2009-08-22 August 17 - Guest, Colin Knauf
2009-08-24 August 24 - Guest, David Chamberlain, PhD
2009-08-27 CDC is coming after your foreskin - Rich
2009-08-31 Monday August 31 - Guest Veronica Monet
2009-09-14 Circumcision and HIV: Yet another deception
2009-09-16 Monday, September 14 - Guest Marilyn Milos
2009-09-28 September 21 - Guest Lynn Reed
2009-09-29 September 28, 2009 - Stephanie Dawn
2009-10-21 October 19, 2009 - Gloria LeMay
2009-10-28 October 26, 2009 - Janel and Rich
2009-11-11 November 9, 2009 - J. Steven Svoboda, JD
2009-11-17 November 15, 2009 - Star Newland
2009-11-24 November 23, 2009 - Barbara Harper, RN
2009-12-04 November 30, 2009 - Patricia Robinett
2009-12-04 Join the discussion with Rich, Janel, Patricia Robinett, and Marilyn MIlos
2009-12-10 Choose well, your legacy, Dr. Susan Blank -- American Academy of Pediatrics task force on Circumcision
2009-12-16 Monday December 14 - Beldon Johnson
2010-01-19 Dr. Stuart Fischbein - January 18, 2009
2010-01-25 Colin Knauf : Birth & disaster capitalism
2010-03-09 Vaccines: Why are they lying?
2010-03-25 James Prescott : Characteristics of nurturant versus non-nurturant cultures
2010-07-20 June 17 2010 headlines
2010-07-20 July 12 2010 notes
2010-07-20 July 19 2010 notes
2010-07-20 Peter Breggin interview online
2010-07-26 Show notes for July 26 2010
2010-08-07 Contributors
2010-08-09 Rant for August 9 2010
2010-08-21 Male Circumcision in the USA : A Human Rights Primer by Rich Winkel
2011-02-01 Links to Franklin coverup material
2011-02-22 Vaccine Researcher Hilleman Interview on WGBH
2011-02-22 Mideast uprisings: No more room for doubt
2011-03-21 Show notes 3/21/11
2011-03-28 The truth about psychiatric labels
2011-03-28 The Wayseer Manifesto
2011-03-28 Recommended reading
2011-03-30 Pre-911 revelation by Nick Rockefeller
2011-03-30 "America: Freedom to Fascism"
2011-03-30 "Silence is betrayal" - MLK
2011-04-11 Dr Bonnie Burstow on ECT as violence against women
2011-04-18 Mercenary medicine + big brother = child abuse
2011-04-18 National Vaccine Information Center - Barbara Loe Fisher
2011-04-23 Dr Bonnie Burstow lecture on ECT
2011-04-30 Libya: It's not (just) about oil (or gold, or central banking, or China)
2011-04-30 Toward world war III
2011-05-03 Video: Fabled Enemies
2011-05-30 Child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids
2011-05-30 The War On Kids - Trailer
2011-07-04 Satanic Ritual Abuse show July 4
2011-07-28 Invisible Empire
2011-08-14 Whistleblower: CIA Orchestrated Fast and Furious
2011-08-14 Narcodollars for Dummies: The Ultimate Cold Call
2011-08-27 9/11 first responders barred from anniversary ceremony
2011-08-27 The Obama Deception
2011-08-27 Rich's letter re: obstetrical abuse
2011-08-28 The Depopulation Agenda: EPA Buried Study on Honeybee Collapse
2011-08-28 Obama's director of information policy promotes subversion of dissident movements
2011-08-29 Lovebombs over Libya
2011-08-30 Africom and the "liberation" of Libya
2011-09-02 Carbon currency on the horizon
2011-09-02 Women, Citizenship, and the End of Poverty
2011-09-03 Mass Murder of Blacks in Libya
2011-09-06 "World economy will fall if revolts spread to S. Arabia"
2011-09-06 The Rogue FBI
2011-09-07 The Genocidal Scientists
2011-09-07 Goldman Sachs Believes an Economic Collapse is Coming
2011-09-07 Max Keiser interviews Catherine Austin Fitts
2011-09-07 Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on Neocon Impunity
2011-09-08 Job Exports: Obama Pushes "Trans-Pacific Partnership"
2011-09-09 After 9/11: Ten years of war
2011-09-09 Last word on mass surveillance
2011-09-10 Toronto hearings on 9/11 on live stream
2011-09-12 9/11 Ten Years Later
2011-09-13 Eliot Spitzer on the Federal Reserve
2011-09-15 Kucinich on Monetary Reform
2011-09-16 Madsen: Obama's CIA Connections
2011-09-17 The CIA is a corporation registered in delaware
2011-09-17 Wesley Clark on neocon policy coup
2011-09-19 Forced vaccination of children over parent's objections
2011-09-22 Kucinich's NEED act would revolutionize money
2011-09-22 The Secret of Oz
2011-09-23 Forum on nazi MK-ULTRA mind control
2011-09-24 Anthro-global warming theory justifies this??
2011-09-24 Dollars for Doctors: Who owns your physician?
2011-09-25 Fake Terror And The War For Your Mind
2011-09-25 The Truth About Terrorism
2011-09-25 9/11 is an IQ test for the american people
2011-09-26 Mass sterilization: P&G list of CPSIA exemptions
2011-09-26 The Chemtrail Coverup
2011-09-27 NATO's War on Libya is Directed against China
2011-09-27 Interesting pentagon/FBI intrigue in Rumsfeld torture case
2011-09-27 Feds allowed sinaloa cartel to move tons of cocaine into US
2011-09-27 "Federal Reserve" cartel spying on critics
2011-09-27 "The Market is Toast ... Goldman Sachs rules the world"
2011-09-27 Flashback: Al Gore on NAFTA
2011-09-28 Spraying Sewage Sludge on Farmland
2011-09-28 The next bogeyman: The Haqqanis
2011-09-28 John Perkins on the global elite's crime syndicate
2011-09-29 FBI Stops FBI Terror Plot Again
2011-09-29 CDC goes orwell on vaccines
2011-09-30 Sherry Tenpenny on Gardasil Vaccine
2011-09-30 Andrew Wakefield on Alex Jones
2011-09-30 US Government Invented Soviet Threat
2011-09-30 Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories
2011-10-02 9/11, Domestic Psyops and the American Narrative
2011-10-02 Tarpley on setup for military coup
2011-10-02 A Brief History of Media Manipulation by U.S. Intelligence
2011-10-02 False Flags in Iraq: The Terror Doctrine
2011-10-03 A time for truth about 9/11
2011-10-03 Project Censored Covers Chemtrails
2011-10-03 Govt Media Manipulation: Testimony at MLK Assassination Trial
2011-10-04 Wall Street Protestors Pushing Wall Street "Fix"
2011-10-04 Tarpley's Economic Plan
2011-10-04 Finance Capital vs. Public Banking
2011-10-06 GMO feed causes organ disruption in animals
2011-10-06 Court Documents Claim Sinaloa Drug Cartel Is Protected by US Government
2011-10-07 Guns, Drugs, False Flags and the Second Amendment
2011-10-07 All charges dropped against Detroit mom who wouldn't drug her daughter
2011-10-07 World facing worst financial crisis in history, Bank of England Governor says
2011-10-07 Secret panel can put Americans on 'kill list'
2011-10-08 OWS: The Danger of Wall Street Infiltration
2011-10-09 Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job
2011-10-09 Finland admits swine flu vaccine causes neurological damage
2011-10-10 Gwen Olsen, Confessions of an Ex Pharma Drug Pusher
2011-10-10 Obama’s Politics of Deception
2011-10-10 Afghanistan 10 years later
2011-10-10 The Geo-Political Strategy Behind America's Afghan Invasion
2011-10-10 We Need Publically Owned Banks
2011-10-10 SEC Has Been Shredding Documents For Decades
2011-10-10 Federal Reserve is a Cache of Stolen Assets
2011-10-10 Spookily Prescient TV Show Foreshadowed 9/11
2011-10-10 Pilger: The War On Democracy
2011-10-10 Super Congress: A Financial Death Panel
2011-10-11 California Governor Signs Vaccination without Parental Consent Bill
2011-10-11 Success: Afghan Opium Production to Rise 61% This Year
2011-10-11 Hudson on Greek "debt"
2011-10-11 Nader: Obama Makes Bush Look Moderate
2011-10-11 Corporate feeders introduce internet censorship bill
2011-10-11 Occupy Wall Street In Danger of Being Coopted by Establishment
2011-10-12 Another Massacre in the name of Carbon Trading
2011-10-12 You KNOW you're in the shock doctrine when
2011-10-12 The War on Whistleblowers
2011-10-12 CIA Whistleblower John Stockwell: Secret Wars of the CIA
2011-10-12 Journalism and the CIA: The Mighty Wurlitzer
2011-10-12 October Surprise: The Verdict is Treason
2011-10-12 Hilary Clinton: What is she smoking?
2011-10-12 Afghanistan: Message from Malalai Joya
2011-10-12 Crotch Bomber Reverses Plea: Government Involvement Remains Buried
2011-10-13 FBI Insider: Obama Administration Likely Manufactured Dubious Terror Plot
2011-10-13 Walgreens obsession with flu shots
2011-10-14 Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike
2011-10-14 Pepe Escobar: Iranian plot was an inside job
2011-10-14 Vaccine may be linked to metabolic syndrome via autoimmune attack
2011-10-14 The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?
2011-10-14 Bonesman John Kerry provides left cover for Iran attack
2011-10-14 More US soldiers lost to suicide than battle
2011-10-14 Preparing for war with Iran: Surge in US military cargo traffic slated for next week
2011-10-14 Toxic Seafood
2011-10-16 4 Banks hold 95.9% of US derivatives
2011-10-16 Manufacturing Dissent: Corporate Manipulation of OWS
2011-10-16 Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot
2011-10-16 Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War
2011-10-16 Megabanks are trying to prevent bank runs in the United States
2011-10-16 The War on Cold Fusion
2011-10-16 3 More Insane Trade Agreements Passed by Congress
2011-10-17 Control Freaks Working on Criminalization of Vitamins
2011-10-17 Eugenics 101
2011-10-17 The Goldman Sachs President Mounts PR Smokescreen to Co-opt OWS
2011-10-17 New flu vaccine aimed at elderly
2011-10-17 US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran
2011-10-17 Federal Reserve Tries to Censor Alex Jones Video
2011-10-17 A Brief History of CIA Drug Running
2011-10-17 Ptech and the 9/11 Software
2011-10-17 US Hunger Rate Triple That of China
2011-10-18 Remembering the Swine Flu Hoax
2011-10-18 Monsanto's Crimes Against Life Itself
2011-10-18 Court Rules US Govt Above the Law
2011-10-19 Tarpley: OWS Should Demand a Student Loan Amnesty Paid By Tobin Tax
2011-10-19 US Govt Operative "Advising" OWS
2011-10-19 Feds Trafficked Guns To Suspected Criminals Under Bush Too
2011-10-20 Occupy Wall Street Major Target of Infiltration
2011-10-20 CIA: The Modern-Day British East India Company
2011-10-20 US, Russia In Deadlock Over ABM's in Europe
2011-10-20 Primary Obama Now
2011-10-20 Federal Reserve Transparency Act Calls for Audit
2011-10-20 GAO Report Finds Fed Riddled With Corruption
2011-10-20 China Competing With IMF To Buy Europe
2011-10-20 Divide and Conquer: Finding Common Ground in Common Sense
2011-10-20 Feds: States Have No Rights
2011-10-20 Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world
2011-10-20 FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9
2011-10-20 Pilger: Africa Open for Plunder Now that Libya Has Fallen
2011-10-20 All The Genetically Modified Food You’re Eating
2011-10-22 Concerns Mount on U.S. Biological Weapons Violations
2011-10-22 Wall Street and Student Debt Foregiveness
2011-10-22 Civilian Inmate Labor Program
2011-10-23 Understanding The Elite's War on Humanity
2011-10-23 Kucinich for Prez in 2012
2011-10-23 Nobama: Banks Broke No Laws!
2011-10-23 The Illuminati Speak: Marketing Irrelevance and Chaos to OWS
2011-10-23 Libyan "Rebels" First Priority
2011-10-23 Wakeup Call: How economics has been corrupted
2011-10-23 NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age
2011-10-23 Cash = Terrorism?
2011-10-24 Judge Throws Out Lawmakers' Lawsuit Over Violation of War Powers Act
2011-10-25 Catholics: Occupy the Vatican
2011-10-25 Monsanto wages war on Serbian dissident
2011-10-25 FDIC Will Insure Trillions of BOA Bad Bets
2011-10-25 Wikileaks Under Banker Blockade
2011-10-25 IMF, World Bank Vultures Come to Libya
2011-10-25 Obama Seeks Permission To Lie In Response To FOIA Requests - Even To The Courts
2011-10-26 CFR Paper on "Unilateral Geoengineering"
2011-10-26 Somalis Under Relentless Drone Attack as U.S. Tightens Military Grip on Continent
2011-10-26 NAFTA is starving Mexico
2011-10-26 William Blum interview on Boiling Frogs
2011-10-27 Keiser: Clowns Run the World!
2011-10-27 Genetically Modified Foods Could Cause Long-Term Sterility
2011-10-27 Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protester
2011-10-30 War crimes in Libya
2011-10-30 Climate Researcher Accused of Doctoring the Data
2011-10-30 Kerth on Healing from MKUltra and Satanic Mind Control
2011-10-30 CIA's Support of Khan Nuclear Proliferation Network
2011-10-31 Libya and the Broader US-NATO Military Agenda
2011-10-31 Keiser: Occupy the Vatican
2011-11-01 Lethal Drone Deployed over Texas
2011-11-02 Infiltrators circulate pro-violence flyer at OWS Oakland
2011-11-02 Americans: Awash In Spin
2011-11-03 Iceland's Debt Crisis: Interview with Michael Hudson
2011-11-03 There never was an Egyptian revolution
2011-11-03 Western Democracy: A Farce And A Sham
2011-11-04 Doctors of Deception: What They Don’t Want You to Know About Shock Treatment
2011-11-05 US ambassador to Syria a death squad kingpin
2011-11-05 After Libya, “Syria next piece on geopolitical chessboard”
2011-11-05 How "Humanitarian Organizations" Provide a "Human Face" to War
2011-11-05 The Science of 9/11
2011-11-05 Michael Hudson on Democracy Now
2011-11-05 Serious Repression Started When OWS Endorsed Tobin Tax
2011-11-05 Tarpley on the Bankster's Setup for WWIII
2011-11-05 Hudson: Global Economic Collapse: The Icelandic Example
2011-11-05 Sibel Edmonds interview: Treason in High Places
2011-11-06 Confronting Alan Greenspan
2011-11-06 Canadian Holocaust of Native American Children
2011-11-07 US Quiet on Al Qaeda in Libya
2011-11-07 Narco Dollars for Dummies
2011-11-07 Bankster Fraud: Moyers Interviews William Black
2011-11-07 Bernanke: Federal Reserve caused Great Depression
2011-11-07 Extreme Poverty Is Now At Record Levels
2011-11-07 14 Reasons Why We Should Nationalize The Federal Reserve
2011-11-07 Russia says Afghan Drug War Only Targetting Taliban Supporters
2011-11-08 Bonnie Faulkner interviews Catherine Austin Fitts
2011-11-09 Americans Divesting from Big Banks
2011-11-09 Journalists Covering Occupy Wall Street Are Being Targeted for Arrest Nationwide
2011-11-10 American Police State, Major Wars Planned Well Before 9/11
2011-11-10 10 of 12 Supercommittee Members Received Contributions from Foreign Lobbyists
2011-11-11 House of Mirrors: The US Government as a Fear Factory
2011-11-11 Former Head of US Army War College: 9/11 Was a Mossad Operation
2011-11-11 9/11 Terrorist Made Millions of Dollars on the Stock Market & Had Inside Info
2011-11-11 Obama to Aid Uzbek Dictatorship
2011-11-12 Foundations of Social Engineering with Andrew Gavin Marshall
2011-11-13 Perfect Storm of Internet Censorship Forming
2011-11-13 Catholic Church Caught Child Trafficking
2011-11-13 G20 Mafia Tries to Hold It Together
2011-11-14 US Faltering in Efforts to Sow Seeds of War in South Asia
2011-11-14 Banker Coup: Goldman Sachs Taking Over Europe
2011-11-14 Blue Gold: Water Wars
2011-11-14 Beating Babies For Jesus
2011-11-14 CIA Analyst: Washington’s enemy ‘doesn’t exist'
2011-11-14 Keiser: Zombie Bankers Terrorizing Europe
2011-11-14 4.5 Million Orphans in Iraq: Protests Over Food and Shelter
2011-11-14 Uranium Hell for Children in Iraq
2011-11-14 What’s Happened to the Big Players in the Financial Crisis
2011-11-14 In Some States, Incarcerated Kids Get Drugged to Alter Behavior
2011-11-14 Return the House of Representatives to the People
2011-11-14 National Shame of Child "Protective" Services: Innocence Destroyed
2011-11-15 USA may be violating biological weapons convention
2011-11-15 CDC Criminals Exposed in FOIA on Mercury and Autism
2011-11-15 The Militarization of Your Local Police
2011-11-15 Moscow accuses West of arming Syrian opposition
2011-11-15 Wall Street Traitors Keep Bradley Manning in Jail 560 Days Without Trial
2011-11-15 Time for an Economic Bill of Rights
2011-11-15 Federal Reserve Under Fire
2011-11-16 DHS Coordinated 18-City Police Crackdown on Occupy Protest
2011-11-16 USA Arming Syrian Opposition
2011-11-16 AMA still pushing circumcision
2011-11-16 NYPD Raid on OWS Camp in Zuccotti Park
2011-11-16 China, the U.S. and the Next Cold War
2011-11-17 Currency Wars
2011-11-17 Russian general warns of growing nuclear war risk
2011-11-17 The case for silver
2011-11-17 Austerity & Fascism In Greece
2011-11-18 Deindustrialization of USA Accelerating
2011-11-18 Asia-Pacific: Bilderberg Ramps Up Global War Agenda
2011-11-18 The Coming U.S. Financial Crisis By The Numbers
2011-11-18 Ex-Soviet states take first step to ‘Eurasian Union’
2011-11-18 Egyptians return to Tahrir Square to protest against military junta
2011-11-18 Max Keiser on the rule of law
2011-11-18 Keiser Report
2011-11-18 Supreme Court Blocks Govt Plan To Claim Ownership Of Babies' DNA
2011-11-19 Israel’s Plan to Destroy Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure
2011-11-19 Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack
2011-11-19 Censored: US Military Manipulates the Social Media
2011-11-21 Goldman Sachs Takes Over Europe
2011-11-21 The Scam Artists' Political Agenda
2011-11-21 Chemtrails: Chemistry of Trimethyl Aluminum
2011-11-21 Tampa Florida's new "rescue" vehicle
2011-11-21 Exposed: US press 'freedom'
2011-11-21 War With Iran: History and Consequences
2011-11-21 “Corporate America is Using Police Departments as Hired Thugs”
2011-11-21 Hersh: Old Iraq Lies Recycled into Case for War with Iran
2011-11-21 U.S. Shifting Military Forces Closer to China
2011-11-21 Max Keiser on Vampire Bankers
2011-11-21 Non-profit policing organization orchestrating nationwide anti-occupy crackdown
2011-11-21 Pentagon's New Slavery System Triggers Riots
2011-11-21 Time for Obama to Act to End Police-State Violence Against the Occupiers
2011-11-21 Tarpley: Western death squads in Syria
2011-11-21 GATA Confirms Central "Banks" Gold Suppression Since At Least Mid-1970's
2011-11-23 Prins: Comparing the Crashes of 1929 & 2009
2011-11-23 US & Arab States Set To Impose No Fly Zone Over Syria
2011-11-23 PD Scott: The Doomsday Project and Deep Events
2011-11-23 Scientists Weaponize Deadly Bird Flu, Consider Releasing Recipe
2011-11-24 Experimental Weapons in Iraq
2011-11-24 Hafnium isomer gamma ray laser weapon
2011-11-24 The Fundamental Problem: Debt-based Currency
2011-11-24 NATO/Russian confrontation escalating
2011-11-24 Libyan Rebels Imprison 7,000 In “Reign of Terror”
2011-11-24 The Roads To War And Economic Collapse
2011-11-25 Reminder: The fake swine flu panic
2011-11-26 ACLU: Senate to Vote on Imprisoning Americans Without Trial
2011-11-26 Russia warns it will aim missiles at U.S. defence sites in Europe if denied access
2011-11-26 Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal
2011-11-26 Israel says no to nuclear transparency
2011-11-26 "Federal" reserve still pumping billions into european banks
2011-11-26 "Arab springs" not what they appear to be
2011-11-26 Venezuela repatriating its overseas gold holdings
2011-11-26 The eternal curse of depleted uranium
2011-11-26 The banned episode of "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"
2011-11-26 Lynn Margulis on 9/11 building demolitions
2011-11-26 Fluoride Warnings for Infants
2011-11-26 Multiple shooters in Robert Kennedy assassination
2011-11-26 Birth Defects in Iraq: Made in the USA
2011-11-26 Africom's Death Toll in Africa
2011-11-26 Novel pathogen found in GMO crops
2011-11-26 Social fabric tearing under strain of elite's barbarism
2011-11-26 Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices
2011-11-26 Police Are Treating Americans Like Military Threats
2011-11-26 Goldman Sachs Has Taken Over Europe
2011-11-26 Terence McKenna On Our Totalitarian Culture
2011-11-26 FBI Claims Agency Can’t Find Internal Documents On OWS
2011-11-26 Naomi Wolf: The Shocking Truth About the Crackdown on OWS
2011-11-27 Congress to Vote Next Week on EXPLICITLY Creating a Police State
2011-11-27 Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED Media Not to Cover 9/11
2011-11-27 America has become a police state
2011-11-27 "We are already in a great depression"
2011-11-28 Fed "loaned" $7.7 trillion to insolvent banks
2011-11-28 Obama, senators pushing for pre-crime prolonged detention
2011-11-28 UK: Armed forces minister sorry for misleading MPs over depleted uranium
2011-11-28 Snipers and Western backed "Regime Change"
2011-11-28 Neocons Planned Overthrows Throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago
2011-11-29 Sibel Edmonds: Wikileaks Cables Sanitized
2011-11-29 William Engdahl Interview on BFP: Essential Listening
2011-11-29 Senate keeps "homeland battlefield" provision of NDAA
2011-11-30 1% allows a million children to die every month from preventable poverty
2011-11-30 Senate Considers Bill Authorizing More Torture
2011-12-01 US Interrogation Techniques Designed to Extract False Confessions
2011-12-01 US Military Explosives Expert on OKC Bombing Analysis
2011-12-01 Justice Dept Seeks To Have Anthrax Attack Documents Destroyed
2011-12-01 US Govt Faking Economic Data
2011-12-01 Homeless Kids in Hidden America
2011-12-01 Chomsky on Darwinism & Cooperation
2011-12-01 Max Keiser: USA is back to 1776
2011-12-01 Kucinich: Fed up with the Fed
2011-12-01 CIA role claimed in Robert Kennedy killing
2011-12-01 The "Humanitarian War"
2011-12-02 $26 TRILLION In Bank Bailouts
2011-12-02 Another study connects low-dose fluoride to neurodegenerative disorders
2011-12-02 20 Examples of the Obama's Assault on Domestic Civil Liberties
2011-12-05 33 Latin American countries to form a New Bloc. U.S. and Canada not invited
2011-12-05 Bush cancels travel plans over possibility of arrest
2011-12-05 World War III: The Launching of a Preemptive Nuclear War against Iran
2011-12-05 Why Moscow does not Trust Washington on Missile Defense
2011-12-05 US Attempted to start war between Pakistan, India
2011-12-05 Why is the DEA Laundering Drug Money for Mexican Cartels?
