging inflation.

In a meeting with MPs on the Treasury Select Committee on Monday, Bailey explained that the people of Britain are facing a “very big income shock” that will only get worse as inflation accelerates to double digits in the last quarter of 2022.

“The [risk] I’m going to sound rather apocalyptic about, I guess, is food,” Bailey said, claiming a meeting with Ukraine’s finance minister revealed Ukraine will be unable to ship its wheat and oil stores out of the country amid its conflict with Russia.

“Ukraine does have food in store but it can’t get it out at the moment. While [the finance minister] was optimistic about crop planting – as you know Ukraine is a major supplier of wheat, a major supplier of oil – he said he was optimistic about planting, but he said at the moment we have no way of shipping it out as things stand, and it is getting worse,” Bailey said.

“That is a major worry. It is not just a major worry for this country, it is a major worry for the developing world,” he added. “Sorry for being apocalyptic, but it’s a major concern.”

Bailey then urged for more military intervention by NATO and the U.S. to help Ukraine move its food exports out of country.

“I am by no stretch of the imagination a military strategist, but whatever can be done to help Ukraine get its food out would be a huge contribution.”

This comes just a few weeks after Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah warned that a “massive, immediate food crisis” globally would begin “in about six months.”

Before the baby formula shortage came to a head in the U.S., Joe Biden warned in March that food shortages in the U.S. are “gonna be real.”

These aren’t simply predictions, they are planned developments as part of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset of the industrial world using a controlled supply breakdown of basic goods and services to reconstitute a global food system that forces people to consume bugs and plant protein.

In a June 2020 article on its website called, “How to reimagine our food systems for a post-COVID world”, the WEF calls for social engineering initiatives to shift global diets in the name of health and combating climate change.

Watch Bailey’s full remarks:

The Great Reset Docuseries: Introducing The Reset & The Plan For Global Governance

A new docuseries by Rebel News journalists Kian Simone and Lewis Brackpool takes a deep dive into the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset plan, a blueprint for global governance using international institutions to implement a controlled demolition of Western civilization.

“We provide the background of the World Economic Forum and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, along with the other global elites who assisted in the birth of the organization,” the YouTube description states.

“We explore the organizations that compliment each other, working alongside the WEF to plan and enact a new form of global governance through The Great Reset.”

The premiere of the Great Reset docuseries comes as the WEF and other global leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland from May 22-26 to coordinate and consolidate the Great Reset agenda and codify the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty.

The Great Reset: Google Co-Founder “Eternal Life? In 10 Years We Have an Implant In Our Brains?”

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