2011-12-06 Americans March Against Bill That Could Designate Them Terrorists
2011-12-06 Ron Paul's Idea for Currency Diversity
2011-12-06 The false prophets of austerity
2011-12-06 Pentagon Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US
2011-12-06 US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections
2011-12-06 Israel and Syria brace for regional war
2011-12-06 Five things you can do to help stop the plundering of our world
2011-12-06 The coming out of the American Gestapo
2011-12-06 Obama isn't prosecuting wall street fraud
2011-12-06 The Failure to Investigate 9/11 Has Bankrupted America
2011-12-06 Hidden Software on Millions of Phones Logs Everything a User Does
2011-12-06 Russia building new bomb shelters
2011-12-06 The Meaning of "Austerity"
2011-12-07 Elements of the Police State Coming Together
2011-12-07 Economy, Energy, Environment, Exponential
2011-12-07 Govt Activating Detention Camps to Deal with Planned Implosion
2011-12-07 ATF Planned to use "Fast and Furious" To Demonize 2nd Amendment
2011-12-07 Ronald Reagan autopsy
2011-12-08 Video: War on Drugs / Prison Industrial Complex
2011-12-08 Money changers buying gun manufacturers
2011-12-08 Oregon foster kids get reprieve from psych drugs
2011-12-08 Chomsky on Corporate Personhood
2011-12-08 What if the Constitution had Been Murdered in an Undeclared War?
2011-12-08 Militarization of American Police and Shredding of Constitution Started At Least 30 Years Ago
2011-12-08 Engineering the Eurozone Collapse
2011-12-08 White House plan to use churches, mosques, synagogues for vaccinations
2011-12-08 The Dirty Secrets of George HW Bush
2011-12-09 Third world, here we come
2011-12-09 Neoliberalism, "Regime Change" and NATO's "Humanitarian Wars"
2011-12-09 War on Syria Secret Base Gets a Bit More Exposure
2011-12-09 GMO Junk in "Organic" Infant Formula
2011-12-09 Sirhan Sirhan and the Assassination of Robert Kennedy
2011-12-09 Russia Urges Verification Powers be Added to Bioweapons Treaty Regime
2011-12-09 Pulling Back the Curtain on the Wall Street Money Machine
2011-12-09 Censored: Saudi Arabia's "Spring"
2011-12-09 Debt and Democracy: Has the Link been Broken?
2011-12-10 USA outsources domestic wiretaps to foreign companies
2011-12-10 Wall Street's agenda in Russia
2011-12-10 Russian Protests: What the media says and what the media doesn't tell you
2011-12-10 Obama confronts Russian & China on their borders
2011-12-11 The Financial Crisis was Utterly Predictable
2011-12-11 "Patriot Act" first attempted by Joe Biden months before OKC bombing
2011-12-11 Everything Happening Now Was Planned Before 9/11
2011-12-11 Robert Fisk: Bankers are the dictators of the West
2011-12-11 Army Posts Job for Civilian "Internment Specialist”
2011-12-11 Propagandists Scramble to Censor Wall Street ties to Russian Protests
2011-12-11 Levin: It was Obama who required Indefinite Detainment Bill INCLUDE U.S. Citizens
2011-12-11 The MF Global heist: Trust has been destroyed in the markets
2011-12-11 US-NATO Soldiers Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border
2011-12-11 Syria: The Former US Partner in Rendition & Torture Operations
2011-12-11 Cellular Echoes - Journey from Womb to the World
2011-12-11 Eustace Mullens: Secrets of the Federal Reserve
2011-12-11 Alan Sabrosky on Mossad Involvement in 9/11
2011-12-11 Susan Lindauer: A Dangerous Woman
2011-12-12 Madsen: Giffords Shooting a Planned Assassination
2011-12-12 Pro-Nazi oligarchs' trickle-down barbarism in evidence at LA OWS
2011-12-12 Video: Fall of the Republic
2011-12-12 Tarpley: Wall Street's Assault on the Euro
2011-12-13 Paper Price Suppression Has Made Silver the Biggest Buy Ever
2011-12-13 UBS Bank: Prepare for collapse
2011-12-13 The Hill: Obama should veto the Defense authorization bill
2011-12-13 Drones Officially Take Flight For Domestic Law Enforcement
2011-12-14 Interview with John Perkins, former economic hit man
2011-12-14 Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to American Citizens on U.S. Soil
2011-12-14 40 Members of Congress Protest Indefinite Detention Bill
2011-12-14 FOX Fakes Moscow Protest with Athens Clashes
2011-12-14 Occupation Nation: The Militarization of Police
2011-12-14 Child Poverty In America Is EXPLODING
2011-12-14 Columbia teachers reflect on growing child poverty rate
2011-12-15 Film: A Noble Lie
2011-12-15 DHS Czar Napolitano Tells ICE to Prepare for Mass Migration
2011-12-15 Obama won't veto indefinite detention bill that he pushed for
2011-12-15 The CFR & the “Grand Area” of the American Empire
2011-12-15 Detroit mom finally gets daughter back from state drug pushers
2011-12-15 BBC Reporter detained attempting to Cover US-NATO Syrian Operations
2011-12-16 Psychiatric Child Abuse Rampant in Foster "Care"
2011-12-16 DHS Involved in Massacre of Civilians in Jamaica
2011-12-16 Foreign forces jockey for control of Syrian unrest
2011-12-16 Film: Police State 4
2011-12-16 US and NATO troops train on the Syrian border
2011-12-16 Success: Half of Americans Poor or Low Income
2011-12-16 The Way to Occupy a Bank is to Own One
2011-12-17 Just another piece of paper
2011-12-17 Iceland's Triumph Over the Banksters
2011-12-17 Hamid Gul: US attack on Pakistan will turn region into inferno
2011-12-17 Alex Jones on Predator Drones in USA
2011-12-17 The Biggest Private Government You've Never Heard Of
2011-12-17 Film: American Drug War
2011-12-17 Willie Nelson: Occupy the Food System
2011-12-18 Spin-doctoring obstetrical research
2011-12-18 FDA Hearings on SSRI Antidepressants & Violence
2011-12-18 School Shootings and SSRI Antidepressants
2011-12-18 Trauma and Denial: The Psychology of 9/11 Denial
2011-12-18 Another WS Foreign Policy Success: The Brutalization of Women in Egypt
2011-12-18 Conference on Internet Censorship Bill Resumes Dec 21
2011-12-18 13 Pending Bills to Get Money Out of Politics
2011-12-18 Mind Control: Weapons of Mass Persuasion
2011-12-18 Shell Game: IMF Seeks Worldwide Bailout of Europe
2011-12-18 US “Withdrawal” In Iraq Paves Way for Strike on Iran
2011-12-18 Pentagon Aims Big Lie Guns at Cyberspace
2011-12-18 Wall Street's Empire in Latin America
2011-12-19 Janel and Rich on Dr. Carley Show
2011-12-19 Iraq: On the Dark Side in Al Doura
2011-12-19 Ron Paul Is Now the Republican Frontrunner
2011-12-19 JFK Issued Debt-Free Currency
2011-12-19 Silver & Gold Looted from MF Global
2011-12-20 Questions Persist as to US Bioweapons Treaty Compliance
2011-12-20 Egypt: No "Humanitarian Interventions" here
2011-12-20 Alex Jones on FEMA camp activations
2011-12-20 Nuke whistleblower interview
2011-12-20 Satanists in the Military
2011-12-20 Birth Complications + Maternal Rejection = Violent Adults
2011-12-20 Occupy Crackdown: CIA plays new version of "I Won't Tell You"
2011-12-20 The Globalization of War
2011-12-20 "Iranian nukes": They absolutely refuse to stop lying
2011-12-20 Why is the Media Lying About NDAA Indefinite Military Detention of Americans?
2011-12-20 Colonial Iraq
2011-12-21 US military: unconstitutional orders are unlawful
2011-12-21 "Government" says it can kill, detain americans at will
2011-12-21 London Trader: Tremendous Silver Shortages
2011-12-21 Simple tricks of predator drones
2011-12-21 Fraudclosure: Wells Fargo Refuses Payment, Evicting Family of 7
2011-12-21 Film: Hijacking Catastrophe
2011-12-21 NYT: MF Global customer's money went to JP Morgan
2011-12-21 DEA Money laundering for Mexican drug cartels
2011-12-21 China Imploding
2011-12-21 Africom: Corbett Interviews Cynthia McKinney
2011-12-22 Military to Designate Americans as Enemy
2011-12-22 Local Cops Ready for War With DHS-Funded Military Weapons
2011-12-22 Americans could be transferred to foreign prisons under NDAA
2011-12-23 Iraq: Who Benefitted?
2011-12-23 The Back Story on Syria: Sibel Edmonds and Journalist Pepe Escobar
2011-12-23 Wall Street Just Says No to Rule of Law
2011-12-23 Obama, Congress Ratify Social Spending Cuts
2011-12-23 The Money Masters: Behind the Global Debt Crisis
2011-12-23 Legal Action: Restore the Bank of Canada to Canadians
2011-12-23 Wall Street's Hostile Takeover of USA
2011-12-23 Tarpley: Wall Street's Strategy in Pakistan
2011-12-23 The Awful Truth About Neocon Philosophy
2011-12-23 2010: Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA and Army Experiments
2011-12-23 State Child Abuse: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance
2011-12-23 FDA Reneges on Antibiotics in Factory Farms
2011-12-23 The Globalization of Famine
2011-12-24 OMG: Now they're blaming Iran for 9/11!
2011-12-24 Congress To Fund Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints
2011-12-24 Seafood 10,000 Times Over Safe Limit for Carcinogens, FDA Says to Eat it Anyway
2011-12-24 Missing last monday's mp3
2011-12-25 Iraq: Why won't the media question the government's lies?
2011-12-25 The Epidemic of Police Brutality
2011-12-26 The Globalization of War
2011-12-26 O Damn Ye Wall Street Gentlemen
2011-12-27 Corpse America to Unleash Aerial 2,4-D Spraying on USA
2011-12-27 Video: Corporate Psychopathy
2011-12-27 2010: Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure in Rats
2011-12-28 The Domestic Psyop for War with Iran
2011-12-28 CFR (Money Changers Inc) sez: Time to Attack Iran
2011-12-28 Montana organizes to recall pro-NDAA senators
2011-12-28 Tide turning against SOPA net censorship bill
2011-12-28 How Close Are We to A Run on the TBTF Banks?
2011-12-28 Syria: There Comes the ‘G’ Word Again
2011-12-28 The age of turboparalysis
2011-12-28 Effects of 3 GMO Corn Varieties on Mammals
2011-12-28 The Bush Family of Secrets
2011-12-28 Tarpley on Ron Paul's Austerity Plan
2011-12-28 Tarpley: US-UK Ruling Elite Targets Russia, Syria, Iran, Pakistan
2011-12-28 Video: Iron Triangle - The Carlyle Group Exposed
2011-12-29 The CIA and the Nazis
2011-12-29 Wallstreet Cabal Continues Trashing the Constitution
2011-12-29 Video: The Fluoride Deception
2011-12-29 The Hidden Agenda Behind the "War on Terror"
2011-12-29 Corn Borer Worm Adapting to Monsanto Bt Corn Faster Than Expected
2011-12-29 Corporate psychopaths
2011-12-30 Bt Crops Failures & Hazards
2011-12-30 Video: BP Oil Spill: The Big Fix
2011-12-30 How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?
2011-12-30 Pentagon Finds No Fault in Ties to TV Analysts
2011-12-30 14,000 Excess U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima
2011-12-30 Obama Aministration on Legalized Lying
2011-12-30 "War is a Racket" by Gen. Smedley Butler
2011-12-30 Dismantling Corporations: The Mortality Angle
2011-12-30 New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar
2011-12-30 Teaching Terror in Public Schools
2011-12-31 The Coming Economic Program
2012-01-01 Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on Colbert Report
2012-01-01 Naomi Klein: Globalist Reponse to Climate is Disaster Capitalism
2012-01-01 30 Statistics That Show That The Middle Class Is Dying
2012-01-01 Breech Births: Conversation with Dr. Fischbein
2012-01-01 Essential Listening: Webster Tarpley WCR Dec 31
2012-01-01 Pentagon and "Arab Springs"
2012-01-01 Amnesty Weighs in on US White Collar Foreclosure Crimes
2012-01-01 Max Keiser on 2012 Predictions
2012-01-02 Inside Job: The Bailout of AIG
2012-01-02 The Rothschild's Take on Slavery
2012-01-02 Latest Iowa Poll Has Ron Paul In First Place
2012-01-02 Obama Rings in the New Year By Signing Bill Allowing Indefinite Detention of Americans
2012-01-02 Success: Formerly Great Cities All Over America Are Collapsing
2012-01-02 Killing the Troops: Depleted Uranium
2012-01-02 The Shock Doctrine
2012-01-02 Fracking blamed for earthquake in Ohio
2012-01-02 CIA Sifts Social Media Sites
2012-01-02 NDAA: How Congress Signed Its Own Arrest Warrants
2012-01-02 Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War
2012-01-03 Catherine Fitts on Alex Jones
2012-01-03 Flu Shot May Weaken Immune System
2012-01-03 New Study on Fluoride Shows No Benefits and Major Safety Issues
2012-01-04 Pivotal Player in Housing Collapse Linked to CIA
2012-01-04 Orwell's "telescreens" are already here
2012-01-05 How independent are Vaccine Promoters?
2012-01-05 Wellstone: Another American Assassination
2012-01-05 CAFR: Hidden in Plain Sight
2012-01-05 BMJ Blows Whistle on Quack Medical "Science"
2012-01-05 American pediatric association tries to censor commonsense advice re: flu
2012-01-05 Frito-Lay sued for marketing GMO snacks as 'all natural'
2012-01-05 GlaxoSmithKline Fined Over Vaccine Experiments That Killed 14 Babies
2012-01-05 Globalist Salesman Says National Sovereignty is Obsolete
2012-01-05 US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to GMO Crops
2012-01-07 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
2012-01-07 9/11: Another Angle
2012-01-07 CIA Agent: AQ Doesn't Exist
2012-01-08 GMO Experimentation on kids in public schools
2012-01-08 OWS: Commentary from November by David Icke
2012-01-08 Iran: US, Israeli & British Warships Sailing Towards Confrontation
2012-01-09 IMF and US AFRICOM Plunder the African Continent
2012-01-09 Obama’s Arsenal of Doom: Strip Benefits and Buy More Weapons
2012-01-09 USA Simulating an attack on Iran, WWIII
2012-01-09 State Child Abuse Rampant in Public Schools
2012-01-09 Foreclosuregate: The Documents weren't lost, they were SHREDDED
2012-01-09 Why the Economy Crashed
2012-01-10 How AIG Committed Suicide
2012-01-10 90% Of NH’s Primary Votes To Be Counted By Diebold
2012-01-11 CNN's Paul Campaign Roboreporter "Worried" About Paul's Success
2012-01-11 Success: The Destruction of American Education
2012-01-12 DEA Helped Colombian drug lord launder millions of dollars
2012-01-12 The War on Terror is a Fraud
2012-01-12 2009: Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study
2012-01-12 Fears over outbreak after 12 infected with new swine flu strain in U.S.
2012-01-12 Another Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story
2012-01-12 Naming Names: Meet Your Real Government
2012-01-12 Obama Gets Friendly With Uzbekistan, MFU Nation in the World
2012-01-12 The "American" Empire, In Their Own Words
2012-01-12 Taser: Popular Technology of Pain Compliance in Law Enforcement
2012-01-12 In The First Few Days Of 2012, US Mint Sells More Silver Than In Most Months Of 2011
2012-01-12 Syria: US Endgame Approaches
2012-01-12 MSM Censoring Pending SOPA Bill
2012-01-14 Education: State Controlled Consciousness
2012-01-14 Kids Killing Kids: Another Psych Drug Murder in Missouri
2012-01-14 Haiti: Rape in Progress
2012-01-14 Bill in WA Would Make Fraudclosure a Felony
2012-01-14 Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops
2012-01-14 Russia: Attack on Iran Would Be Threat to National Security
2012-01-14 "Enemy Expatriation Act" Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Conviction
2012-01-15 The Outsourcing of the Federal Government
2012-01-16 Recipe for Vote Fraud: Internet Voting Firm Buys Election Results Reporting Firm
2012-01-16 The Weaponization of Bird Flu
2012-01-16 Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking
2012-01-16 An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King
2012-01-16 Martin Luther King: "Beyond Vietnam"
2012-01-16 Federal Govt: US Founders Were Terrorists
2012-01-16 Betrayed: A Message for US Military & Law Enforcement
2012-01-16 The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act
2012-01-17 Divide & Conquer: False Flags in Iraq
2012-01-17 The Banksters End Game
2012-01-19 AMA Journal Publishes Call for Mandatory Experimental Vaccine Participation
2012-01-20 How IMF Has Financially Taken over Greece
2012-01-20 Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth
2012-01-21 Europe Forming Its Own Ratings Agency to Rival S&P, Moodys
2012-01-21 The World War on Democracy
2012-01-21 Primitive Emergent Brutes Prepare For Mass Suicide
2012-01-22 Quack scientists Say Delay Breastfeeding to ‘Improve’ Vaccine Potency
2012-01-22 Mind Control on the Left
2012-01-22 Rhode Island Rebellion Against Indefinite Detention
2012-01-23 Bank Holiday coming?
2012-01-23 India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil
2012-01-23 Reagan’s Hand in Guatemala’s Genocide
2012-01-24 Opening A New Theater of War In The North American Homeland
2012-01-24 MMR & Autism: New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings in Wakefield Case
2012-01-25 Mission Creep: DHS Erecting Domestic "Security" Web
2012-01-25 Why All the Robo-Signing?
2012-01-25 Persian Gulf Option One: A False Flag
2012-01-26 Resisting the Police State: Solutions & Answers
2012-01-26 Obama Sneaked Internet Censorship Treaty Through Last October
2012-01-27 Francis Boyle on Police State USA
2012-01-27 U.S. treasury raids federal employee pension funds
2012-01-27 Crooks Building Concentration Camps Across USA
2012-01-28 Empire Fetishists Further Undermine US Economy
2012-01-28 ACTA Explained
2012-01-28 Censoring the Net for Big Media
2012-01-28 Al-Jazeera Brought to Heel
2012-01-28 Max Keiser on the End of Democracy
2012-01-29 Greening The Dollar - Reclaiming our Democratic Values Through Monetary Reform
2012-01-29 New Figures: Earth Hasn't Warmed Since 1997
2012-01-29 FEMA Clergy Response Teams, COG & Martial Law
2012-01-30 Internet Censorship: Beyond SOPA
2012-01-30 Syria: Arab Observer Mission Validates Assad's Claims
2012-01-31 Washington Targeting China's Oil Dependency
2012-01-31 FDA Brass Stole Whistleblowers Private Gmail
2012-01-31 Monsanto: Public Enemy Number One
2012-01-31 Is False Flag Operation Underway for Iran War?
2012-01-31 Government Inflation Figure is Doctored
2012-02-02 Max Keiser: Gangster Government, Gangster Capitalism
2012-02-02 The Essence of Money
2012-02-03 Iran: USA put Mullahs in Power
2012-02-03 Text of Leaked Arab League Report on Syria
2012-02-03 Monsanto and the Federal Goverment: Recombinant Bureaucracy
2012-02-03 Lies, Damn Lies and Labor Statistics
2012-02-03 Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam
2012-02-04 Bankrupt RI City Loses All Pretense of Self Governance
2012-02-04 SUPERPOWER: Behind the Scenes of America’s National Security Apparatus
2012-02-04 Clueless Embeds Fret Over Human Consequences of Dystopian Paradise
2012-02-04 Chris Hedges: "Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!"
2012-02-04 Mussolini was a British Agent
2012-02-04 Medicopaths at CDC Pushing Gardasil HPV Vaccine for Boys
2012-02-05 Reckless Endangerment: GMO products in Infant Formula
2012-02-05 The Question of Depleted Uranium: The Groves Memo
2012-02-05 The Looting of the Social Security "Trust" Fund
2012-02-05 Alternative Media Censorship Sponsored by Corporate Foundations
2012-02-05 Europe Rises Up Against ACTA
2012-02-05 America is a Military Dictatorship
2012-02-05 Obama Pushing Robo-signing Settlement: Last Chance to Make Them Pay
2012-02-05 USDA Allows Ammonia-Treated Pink Slime in School Food
2012-02-05 DHS Looking for Excuse for Martial Law
2012-02-05 Preppers Movement: Hope for the Future
2012-02-05 What Israel Really Fears about Iran
2012-02-05 What the US Really Fears About Iran
2012-02-05 Max Keiser: Brazen Theft on Wall Street, China Exiting Dollar
2012-02-05 The Destruction of American Education
2012-02-05 Network Analysis in Political Activism
2012-02-06 Primer on False Flag Operations
2012-02-06 Brookings: ‘Horrific Provocation’ and ‘Tehran-Sponsored 9/11′ Needed to Trigger Iran Invasion
2012-02-06 The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts
2012-02-06 Life and Debt: The IMF in Jamaica
2012-02-06 Globalist Mob Puts European Gas Imports at Risk
2012-02-08 Collosal Stupidity Built into Every Nuclear Reactor
2012-02-08 JT Gatto: The Ultimate History Lesson
2012-02-08 The Business of Imprisonment
2012-02-09 Ft. Leonard Wood Detention Camp
2012-02-10 Satire on TSA Groping
2012-02-10 Mortgage Settlement Is Just Another Stealth Bank Bailout
2012-02-10 10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve
2012-02-10 US Marines Pose with Nazi SS Flag
2012-02-11 Uranio 238 Depleted Uranium Documentary
2012-02-11 The Pathocracy: Belgium's X-Files
2012-02-11 Epidemic of Psychiatric Aggression Disorder
2012-02-12 Haiti earthquake: Where has the aid money gone?
2012-02-12 Terrorism: Ludicrous Diversion Leading to WWIII
2012-02-12 Al-Qaeda leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad
2012-02-12 Real History: Hamas is a Creation of Israel
2012-02-12 SYRIA: NATO's Next "Humanitarian" War?
2012-02-12 BFP: The Makings of a Police State part 4
2012-02-12 More Real History: The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality
2012-02-12 The return of the Keyboard Warriors
2012-02-12 Elite Narratives are Losing their Audience
2012-02-12 The FBI's Next COINTELPRO Target
2012-02-12 County Sheriff Project
2012-02-12 Video: The Drugging of Our Children
2012-02-12 Iran Presses Ahead with Dollar "Attack"
2012-02-12 Video: Hitler’s Children
2012-02-12 Athens Burning As Police Run Out Of Tear Gas
2012-02-14 Video: War on Drugs
2012-02-14 Monsanto Accuses Farmers of Planting Too Much GMO Corn
2012-02-15 GMO "food" may be killing babies in Indonesia
2012-02-15 Pretext for War: String of Global Bombings Blamed on Iran
2012-02-15 Iran Cuts Crude Exports To Six European Countries
2012-02-15 IRAN ESCALATION: All the Elements for War Are Coming Together
2012-02-15 Social Media, Domestic Spying and Propaganda
2012-02-15 European Shock Doctrine Proceeding Apace
2012-02-15 30,000 Drones vs Insurgents in the USA
2012-02-15 9/11, Globalization and Total War
2012-02-15 The War on Wages
2012-02-16 Crotch Bomber Eyewitness Blows Whistle at Sentencing Hearing
2012-02-16 Biopiracy and the Patenting of Life
2012-02-17 Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media
2012-02-17 How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children
2012-02-18 After America, There is No Place to Go
2012-02-18 Despite Safety Worries, Work on Deadly Flu to Be Released
2012-02-19 Aluminum in vaccines may be linked to health risks
2012-02-19 Tarpley on OWS, War in Iran
2012-02-19 COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Domestic Dissent 40 Years Ago
2012-02-19 Why everyone should Occupy US 1% corporate media: they lie
2012-02-22 Monsanto’s Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified
2012-02-22 Private Prison Company to Demand 90% Occupancy
2012-02-22 Foreclosure abuse rampant across U.S., experts say
2012-02-23 Top Social Media Websites Caught Censoring Content
2012-02-23 The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom
2012-02-23 Catherine Austin Fitts: Financial Coup d'Etat
2012-02-23 Stockwell: CIA's Operation Cyclone & Empire Games
2012-02-23 FBI Involved in 17 False Flag Terror Events
2012-02-25 Latest Terror Plot is More FBI Makework
2012-02-25 Pentagon Says US Citizens Accused Of Supporting Terrorism Can Be Assassinated
2012-02-26 Fox fakes audience reaction to Bolton's warmongering
2012-02-26 Psychopathy on Full Display on Fox
2012-02-27 Wyoming Legislature Prepares for Possible Collapse
2012-02-27 FEMA Puts Out Contract For Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens”
2012-02-27 5 Reasons Iran is NOT a Threat to the U.S.
2012-02-27 Military Keynesianism Doesn't Work
2012-02-27 Mass Media is a Tool of Intel Agencies
2012-02-27 Flu Vaccines: Evidence Based Medicine?
2012-02-27 Catharine Fitts on Real Wealth vs the Debt Bubble
2012-02-27 Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
2012-02-27 Danger Zone: Ageing Nuclear Reactors
2012-02-27 "Friends of Syria" Gather to Discuss Invasion, Overthrow
2012-02-28 Washington's "Humanitarian" NGO's a Tool of Aggression
2012-02-28 Organic Food May Become a Thing of the Past
2012-02-28 Scientists Confirm the Effectiveness of The Big Lie
2012-02-28 Feds wage war on small farmers
2012-02-28 Medical Psychopaths Argue Killing Newborns is OK
2012-02-28 Ed Asner Says Navy SEALS Have Warned Him of False Flag for Iran Attack
2012-02-28 Israel to attack Iran without US permission: Report
2012-02-29 NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate
2012-02-29 Owners of the World Apply the Screws to Iran
2012-02-29 Fukushima & What May Be in Store for US Reactors
2012-02-29 Fake NGO's & POGO
2012-03-01 The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs
2012-03-01 Syria: Clinton Admits US "Allied" with Terrorists
2012-03-01 How Greece Could Take Down Wall Street
2012-03-01 Torture Architect Argues For Indefinite Detention of Americans
2012-03-01 William Black: The Greatest Bank Robbery Ever
2012-03-01 17 States Considering Publically Owned State Banks
2012-03-01 Robot Love
2012-03-02 Prisoners: The Invisible American Workforce
2012-03-02 Stratfor Leak: Imam of "Ground Zero Mosque" is FBI Informant
2012-03-02 Who Funds Muslim-Baiting in the US?
2012-03-02 Russia upgrades radar station in Syria to aid Iran
2012-03-02 Right Wing Activist Dead On Eve of Claimed Obama Expose'
2012-03-02 AAP Reaffirms Humans Are Mammals
2012-03-02 Federal Law Forces Medical Experiments on Children
2012-03-02 Circumcision: Why Parents Do It
2012-03-02 Global finance: The Shylock model
2012-03-02 NY Pension Funds Borrowing to Pay Current Liabilities
2012-03-02 Vermont GMO Food Labeling Legislation
2012-03-03 The 9/11 Psyop on Full View
2012-03-03 "International Community" (i.e. NATO) Orchestrates Syrian Conflict
2012-03-03 Harming Children For Profit: Mother Outraged at Involuntary Vaccinations of Daughter
2012-03-03 Frankenfood: Jeffrey Smith on Industry and Govt Lies
2012-03-04 Fitts On The Necessity of the Myth of the Rule of Law
2012-03-04 TSA forces new mom to pump milk out of her breasts before boarding plane
2012-03-04 An Alternative to Austerity
2012-03-05 Bush III?
2012-03-05 Saboteurs Infiltrate OWS in NYC
2012-03-06 Leaked Email: Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Inside Syria
2012-03-06 Attorney General Explains Why It's Okay to Kill U.S. Citizens Without a Trial
2012-03-06 Anwar al-Awlaki was FBI Asset
2012-03-06 Documents Reveal Rockefeller Foundation Actively Researching Mass Mind-Control
2012-03-06 Rockefeller's Obsession With Depopulation
2012-03-06 Dr. Oz Show on Genetically Modified "Food"
2012-03-06 Judge Throws Out Organic Seed Growers Lawsuit vs Monsanto
2012-03-06 Monsanto and Gates Foundation Push GE Crops on Africa
2012-03-06 White House Refuses to Release Email From Monsanto-Linked Lobbyist
2012-03-06 Socialist!
2012-03-06 Notable Quote
2012-03-11 Keiser Report w/ Michael Hudson
2012-03-12 U S Treasury Missing $ Trillions
2012-03-12 Handicapping the Collapse
2012-03-13 Mmmm...Pink Slime
2012-03-13 Planetary Genocide - Fukushima 1 year Later
2012-03-13 The Criminalization of Protest
2012-03-13 Freedom (from oil)
2012-03-14 Max Keiser - White Man's Debt Burden
2012-03-15 Gold Suppression 101
2012-03-17 Flouride in Your Food
2012-03-17 The Post Office is NOT Broke!
2012-03-17 Spinning Business as Usual
2012-03-17 Africom-con: Uganda
2012-03-17 More Afri-con: The Circumcision Song
2012-03-21 Kony Is America's Pretext to African Invasion
2012-03-21 Catching The "Silver Crusher" Algorithm In The Act
2012-03-23 Insider Trading 9/11...Unresolved
2012-03-23 Austerity, Anyone?
2012-03-23 Interest Rate Swaps Bankrupting Local Governments
2012-03-25 Bank Fraud Deconstructed
2012-03-25 Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent
2012-03-25 Robert Bales – Lone Nut or Scapegoat?
2012-03-26 9/11 Insiders - Max Keiser
2012-03-26 Gold Bar Discovered Filled with Tungsten
2012-03-30 California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation
2012-03-30 Buddy, Can You Spare $1Trillion?
2012-03-30 Gold price suppression caught red-handed
2012-04-01 Gold Price Suppression is Good For You
2012-04-01 Save Money - Buy E85
2012-04-03 Just In Time - or not
2012-04-03 Cancer Research Fraud Endemic
2012-04-05 BRIC Bats and Currency War - Max Keiser
2012-04-06 U.S. Aircraft Carriers Departing Persian Gulf?
2012-04-06 Ghosts of Herbert Hoover
2012-04-06 Rise and Fall of General Motors
2012-04-08 How the Crooks are Using Sexual Humiliation As A Tool of Control
2012-04-08 Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War
2012-04-12 Midwife Arrested in Indiana, Rights Advocates Stage Protest
2012-04-12 Obama's Backdoor Wiretap Bills Threaten Political and Privacy Rights
2012-04-13 Shock Treatment Study Exposes Medical Psychopaths
2012-04-13 Afghanistan massacre reveals epidemic of psychiatric drugging of soldiers
2012-04-13 Murder by Lottery: FDA Enhances American Cancer Rate
2012-04-14 Zarlenga: The Lost Science of Money
2012-04-14 EPA tacitly admits Fluoride is IQ reducing contaminant
2012-04-15 The Real Purpose of Intelligence Agencies: Subversion and Demoralisation
2012-04-15 Obama's War on Whistleblowers & Journalists
2012-04-15 Fitts Interview: Unpacking Mr. Global
2012-04-15 Stratfor Lowdown
2012-04-15 NATO Training, Supplying Syrian "Rebels"
2012-04-15 Kosovo's "Mafia State" and Camp Bondsteel: Towards a Permanent US Military Presence in Southeast Europe
2012-04-15 Video: Shoot 'Em Up: The Danger of Vaccines
2012-04-15 SYRIA: NATO's Next "Humanitarian" War?
2012-04-15 The Secret Service on 9/11
2012-04-16 The Pervasive Influence of Edward Bernays
2012-04-18 Corporate Foundations and Social Control: Deconstructing Democracy
2012-04-19 Canadian Girl Sees Through the Fraud of Central Banks
2012-04-19 OKC Bombing Witness Reveals Government Crime Against Humanity
2012-04-21 "Our Goal is Clearly Not to Hire American Workers"
2012-04-21 Canada: Bought and Sold Out
2012-04-21 The Case Against the Bank of Canada
2012-04-21 The Crime of the Canadian Banking System
2012-04-21 12 Year Old Victoria Grant vs Alan Greenspan
2012-04-21 Stealth GMOs Rapidly Consuming Global Food Supply
2012-04-21 Iceland Forgives Mortgage Debt for the Population
2012-04-21 Iceland Tells the Banksters to Take a Hike
2012-04-21 Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis
2012-04-21 Genetically Modified Chocolate to Consume 70% of Global Cocoa Supply
2012-04-21 How to Know if Your Food is Conventional, Organic, or Genetically Modified
2012-04-21 What's wrong with GMO "Food"
2012-04-21 Medical Priesthood Seeking a Cut of the Slavery Racket
2012-04-21 Farmageddon: The War on American Family Farms
2012-04-22 CISPA, the latest threat to internet free speech
2012-04-22 Unaccountable Voting: One More Reason Why The USA is a Failed State
2012-04-22 A Wikileaks for Circumcisers
2012-04-22 DHS Preparing for Domestic Slaughter
2012-04-22 Hundreds of economists agree marijuana legalization could save $billions per year
2012-04-22 The Collapsing Mythology of 9/11
2012-04-24 9/11 Suspects - Explosive Connections
2012-04-24 Belaboring the Obvious: RT Interview on 911 and WTC Thermite
2012-04-25 Book: Sibel Edmonds: Classified Woman
2012-04-25 Rotting from the Head Down: Trials Without Crimes Or Evidence
2012-04-28 Government as Organized Crime: NSA Whistleblower on Mass Surveillance
2012-04-28 USAID training foreign workers for English-speaking jobs
2012-04-28 Federal Govt Attempting to Seize Control of Local Food Sources
2012-04-28 Robber Barons Using World Bank for Global Land Theft
2012-04-28 Economic Devastation: Trilateralist Prescription for Too Much Democracy
2012-04-28 Tarpley Spy Museum Debate
2012-04-28 Fools on the Hill
2012-04-29 Stop The CISPA Nightmare
2012-04-29 Secret Shots: Vaccine Casualties in the Military
2012-04-29 Chemical Warfare on Americans: Why Many Will Not Wake Up
2012-04-29 Max Keiser: Irish govt slaves to IMF terror machine
2012-04-29 Small Town Devastated By Free Trade
2012-04-30 John Perkins, Economic Hit Man on Speaking Freely
2012-04-30 When Governments Go Bad: The Basic Federal Government Business Model
2012-05-02 Monkeys Get Autism-like Reactions to MMR & Other Vaccines In University of Pittsburgh Vaccine Study
2012-05-02 Spanish Company Will Be Reporting Election Results For Hundreds Of U.S. Jurisdictions On Election Day
2012-05-02 EFF Joins Two Coalition Letters Opposing CISPA
2012-05-02 Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk
2012-05-02 US Govt Stockpiling Food
2012-05-02 'Borrow money from your parents': Romney tells students to take financial risks
2012-05-02 Global Enforcers May Evacuate Chicago for NATO Conference
2012-05-02 Domestic Tyranny: DHS orders 450 Million Bullets
2012-05-02 Fraudulent Science: What's Retracted, What Is Not
2012-05-02 How assisting seniors can help every homeowner in the World cut all their debts in half
2012-05-02 The New Heresy: Questioning False History
2012-05-02 Simultaneous Global Printing Is Failing Miserably
2012-05-03 Globalism: The Global Enemy
2012-05-03 Defrocking the Monetary Priesthood
2012-05-03 Over a Dozen BP Whistleblowers Dead, Missing Or Kidnapped in Last 2 Years
2012-05-03 Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America
2012-05-04 Petition to Stop Feeding Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food
2012-05-05 This 2nd American Revolution simply affirms US laws, ideals
2012-05-08 Re-Education Camp Manual Includes Rules On Isolation, Forced Labor
2012-05-08 Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency
2012-05-08 Senator Ron Wyden: Fukushima Fuel Pools Are an American National Security Issue
2012-05-08 Sibel Edmonds and Foreign Infiltration of the US Government
2012-05-11 Sunni Extremists Ravaging Syria Created by US in 2007
2012-05-11 The spectacle of terror and its vested interests
2012-05-12 Sexualizing Motherhood: USA In Uproar Over Breastfeeding
2012-05-14 Sibel Edmonds: War on Terror Is a US Govt Psyop
2012-05-15 The Case of the Missing Terrorists
2012-05-16 Al Fraida: Terrorists Everywhere
2012-05-16 Personalized Info-Prisons: Filter Bubbles
2012-05-17 Debt: The First 5000 Years
2012-05-19 Beware false flag attack on Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals
2012-05-19 The Zapruder Deception
2012-05-20 Sibel Edmonds: The "Government" is Raping You
2012-05-20 Video: Human Resources
2012-05-20 Industrial Gagriculture is Drugging and Killing You
2012-05-20 Blythe Masters and Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction
2012-05-25 99% to Back 1%'s Derivatives Casinos
2012-05-27 Tax the Rich, Create Jobs
2012-05-28 BBC Caught With Fake Photo Pushing for Syrian Invasion
2012-05-30 JFK Records Still Secret...Why?
2012-05-30 Fart Club and London Gold - Keiser Report
2012-06-01 Northwoods: From Cuba to Syria
2012-06-03 Population Control is the Prime Motivation Behind Elite Social Policy
2012-06-03 Bailout: The Movie
2012-06-03 Bill Would Authorize Domestic Propaganda
2012-06-03 Are you an animal?
2012-06-03 Video: Killing Our Own
2012-06-06 Narco-kleptocracy: Western banks 'reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade'
2012-06-10 The Money Scam: How Big Banks Run the World - at Your Expense
2012-06-10 Happenings in the gold market
2012-06-10 Denninger: Post-collapse economics: Where we're headed and what to do
2012-06-10 Syrian Headlines from informationclearinghouse.info
2012-06-10 Why doesn't media cover the latest cold fusion developments?
2012-06-10 Meet your real government
2012-06-10 High School Commencement Speech: "You Are Not Special"
2012-06-11 US Under Fire for Using Its Jihadist Army Against Syria
2012-06-12 American System v. Austrian
2012-06-13 Is California Budget Deficit a Hoax?
2012-06-16 Silver market provides glimpse of elite machinations and plans for USA
2012-06-16 Mercury found in Chinese baby formula
2012-06-16 Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises
2012-06-16 CDC says fluoride has no evidence of benefit for infants
2012-06-16 The Government Doesn't Import Street Drugs Into the USA
2012-06-16 Arab "Springs", like Winters, are made in USA
2012-06-16 There isn't a slow-motion coup in process right now
2012-06-17 Video: The Future of Food
2012-06-17 Afghan Invasion Planned Months Before 9/11
2012-06-17 Australian Govt Begins Testing Three-Year-Olds for Mental Illness
2012-06-18 High Fructose Corn Syrup: Pseudo Food
2012-06-19 Tarpley: Russia will confront any US-led attack on Syria
2012-06-19 Video: Meltdown: The Global Financial Crisis
2012-06-19 FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11
2012-06-23 Murder, Spies and Voting Lies
2012-06-23 Starving Greeks Line Up for Food Under Hoax of "National Debt"
2012-06-23 Italian Court Finds MMR Vaccine Caused Child's Autism
2012-06-23 MMR Vaccine: Wakefield Vindicated, Where is the Media?
2012-06-23 Mexico and Canada Invited to Join the Secret TPP Trade Negotiations
2012-06-23 Video: The Take
2012-06-24 The CIA's Mena, Arkansas Cocaine Hub
2012-06-24 GMO Grass in Texas Producing Cyanide From Random Mutation
2012-06-25 Netanyahu has Decided to Attack Iran Before U.S. Elections in November
2012-06-26 Gulf Seafood Dangerous to Health
2012-06-26 Chemical in baby bottle nipples causes obesity in children
2012-06-26 Correction: Cyanide grass is not GMO
2012-06-26 Where Does Money Come From?
2012-06-27 The Euro Has Been a Smashing Success
2012-06-27 3 reforms for US economic breakthrough
2012-06-27 California's Phantom $Billions: Letter To Legislature
2012-06-27 Washington Has Abandoned the Law
2012-06-27 Is London Olympics Being Set up For False Flag Terror?
2012-06-28 False Flag: London 7/7 Police Investigator Fired for Whistleblowing
2012-06-28 "Our Country is Ripe for Conquest"
2012-07-01 Conspiracy Theory: The EU Shock Doctrine Mechanism
2012-07-04 Merck faked mumps vaccine efficacy results
2012-07-04 Abu Ghraib: Your Company Hard At Work
2012-07-06 Nordic Study on Circumcision
2012-07-07 Video: "Inside Job"
2012-07-07 US Army Domestic Operations Training Manual: "Warning Shots Will Not Be Fired"
2012-07-08 The Alternative Currency Solution
2012-07-08 Monsanto and Media Censorship
2012-07-08 The Dictatorship of the Hidden Powers
2012-07-08 Aspartame and the Elite's War on Children
2012-07-09 Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution
2012-07-09 Libor Has Been Manipulated for 15 Years
2012-07-09 Alchemists' Dream is Realized in Modern Finance
2012-07-10 Endgame in Syria and Iran Risks War with China and Russia
2012-07-11 Obama EO Seizes Control of All Communications Systems
2012-07-11 "Monsanto Rider" would Exempt Geno-vandals from US Courts
2012-07-11 NSA Whistleblower Fired, Prosecuted by Criminals
2012-07-11 Autistic Science: Pentagon Behavior Modification Vaccine
2012-07-11 Monsanto Promises Pain to EU
2012-07-11 Parents Increasingly Aware of Vaccine Dangers
2012-07-11 The Empire Courts Republic of Georgia
2012-07-14 Wave of Pharmacutical Company Frauds
2012-07-14 "Democracy Now" and the "Progressive" Alternative Media: Valued Cheerleaders for Imperialism and War
2012-07-15 7/7 Seven years later
2012-07-15 Why It's Important To Release the JFK Assassination Records Now
2012-07-15 Troubling Syrian Revelations Destroy The Fables of The War on Terror Mythology
2012-07-15 Illinois Destroys Beekeeper's Research into Roundup
2012-07-15 Of Financial and Medical Cartels
2012-07-16 Psychiatry: The Fraud of Chemical Imbalances
2012-07-16 Vaccinosis
2012-07-16 Vaccines and the Wholesale Corruption of Medicine
2012-07-18 USA: Victim of Biggest Malfeasance in Human History
2012-07-19 Economy Headed Off a Cliff While Feds Fiddle
2012-07-19 US Leads "Developed" World in Child Abuse Death Rate
2012-07-21 America's Nazi Secret
2012-07-21 "The American Empire is Over"
2012-07-21 Learned Helplessness
2012-07-21 "The government doesn't want you to have cash"
2012-07-21 A Study In Global Systemic Collapse
2012-07-22 The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking?
2012-07-22 Syria: CIA Leads Assault Based on Orchestrated Media Lies, Terrorism
2012-07-22 Bleached Flour: Another Experiment on the American People
2012-07-22 Sandusky Linked to Franklin Blackmail/Pedophile/MKULTRA Scandal Years Ago
2012-07-22 Your Cellphone is Spying on You
2012-07-22 The Technocratization of Public Education
2012-07-22 Shock Docrine, American Style
2012-07-22 The Stately, Elegant Ruins of Detroit
2012-07-22 Gold/Silver Suppression Scheme Near Breaking Point
2012-07-22 9/11-7/27 BEYOND CONSPIRACY THEORY by Kerth
2012-07-22 War On All Fronts
2012-07-22 London’s Militarised Olympic Games Conjures Up Orwell’s 1984
2012-07-22 False Flag? Aurora, CO Shooter Had Accomplice
2012-07-23 Jerry Sandusky 'Pimped Out Young Boys To Rich Donors'
2012-07-23 Three witnesses to Colorado shooting say there was an accomplice
2012-07-23 Al Qaeda in Washington Directs its pawns in Africa
2012-07-23 How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot
2012-07-24 Is Colorado Shooter a Manchurian Candidate?
2012-07-24 NYT Admits to the Real State of American "Journalism"
2012-07-24 FDA Embraces Nazi Food Treaty "Codex Alimentarius"
2012-07-26 Super rich hiding up to $32 trillion in offshore accounts
2012-07-27 The Controlled Demolition of the United States
2012-07-27 Mexican official: CIA 'manages' drug trade
2012-07-27 Greenland's ice disappears: What does it mean?
2012-07-27 The Assassination of John Lennon
2012-07-27 Batman shooter shows striking similarities with Sirhan Sirhan
2012-07-27 New Harvard Study Corroborates Link Between Fluoride and Lower IQ in Children
2012-07-28 The Real Health Care Debate
2012-07-28 Unexamined Drug Epidemic--the Elephant No One Wants to See
2012-07-28 Medicine Hijacked: Books That Document The Real Health Care Crisis
2012-07-28 Vicissitudes of Psychiatry's Diagnostic Manual Revisions
2012-07-28 Batman Shooting, Fast & Furious False Flags Against the 2nd Amendment
2012-07-28 Reprise: WMR Says Giffords Shooting Aimed to Stop Fast & Furious Investigation
2012-07-28 More clues in Batman shooting
2012-07-29 Medical Mafia Demonizes Parents Making Informed Decisions on Vaccines
2012-07-29 The Western Media’s Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart
2012-07-29 Economics is Boring, Money is Cool
2012-07-30 Shock Doctrine Preparations: US Army, DHS Purchasing Riot Gear
2012-07-30 President Transparency Paying Billions to Enlarge Govt Secrecy
2012-07-30 Disgraced Former Penn State University President Now Working for U.S. Government
2012-07-30 California: Billions in forgotten funds keep popping up
2012-07-30 Governments Routinely Conduct Fake Terror
2012-07-30 Tim McVeigh & Dr. Jolyon West
2012-07-31 Drug Decriminalization & Superstition
2012-08-01 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Govt Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards To Sell More Vaccines
2012-08-01 DARPA Vaccine Program
2012-08-01 Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods
2012-08-02 Max Keiser on Libor & Financial Meltdown
2012-08-02 The “War On Terror” Has Changed, and Not One In 1,000 Americans Has Noticed
2012-08-02 The Ponzi Scheme of Debt-based Money
2012-08-02 Report: Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles to Cuba
2012-08-03 Batman Psyop Expands to Pathologize Entire Society
2012-08-04 There is an Alternative to Austerity
2012-08-05 Chicago Federal Reserve on "Modern Money Mechanics"
2012-08-05 Eyewitness: 4 Man Team Behind Sikh Temple Shooting
2012-08-05 Max Keiser Interviews Alex Jones on Emerging Corporatocracy
2012-08-06 Multiple shooters at Sikh Temple
2012-08-06 Russian Scientists Find GMO Soy Causes Sterility in Hamsters
2012-08-07 GMO corn and obesity: Results from 10-year study in Norway
2012-08-08 Stories from the Obstetrical Dungeons
2012-08-12 Sikh Temple Massacre: Rewriting History Under Your Nose
2012-08-12 False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence
2012-08-12 Is the United States a true sovereign nation?
2012-08-15 Bankster Crimes Have Impoverished 100 Million, Killing Many
2012-08-16 DHS Purchasing Over 1 Billion Rounds of Ammunition
2012-08-16 UK City Launches New Currency
2012-08-16 U.S. banks told to make plans for preventing collapse
2012-08-16 Top DOJ officials connected to mortgage banks
2012-08-16 Obama's Fake Help for Victimized Homeowners
2012-08-16 Romney's Death Squad Ties
2012-08-16 Genetic Vandalism
2012-08-16 Tarpley Interviewed on Alex Jones
2012-08-17 The Global 1% - Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class
2012-08-17 LSD: Hofmann's Potion
2012-08-18 Fake "Organic" Brands Pay for Pro-GMO Lobbying
2012-08-18 "Fast and Furious" Supported Mexican Drug Cartel
2012-08-18 What Money Can Buy: Tyranny, Brutality, Treason
2012-08-18 Israel Intends Mass Murder in War on Iran
2012-08-18 Exposed: AIG the CIA Cutout
2012-08-19 Google Shopping Censors Dietary Supplements in USA
2012-08-19 Vaccines: The Greater Good
2012-08-19 Lack of Disclosure of "Placebo" Ingredients in Clinical Trials
2012-08-19 Ultra Fast Video Shows Light In Motion
2012-08-19 A way out of our collective predicament
2012-08-20 Pentagon Can't Find, White House Won't Release Records of bin Laden's Death
2012-08-20 9/11: Big Liars Caught Red Handed
2012-08-20 Former Marine Locked in Psych Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts
2012-08-20 Geoengineering: Why In the World Are They Spraying?
2012-08-22 Kucinich Becomes Assassination Bait for Banksters
2012-08-22 JP Morgan Rep Admits No Paper Trail for Mortgages Received from WAMU Collapse
2012-08-22 Collapsing Credibility: AAP to Release New Position Paper Supporting Circumcision
2012-08-22 The Mena Connection
2012-08-22 Foreclosure Crisis: The Game-Changing Implications of Bain v. MERS
2012-08-24 9/11: A Coup Long in Planning
2012-08-24 12 New GMO Crops on "Fast Track" for USDA Approval
2012-08-25 More Chronic Poisoning: Aspartame
2012-08-25 Video: A Carefully Crafted Hoax
2012-08-25 Iceland Fought the Banksters and Won
2012-08-25 GMOs: Out of State Volunteers Needed to Pass CA Prop 37!
2012-08-25 Weather Modification is Ongoing, but to What End?
2012-08-25 IMF: Oops! We were wrong!
2012-08-26 Reprise: Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job
2012-08-26 Reprise: Justice Dept Seeks To Have Anthrax Attack Documents Destroyed
2012-08-26 Reprise: Divide & Conquer: False Flags in Iraq
2012-08-26 The loss of Antiwar.com
2012-08-26 Eugenics: The Globalists' War on the Weak
2012-08-26 Ruby Ridge: The Age of State Terrorism Begins
2012-08-26 Militarized Police in Anaheim, California
2012-08-27 Firefighters for 9/11 Truth
2012-08-29 USA Banker Takeover October Surprise?
2012-08-30 American Academy of Environmental Medicine on GMOs
2012-08-30 US Arms Sales Triples in 2011
2012-08-30 Declaration of Repudiation
2012-08-31 Shell Game: Major Banks Being Set Up to Fail
2012-09-02 Murder By Injection
2012-09-02 9/11: Evidence for Controlled Demolition
2012-09-03 The Secret "Government's" Undeclared War On America
2012-09-03 The Real Drug War
2012-09-04 Public Pronouncements Re: The Globalist Takeover
2012-09-08 Financial Aspects of 9/11 Attacks
2012-09-08 Christopher Bollyn: 9/11 and the Politics of War
2012-09-08 The Fascistic Vein in Mainstream Medicine
2012-09-08 TPP: NAFTA on Steroids
2012-09-08 9/11 Reprise: Experts Urging Broader Inquiry In Towers' Fall
2012-09-09 Polio Vaccine: The Origin of HIV
2012-09-09 Reprise: 9/11: Interview with Alan Sabrosky
2012-09-09 Amazing: PBS Showing AE911Truth Documentary
2012-09-11 "US" Using Chemical Weapons in Pakistan
2012-09-11 WTC7 Which Collapsed on 9/11 Was Not Hit By a Plane
2012-09-11 Both Romney, Obama Plot Fraudulent Austerity
2012-09-11 Student Loans Enslaving the Kids
2012-09-13 Portland OR: Last Refuge from Fluoridation Under Attack
2012-09-13 The Big O Loses Battle Over Hopeless Detention
2012-09-14 US Testing GMO Rice on Chinese Children
2012-09-14 Dow seeks approval for Agent Orange Corn
2012-09-15 GMO Crop Yields No Higher Than Conventional Crops
2012-09-15 Eco-Farming can double food production in 10 Years, says UN report
2012-09-15 UCS: US Farm Policies Disasterous Handout to Toxicorps
2012-09-15 Libya: Was it About Oil or Central Banking?
2012-09-15 Obama Appeals Court Ruling Against Indefinite Detention
2012-09-15 NYPD Goes International
2012-09-15 Documents: "Fast and Furious" Was False Flag Against 2nd Amendment
2012-09-15 America’s Secret Deal with the Mexican Drug Cartels
2012-09-15 Is "al qaeda" friend or foe? It depends ...
2012-09-16 The Medical Emergency
2012-09-16 Tarpley on Fed's "Stimulus"
2012-09-16 Celente: The Banksters' Next World War
2012-09-16 G. Edward Griffin: The End of the Line
2012-09-17 9/11 Unanswered Questions
2012-09-17 Medically Approved Child Abuse: "Crying It Out"
2012-09-18 Flu Vaccine INCREASES Risk of Serious Pandemic Flu Illness
2012-09-18 Max Keiser on QE-Infinity
2012-09-18 The AAP on MGM: A Second Opinion
2012-09-18 The Latest Sneak Attacks Against Vaccine Exemptions
2012-09-18 Video: Genetic Roulette
2012-09-18 Federal Judge Reinstates NDAA
2012-09-20 They're Trying to Shut Down the Free Internet
2012-09-20 Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, die early
2012-09-20 GMO: Yes on California Prop 37
2012-09-20 New DOJ Training Manual: Terrorists Use Bumper Stickers
2012-09-20 Children born to parents who eat GM wheat may DIE before age five, warn scientists
2012-09-20 Fatherland Security Buys 200M More Bullets
2012-09-20 Propagandist AP Whitewashes Fatherland's Arming Spree
2012-09-20 Circumcision Psychopathology
2012-09-20 Economic Indicators Worse Than Great Depression
2012-09-20 Gold Is Money
2012-09-20 CIA Ushered Alleged 9/11 Hijackers into USA
2012-09-20 Greece to Sell Islands to Pay Fake Debts
2012-09-21 The Euro Crisis: Origins and Consequences
2012-09-21 Global Debt Crisis: Financial Destabilization for Profit and Power
2012-09-21 Honduras: Entire Urban Areas Handed over to Corporations
2012-09-21 100 Days Until Taxmageddon
2012-09-21 Kent State: Who Gave the Order?
2012-09-22 The Merger of Organized Crime, Government and Business
2012-09-22 The simple history of the bailout
2012-09-22 The Pentagon Targets China
2012-09-22 Decentralize or Die
2012-09-22 Video: Spin
2012-09-22 The Hoax Behind Gun Control
2012-09-22 Video: Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control
2012-09-23 Former Hitler Youth: America's Nazi Future
2012-09-23 Video: Hitler's Children
2012-09-24 Keiser Report: Semaphore of Fraud
2012-09-24 The Tender Tyranny of American Liberalism
2012-09-25 Video: Dishonest Money
2012-09-25 Catharine Fitts: Unpacking Mr. Global #3
2012-09-26 Warmongers Discuss How "We" Can Go to War With Iran
2012-09-29 9/11 In Your Face
2012-09-29 The Exponential Growth of Debt
2012-09-29 Free PDF of Infowars Magazine
2012-09-29 Bypassing the internet choke point
2012-09-30 The Banksters' New Boogeyman
2012-09-30 The Captives of the Bankers' Central Bank
2012-09-30 IRS Insider Exposes Federal Reserve Coup and IRS Fraud
2012-09-30 Is D.O.S. cyberattack against US banks a false flag?
2012-09-30 Fitts: The Ultimate Cold Call
2012-10-01 Video: Harvest of Empire
2012-10-02 Murder By Deception: GMO Vaccines on CDC Schedule
2012-10-02 GMO Alert
2012-10-03 60 Minutes' Limited Hangout on CIA Drug Smuggling
2012-10-03 Gangsters show off new terrorism torture device
2012-10-03 Designing GMO Cows for Human Baby Milk
2012-10-03 Mexican diplomat says U.S. "government" works with Mexican cartels to traffic drugs into the United States
2012-10-04 Monsanto's Orgy
2012-10-04 Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ
2012-10-05 OMG: Aluminum contamination in baby formula
2012-10-05 IMF + Economic Crisis = Banker Takeover
2012-10-05 Reprise: Feds say George Washington was a Terrorist
2012-10-05 Federal Reserve: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme
2012-10-06 Another Elite Pedophile/Snuff Ring Discovered
2012-10-07 Hospital Employees’ Jobs In Jeopardy If They Don’t Get Flu Shot
2012-10-07 Incriminating Evidence on Autism Cleansed from Public Record
2012-10-07 Western Propagandists Attempt to Trigger Catastrophic Turkish-Syrian War
2012-10-07 NYT Concedes that It Is Unknown Whether Syrian Artillery Came from Rebels or Government
2012-10-07 Reprise: Meet your real government
2012-10-07 Our Worthy Elite Leaders
2012-10-07 Gates Foundation Hijacks Education Policy
2012-10-07 16 Critical Economic Issues That Obama And Romney Avoided During The Debate
2012-10-07 Secret Beam Weapon Used in Iraq
2012-10-07 Swedish Official Admits Existence of "Chemtrails"
2012-10-07 Video: The Great Culling
2012-10-07 The End of Privacy
2012-10-08 The Empire Hollows Out Its Own Base
2012-10-08 GM food banned in Monsanto canteen
2012-10-08 Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals in GMO ‘Biopharmaceutical’ Crops
2012-10-08 Success: 10% of US Teens Have Liver Disease
2012-10-08 Even background television zombifies kids, study finds
2012-10-09 No Value in Any Influenza Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study
2012-10-09 Video: The War on Health
2012-10-09 Syria, the Story Thus Far
2012-10-09 Vaccine Zombie
2012-10-09 EU Council of Europe Investigated WHO for Fake Swine Flu Pandemic
2012-10-09 Anti-Terror Vaccination: Terrorstorm
2012-10-09 CNN Does PR for Foreign Governments
2012-10-09 Monsanto Infiltrates Whole Foods "Organic" Market
2012-10-09 Turkey Plotting NATO Attack on Syria
2012-10-09 Former FBI Agent Interviews MK-Ultra Pedophilia Survivor
2012-10-10 Enemedia Mute on Spanish Crackdown, As It Will Be When It Happens Here
2012-10-10 Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality
2012-10-10 GMO toxins found in nearly all pregnant women, unborn babies
2012-10-10 Six GMO avoidance tips
2012-10-10 Engdahl: US won't recover for at least 15 years
2012-10-10 Money Masters Of Deception
2012-10-11 The Pentagon's New Map / The Emperor's New Clothes
2012-10-11 AAP Pushes Sadopedophilia As A Rite of Passage
2012-10-11 US court orders Iran, others to pay $6 billion for 9/11
2012-10-12 The Unspoken Truth of 9/11
2012-10-12 Flu Vaccines Are a Waste of Money
2012-10-12 World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction Policy
2012-10-13 Just Getcher Damn Vaccine
2012-10-13 The Death Squad Ambassador
2012-10-13 "Mandatory" Vaccinations and How to Avoid Them
2012-10-13 Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S.
2012-10-13 Engdahl: Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century
2012-10-13 The American Monetary Act: Solving the Financial Crisis by Monetary Reform
2012-10-13 AAP Pushing Mercury Brain Damage on Kids
2012-10-13 Sibel Edmonds: NATO, Turkey seek pretense for attack on Syria
2012-10-14 USA Close to War with Syria: Obama Deployed Troops to Jordan “Without Notifying Congress”
2012-10-14 The AAP's War on America
2012-10-14 Geoengineering = Chemtrails
2012-10-14 Breaking Zombie Programming: We Can Become Conscious
2012-10-14 Bill Gates, Population, Vaccines and a Freudian Slip?
2012-10-14 Aluminum in Vaccines Linked to Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Autism
2012-10-16 Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher
2012-10-17 Reprise: Federal Reserve Still Killing Bank Lending
2012-10-17 Aldous Huxley: Enemies of Freedom
2012-10-17 Aluminum in Baking Powder, Cookware Known to Be Toxic in 1920's
2012-10-17 Food dyes and children's behavior
2012-10-17 Fascism Rising
2012-10-18 US Presidential Candidate Arrested Outside "Debate"
2012-10-18 Fake Food Industry Targets Children
2012-10-19 Top Project Censored Stories of 2013
2012-10-19 Federal Reserve: Legalized Plunder
2012-10-20 Drugging children for “social justice”
2012-10-20 9/11: Blueprint For Truth
2012-10-20 Mossad & 9/11
2012-10-20 Ron Paul on US Govt Drug Dealing
2012-10-20 JFK: Govt Still Witholding Evidence
2012-10-20 Tungsten-Filled 10 Oz Gold Bar Found In The Middle Of Manhattan
2012-10-20 Europe: "The Clock Is Running, The Cash Is Almost Gone"
2012-10-20 Max Keiser: How to Defeat the Banksters
2012-10-20 Why Were U.S. Intelligence Facilities in an 'Information Void' During the 9/11 Attacks?
2012-10-21 Inside Boy Scouts' secret child abuse files
2012-10-21 More Child Abuse in Medicine: Shock Treatment
2012-10-21 The Orwellian Fraud of Shock Treatment
2012-10-21 Gulag America: The Increasing Difficulty of Leaving the USA
2012-10-22 The Wall Street Mafia
2012-10-23 IMF's (!) epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers
2012-10-23 Army manual for re-education camps applies to US citizens
2012-10-23 RT presents third-party presidential debate
2012-10-23 NATO's Global Expansion
2012-10-23 10 Reasons the Dollar's Days are Numbered
2012-10-24 GMO Genocide: Scientists Under Attack
2012-10-24 The Flu Vaccine Scam: Full Text of 2010 Cochrane Review Analysis
2012-10-24 Thimerosal INEFFECTIVE as a Vaccine Preservative
2012-10-24 Kucinich on US-Sponsored Terror
2012-10-24 Western central banks very secretive about gold
2012-10-24 Link Between Pesticides and ADHD in Children
2012-10-26 How They Live
2012-10-27 Another Presidential Debate
2012-10-27 An Egalitarian Approach to Depopulation: Arsenic in the Food Supply
2012-10-27 Racketeering Lawsuit Against Major Banksters Seeks Return of $43 Trillion to US Treasury
2012-10-27 Federal Govt Addicted to the War on Drugs
2012-10-27 Bill Gates: Vaccines Reduce Population Growth
2012-10-27 British pedophile ring 'protected by Parliament and Downing Street'
2012-10-27 More on How They Live
2012-10-27 CIA agents in Benghazi asked for permission to help Ambassador, told to 'stand down'
2012-10-27 Video: Genetic Roulette
2012-10-27 Fake Food Companies Lying to Public to Fight California Prop 37
2012-10-27 Reprise: Pentagon Can’t Find, White House Won’t Release Records of bin Laden’s Death
2012-10-27 Illegal Foreclosures on Deployed US Troops
2012-10-27 Obamacare in Brief
2012-10-27 Self Defense from State Criminality and Corruption
2012-10-27 Whitewashing the Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: The Lynching of Emmett Till
2012-10-27 In Memory of Russell Means
2012-10-27 Is the German Gold Cache Gone?
2012-10-27 The Man Who Bought Washington
2012-10-27 GMO: Ticking Time Bomb
2012-10-27 Patented GMO Food Gene Induces Human Sterility
2012-10-28 Horrible Morons in Charge of US Foreign Policy
2012-10-28 Fracking Videographer Arrested at Congressional Hearing
2012-10-28 Catherine Fitts: The Looting of America
2012-10-28 9/11 Eyewitness Describes Explosion in Basement Before Airline Crash
2012-10-28 GMOs: California Prop 37: Phone Callers Needed
2012-10-29 Webster Tarpley Speech to United Front Against Austerity
2012-10-31 Electronic Voting Machines Designed to “Steal Elections”
2012-10-31 Another 9/11 Survivor Describes Explosions In Building 7
2012-11-01 Smoking Guns of 9/11
2012-11-01 Aspartame Linked to Human Cancers
2012-11-01 Wikileaks: Feds Let Mexican Drug Cartel Commit Murder in U.S.
2012-11-01 Emergency first aid checklist
2012-11-01 It Begins: Ecuador Demands Repatriation Of One Third Of Its Gold Holdings
2012-11-01 Drive-thru flu vaccines being administered for 'emergency response' purposes
2012-11-01 Sibel Edmonds on the Banksters' Toy, the United States
2012-11-01 TSA Strands Soldier's Spouse Under "No Fly List" With (of course) No Explanation
2012-11-01 Catherine Fitts: Depopulation and Bankruptcy
2012-11-01 Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs
2012-11-01 Michael Hudson on the Banksters' Economic Agenda
2012-11-01 The Mafia Takeover In Your Face
2012-11-02 The Virtual Recovery
2012-11-03 GMO Technocrats Know Not What They Do
2012-11-03 Elite Pedophilia: The Biggest Conspiracy of All?
2012-11-03 US & Allies Attempt "Rebel Revamp" in Syria
2012-11-03 Zionists Overwhelmingly for Romney
2012-11-03 NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists
2012-11-03 US to Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria
2012-11-03 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards
2012-11-04 Is Sandy a replay of Katrina?
2012-11-04 Police State Episode of "Conspiracy Theory"
2012-11-04 Post-internet, a cause for hope
2012-11-04 A plausible scenario for a crackdown
2012-11-04 Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left?
2012-11-04 Homeschooling and the totalitarian war on families
2012-11-04 Video: David vs Monsanto
2012-11-05 Bishop Romney: Tarpley Interview with Meria Heller
2012-11-05 Hurricane Sandy: FEMA Is Not A Disaster Relief Agency
2012-11-05 The United States is a Narcodemocracy
2012-11-06 Real Time Election Coverage
2012-11-07 Russia Counters US Nuclear First Strike Move from the Seas
2012-11-07 Bev Harris On The Election Scam
2012-11-10 Poll: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly
2012-11-10 Video: Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
2012-11-10 Bradley Manning Tortured into Guilty Plea
2012-11-10 Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released in the Millions with No Risk Assessment
2012-11-10 The NAFTA Debate: Questioning Motives
2012-11-10 GMO's: Did Prop 37 Really Lose or was it vote fraud?
2012-11-11 Are you a Terrorist? Take the Quiz
2012-11-11 Countering the Corporate-Insurgency
2012-11-11 Camp FEMA: American Lockdown
2012-11-11 Is Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Imminent?
2012-11-11 Reprise: Giffords Shooting a Planned Assassination
2012-11-11 Reprise: Mysterious Accomplices at Sikh Temple Massacre
2012-11-11 Reprise: Aurora, CO Shooter Had Accomplice
2012-11-11 Ten signs you need a different kind of education for your child
2012-11-11 The Necessity of Play for Kids
2012-11-11 Campaign Against the Torture and Mutilation of Children
2012-11-12 CIA Using Drug Money to Overthrow Ecuadorian Govt
2012-11-12 Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Bought Guns from U.S. Border Patrol
2012-11-12 Texas Case Raises Troubling Questions About ATF Gunwalking
2012-11-12 Why Bankers Rule the World
2012-11-12 The North American Genocide In Progress
2012-11-12 Reprise: Medical Psychopaths Argue Killing Healthy Newborns is OK
2012-11-12 Greek Geoengineering Protest Movement
2012-11-12 CNBC Admits That The Central Banks Have Taken Over
2012-11-12 Coverup of Benghazi Attack Under Way
2012-11-12 UK: BBC Elite Pedophilia Investigation Being Shut Down
2012-11-12 The Power Behind the New World Order
2012-11-12 Chemotherapy can cause cancer
2012-11-12 Africa: Yet Another Imperial Project
2012-11-13 A simple thought experiment
2012-11-13 Petraeus Caught in the Honeypot?
2012-11-14 FEMA Cut Communication Lines in New Orleans After Katrina
2012-11-14 Govt Asserts Property Rights Over Babies' DNA
2012-11-14 Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs?
2012-11-14 Witch Hunt: Midwives Under Fire
2012-11-14 Updates to reference section
2012-11-14 Video: The Light Bulb Conspiracy
2012-11-16 Death Following HPV vaccinet t
2012-11-16 CDC Flu Vaccine Recommendation for Pregnant Women Causes Serious Harm to Unborn Infantst t
2012-11-16 The Federal Government Has Seceded From America
2012-11-16 Army re-education camp manual “not intended for public release”
2012-11-17 Ponzimonium in the Gold Market
2012-11-17 Gardasil genetic fingerprints found in postmortem brain samples of victims
2012-11-17 SOA Watch Meets with White House Deputy National Security Adviser
2012-11-17 America's Nazi Secret
2012-11-17 Financial Nazis Ushering In New Age of Terror in Greece
2012-11-17 Infamous Endorsement of Anthrax Vaccine for Children
2012-11-17 Reprise: SSRI Drugs Create Human Timebombs
2012-11-17 Wall Street Nazis Using Police To Help Murder Their Prey
2012-11-17 CNBC Exec's Kids Murdered in Retaliation for Publicizing $43T Lawsuit vs Financial Terrorists
2012-11-17 Film: "Doctored"
2012-11-17 Crash JPM - Buy Silver
2012-11-18 Video: Death In Gaza
2012-11-18 Peace in Israel is the establishment's worst nightmare
2012-11-18 West Conjures Fake "Syrian" Government
2012-11-18 NATO Destabilization of Syria
2012-11-19 Central Bank Gold Likely Gone
2012-11-19 Conference on Drone Wars
2012-11-19 Kucinich on Big Brother
2012-11-19 Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics
2012-11-20 U.S. begins talks on long-term troop presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014
2012-11-20 Spanish Cops: "Forgive Us For Not Arresting Those Truly Responsible For This Crisis: Bankers & Politicians"
2012-11-20 Failing to Break Up the Big Banks is Destroying America
2012-11-20 The Suspension of Habeas Corpus in America
2012-11-21 The Secret Government - The Constitution In Crisis (PBS 1987)
2012-11-21 The Mena Connection: The Real "Drug War"
2012-11-21 The Hoax of the "Fiscal Cliff"
2012-11-21 Rothschild and the Secret History of the Bond Market
2012-11-21 National Anti-TSA Campaign: Opt Out And Film Week
2012-11-21 TSA: State-sanctioned Child Abuse on Display
2012-11-22 Tarpley: The Global Elite's Plan For Mass Depopulation
2012-11-22 The Eugenic Impulse in Psychiatry
2012-11-22 Psychiatry: The Myth of Chemical Imbalances
2012-11-22 No Sailors Saw Osama Bin Laden’s Alleged Burial at Sea
2012-11-22 Elite Intrigues and Military Purges: It’s Not About Sex, Stupid!
2012-11-23 Film: The Origins of Aids
2012-11-23 UN Says Pot Legalization Violates International Treaties
2012-11-23 Incompetent Nuke Reactor Design a Setup For Catastrophe
2012-11-23 Daniel Ellsberg: “Secrets … Can Be Kept Reliably … For Decades … Even Though They Are Known to THOUSANDS of Insiders”
2012-11-23 Silver's Smoking Guns
2012-11-23 A Simple, Cheap, Easy Way to Enhance Human Civilization
2012-11-23 Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform an Unnecessary Cesarean Section on You
2012-11-23 Human Milk for Human Babies
2012-11-23 New Tax Law Will Make It Nearly Impossible To Pass On A Farm Or A Business To Your Children
2012-11-23 Ruppert: Truth and Lies of 9/11
2012-11-24 Eugenics: CDC Caused Deaths of Thousands of Babies with Flu Shot Recommendation
2012-11-24 More Evidence Fake Government Murdered Martin Luther King
2012-11-24 Pentagon Working with Blackwater on its Opium Operation in Afghanistan
2012-11-24 Feds call for ‘universal’ flu vaccination strategy
2012-11-24 CIA fingerprints on the RFK assassination
2012-11-24 Why They Need a World War
2012-11-24 The Fraud of "Hormone Replacement" Therapy
2012-11-25 Int'l Peace Bureau Requests Stop Payment on 2012 Nobel Peace Prize & Investigate Reinterpretation of Nobel’s Will
2012-11-25 Healthcare Workers Fired for Failing to Get Flu Vaccinations
2012-11-25 CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America's Middle Class
2012-11-25 Max Keiser: The Bond Bubble, Silver
2012-11-25 9/11: Anomalies of Air Defenses
2012-11-25 Engdahl: EU Bank Bailouts Leading to Fascism
2012-11-25 GMO Pseudofood Under the Microscope
2012-11-26 The Feds' New Mythology of the American Revolution
2012-11-26 The Turning Point: The Secret History of Bilderberg
2012-11-27 Down the Memory Hole: Bin Laden Denied Involvement in 9/11
2012-11-27 Brzezinski: “Populist Resistance” is Derailing the New World Order
2012-11-27 USA In Violation of Bioweapons Treaty: What Are They Hiding?
2012-11-27 Edward Hammond on Bioweapons research
2012-11-27 Goldman Sachs Completes Economic Takeover of Europe
2012-11-28 Fleeing from the Flu Shot
2012-11-28 Batman Shooter Told Inmate He Was "Programmed"
2012-11-28 American Torturers Mount PR Offensive
2012-11-29 Medical Police Force 4 Vaccinations Without Parental Consent
2012-11-29 Obama Won't Tell Congress What's In His "Cybersecurity" Directive
2012-11-30 Eugenicists Target Philippine Kids
2012-11-30 Impunity on Wall Street
2012-12-01 The institutional compulsion to self organize and centralize
2012-12-02 No Wonder China is Nervous as Obama Pivots
2012-12-02 Film: Freedom for Birth
2012-12-02 Whistle Blower: NSA Monitors Everything
2012-12-03 Vaccines: Rep. Maloney grills CDC in Congressional inquiry
2012-12-03 Our Collapsing Economy & Currency
2012-12-04 The Illusion of Choice
2012-12-04 Monsanto's Right to Lie
2012-12-05 Keiser Report: TINA’s Big Black Hole
2012-12-05 Hillary Clinton Among Friends at the CFR
2012-12-05 Bradley Manning: A Window Into The American Soul
2012-12-06 Syrian False Flag Chemical Attack in the Works?
2012-12-06 Book: Don't Do Drugs, Stay Out of School
2012-12-06 Mass Ignorance of the Monetary System
2012-12-06 Real History: Roots of the US “War on Terrorism”: The Pathology of Empire
2012-12-06 Michigan House passes bill blocking NDAA detention
2012-12-06 FEMA's Fiasco After Sandy
2012-12-06 NYC: Police State Laboratory
2012-12-06 Oliver Stone: The Untold History of World War II
2012-12-06 Nazis and NASA: An untold history
2012-12-06 The Privatized Prison system
2012-12-06 Success: The Collapse of American Jobs
2012-12-06 Smile, Big Brother Is Watching You
2012-12-07 The Neocon Policy Coup in Progress
2012-12-08 9/11 and Judy Wood's Blind Alley
2012-12-08 9/11: Judy Wood Interview
2012-12-08 Terrorism 101
2012-12-08 Autism: More Vaccination Stories
2012-12-08 Don't Survive the "Collapse" - Prevent It
2012-12-08 The Pathology of the Free-Trade Disease
2012-12-09 Dangerous Crossroads: NATO Missiles in Turkey Pointing at Syria
2012-12-09 The DARPA Vacuum
2012-12-09 Syria's Internet Outage & the Future of Information Warfare
2012-12-09 Banks Are "Where the Money Is" In The Drug War
2012-12-09 Alex Jones Interviews British Insider Monckton on UN Climate Summit
2012-12-09 Global warming stopped 16 years ago
2012-12-09 What's really going on in Syria
2012-12-10 Gulag USA
2012-12-10 Mike Ruppert: Truth and Lies of 9/11
2012-12-12 ALEC: Major Corporate Social Engineering Project Exposed
2012-12-12 Psychiatric Police Torture Another Political Dissident
2012-12-12 Transparently Bogus Graph is "Proof" of Iran's Nuclear Program
2012-12-12 US Recognizes Unelected Terrorists as Syrian "Representatives"
2012-12-12 Fake employment numbers
2012-12-13 Don’t Let Your Child See a Psychiatrist. Ever.
2012-12-15 Financial Terrorism: GMO Rider Attached to Fiscal Cliff Hoax Bill
2012-12-15 Newtown School Shooting: Second Shooter Being Erased From Media Reports
2012-12-15 Newtown School Massacre: Initial Reports of Second Shooter
2012-12-15 Another School Shooter on Psych Drugs
2012-12-15 US Collecting Info On Every American To Predict Crimes
2012-12-16 The US' school to prison pipeline
2012-12-16 Reprise: CIA Cutout AIG's Role in Destroying the US Economy
2012-12-16 Lies, Damn Lies and False Flag Massacres
2012-12-16 Reprise: Drug Induced Violence
2012-12-16 SV40: The Vaccine Scandal You've Never Heard Of
2012-12-16 Amazing Collection of Political Cartoons, Quotes and Banners
2012-12-16 Innocents Betrayed: The True Story of Gun Control
2012-12-16 Congressional Testimony on SSRI Antidepressants and Violence
2012-12-16 Syrian Contras & the Collapse of US Credibility
2012-12-17 Why everyone should Occupy US 1% corporate media: they lie
2012-12-17 Rx for Massacres: Antidepressants
2012-12-17 Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News
2012-12-17 The Nazis Who Control the US National Security State
2012-12-17 12, 21, 2012 and human sacrifice
2012-12-17 Uncle Sam and Pol Pot
2012-12-17 Nichols Says OKC Bombing Was an FBI Operation
2012-12-17 Reprise: NIH Funded & Promoted Publication of Weaponized Flu Research
2012-12-17 Reprise: Scientist Claims Swine Flu Created in a Lab
2012-12-17 Reprise: EU Council of Europe Investigated WHO for Fake Swine Flu Pandemic
2012-12-17 understanding 12-21-2021
2012-12-17 Reprise: US In Violation of Bioweapons Treaty
2012-12-17 Newtown Massacre: Footage Of Police Arresting Second Man
2012-12-18 Medical predators call to keep mercury in vaccines
2012-12-18 Down Another Rabbit Hole: Interview with IRS Whistleblower
2012-12-18 Stockwell: CIA and Drugs
2012-12-18 9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth Regarding the Anthrax Attacks
2012-12-18 The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble
2012-12-20 Staged Massacres: Important Links
2012-12-20 Tailwind: The Global Elite's Loyalty To Its Own Soldiers
2012-12-20 Chinese Govt Wants Americans Disarmed
2012-12-20 Obama’s Bioweapons Program
2012-12-20 The great global warming swindle
2012-12-20 12-21-2012
2012-12-21 12-22-2012 A NEW HOPE by Kerth Barker
2012-12-22 Syria: "Fundamentalist Islam" Psyop Imposed in Aleppo
2012-12-23 Al Qaeda Mercenaries "Come Out" in Obama's Foreign Adventures
2012-12-23 HSBC Launders Drug, Terror Money With DOJ Nod
2012-12-23 CT School Massacre: Official Threatens Independent Media
2012-12-23 Detention Protection Provision Stripped from NDAA Bill
2012-12-23 Weirdos and Sickos in Psychiatry Want to Control Consensual Sex
2012-12-23 WMDs: Five Invasion Plots, Three Continents, Identical Lies
2012-12-23 Epidemic of Kidney Disease from GMO Food
2012-12-23 The coming drone attack on America
2012-12-23 The Lie of "Too Big To Fail" is Destroying the Economy
2012-12-23 Fictional Reserve Banking: Central Banks Missing Gold
2012-12-23 Report finds harsh CIA interrogations ineffective
2012-12-24 The Newtown School Tragedy: More than One Gunman?
2012-12-24 Vaccine Mania: Linear Relationship Between Shots & Hospitalizations
2012-12-24 The MSM Doesn't Really Care About School Shootings
2012-12-25 Why Some People Will Never Wake Up
2012-12-25 Obama's War on Africa Heats Up
2012-12-25 Reprise: Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Bird Flu Virus Placed in Vaccine
2012-12-25 The Eleventh Marble
2012-12-25 SSRI Lies
2012-12-25 UK and U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979
2012-12-25 It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff”, It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness
2012-12-27 The Great Rip-Off
2012-12-27 10 Signs We Live in a False Economy
2012-12-27 Move to Amend Initiative Resolutions Win Big
2012-12-27 Guns ATF handed to Mexican drug lords continue to turn up at crime scenes
2012-12-27 FDA Approves GMO Salmon
2012-12-27 Project Censored: Mickey Huff Interviewed on 2012
2012-12-28 Facebook Indoctrination re: 2nd Amendment
2012-12-28 Interview with DHS Insider
2012-12-28 Govt Arms to the Teeth While Trashing 2nd Amendment
2012-12-28 The Wall Street Mirage
2012-12-28 The Next Financial Crisis
2012-12-29 $8.5 Trillion Lost To Federal Reserve Scam Since 1988
2012-12-29 Obamacare architect leaves White House for pharmaceutical industry job
2012-12-29 Virtual Money: $600T of Derivatives Backed by $600B of Real Assets
2012-12-29 Senator Jekyll and General Hyde
2012-12-29 Diplomatic cables disclose more conspiring by Western governments to rig gold market
2012-12-29 Oliver Stone on Hopeless Unchanging Deception
2012-12-30 Bringing Democracy to Iraq
2012-12-30 Freedom of the Press Foundation: Bypassing State Censorship
2012-12-30 Merger of State and Media in Evidence in Rand Paul's Vendetta Against Journalist
2012-12-30 DHS Whistleblower Targetted
2012-12-30 Breaking the Set on Staged Terror
2012-12-30 Cry For Help From Chinese Labor Camp Found in Box of Halloween Decorations
2013-01-01 Obama's 2008 Campaign: Out Scamming the Clintons
2013-01-01 CIA Whistleblower Interviewed by FBI Whistleblower
2013-01-01 Reprise: Elite Considering False Flag for War With Iran
2013-01-01 Reprise: Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release”
2013-01-01 Max Keiser Predictions for 2013
2013-01-01 How the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy
2013-01-01 FBI Crime Lab Whistleblower Reveals Frameups of Innocent People
2013-01-01 Feinstein Joins Obama, GOP in "Legalizing" Unconstitutional Wiretapping
2013-01-02 NC Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013
2013-01-02 People Fight Back Against NDAA
2013-01-02 Dark Predictions for 2013-2015
2013-01-03 Death By Government
2013-01-03 Prescription for Peace: Stop Abandoning Children to the State
2013-01-04 Spain's Central Bank Loots its Social Security Fund
2013-01-04 Foreign Troops to Confiscate American Guns Under UN Treaty
2013-01-06 By Any Measure, the U.S. Is the Largest Sponsor of Terror
2013-01-06 Latvia’s Economic Disaster: A Model for Europe and the US?
2013-01-07 Betrayal: The US Government Is Using Terrorism Against Americans
2013-01-07 The Tryanny of What Already Exists
2013-01-08 Unanswered Questions Of The Sandy Hook Tragedy
2013-01-08 Obama's Pick for CIA
2013-01-08 Batman Massacre: More Systematic Censorship of SSRI-Violence Connection
2013-01-10 The Totalitarian Impulse
2013-01-10 UK's Multi-decade Coverup of Vaccine Dangers
2013-01-12 CIA Social Engineers Pushing Public Acceptance of Torture
2013-01-12 9/11 Infection Spreads to Africa: U.S. Sending Troops to 35 African Nations
2013-01-13 Obamabinliar Signs Indefinite Detention Bill Again
2013-01-13 Meet the Secret Government: History of America’s Death Squads
2013-01-14 Meet the Elite: Pervasive Satanism and Pedophilia
2013-01-14 Neurotoxic Flu Drug Approved for Use on Infants
2013-01-14 The Depopulation Agenda: Gates Funds Contraceptive Nanofiber Research
2013-01-14 Gladio: The Pattern of Establishment Use of Terror for Political Manipulation
2013-01-14 Tonight's Show: Links to Audio Clips
2013-01-14 How Secret Societies Direct World Politics
2013-01-14 Psyops on the Home Front
2013-01-16 US and China Being Set Up for Future War
2013-01-17 Govt Echo Chamber Warns Against Distrusting "Centralized Federal Authority"
2013-01-19 Vaccine Researcher Wakefield on Medical Quackery
2013-01-19 Can Medical Research be Trusted?
2013-01-19 7/7 Attacks: What Did They Know?
2013-01-19 Social Engineering: UK Media Normalizing State Criminalty
2013-01-19 State Terror and Social Control
2013-01-19 The Four Faces of Al Qaeda
2013-01-19 The TPP Cometh: Tyranny by Trade Deal
2013-01-19 Health Freedom: Answers & Solutions
2013-01-19 Effort to Ban Circumcision of Minors Kicks into High Gear
2013-01-19 Empathic Deficit Disorder In Evidence as US Children Targetted for Anthrax Vaccine Experiments
2013-01-19 Corbett Interviews Tom Secker on Operation Gladio
2013-01-19 Sandy Hook Questioner Attacked by MSM
2013-01-20 Government Propagandists Dominate Movies and Television
2013-01-20 Massacres: Drugging Will Not Help
2013-01-20 Stopping Violence at the Source
2013-01-20 Health Freedom & Freedom of Speech
2013-01-20 How to Foil Your Own Terror Plot
2013-01-20 GMO Pushback: Farmers Must Be Supported
2013-01-20 The Assassination of JFK: Interview with Jim Garrison
2013-01-20 America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown
2013-01-20 Democratizing Money: The Trillion Dollar Coin, Joke or Game-changer?
2013-01-20 Reprise: Who's Shipping Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels?
2013-01-21 Interview with John Perkins, Economic Hit Man
2013-01-21 Sandy Hook: Spooky Clue
2013-01-21 Deep Underground Military Bases
2013-01-23 Max Keiser: US is a Gulag State
2013-01-23 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee: Obama Asking Military Leaders If They Will “Fire On US Citizens”
2013-01-23 Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops
2013-01-23 message
2013-01-24 Kennedy "Secret Society" Speech Was About "Communism"
2013-01-25 The Fraudulent Reserve's Biggest Bubble
2013-01-25 The Unauthorized History of Google
2013-01-25 Widespread misperception of purpose of 2nd amendment
2013-01-25 OMG: Alex Jones Interviews Nobel Nominee Jim Garrow on Bankster Military Takeover
2013-01-25 nonviolent revolution
2013-01-25 Satanism in the US Military: Interview With Kay Griggs
2013-01-26 Satanism and the CIA
2013-01-26 Federal Raid on Bottled Water Company
2013-01-26 Terry Reed on Mena CIA Cocaine Operation
2013-01-26 Michael Levine & Gary Webb on CIA Cocaine Operation
2013-01-26 Barry Seal's Mena Cocaine Operation
2013-01-26 Psywar Documentary
2013-01-26 Fast and Furious: Gangsters Arming Gangsters
2013-01-26 Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media
2013-01-26 The Deliberate Destruction of American Jobs
2013-01-26 deprograming mind control
2013-01-27 Benghazi: Unasked Questions
2013-01-27 Reprise: The Eugenic Impulse in Psychiatry
2013-01-27 JFK Assassination 101
2013-01-27 Why People Think Sandy Hook is A Hoax
2013-01-27 Guns: Right to Carry Laws & Crime Rates
2013-01-27 Ramifications of Attacking Iran
2013-01-27 False Flags over Iran
2013-01-27 The "Too Big to Fail" Banks: The Japanese Lesson
2013-01-28 It's the Drugs, Not the Guns
2013-01-28 Hacked Emails Reveal ‘Washington-Approved’ Plan to Stage Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria
2013-01-28 DC Madame: Assassination by Suicide
2013-01-28 Jon Rappoport's Web Site
2013-01-28 Police State Drills in Miami
2013-01-29 Americans Disarmed While Government Arms to the Teeth
2013-01-29 Senior Obama Official: "We Are Going To Kill The Dollar"
2013-01-30 Sibel Edmonds on NATO, Terrorism, 9/11 and Drug Running
2013-01-30 Who Owns The Federal Reserve?
2013-01-30 NBC's Todd Mocks Election Fraud Critics, Wins Washington Applause
2013-01-30 DUMBs and DUMBer, Deep Underground Military Bases
2013-02-01 Video: Fluoridegate
2013-02-02 Gladio Revisited and the "War on Terror"
2013-02-02 Video: Beyond Treason
2013-02-02 Obama’s inaugural speech not promising for Americans
2013-02-02 How Global Collapse Will be Explained to the Masses
2013-02-02 Obama Pushing Neurotoxic Aspartame on Grade Schoolers
2013-02-02 Gladio Attack in Turkey
2013-02-03 9/11: The PBS Broadcast from AE911Truth
2013-02-03 Too Big to Jail? The Iceland Lesson
2013-02-03 The Fedcoat's War on Health Freedom
2013-02-03 Government Protects Criminals by Attacking Whistleblowers
2013-02-03 Satanism and the CIA
2013-02-03 The Dark Tunnels of McMartin
2013-02-03 US Customs Report on "Finders" Child Trafficking Network
2013-02-03 Jon Rappoport on CIA Mind Control Experiments on Children
2013-02-03 George Carlin on Human Rights
2013-02-03 The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
2013-02-05 Control Freak Central: The Total Information Awareness Program
2013-02-05 Meet the Woman Who Stopped the War on Iran
2013-02-05 Healing Birth Trauma
2013-02-05 False Flags in Iraq: The Trail of the Terrorists
2013-02-05 In America Law No Longer Exists
2013-02-05 Holder: It’s ‘Legal’ to Drone Strike Americans
2013-02-06 Danny Glover's New History of Gun Control
2013-02-06 US economic, peace breakthroughs technically easy, require public demand
2013-02-08 Sandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety
2013-02-08 Sandy Hook Resident Testimony to Congress
2013-02-08 Agenda 21: The Robber Barons' Hijacking of Environmentalism
2013-02-09 DHS Buys More Bullets to Enforce Shock Doctrine
2013-02-09 Daniel Ellsberg on NDAA and the New Aristocracy
2013-02-09 Mysterious Disease Leaving Philadelphia Women ‘Possessed,’ Catatonic
2013-02-09 One of Many Ways the "Government" Waged War on My Friends and I When We Were Kids
2013-02-10 Sandy Hook: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground
2013-02-10 JP Morgan Wants Americans Disarmed
2013-02-10 White House Coverup of Fast and Furious False Flag
2013-02-10 AIG Thanks America
2013-02-10 Climate Change Timeline: Fear Equals Funding
2013-02-10 Remarkable Speech to Obama
2013-02-10 Chris Hedges on NDAA
2013-02-10 Brennan's Intelligence Committee Hearing: The Farce of Democratic Representation
2013-02-10 8 Damn Good Reasons Not to Get the Flu Shot
2013-02-10 Gun Registration in Canada
2013-02-11 Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America
2013-02-11 Former World Bank president Wolfensohn on Plans for Developed Nations
2013-02-11 Gold: Tectonic Shifts Abroad While Americans Still Clueless
2013-02-12 Texas Parents Gain Access to Secret School Curriculum
2013-02-14 Geoengineering: The real climate change threat
2013-02-14 "Shaken Baby Syndrome": Pharmacorps Get Another Free Pass
2013-02-14 Backyard Engineer Debunks Establishment 9/11 "Experts"
2013-02-14 BBC: Operation Gladio
2013-02-15 DN Coverage of Brennan Hearings
2013-02-16 CKLN-FM Mind Control Series
2013-02-16 Sibel Edmonds on Turkey, the Hood Event, Israel and Gladio B
2013-02-16 The New Freedom: Don't Question the Corpulent Press
2013-02-16 9/11: Airline "Texting" System Showed Plane Still In the Air 20 Minutes After Alleged Crash
2013-02-16 Protecting Kids from Mercenary Medicine: A Declaration of Refusal
2013-02-16 Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
2013-02-17 Mass Media and Mass Delusion
2013-02-17 Pavlov's Infant
2013-02-18 Jersey Island: Another Nexus of Financial Power and Child Abuse
2013-02-18 Global action to support breastfeeding
2013-02-19 Regulators Grilled Over Too Big to Fail
2013-02-19 DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women, Children, Mothers, Elderly
2013-02-19 DHS Buying Yet More Ammunition
2013-02-19 Who killed the middle class?
2013-02-21 Pawns of the Game
2013-02-21 Killing the Dollar: Endgame for the Globalists
2013-02-21 The school lunch scam: Corporate pigs at the trough
2013-02-21 The Quigley Formula
2013-02-22 Early TV Watching Creates Sociopaths
2013-02-22 US Training Mexican Narco-Troops Escalates in Step with Mexico’s Murder Rate
2013-02-22 The Militarization of Domestic State Terrorism
2013-02-22 Video: Authority & Expectations
2013-02-22 Obama's Litmus Test for Military Brass: Will You Fire on Americans?
2013-02-23 Sibel Edmonds on Operation Gladio-Part IV
2013-02-23 Federal Government Moves to Disarm Veterans
2013-02-23 Mexico Asks US for List of Gun Owners
2013-02-23 Chinese Govt Media Calls For Americans to be Disarmed
2013-02-23 Circumcision: State Tyranny and Brainwashing Imposed on Newborns
2013-02-23 Top U.S. Scientists Call for Draconian UN Social Engineering
2013-02-23 BBC Sued for Biased Coverage of the September 11, 2001 Attacks
2013-02-23 Geoengineering and Bioengineering: The Unmistakable Link
2013-02-23 Global Temperature Standstill Gains IPCC Support
2013-02-23 Madsen: 9/11 Researcher Murdered
2013-02-23 Kevin Barrett's Living Will
2013-02-23 The War on Kids
2013-02-24 FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson on the Real Terrorists
2013-02-24 Enemedia Still Silent on NDAA
2013-02-24 Kerth Barker: Iluminati Doctrine: Transcript of youtube video
2013-02-25 Franklin Coverup Video Collection
2013-02-25 Franklin Coverup Book Online
2013-02-26 The Pedophocracy
2013-02-26 Austerity USA Begins March 1st: Bipartisan Project to Impoverish the American People
2013-02-26 Franklin Coverup: Alex Jones interviews John DeCamp
2013-02-26 Pseudofood Industry Petitions FDA Re: Toxic Sweetners
2013-02-26 Tragicomedy: Drones and the War on Al CIAda
2013-02-27 Big Sister Warns Sequestration Might Lead to Terrorism
2013-02-27 Bitcoin Rising vs US Dollar
2013-02-27 Obstetrics: Maternal Death in the United States
2013-02-27 Soviet Propaganda Poster Relevant to Post-Constitutional USA
2013-02-27 Law Enforcement “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women
2013-02-27 Argentina: In the Shadow of the IMF
2013-02-27 Reprise: Obama Lied About Opposition to NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision
2013-02-27 Bahrain: What The US Ruling Class Wants
2013-02-27 Will American Troops Commit Genocide Against American Citizens?
2013-02-27 9/11: US Executives Warned, Stock Traders Invested, Intel Operatives Detained
2013-02-27 US Drug Prosecutors Switch Sides to Defend Accused Colombian Traffickers
2013-02-27 NSA Whistleblower: Everyone is Under Surveillance
2013-02-28 Food Fight
2013-02-28 CDC's Depopulation Policy Targets Gullible Women
2013-02-28 Gun Confiscation Historical Timeline
2013-02-28 Obama admin won’t say if they claim authority to assassinate US citizens on US soil without charges
2013-02-28 THE 9/11 READER: The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks
2013-02-28 ACLU Appeals Censorship of Guantanamo Torture Testimony
2013-02-28 "Progressive Caucus" Abandoning Social Programs
2013-02-28 How Congress Could Fix Its Budget Woes, Permanently
2013-02-28 How the Fed Could Fix the Economy—and Why It Hasn’t
2013-02-28 The Narco Financial Empire
2013-02-28 Interview: Sibel Edmonds on the US Police State
2013-03-01 Tarpley on Italian Elections
2013-03-01 Success: US Economic Collapse 2013
2013-03-01 Iran Contra Congressional Investigation: Redacted Chapter Surfaces
2013-03-01 Karl Denninger Interview Financial Crisis 2013
2013-03-01 Bradley Manning: Patriot, Decent Human Being
2013-03-01 Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate
2013-03-01 Guide to Jury Nullification
2013-03-02 USA: 500 People Killed By Tasers as Police State Vise Tightens
2013-03-02 Circumcision: Long Term Consequences of Violence Against Children
2013-03-02 Mortgage Fraud: The Untouchables
2013-03-02 The Missing Recovery
2013-03-02 Isolation: The Propagandists' Primary Lie
2013-03-02 Max Keiser: Prof. Fekete, Gold and Austrians
2013-03-03 Why Is JPMorgan's Gold Vault Located Next To The New York Fed?
2013-03-03 Are You Ready for Victory?
2013-03-03 Strike Debt
2013-03-03 Another Sexual Blackmail Network Uncovered
2013-03-03 Polio and Vaccination Insanity in American Hospitals
2013-03-03 Forcibly Amputated Male Foreskins Profit Cosmetic, Biotech Industries
2013-03-03 Reprise: Brzezinski's Fear and his Wet Dream
2013-03-03 Propaganda Push For End to Constitution
2013-03-03 Nations United on Need for Torture of Haiti
2013-03-03 Sibel Edmonds: Operation Gladio Q & A
2013-03-04 John Kerry the Bonesman Announces Guns for Egypt, Syria and Iran Atrocities
2013-03-04 Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile
2013-03-04 The New Police: Enforcers of the Banksters' Empire
2013-03-04 Reprise: Aspartame and the Elite’s War on Children
2013-03-04 Video: Wealth Inequality in America
2013-03-04 TED Pulls Blasphemous Talk on Ecological Economics
2013-03-05 Stopping the Failed War on Drugs Would More than Pay for the Sequester Cuts
2013-03-06 Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic Collapse & Gun Confiscation
2013-03-06 Can Obama Murder American Citizens in the USA?
2013-03-07 Did US Cancer Weapon Kill Hugo Chavez?
2013-03-07 DOJ memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
2013-03-08 prayer for the One Percenters not yet in Hades
2013-03-08 Rockefeller Funded Von Mises
2013-03-09 “Obstetric Violence” Introduced as a New Legal Term in Venezuela
2013-03-09 The Medieval Medicine Show
2013-03-10 Paradigm Shift: All Wars are Banksters' Wars
2013-03-10 The Essence of Central Banking
2013-03-10 US Debt Crisis is Largely Ficticious
2013-03-10 Sandy Hook Documentary
2013-03-10 The Aristocracy of Banksters
2013-03-10 Fitts: Politicians Already Committed to Inflation
2013-03-11 CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy
2013-03-11 The DOJ Did Not Disclaim Murder of Americans by Drone
2013-03-11 John Brennan’s Heavy Baggage
2013-03-13 prayer for the children
2013-03-14 Prayer
2013-03-15 fabian therapy link
2013-03-16 Federal Judge Rules National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional
2013-03-17 Sibel Edmonds on Gladio part 6
2013-03-17 Obama Continues Coverup of JFK Assassination Records
2013-03-17 When "False Memories" are True
2013-03-18 Gulf of Tonkin & Jim Morrison of the Doors
2013-03-21 “Monsanto Rider” Will Strip Courts of Right To Challenge Compulsory GMO
2013-03-21 NSA Whistleblower on the Impending "Fascist Totalitarian State"
2013-03-21 Dumbing Down American Kids
2013-03-21 Peter the Roman and the Vatican Bank Scandal
2013-03-22 Wild & Crazy But True: Obama bin Laden
2013-03-23 Paul Craig Roberts: Triple Bubble Implosion Coming
2013-03-23 Greg Palast: IMF & EU Conspired with Insider to Loot Cyprus Banks
2013-03-23 Reference section updates
2013-03-23 Chris Hedges: Update On Anti-NDAA Lawsuit Vs. Obama
2013-03-23 The Heart of the Matter: Controlling Alternative Currencies
2013-03-23 SYRIA: US-NATO Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists Armed with WMDs
2013-03-24 Western Banksters Demolish Transatlantic Civilization While Cementing Asian Synergies
2013-03-24 Jon Rappoport: MKULTRA Drugging of James Holmes
2013-03-24 Kucinich: US An Orwellian State
2013-03-25 Reprise: Central Banking and War
2013-03-26 Reprise: NIH Funded, Promoted Publication of Bioweapons Research
2013-03-26 Monsanto Rider Passed Congress, Sent to Obama
2013-03-26 Behind the Smokescreen: Conditional Approval for Anthrax Vaccine Trial in Children
2013-03-26 Reprise: Batman Shooter Told Inmate He Was “Programmed”
2013-03-27 Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away
2013-03-27 Intelligence Linked "Leftist" SPLC Warns of "Right Wing Threat"
2013-03-28 How the Banking System Really Works
2013-03-28 Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act
2013-03-29 Dr. Mengele Still Scheming Against Children
2013-03-30 'Crotch bomber' was working for the CIA
2013-03-30 Concentration of Power Accelerates Under Obama
2013-03-30 Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents
2013-03-30 9/11: Arrest the Traitors and Murderers
2013-03-30 Solutions: Pirate Internet
2013-04-01 ‘Smoking Gun’ Memo Proves Pope Francis Collaborated with Military Junta
2013-04-01 disciples of deus and international government
2013-04-02 DHS Refuses to Answer Congress Re: Bullet, Weapons Purchases
2013-04-02 Human Foreskins are Big Business for Cosmetics
2013-04-02 BIS Coordinating Looting of Bank Accounts
2013-04-02 Amber Lyon on the War Agenda
2013-04-02 The Hidden Knowledge Course
2013-04-02 Max Keiser Sees Cyber-banking False Flag Coming
2013-04-03 Threat of a Pre-emptive Nuclear War Against Iran
2013-04-03 Reprise: How They Live
2013-04-03 Energy Austerity: Elite's Plan to Strangle Western Economies
2013-04-06 Medical Mercenaries Draw Babies' Blood for Military DNA Database
2013-04-07 Chomsky: Can Civilisation Survive Really Existing Capitalism?
2013-04-07 Chinese Flu May Carry Fruits of NIH-Funded Bioweapons Research
2013-04-07 Revealed: Aurora shooter James Holmes was taking SSRI antidepressant zoloft
2013-04-07 Senate Report Excoriates DHS's "Fusion Centers"
2013-04-08 Psychopathy, Quackery, the AAP and Circumcision
2013-04-09 expect blood & fire false flag Apr. 19 to May 1st 2013
2013-04-09 Petro Dollar Dying as China Bypasses Dollars in Oil Trade and Swaps Them for US Assets
2013-04-09 “Dark Alliance” 2.0: The Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the Laundering of Drug Money
2013-04-09 Could Gold and Silver Coins Become Legal Tender in Your State?
2013-04-09 Intactivists Get Graphic
2013-04-09 Africa: The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
2013-04-10 Meet the 9/11 Whistleblowers
2013-04-10 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Corporate Power-Tool of The 1%
2013-04-10 UN Arms Trade Treaty’s Deadly Loophole
2013-04-10 Comex Gold Inventories Collapse By Largest Amount Ever On Record
2013-04-10 Rumsfeld Sat On Board Of Company That Sold Nuclear Reactors To North Korea
2013-04-11 The Wall Street Ticking Time Bomb That Could Blow Up Your Bank Account
2013-04-11 Saddam's Statue: EneMedia Psyop Continues
2013-04-11 Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police
2013-04-12 CDC Reports 1 in 50 American Children Diagnosed with Autism
2013-04-12 Senators Haven't Read Gun Bill
2013-04-13 Montana NDAA Nullification Bill Heads to the Governor
2013-04-13 Washington’s “Playbook” on Provoking North Korea
2013-04-13 More On The Deliberately Engineered Housing Bubble And Its Collapse
2013-04-14 The Assault on Gold
2013-04-14 Deaths from new bird flu underscore grim fears
2013-04-14 'Missouri Monsanto Bill' passing through the state legislature
2013-04-14 Military Make-Work in Pakistan: Creating Enemies
2013-04-14 Topless Jihad
2013-04-14 The Cold Gold War
2013-04-14 Circumcision and the Geopolitics of Exploitation
2013-04-15 Al Gore & NAFTA: Slick Psychopath on Parade
2013-04-15 Was Boston bombing a terror attack or a false flag?!!!
2013-04-15 The Strategy of Tension
2013-04-16 Boston Bombing Eyewitness: Authorities “Must Have Known”
2013-04-16 Massive Paper Gold Selling and Physical Gold Buying
2013-04-17 Italian Supreme Court President Blames Bilderberg For Terrorist Attacks
2013-04-17 Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic
2013-04-17 April 19th a Logical Choice for False Flag Against "Al Patriots"
2013-04-17 Gold Buying Frenzy Continues: China, Japan, And Australia Scramble For Physical
2013-04-17 Psychiatry Metastasizes into the Rest of Medicine
2013-04-17 Blowing the Whistle on the NSA
2013-04-18 Bail-in and the Confiscation of Bank Deposits: The Birth of the New Financial Order
2013-04-18 Saudi Boston Bombing Suspect to be Deported
2013-04-18 Chaos engulfs Boston as mainstream media can’t get its cover story straight
2013-04-18 What to expect from the Boston bombing investigation
2013-04-18 CISPA Goes to The Floor for a Vote, Privacy Amendments Blocked
2013-04-19 FBI: The Terror Factory
2013-04-19 Boston bombing: Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects
2013-04-19 What we truthers fight for
2013-04-20 Photos: De Facto State of Martial Law Declared In Boston
2013-04-20 400 Ton Elephant
2013-04-20 “Contractors” Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation
2013-04-20 Waco: The Rules of Engagement
2013-04-20 Waco: The Big Lie
2013-04-21 Tarpley at media conference held in Denver, CO on April 4-7
2013-04-21 NATO’s Reliance on Al Qaeda as Its Irregular Infantry in Libya and Syria
2013-04-21 Boston Bombing: What Did the FBI Know?
2013-04-21 Max Keiser on Bitcoin
2013-04-21 Government Corruption and the Importance of the 5th Amendment
2013-04-21 Gold: Banksters Losing Control of Public Perception
2013-04-21 An Experiment Designed to Kill Babies
2013-04-21 Boston Bombing: Alleged Bomber Left Scene with his Backpack
2013-04-21 Success: Heroin Production Triples in Afghanistan Since 2006
2013-04-21 How to defeat internet censorship
2013-04-21 NYT: FBI Hatches Terror Plots
2013-04-21 The Reichstag Fire
2013-04-22 Correction Re: Boston Bombing: Alleged Bomber Left Scene with his Backpack
2013-04-23 Reprise: The 9/11 Psyop on Full View
2013-04-23 Wall Street Journal: The USA is a Battlefield
2013-04-23 Sibel Edmonds: Boston Bombing: Preparing for the New Police State
2013-04-23 King vs Jowers and the Mockery of a Free Press
2013-04-24 Sibel Edmonds on Boston Bombing & Gladio II
2013-04-24 Sibel Edmonds: The Terror State
2013-04-24 Obama Cedes 2nd Amendment to Bankster-controlled UN
2013-04-24 CISPA: Internet Surveillance/Corporate Impunity Bill in Limbo
2013-04-24 Bloomberg: Constitution Will Have To Change, More Cameras Needed
2013-04-24 Catherine Fitts on Navigating the Political Economy in a Falling Dollar
2013-04-24 Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop
2013-04-24 Sibel Edmonds: The US Roots of “Chechen” Terrorism
2013-04-25 Reprise: False Flags over Iran
2013-04-26 Angry White Woman on Conspiracy Theories
2013-04-26 Both FBI & CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years
2013-04-26 Federal Operative Bomber Was Alive When Detained: Tamerlan’s Aunt
2013-04-26 The War on Terror is Lost, If We Insist on Fighting It
2013-04-26 US Wanted to delay bust of Canadian train plot
2013-04-26 Domestic Government Propaganda Funded by YOU
2013-04-26 7/7 London Bombing Mastermind was MI6 Officer
2013-04-27 Reprise: Secrets of the Federal Reserve
2013-04-27 Dark Legacy: JFK and the Federal Reserve
2013-04-27 Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
2013-04-27 More re: 7/7 London Bombing Mastermind was MI6 Officer
2013-04-27 Two Thirds of US Population Live in Bill of Rights Exclusion Zone
2013-04-27 Obama Signs FISA Warrantless Wiretapping Legislation Extension
2013-04-27 Cyprus-Style Bankster “Bail-Ins” Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget
2013-04-27 Boston: Woman says she saw federal operative/patsy hit by police SUV and then shot by police
2013-04-27 Iraq: British SAS False Flag Terrorists Caught in the Act
2013-04-27 CNN Caught Using "Crisis Actor" in Boston
2013-04-27 Your Mind is the Battlefield
2013-04-27 DEA Laundering Money for Mexican Drug Cartels
2013-04-27 One Nation Under Seige
2013-04-27 Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece – And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In America Too
2013-04-28 Your Bank Deposits are Unsecured Loans to the Bank and Subject to Confiscation
2013-04-28 NATO has become a worldwide expeditionary force
2013-04-28 The Real Purpose of the Iraq War: Raise the Price of Oil
2013-04-28 Reprise: A Simple Thought Experiment
2013-04-28 “Police State” Vaccination Registry System Being Set Up
2013-04-28 Boston Bombing False Flag: Uncle of Patsies Married to Daughter of Top CIA Official
2013-04-28 Boston bombing: Intial Press Conference Aborted by Bomb Scare
2013-04-28 2 Studies Show Inflammation in Pregnancy Linked to Autism and Vaccines
2013-04-28 Six Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act
2013-04-29 Incredible: Modern Science Still Not Convinced Newborn Babies are Conscious
2013-04-29 George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy
2013-04-29 Why are DHS and ICE stockpiling ammo?
2013-04-30 Medical predation: Antidepressant Drugs Pose Serious Health Concerns for Unborn Babies
2013-04-30 Government Funded Phone App Tracks “Vaccine Refusers”
2013-04-30 NY Times: ‘FBI Staged Terror Attacks’
2013-04-30 Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket
2013-04-30 Boston Bombing: Official Story Unraveling
2013-04-30 Preparing for War with Iran
2013-04-30 Sibel Edmonds: Operation Gladio, Graham Fuller, Boston Terror & the Great Game
2013-04-30 JFK Assassination: Cop Murdered for Talking
2013-05-01 May Day 2013
2013-05-03 Monarchs of Money
2013-05-05 The Secret Government
2013-05-05 American Blacklist
2013-05-05 Sibel Edmonds: The Boston Bombing, the CIA & the US Empire
2013-05-05 Ted Gunderson: More on Satanism & the CIA
2013-05-07 Mike Ruppert: The Truth and Lies of 9/11
2013-05-08 The Road to WWIII
2013-05-09 agent provocateur vs. non-violence
2013-05-10 Behind the Benghazi Standdown
2013-05-10 Judge Orders Conspiracy Re-Education For Lauryn Hill
2013-05-10 DHS helping fund militarization of local police departments
2013-05-10 Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order
2013-05-11 Perfect Storm In Gold As LBMA & COMEX Collapsing
2013-05-11 Leaked: Military Internment Camps in U.S to be Used for Political Dissidents
2013-05-11 Psychopathy: Email to globalresearch.ca editor
2013-05-11 Psychopathy in Politics and Finance
2013-05-11 American Terror: Manufactured by the FBI
2013-05-11 Our Man in Guatemala Convicted of Genocide
2013-05-12 Avoiding Economic Collapse: A Guide to Complementary Currencies
2013-05-12 WW3 Countdown: China Moves Against the US Dollar
2013-05-12 Satanists Drilling for Mass Kidnapping of School Children
2013-05-12 Notable quote
2013-05-12 Defense Against the Psychopath
2013-05-12 "Federal government" BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb
2013-05-12 Homeland Security Funded Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers as Terrorists
2013-05-12 Natural News Says False Flag Likely Within a Week
2013-05-12 The Eugenics Campaign: Lipstick found to contain alarmingly high levels of aluminum, cadmium and lead
2013-05-12 Psychopath on Display: Bush on Iraq
2013-05-13 Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards
2013-05-13 Surprise! Eating GMO BT Toxin Causes Anemia, Bone Marrow Damage
2013-05-13 American Psychiatric Abuse Far More Pervasive than Soviet
2013-05-13 Boston Bombing: Who is Graham Fuller?
2013-05-16 It Can Happen Here
2013-05-16 Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority Over Civil Disturbances
2013-05-16 The True Story of the Bilderberg Group and What They May Be Planning Now
2013-05-16 Boston Bombing: New Breathtakingly Stupid Propaganda
2013-05-18 Obstetrical Abuse and the War Against Ourselves
2013-05-18 Gangster Government: “Naked Short” in the Gold Market
2013-05-18 Glyphosate: The Full Spectrum Binary Weapon
2013-05-18 The Nazi Plague: Project Paperclip
2013-05-18 The Franklin Scandal
2013-05-18 UN orders US to Repeal Pot Laws in CO and WA
2013-05-18 The Incredible Healing Effect of Mother's Touch
2013-05-18 Behind Jolie's Breast Amputations
2013-05-18 Alex Jones on Directed Energy Weapons
2013-05-18 Cancer and Genes: What They're Not Telling You
2013-05-18 Super Surveillance Net in Effect in USA
2013-05-18 Waco II: The Big Lie Continues
2013-05-18 Sunday Times spiked report on US government ties to al-Qaeda chief
2013-05-19 Popping the Fraud Bubble: Public Banking Conference June 2-4
2013-05-19 PentaDon Grants Itself Magical Powers to Break the Law
2013-05-19 Washington Signals Dollar Deep Concerns
2013-05-19 Classic Alex Jones
2013-05-20 The War on the USA: The "Drug War" Tactic
2013-05-20 GMO: Corporate Science = Fake Science
2013-05-20 Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away
2013-05-20 Spin
2013-05-20 US smuggling weapons to Syrian rebels: The real Benghazi story
2013-05-20 Force Federal Reserve to Give Discount Rate to Student Loans
2013-05-20 UN Child Sex Slave Scandals
2013-05-20 Old War Cold War
2013-05-20 Psychology of Authority
2013-05-24 Could an Inside Sneak Attack on Bitcoin Destroy It?
2013-05-24 Synthetic Terror: Woolwich
2013-05-25 McCaskill Voted Against GMO Labelling Bill
2013-05-25 UK arrests whistleblower tied to Woolwich murder
2013-05-25 2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest Die During Exercise
2013-05-25 Imposed Scarcity and Dependency Led to Famine in Ethiopia
2013-05-25 Initial Suspect in Boston Bombing Found Dead in River
2013-05-25 Rise Up or Die
2013-05-25 Oh, Give Me A Drone...
2013-05-26 Keiser Report - Jim Rickards
2013-05-26 Ongoing Expansion of Militarization of Police
2013-05-26 Monsanto Pleads (public) Ignorance
2013-05-26 Bill Gates Jumps into Social Control via Public Education
2013-05-26 This is what tyranny looks like
2013-05-26 WOT are they talking about??
2013-05-26 Democide: "Feminine Hygiene" Products Loaded with Toxins
2013-05-27 Boston and the CIA 'Snafu'
2013-05-27 Allan Nairn's statement to his Indonesian captors
2013-05-27 40 Statistics About the US Economy
2013-05-27 The Hormone of Love
2013-05-29 Money as Debt II
2013-05-29 Boston Bombing Suspect Innocent
2013-05-29 World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve
2013-05-29 MGM increases M->F HIV transmission rates by 50%
2013-05-29 Looting of America: Offshore Havens Exposed
2013-05-29 Boston Bombing: What You Aren't Told
2013-05-29 Wall Street Screws the World
2013-05-29 Torture = Treason
2013-05-29 American Torture: Where It All Starts
2013-05-30 Al CIAda Caught with Sarin Gas in Syria
2013-05-30 CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher
2013-05-30 Japan cancels U.S. wheat order on GMO fear
2013-05-30 Sen Dick Durbin Wonders if 1st Amendment Covers Bloggers
2013-06-02 Birth Imprinting and the Shock Doctrine
2013-06-02 Former Teacher Speaks Out, “Everything I Loved About Teaching Is Extinct”
2013-06-02 The Fall of the west
2013-06-02 The Monsanto Onslaught
2013-06-02 Hillary Clinton: “We Created Al Qaeda”
2013-06-02 The Entire Economy: A Ponzi Scheme
2013-06-03 Cloak of Secrecy Around Sandy Hook Investigation
2013-06-05 Bill Hicks on War & Freedom
2013-06-06 House Votes to block Huge DHS Bullet Purchase
2013-06-06 The Need for Repression: The NAFTA of the Pacific
2013-06-06 FBI Director Candidate Comey Complicit in "House of Death" Operation
2013-06-06 FBI's Coverup of 9/11 Governmental Connections Ongoing
2013-06-08 Russ Baker on Surveillance Grid
2013-06-08 New York Times Warning: Trust Authorities on Boston Bombing, or You’re Nuts
2013-06-08 The MSM: 4th Branch of Fake Government
2013-06-08 Child Abuse: The Bomb in the Brain
2013-06-08 Was the Psychedelic Movement a Bankster Social Engineering Project?
2013-06-08 RFK Assassination Legal Case Update
2013-06-09 The Hoax of the Need for a Police State
2013-06-09 Government Tapping CONTENT, Not Just Metadata of Americans' Communications
2013-06-09 NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999
2013-06-09 Something Very Fishy About Boston Bombing
2013-06-09 NSA whistleblower: 'I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things'
2013-06-10 Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
2013-06-10 Cell Phones, EMF and Cancer
2013-06-10 On The Verge... (Bilderberg 2013)
2013-06-10 Voting Machines and Bipartisan Corruption
2013-06-10 How to Hide Your Digital Communications from Big Brother
2013-06-10 Greece: IMF Claims Ignorance of Basic Economics
2013-06-11 Coincidence: DHS admits Backpack Bomb Drill Planned Before Boston Bombing
2013-06-11 Snow-den Job?
2013-06-13 Al Qaeda's Roots in American Fascism
2013-06-14 Wheels Within Wheels: Questions Surround NSA "Leak"
2013-06-15 Syrian WMD's a Replay of Iraq Propaganda
2013-06-15 Feds Collecting DNA "Kill Switches" from US Citizens
2013-06-16 NSA Declares 4th Amendment Null and Void
2013-06-16 Cozy up to Snuggly the Security BEAR
2013-06-16 Globalists Were Preparing Syrian War 2 Years Before "Rebellion"
2013-06-16 Indefinite Detention Of Americans Survives House Vote
2013-06-16 Secret Police Have Huge "Main Core" DB of Dissidents
2013-06-16 Secret History of the War on Cancer
2013-06-17 Corporations working out new nightmare trade agreement
2013-06-18 The Gold Game
2013-06-18 When Flu Vaccine is a Toxic Placebo
2013-06-18 Biowarfare Against US Troops by the US Govt
2013-06-18 The MIghty Wurlitzer: American Propagandists in Lock Step
2013-06-18 Sesame Street Helps Kids Cope with Prison Slavery Complex
2013-06-18 Study: Home Births May Be Safer Than Hospital Births
2013-06-19 Durbin Moves to Block Access to Vitamins, Supplements
2013-06-21 NSA: Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice
2013-06-21 Global Power: Identifying the Institutions of Control
2013-06-23 NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers
2013-06-23 Handful of Congress Members Move to Rein In Surveillance State
2013-06-23 Open Message to Police and Military
2013-06-26 Gangster Government: Pretense of Legitimacy Falling Away
2013-06-26 Snowden in Context
2013-06-26 NSA Murdered Reporter
2013-06-26 Remote Controls Built Into Every New Car
2013-06-27 D.U.M.B.s Syndrome & nerve gas theory
2013-06-29 Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War
2013-06-30 80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries
2013-06-30 The Enduring Myth of the Safety of Roundup
2013-06-30 GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon
2013-06-30 Medicine's Resolute Blindness to Iatrogenic Post Partum Depression
2013-06-30 the judas principle
2013-07-01 Columbia MO City Council Considers Fracking Gas to Power City Vehicles
2013-07-02 Jon Rappoport: The Artist Against the System
2013-07-02 A Local Community Currency Battles the Central Bank of Kenya
2013-07-03 Obama Markets Poverty to Africa
2013-07-03 Foreign Troops Training in US for US Deployment
2013-07-03 More TV "News" Harmonization
2013-07-04 Yet another 9/11 Clip
2013-07-04 Vaccination Causes Autism, and They Know It
2013-07-04 JULY 4TH SHOW
2013-07-07 Bankers Puppeteering Egypt
2013-07-07 Life Under Rothschild Occupation
2013-07-08 Dollar Collapse Draws Near as Banksters' Plans Reach Fruition
2013-07-08 NWO creates Shangri-la?
2013-07-09 "Government" Moves to Keep Files on Bin Laden Raid Out of Sight
2013-07-09 Police, Firefighters Ordered Not To Speak About Michael Hastings Crash
2013-07-10 Mushroom Clouds = No Amnesty
2013-07-12 fear not
2013-07-14 Coup d’etat
2013-07-14 Let's recap...
2013-07-15 WW3 Brews As Nation Distracted By Trayvon Martin Case
2013-07-15 Alfred McCoy: America's Surveillance State
2013-07-15 US Repeals Domestic Propaganda Ban
2013-07-15 Obama Grabs Control of Internet
2013-07-16 US Military, Monsanto Targeting GMO Activists and Independent Scientists
2013-07-16 Report: Run on Physical Metal at Brinks
2013-07-16 Video: 9/11: The Great Illusion
2013-07-21 State of Mind DVD review
2013-07-21 Statism: The Most Dangerous, Irrational Religion
2013-07-22 Russian official accuses U.S. of Biological Weapons Violations
2013-07-23 Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women
2013-07-25 Teaching Sadomasochism in the Obstetrical Ward
2013-07-25 Sabotaging the Food Supply: BP Shrimp
2013-07-26 Murderers and Sickos in Charge
2013-07-26 Murdering US Jobs
2013-07-28 Federal Reserve Set the Stage for Foreign Takeover of US Economy
2013-07-28 Success: 80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey
2013-07-28 Catherine Austin Fitts on the Breakaway Civilization
2013-07-28 Video: 9/11 Mysteries
2013-07-28 Reprise: 9/11 in 5 Minutes
2013-07-29 Podcasts
2013-07-29 References
2013-07-29 The True Story of the Bilderberg Group
2013-07-29 Should Goldman And JPMorgan Control Power Plants, Warehouses And Oil Refiners?
2013-07-30 Obama DHS Planned to Kill Peaceful Protesters in Sniper Attacks
2013-07-30 Contact
2013-07-30 Scientocracy: science of democracy #1
2013-07-31 The Leveraged Buyout of the USA
2013-07-31 Commercial Paper Market Froze in 2008: Warning of Things to Come
2013-07-31 Middle Class: RIP
2013-07-31 Green Light for City-Owned San Francisco Bank
2013-07-31 Scientocracy: science of democracy #2
2013-07-31 CIA Secret Experiments
2013-08-01 Scientocracy: science of democracy #3
2013-08-01 Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document
2013-08-02 Scientocracy: science of democracy #4
2013-08-02 NSA's Google
2013-08-03 Scientocracy: science of democracy #5
2013-08-04 Scientocracy: science of democracy #6
2013-08-04 Here we go again: Puppetmasters Prepare New False Flag Attack
2013-08-04 CIA in Full Lockdown Over Benghazi Gate
2013-08-04 Accountant Priesthood to Enforce New Bankster Tyranny in Detroit
2013-08-04 American Nuclear Power Fizzles, Pops, Smolders
2013-08-05 Kissinger: War Criminal & Traitor Extraordinaire
2013-08-05 Scientocracy: science of democracy #7
2013-08-06 Boston Globe Tweeted Re: Bombing Exercise 2 Hours Earlier
2013-08-06 FEMA Preparing for Something Big
2013-08-06 Back to Eden Film review
2013-08-06 Cruelty in Maternity Wards: Fifty Years Later
2013-08-06 Conspiracy "Theories" Trumping Coincidence Theories
2013-08-07 Ancient history: 9/11 "Hijackers" Trained on U.S. Military Bases
2013-08-09 Richmond, CA aims to make Wall St pay for the housing bubble
2013-08-10 False flags, stupidity and getting the story straight
2013-08-10 Rachel Maddow, Terrorist Mouthpiece
2013-08-10 GMO Virus: Silent Killer?
2013-08-12 Fraud becoming rampant in scientific research papers, study shows
2013-08-12 CDC Censors Polio Vaccine Cancer Virus Contamination Pages
2013-08-12 The triumph of the security state
2013-08-12 The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks
2013-08-12 Social Security is a Mirage
2013-08-12 Possible Future of the USA
2013-08-14 Autism-Birth Induction Link: Correlation or Causation?
2013-08-14 State Threatens To Seize Infant Who was Fed Goat’s Milk Instead of Approved GMO Soy Formula
2013-08-14 Humanity is Drowning in Washington's Criminality
2013-08-15 The Truth About Circumcision - video by Stefan Molyneux
2013-08-16 Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Killing Fields
2013-08-16 Federal Reserve Refuses Germany's Request to Audit or Reclaim Gold
2013-08-16 Paper gold short squeeze under way
2013-08-17 Trillions Missing From Federal Reserve, No One in Charge
2013-08-17 The Industrial Waste In Your Drinking Water
2013-08-17 Interview with Former Soviet KGB Whistleblower
2013-08-17 Wise Woman: Darcia Narvaez
2013-08-18 9/11 Review: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe
2013-08-18 Dave Ratcliff's Compilation of 9/11 Links
2013-08-18 Crime Update: NSA Revelations Continue
2013-08-18 William Casey, CIA, rest in peace
2013-08-18 Cultural bias in the AAP's 2012 circumcision policy statement
2013-08-18 More self-satire from the military-industrial-terror complex
2013-08-19 No Freedoms in Post 9/11 America? | Big Brother Watch
2013-08-20 How Celebrity Music STARS ARE BRAINWASHED to be sex slaves
2013-08-20 Autarky, aristocracy, autocracy and amorality
2013-08-20 Medical experimentation on American children
2013-08-21 Shaken baby syndrome? Or vaccine-induced meningitis-encephalitis?
2013-08-22 Syrian Proxy Puppets Boasted of Access to Nerve Gas in 2012
2013-08-22 Palast Finds Smoking Gun of Financial "Crisis"
2013-08-24 How to Overthrow an Elected Government
2013-08-25 US 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria, blame it on Assad govt': Report
2013-08-25 Experts Doubt Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims
2013-08-25 How We Got Here: JFK Assassination Marked End of American Republic
2013-08-25 The New York Times, the CIA and Opium, and the Vast Silence
2013-08-25 CIA & Drugs: The Crimes of Mena
2013-08-25 Flashback: Mighty Wurlitzer Blaring on Syria
2013-08-25 Darth Cheney wants to protect the republic
2013-08-26 Birth: What the Robber Baron Foundations and ACOG Don't Want You to Know
2013-08-27 Syria: Al Qaeda in Washington Attempts to Sabotage UN Chemical Weapons Investigation
2013-08-27 America's Foreign Policy Coup
2013-08-29 Meet the Real "Government": Satan Incarnate
2013-08-30 BFP's Coverage of Syria Frame-Up and MSM's Hush-Up
2013-08-30 The ultimate "F you" - Fluoride in your water
2013-09-02 Rethink 9/11 Video
2013-09-02 Who's Really Behind the Syrian War
2013-09-03 Cabal Moving Nukes Into MIddle East Outside Chain of Command
2013-09-04 Syria war and the invisible 800 pound gorilla
2013-09-05 The War on Consciousness
2013-09-05 The "Science" Delusion
2013-09-05 On Cue, Lindsey Graham Prepares the Ground for Nuke Strike in USA
2013-09-06 The NSA's Cryptographic Capabilities
2013-09-07 In the name of science: Experimenting on and sexually impairing nonconsenting babies
2013-09-07 The CFR Regime Stands Exposed to the World as War Criminals and Liars
2013-09-07 Vietnam, Syria and the Bankster's Business Model: Murdering Future Generations
2013-09-07 Questions Arise as to Defense Contractor Involvement in Syrian Gas Attack
2013-09-07 US-Funded Militants Attack Suez Shipping, a Pretext for Invasion of Egypt
2013-09-07 Corporate Partners of NSA Plead Ignorance
2013-09-07 TOR Network Vulnerable to NSA
2013-09-07 Hungary Decides Not to Go Hungry
2013-09-07 US Marine Veteran on Domestic Police State
2013-09-08 Syria: US Deception Trips Over Its Own Prior Atrocities
2013-09-08 Reprise: There Never Was an "Arab Spring"
2013-09-08 Sandy Hook: Further Down the Rabbit Hole
2013-09-08 Constitutional Scholar, Nobel Laureate Reversed NSA Domestic Restrictions in 2011
2013-09-08 AIPAC Marshals Lobbyists for Syrian Attack
2013-09-10 RT Says Syrian Contras Planning Chemical False Flag on Israel
2013-09-11 9/11 Truth and Sherlock Holmes
2013-09-11 NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel
2013-09-12 Kevin Ryan: 9/11: Another 19 Suspects (Guns and Butter)
2013-09-12 Intercepts caught Assad rejecting requests to use chemical weapons
2013-09-12 Fukushima Fulfills Bible Prophecy
2013-09-12 GMO Virus: Silent Killer?
2013-09-15 JP Morgan Whistleblowers Confess Bank Manipulates Gold & Silver
2013-09-15 Tepco Still Administering the Fukishima Global Disaster
2013-09-16 25 Little Accounting Details About the Federal Reserve
2013-09-17 Exposing the Financial Core of the Invisible Government
2013-09-17 Ship Yard Gunman: Hunting for Answers
2013-09-17 Ellen Brown: The “Economic Endgame”: Making the World Safe for Banksters, Syria in the Cross-hairs
2013-09-18 US Firearm Homicide Rate, 1993 - 2011
2013-09-18 Scrap Metal: Yet another Hemorrhage to China
2013-09-19 DiscrediTED
2013-09-21 Pink Slime Makes a Comeback in American Schools
2013-09-21 RT Blows the Whistle on 9/11
2013-09-21 9/11, Criminal Government and Growing Up
2013-09-22 The Gunderson Files Scanned Images Online
2013-09-22 Fabian Therapy for healing MK Ultra and Monarch Mind Control
2013-09-22 Climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for 15 years
2013-09-24 cultural shock and MIND CONTROL
2013-09-24 Why the NWO hates Syria
2013-09-27 Seymour Hersh: Bin Laden Raid “One Big Lie”
2013-09-28 Satanists Normalizing Torture in the USA
2013-09-28 American Jihadist was Working for CIA in Syria
2013-09-30 Obama's Purge of Military Officers
2013-10-01 The Collapse: Setup for Phase 2
2013-10-01 Banks Preparing for Collapse
2013-10-02 Zombie States Pushing for Armageddon
2013-10-06 Nearly two dozen medical studies prove that vaccines can cause autism
2013-10-07 Obamacare: here come the toxic psychiatrists
2013-10-07 How to deprogram monarch mind control sex slaves celebrities
2013-10-08 Is Homeland Security Preparing for the Next Wall Street Collapse?
2013-10-08 Culture of mind control
2013-10-12 Covert Nuke Transport Coincides with More Purging of Military Commanders
2013-10-12 Peter Dale Scott on Changes in Continuity of Government Regulations
2013-10-12 Solution to the “Shutdown”: The Fed Could Simply Cancel $2 Trillion of Government Debt
2013-10-12 FAS: CIA Halts Public Access to Open Source Service/US Accused of Bio-Proliferation on Russia's Doorstep
2013-10-13 Sandy Hook Elementary to be Demolished
2013-10-16 Palast: The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold
2013-10-16 Workers demolishing Sandy Hook Elementary School required to sign confidentiality agreements
2013-10-16 RAND: The Experts in Charge of the Future
2013-10-16 Chase Bank Prepares for Vulture's Picnic
2013-10-16 The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind
2013-10-17 United States Government is a Luciferian Theocracy
2013-10-18 9/11 Putchists Appoint New DHS Chief
2013-10-18 Government Now Disses Nearly All Constitutional Rights
2013-10-18 The British Royal Family’s Circumcision Tradition
2013-10-19 Yet another 9/11 Documentary: "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor"
2013-10-20 Obama's Curious Inaction on Debt Limit
2013-10-20 Video: 9/11 in the Academic Community
2013-10-20 Collapse Time Analysis of Multi-Story Structural Steel Buildings
2013-10-21 Child Abusing Eugenicists at FDA Finally Ban BPA from Baby Bottles
2013-10-21 Conversation on Industrial Agriculture
2013-10-21 Bill Moyers: "The Secret Government"
2013-10-22 Obama Secretly Moves Forward With Trans-Pacific Partnership
2013-10-23 China, gold prices & US default threats
2013-10-23 Military Leaders Being Asked if They Will Disarm Americans
2013-10-24 Picturing The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind
2013-10-24 In your facebook: CIA subsidiary invested in obamacare data management company
2013-10-24 Petro-Dollar Threatened by Incompetence of American Ignorati
2013-10-25 Spiritual warfare
2013-10-26 Medicine: History Does Not Repeat, It Is Constant
2013-10-26 Imposition of Shock Doctrine to Provide Justification for Martial Law
2013-10-26 Unmarked Military Gunboats Patrol Louisiana Canals
2013-10-26 THE D.U.M.B.s Scam
2013-10-27 Four Horsemen
2013-10-28 Success: Shock Doctrine Taking Hold
2013-10-28 UK's minister for GM hype
2013-10-28 America's police are looking more and more like the military
2013-10-29 Mind Control in the 60's
2013-10-30 Human BioSludge Sold as ‘Organic’ Compost
2013-10-30 Conspiracy "Theorists": The Last Revolutionaries
2013-10-31 Conspiracies, not "Conspiracy Theorists" are Destroying Democracy
2013-10-31 BLOOD DRINKING ADDICTION, Halloween Report
2013-11-02 Video: Genetic Roulette
2013-11-02 The Global Economic Crisis
2013-11-03 LAX Shooting Another False Flag??
2013-11-04 Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Spying on Allies Shows "Institutional Obsession with Surveillance"
2013-11-04 Ireland: Ground Zero for the Austerity-driven Asset Grab
2013-11-04 Farmers To Face Fines Or Prison Sentences For Selling Food Directly To Customers
2013-11-04 Max Keiser: Public Banking
2013-11-05 Anti-Depressants and Suicide - Congressional Testimony
2013-11-05 Pentagon Seeks a Zombie Pill for Troops
2013-11-05 Wolves in Sheeps Clothing: Human Rights Watch
2013-11-06 Indonesia and the closeted monsters of the secret government
2013-11-07 Kevin Barrett on the private 9/11 emails of Noam Chomsky
2013-11-09 9/11: Breaking Through the Psychological Barriers
2013-11-09 Success: Nearly half of US public school children are poor
2013-11-09 Self-serving echo chamber at US security summit
2013-11-09 The American Robber Barons and Nazi Eugenics
2013-11-09 Government hides truth about UFOs
2013-11-10 Banking and Debt: What You're Not Supposed to Know
2013-11-10 Government suppresses energy technology from UFOs
2013-11-11 Success: The Controlled Demolition of Iraq
2013-11-12 House Votes to Get Banksters Back in the Derivatives Business
2013-11-13 The Wolf shall also dwell with the Lamb
2013-11-14 Secret Globalist Treaty Threatens Internet Freedom
2013-11-14 Inflation propaganda infomercial from 1933
2013-11-14 Plutocratic Hijacking of Symbols
2013-11-15 Direct Orders: 100,000 US Military Killed or Injured by Anthrax Vaccine
2013-11-16 “Crypto Wars” from “Clipper Chip” and ECHELON to PRISM
2013-11-16 Documentary: JFK: An Unsolved Murder
2013-11-16 Afghan Opium: More Banker "Bailout"
2013-11-16 Police Have Killed 5,000 Americans Since 9/11
2013-11-16 Government Surveillance Network Uncovered in Seattle
2013-11-16 The most revealing wink of the 20th Century
2013-11-16 LBJ's girlfriend talks about the night before the JFK murder
2013-11-16 The speech that got JFK killed
2013-11-17 Germany Baffled as "Federal Reserve" Blocks Access to Bullion
2013-11-17 Vaccines: The Silent Epidemic
2013-11-17 17 Examples of Vaccine Failures
2013-11-17 BRAINWASHING: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics
2013-11-18 The Three Stooges and the Hegelian Dialectic
2013-11-18 Those "in the know" joke about the JFK murder...
2013-11-19 Russian White Army and the Resistance Against the Illuminati Doctrine (R.A.I.D.)
2013-11-19 Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that German-born George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president
2013-11-20 TPP's Secrets Revealed: Obama covertly handing more power to corporations
2013-11-20 The creepy, creeping crazymaking of America
2013-11-20 TRUTHER IQ TEST
2013-11-20 Bill Hicks : Presidential Agenda
2013-11-21 Conspiracy theorists? Who said it?
2013-11-21 How the US Establishment Was Overrun with Nazis
2013-11-21 US Economy: Smoke & Mirrors
2013-11-21 The men who killed Kennedy video series
2013-11-22 Eugenicists Pushing for Toxic Aspartame in Milk
2013-11-22 Eugenicist FDA Sued, Forced to Remove Safety Status on Trans Fats
2013-11-22 Jury nullification
2013-11-22 What do the one percent do?
2013-11-22 Jesse Ventura for President
2013-11-23 "The AMA will destroy me..." - my story and a film
2013-11-25 "Federal" Reserve and Wall Street Assassinate US Dollar
2013-11-25 Surveillance Blowback: Bringing the War Home
2013-11-25 US eyes Russian encirclement via NATO ‘Trojan horse’
2013-11-25 Video: Fallujah: Fear not the path of truth
2013-11-25 Mimi & Richard Farina
2013-11-26 Success: "Government" Brought Down the Economy
2013-11-26 JFK Assassination: Interview with Dave Ratcliffe
2013-11-26 Jim Garrison and the JFK murder case
2013-11-26 Rockefeller Medicine - The Corbett Report
2013-11-26 How they rigged the WTC towers for demolition
2013-11-26 Israeli woman fined $140 a day for refusing to circumcise son
2013-11-27 The Protocols of Liberty
2013-11-28 Transparent Psyops On Display in 2 Recent Movies
2013-11-28 Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror
2013-11-29 Monsanto, the TPP and Global Food Dominance
2013-11-30 American Medicine's Violence Against Patients
2013-11-30 Prescott: The Origins of Human Love and Violence
2013-11-30 The Intelligence Agencies and the Laughable "Rule of Law"
2013-11-30 Another Nail in the Coffin of the Bin Laden Raid Hoax
2013-12-02 WTF? Social Control on Steroids
2013-12-02 European Scientists: No Consensus on Safety of GMO's
2013-12-02 "Energy" insanity
2013-12-02 Insanity in "Science" - Bird Flu Researchers Push To Make Virus More Contagious
2013-12-02 Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and the Drug Safety Myth
2013-12-04 Armageddon or Evolution
2013-12-04 How the one percent keeps the simple folk ignorant
2013-12-05 What should the simple folk drink? Fluoride lowers IQs...
2013-12-05 The deliberate dumbing down of the simple folk
2013-12-05 Self Defense during the Coming Riots Planned by the Government
2013-12-05 Who said it - when and why? - They tried to warn us.
2013-12-05 How smart are Smart Meters? How wise is WiFi?
2013-12-05 Skull and Bones, the Elite Secret Order at Yale
2013-12-06 Why Orthodox Jews are opposed to a Zionist state
2013-12-07 Gangster Corporate/Government/Media Complex has Lost Control of 9/11 Narrative
2013-12-08 Is anarchist philosophy an Illuminati scam?
2013-12-11 The Baby Scoop Era: More Bankster-Driven Mother/Child Abuse
2013-12-11 Rockefeller attaches cybersecurity bill to National Defense Authorization Act
2013-12-11 NSA inks landmark deal to share information with Central Banks
2013-12-11 Congressman Seeks Release of Secret Report on Saudi Ties to 9/11
2013-12-12 Bankster Takeover Falling Apart: Pentagon Not Fully On Board
2013-12-13 Snowden and Greenwald: Controlled Leaking
2013-12-14 Lack of Breastfeeding: Health Crises in the US and Mexico
2013-12-17 September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor – Full version
2013-12-18 Barack Obama body double, is this rumor mongering or could there be some truth to it?!?!
2013-12-18 Sibel Edmonds on Snowden, Greenwald
2013-12-22 Metamorphosis of Democracy
2013-12-28 NSA: Spying on Terrorists, or Prey?
2013-12-30 Voter-qualified Democracy Controversy
2013-12-30 Predicting the Future: China's Ghost Cities
2013-12-31 The Political Consequences of Child Abuse
2014-01-01 UK: Secret Govt Documents Reveal Vaccination Fraud
2014-01-01 New Nightmare Starting at Fukushima?
2014-01-05 The New World Order Plans to Enslave All Survivors of Their Holocaust with Trauma Based Mind Control and Brain Implants
2014-01-06 Snowden: Inconsistencies and Unanswered Questions
2014-01-07 Global Warming & Dialectic Propaganda
2014-01-07 Satanists Plan to Place a Luciferian Statue in Oklahoma City
2014-01-08 A Brief History of Luciferianism
2014-01-13 The 9/11 Wall of Silence
2014-01-13 Important History: The Nazi Hydra in America
2014-01-15 US Government Caught (AGAIN!) Running Drugs
2014-01-15 TPP: Congress introduces Obama fast-track authority
2014-01-16 Circumcised at 18
2014-01-16 Illuminati Doctrine
2014-01-19 Monsanto Takes Over Another Journal
2014-01-19 Plato's allegory of the cave - beautifully presented
2014-01-19 Think Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve “New World Order”
2014-01-19 The How and Why of Gold & Silver Manipulation
2014-01-19 From Austerity to Prosperity
2014-01-20 King vs Jowers: The Historical Footnote You Won't Hear in Polite Company
2014-01-20 GMO: The Seralini Study
2014-01-22 Kerth talks about the Illuminati
2014-01-23 Art as Liberation
2014-01-26 Seismic Shift Underway in the Financial Press: Look Out Below
2014-01-28 The Nazi Youth Party, the CIA's Paperclip and Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children in the US
2014-01-30 The adult war on children
2014-01-31 David Icke and Freeing Yourself from the Illuminati Mind Control
2014-01-31 Interview with Edward Snowden
2014-02-01 Greed is need on steroids...
2014-02-01 Big Ag welfare triumphs over food stamps
2014-02-01 Psychopaths and sociopaths run the world
2014-02-01 The way out...
2014-02-02 America as a Horror Show
2014-02-02 NSA Knew About 9/11
2014-02-04 Global Electrical Meltdown?
2014-02-04 Satanists Coming Out and They're Not Pretty
2014-02-05 Yomamacare
2014-02-05 Elite Traitors Circle Wagons Re: Boston Bombing False Flag
2014-02-05 Anti-war goes AWOL
2014-02-05 Obstetrical Abuse: My Interview with Jeanice Barcelo Last July
2014-02-05 FBI Special Agent says 9-11 was an inside job
2014-02-06 Jeanice Barcello Interviews Kerth Re: Satanic Abuse
2014-02-06 DEA Trains Local Cops to Commit Perjury in Court
2014-02-09 Separation of business and state
2014-02-09 As TPP Opposition Soars, Corporate Media Blackout Deafening
2014-02-09 Zero Dark Thirty movie review by Kerth
2014-02-09 Boston Bombing: Thugs and Spooks Preparing American Genocide
2014-02-09 Fighting the Reality Cartel
2014-02-09 Nestle Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right
2014-02-09 The "Al Qaeda" Financial Controls
2014-02-09 An illusion of freedom
2014-02-09 How do corrupt corporations get away with it?
2014-02-09 The Corporation - a documentary
2014-02-11 Day of Action Against NSA Criminality
2014-02-11 DoD Gave Order to Destroy Bin Laden Death Photos Hours After FOIA Request
2014-02-11 3-8-18-9-19-20/9-19/8-5-18-5/14-15-23 to Release Christian Churches from Luciferian Influences
2014-02-12 The Anthrax Operation
2014-02-12 US-Sponsored Drug-Plane Operation Had Global Reach
2014-02-12 How the Corporate Welfare State Divides & Conquers
2014-02-12 Pray for the Lost Soul of Katy Perry
2014-02-12 The DEA-Sinaloa Connection
2014-02-12 2014 Worldwide Wave of Action
2014-02-12 The American Medical Meatgrinder
2014-02-12 US Vaccine Court Admits MMR Causes Autism
2014-02-13 GHW Bush & the JFK Hit
2014-02-13 Now You See Me---Illuminati recruitment film hints as March 29th date for Apocalypse
2014-02-13 Utah legislator introduces bill to cut off NSA’s water supply
2014-02-14 Retired Cop Has Questions Re: Sandy Hook
2014-02-14 Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax
2014-02-14 Mass Theft, Corruption Leading Directly to Gestapo State
2014-02-14 MAKING MONEY A$ A TRUTHER!!!$$$
2014-02-14 Jeanice Barcelo on Obstetrical Abuse & Mind Control
2014-02-14 USA No Place for the Elderly
2014-02-14 JPMorgan Vice President’s Death Shines Light on Bank’s Close Ties to the CIA
2014-02-15 Hitler's Heirs Build Fake City for Martial Law Training
2014-02-15 OKC Bombing: Who planted the C4?
2014-02-15 Eugenicist CFR Jumps in Vaccination Fray
2014-02-15 19-16-5-1-18/15-6/4-5-19-20-9-14-26 STRIKES DOWN THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE
2014-02-15 The Scam That Swallowed The World
2014-02-16 Funding Request for Jeanice Barcelo & Birth of a New Earth
2014-02-17 Happy Brain-Washington's Birthday
2014-02-17 Clapper the Purjurer Says NSA should have been ‘transparent from the outset’ on surveillance
2014-02-18 ​Food stamp usage quadrupled among US service members since ‘06
2014-02-19 Study: Fluoride Lowers Children’s Intelligence By 7 IQ Points
2014-02-19 Michael Hudson on Monopoly’s Poster Children
2014-02-19 How to Achieve Instant Good Karma for Yourself
2014-02-20 Fluorosilicic Acid Never Tested on Humans, Linked to Lead Uptake
2014-02-20 Extraterrestrial Politics and Psychic Ability
2014-02-21 Your email is government property after 180 days
2014-02-21 Gullibility Quotient Test: Greenspan Pleads Ignorance
2014-02-21 Sandy Hook: Free Homes and “Big Bucks” Incentives for Leaders and Players
2014-02-21 The War on Empathy, Love and Family
2014-02-22 Alice Miller: The Childhood Trauma
2014-02-22 David Icke and Extraterrestrial Political Influences
2014-02-23 FBI War on Boston Bombing Witnesses
2014-02-23 YOU have psychic ability
2014-02-23 The demise of the dollar and the wholesale looting of US gold
2014-02-23 The Education of a Satanist
2014-02-23 Huge CKLN MK-Ultra Mind Control Archive Now Online
2014-02-24 Ukraine: US and EU Erecting a "Nazi" Regime
2014-02-24 NSA Spying: Support the USA Freedom Act
2014-02-24 How You Can Help to Defend the Children
2014-02-25 Psychic Ability is the Ultimate Rebellion Against the Illuminati
2014-02-26 How the Illuminati plans to use Surgery as Social Control
2014-02-27 Western Banksters Spent $5B to Annex Ukraine
2014-02-27 Reddit Censors Big Story About Government Manipulation and Disruption of the Internet
2014-02-27 Why you can feel certain that the Illuminati will Fail
2014-02-27 William Engdahl On the Western Agenda in Ukraine
2014-02-27 The Localization Movement. Creating a Viable Local Economy
2014-02-28 Psychic Ability and Democracy
2014-03-01 Banned in the USA - "The Disappearing Male" video
2014-03-01 The Illuminati's War Against Healthy Sexuality
2014-03-01 Where did our dear country go?
2014-03-02 Help Defend the Children While You Still Can
2014-03-02 Rule from the shadows - The psychology of power
2014-03-02 Can Non-Violence Defeat the Illuminati?
2014-03-02 Where have all the children gone?
2014-03-02 Slow mo global coup d'etats by sinister group of sloppy assassins
2014-03-03 Video: I am an American
2014-03-03 The Return of Yeshua
2014-03-04 Paranoia > control
2014-03-04 Autism and the rise of glyphosates
2014-03-05 The U.S. and NATO Encirclement of Russia
2014-03-05 Cannibalism in the Illuminati
2014-03-08 David Icke & Overcoming the Satanic Reptilian Firewall on Human Consciousness
2014-03-09 Infiltrated NGOs Act as Adjunct to US State Dept
2014-03-09 The Next Supreme Court Justice?
2014-03-09 The Last Chance for Human Civilization
2014-03-10 Snowden's Written Testimony to EU Parliament
2014-03-10 William Engdahl on the Ukraine Operation
2014-03-10 Birth Imprints: Ecstatic vs Tragic
2014-03-10 Spiritual Development is the Best Way to Defeat Illuminati Mind Control
2014-03-11 In Boston Bombing, FBI Fights for Public’s Right to Know… Nothing
2014-03-12 Hacked Emails Show US Preparing False Flag in Ukraine
2014-03-12 US State Dept Refuses To Comment on Looted Ukranian Gold
2014-03-12 The Censorship of Comments on Huffington Post
2014-03-12 IMF Vultures Circling Over Ukraine
2014-03-14 Lucky Luciano's grandson on the Vatican, U.S. Govt, Hoffa, Hollywood... and much, much more!
2014-03-14 Former FDA reviewer: intimidation, retaliation, safety marginalizing
2014-03-15 Ukraine, War and the Neocon Curse
2014-03-15 March 21st, 2014---False Flag or Psy-Op?
2014-03-15 Illuminati Robot Cult and Experimental Brainsurgery on Humans
2014-03-16 Whistleblower: Criminal Racketeering at the FDA
2014-03-16 What "Liberation" Will Mean to Ukraine
2014-03-16 When Money is Corrupted
2014-03-16 Why the Gold Standard Won't Work
2014-03-16 Babes from Syria and Ukraine speak sanity...
2014-03-16 The Enchiridion, Second Section for Adepts
2014-03-17 Final Posting for Kerth Barker
2014-03-24 Baby Steps to National Monetary Reform
2014-03-25 Neurotoxins: Siliently eroding intelligence, damaging societies
2014-03-25 Conspiracies and Cognitive Dissonance
2014-03-26 Is Israel Preparing a False Flag to Frame Iran?
2014-03-26 The Real Vampires: an Insider’s View of Banks
2014-03-27 Soylent Green Your Favorite Celebrity
2014-03-27 "Organic" certification to be undermined in new FDA rules
2014-03-27 Assassins Taking Over the World
2014-03-27 Agenda 21: The Rockefellers Are Building Human Settlement Zones
2014-03-27 The malthusian eugenicists at the WHO are STILL covertly sterilizing African women
2014-03-27 Americans' brains being fried by cell towers - new scientific evidence
2014-03-27 Tetanus Vaccines Sterilizing Women In Kenya?
2014-03-27 Leaked Recording Shows Turkey Planned False Flag Against Syria Using AQ Terrorists
2014-03-28 American autism rates up 30% in 2 years
2014-03-28 Reprise: Bernanke Admits Fed Caused Great Depression
2014-03-30 CIA: The Enemy Within
2014-03-31 The fascist gangsters the US installed in Ukraine
2014-03-31 The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun
2014-03-31 Elite Satanists Are Taking Over Public Schools
2014-03-31 MH370: Anon-posted IPhone Photo Claims Hijacked to Diego Garcia
2014-04-02 The "Global Spring": Yet Another Psyop
2014-04-02 Regime Change in Ukraine and the IMF’s Bitter “Economic Medicine”
2014-04-02 The Afghan H-Bomb
2014-04-02 Scalia’s new disaster: Why McCutcheon decision is scarier than Citizens United - Salon.com
2014-04-02 Sandy Hook Bombshell: Everyone Got FREE Houses
2014-04-02 Conference: Genital Autonomy 2014
2014-04-02 CIA Scandal: Leaks Reveal Brutal Torture Methods and Government Lies
2014-04-03 Video: Gas and Gold
2014-04-03 JPM Will Win Monetary War Developing Between US & Russia
2014-04-03 Fort Hood Shooter Driven Crazy by Psych Drugs
2014-04-03 Sibel Edmonds Examines the Turkish False Flag Leak
2014-04-03 How “Extreme Levels” of Roundup in Food Became the Industry Norm
2014-04-03 FDA not budging on labels for GMO foods
2014-04-03 Autism and Roundup
2014-04-03 "Voluntary" GMO labeling bill to be introduced in congress
2014-04-05 Corporate Child Abusers: Baby "Formula" Loaded with GMO
2014-04-05 US Threatens Russia Over Petrodollar-Busting Deal
2014-04-05 Who's Running America?
2014-04-05 Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document
2014-04-07 ​Monsanto pouring money into defeating Oregon county measure to ban GMOs
2014-04-07 Turkey Behind Sarin Attack in Syria
2014-04-09 Audio: Russ Baker on Deep History
2014-04-09 Libya after the lie
2014-04-09 Ukraine: Deja Vu All Over Again
2014-04-10 GMO: Bankster Government Pushes "Dark Act" to Deny People's Right to Know
2014-04-10 Is the U.S. a Fascist Society?
2014-04-10 The 2001 Budget Emergency
2014-04-10 Flight 370: Girlfriend of Phil Wood Says Fighter Jets Escorted Plane
2014-04-10 BLM Has Rancher Under Armed Siege in Nevada for Fracking Interests
2014-04-12 US imposing Mercenaries, IMF on Ukraine
2014-04-12 US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains
2014-04-12 Criminal Government and the Anthrax Attack
2014-04-12 Agenda 21: Fascism with a Green Mask
2014-04-13 Child Abuse as a Tool of Social Control
2014-04-13 Karen Hudes: The Banksters' Scene
2014-04-13 The network of global corporate control
2014-04-13 The Global Banking Game Is Rigged, and the FDIC Is Suing
2014-04-15 Fracking Bastards Intend to Destroy US Aquifers to Isolate Russia
2014-04-15 Hersh: Benghazi Is a HUGE Scandal But Not For the Reason You Think
2014-04-17 Michael Ruppert RIP
2014-04-17 American Media More Subservient on Ukraine than it was on Iraq
2014-04-17 Harry Reid: Lying, thieving bastard
2014-04-17 US GITMO Detainee Killed in Syria While Leading NATO-backed Death Squad
2014-04-17 Study links SSRI use by pregnant moms to autism and developmental delays in boys
2014-04-17 Tennessee effectively nullifies federal hemp ban
2014-04-17 Victory! Student Charged for Recording Bullies - DA Will Not Pursue Case
2014-04-17 Michael Ruppert: Apocalypse, Man
2014-04-18 ​Medical misdiagnosis affects 12 million Americans a year
2014-04-18 Vaccines: Cult of the State Pushing for End to "Personal Belief" Exemptions
2014-04-18 The Boston Bombing: An Indictment
2014-04-18 Palast: Lap Dancers, the CIA, Pay-offs, and BP’s Deepwater Horizon
2014-04-18 All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars
2014-04-18 SSRI Antidepressants & Mass Killings
2014-04-20 Boston Bombing: Who is Graham Fuller?
2014-04-20 US "National Debt" Collateral Endangered by Western States
2014-04-20 Bankster Terrorists' Last-Ditch Betrayal against Children
2014-04-20 ECT: The Sadistic Weapon at the Heart of Psychiatry
2014-04-20 Terrorist caught Red-handed threatening to nuke USA
2014-04-20 Nomi Prins: All the President's Bankers
2014-04-20 The US Escalation of Nuclear Tensions
2014-04-22 USA: Quantifying the Loss of Government Legitimacy
2014-04-23 Scientific Study Proves US Is Not A Democracy!
2014-04-23 Unvaccinated Children Will Be Healthiest Among Future Generations
2014-04-24 The FCC is about to axe-murder net neutrality
2014-04-25 Why Was Sharyl Attkisson Forced Out of CBS?
2014-04-25 Review Of The Autism Vaccine Connection
2014-04-25 Health effects of microwave radiation
2014-04-26 Circumventing the Censors: Pirate Internet
2014-04-26 Letter from a Mother to her doctor
2014-04-28 Why aren't we putting US agencies on trial for financing Mexican drug cartels?
2014-05-01 Supreme Court Allows Indefinite Detention Without Trial
2014-05-01 Ukraine and the EU Financial Crisis
2014-05-01 Engdahl: Backgrounder on Ukraine
2014-05-03 A Free Press is Crucial to a Free World
2014-05-03 The Eleventh Marble
2014-05-04 Study: FDA-Approved Levels of Aspartame Distort Brain Function, Kill Brain Cells
2014-05-04 UK: Politicians & Press Confronted on Government Pedophilia Rings & Needless Austerity
2014-05-05 Constructing a Storyline: MH370 jet "linked to Al Qaeda"
2014-05-05 Psychological Aspects of 9/11 Denial
2014-05-05 High School Physics and "Why I Am Convinced 9/11 Was an Inside Job"
2014-05-05 Kent State Truth Tribunal
2014-05-06 Lobotomy and Medico-Munchausen Disorder
2014-05-06 Obama prepares to smash BRICS
2014-05-06 Flight 370 Cargo Mystery
2014-05-06 Flight 370 reality check
2014-05-06 Russ Baker on Boston Bombing, Bush, Media
2014-05-07 "They Live" on Your TV
2014-05-08 Rockefeller Medicine
2014-05-09 Sandy Hook: School Board Hearing
2014-05-09 Max Keiser Interview on Ukraine
2014-05-09 Flight 370: Govt Spooks Burglarize Philip Wood's Girlfriend
2014-05-11 "USA Freedom Act" Is Another Orwellian Deception
2014-05-11 US Tried and Failed to Plant WMD's in Iraq
2014-05-11 Blackwater Mercenaries Deployed in Ukraine
2014-05-12 Voice Recording From Missing Flight MH370 Was Edited
2014-05-12 Saudi Arabia Relocating Terrorists from Syria to Ukraine
2014-05-12 Al CIAda Terrorists attack presidential palace in Yemen
2014-05-12 Russia Rejects Western GMO Bioweapons Again
2014-05-12 Reprise: GMO Frankenfood and Appleton Wisconsin high school
2014-05-12 Reprise: How They Live
2014-05-12 What are they thinking?
2014-05-13 Why Global Warming Failed
2014-05-13 All your kids are belong to us
2014-05-14 The FBI's New Clothes
2014-05-14 Neocons Pushing Russia to End Petrodollar
2014-05-14 Common Core, Common Crap
2014-05-14 GMO WMD's: Interview with Researcher Don Huber
2014-05-14 Russia moving away from the bankster's rating agencies
2014-05-14 Bringing Demoncracy to Syria
2014-05-14 Prominent Economists Call for End to Fractional Reserve Banking
2014-05-14 How to Fix Income Inequality
2014-05-14 Terrorist Government Aims at American Children
2014-05-14 SSRI's and Mass Killings
2014-05-14 Obstetrical Abuse: Disrupting MotherBabyLove
2014-05-14 Washington's Soft Spot for Fascism
2014-05-14 False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency
2014-05-14 Canadian Republican Movement Seeks Divorce from UK Royalty
2014-05-14 Music for a change
2014-05-15 Russian Draft Law would ​punish GMO producers as terrorists
2014-05-15 Videos of What the US and EU Have Unleashed on Ukraine
2014-05-17 Where New Unsold Cars Go to Die
2014-05-18 Bankers Training US Military For Takeover for Years
2014-05-18 Holder's DOJ Lied to Supreme Court re: NSA Spying
2014-05-18 Leaked Documents Reveal Marine Corps ‘Urban Training Center’ Based on U.S. Town
2014-05-18 Fitts on the Deliberate implosion of the US economy
2014-05-18 The Enemy is State Child Abuse, Ignorance and Blind Trust in Criminals
2014-05-18 OldManTarget
2014-05-18 The United States and Mass Murder
2014-05-18 US Hand in Global Torture Exposed (AGAIN)
2014-05-19 Chilean activist sets fire to $500 mn worth of student debt documents
2014-05-19 Don't worry about terrorism, worry about the government's response to it
2014-05-19 Buying "Love" in Iraq, Punishing Honesty at Home
2014-05-19 China-Russia Energy Deal Serious Threat to Empire of the Dollar
2014-05-19 Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging
2014-05-19 What is the collateral on the US federal debt?
2014-05-19 California Senate Passes Bill to Pull Plug on Illegal NSA Spying
2014-05-19 In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia
2014-05-20 Kamikazi US Government Plays Empire Games While Russia, China Settle Trade in Domestic Currencies
2014-05-20 Humor: North Carolina law would make discussing fracking chemicals illegal
2014-05-20 Is the Fraudulent Reserve Really Tapering?
2014-05-21 Media Lambasted Over Benghazi
2014-05-21 10 ways the freedom of the web is being dismantled
2014-05-21 Video: Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist
2014-05-21 Common Core: Building the Machine
2014-05-21 Aspartame Impairs Brain Function
2014-05-21 Troops Practice Invading Tampa
2014-05-22 The Great Global Warming Swindle
2014-05-22 The Club of Rome Agenda for Social Control
2014-05-23 The Looting of Greece: Fire Sale of Beaches to Pay "Debt"
2014-05-23 US Doctors Dumping ADHD Drugs on Toddlers
2014-05-23 Consequences of Sensory Deprivation in Early Childhood
2014-05-24 Russia's 9/99 False Flag and Putin's Rise to Power
2014-05-24 The War on Children: New Study Confirms Fluoride is Neurotoxic
2014-05-24 After BP Gulf Disaster, Still No Movement on Safety Standards
2014-05-24 Congress reaffirms indefinite detention of Americans under NDAA
2014-05-24 Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water
2014-05-24 9/11: Spooky Fortune Telling in Hollywood
2014-05-24 Who is Behind Boko Haram?
2014-05-25 Ukraine: Welcome to Nulandistan
2014-05-25 The Occult History of the 3rd Reich
2014-05-25 Juice Rap News on Net Neutrality
2014-05-25 Video: Hitler's Children
2014-05-25 Press TV interviews Tarpley on Ukraine
2014-05-25 German Aerospace Worker: "I Installed Chemtrail Equipment"
2014-05-25 9/11: Lecture by Niels Harrit
2014-05-26 The Case for Chicago Being the Next False Flag
2014-05-26 The Military's Hidden Enemy: Psychiatry
2014-05-26 NATO False Flags in Ukraine
2014-05-26 A Brief History of False Flag Terror
2014-05-26 Sibel Edmonds: False Flags: Operation Gladio Exposed
2014-05-27 The TTIP Trade Pact: Impacts on Food and Farming
2014-05-27 The Founding Fables of Industrialised Agriculture
2014-05-27 Greenwald Says Will Publish Names of Domestic NSA Targets
2014-05-27 Federal Reserve: When Lawyers and Bankers Get Together
2014-05-27 Syria: Most Violent Terrorists are UK Mercenaries
2014-05-27 Reprise: Bernanke Admits Fed Caused Great Depression
2014-05-28 Aurora Massacre Documentary
2014-05-28 DARPA Funds Brain Implants to "Fix" Devastated Soldiers
2014-05-28 Sandy Hook Documentary
2014-05-28 Humor: Learn History with Philip Zelikow, former Exec. Director of 9/11 Commission
2014-05-28 Child Kidnapping Child Slavery in America Today
2014-05-28 Canada's Deliberately Engineered Housing Bubble
2014-05-30 Bankers Prepare Military to Conquer their Own Country
2014-05-30 Small Farmers’ Loss of Land Increases World Hunger
2014-05-30 Military op to continue in E. Ukraine until ‘stability’ restored
2014-05-30 USA Freedom Act has Nothing to Do With Freedom
2014-05-31 The Hormone of Love
2014-05-31 NASA Expert Fears "Rogue" Geoengineers
2014-05-31 Reprise: False Flags, Gun Control and Fascism
2014-05-31 Pope Francis Co-operated with the Military Junta in Argentina
2014-06-01 List of Politicians Who Took Payoffs from Monsanto
2014-06-01 NATO Preparing for WWIII
2014-06-01 Ancient History: CIA Helped Install Khomeini in Iran
2014-06-01 Obama Honeymoon is Long Over
2014-06-01 The Lobotomization of the Internet Continues
2014-06-01 The Crash Course
2014-06-01 Western NGO's Role in Ukraine
2014-06-01 The Real Purpose of Common Core
2014-06-01 NSA Snatching Facebook Photos for Facial Recognition Surveillance
2014-06-03 Pharmacorps use dangerous tactics to drug kids
2014-06-03 Success: US Economy in Deflationary Spiral
2014-06-04 Applying the Shock Doctrine on a Global Scale
2014-06-04 Palast: We're all Natives Now
2014-06-04 FCC Determined to "Fix" Net Neutrality
2014-06-04 Federal Reserve: It's a Wonderful Lie
2014-06-04 Where it all starts: False Flag Obstetrics and Disaster Capitalism
2014-06-05 19 Year-Old Faces Life in Prison For Pot Brownies
2014-06-05 Kerth Barker - NEW BOOK!
2014-06-05 Hilary Clinton: The Next Trojan Horse
2014-06-05 Microwaves: Why Current Safety Standards Do Not Prevent Biological Hazard
2014-06-06 Irish 'baby graves scandal' - secret vaccine trials in 1930s
2014-06-06 The Vagus Nerve and American Obstetrics' Precision Lobotomization of Empathy and Altruism
2014-06-07 Pentagon to send military advisers to Ukraine Amid Growing Resistance
2014-06-07 Reprise: Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job
2014-06-07 The Reality of US "Security Assistance"
2014-06-07 One Ton Gold Shipment Into Hong Kong Revealed To Contain Just Worthless Metal
2014-06-08 Student Science Experiment Finds Plants won’t Grow near Wi-Fi Router
2014-06-08 Kiev Regime Abandons Ukraine-Russian Border Checkpoints
2014-06-08 NSA Blackmailing Top Government Officials and Military Officers
2014-06-09 Beyond Common Core: Education Over Indoctrination
2014-06-09 Antiseptics vs the Human Ecosystem
2014-06-10 Ukraine: #DontKillUs
2014-06-10 US Government Resumes War on El Salvador
2014-06-10 Bush Impeachment was "off the table" because Pelosi was Complicit
2014-06-10 Across America, Police Departments Are Quietly Preparing For War
2014-06-10 Success: Signs of Economic Collapse are Everywhere
2014-06-10 Victory: Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Wins Lawsuit
2014-06-10 Reprise: SEC: Government Destroyed Records of Pre-9/11 Put Options
2014-06-11 Air pollution linked to autism and schizophrenia
2014-06-12 Reprise: Staged Massacres: Important Links
2014-06-12 Obama Trying to Cover up the VA Scandal by Issuing Subpoenas to Whistle-Blower Sites
2014-06-12 Report: Vaccine 'intended for cattle' given to children in mother-and-baby homes
2014-06-12 Psychiatry - science or snake oil?
2014-06-13 What’s So Bad About Common Core? A lot!
2014-06-13 Baby "formula" + fluoridated water = Brain Damage
2014-06-13 Shocker: Empathy Dropped 40% in College Students Since 2000
2014-06-13 Child Abuser-in-Chief Threatens Kidnapping over Twirling Pencil
2014-06-13 Success: The Dollar is Dying
2014-06-13 Empathy - The Power of Outrospection
2014-06-14 Audra McDonald Thanks Parents for No ADD Meds
2014-06-14 Big Pharma conspiracy to sell addictive drugs taken to courts in CA and Chicago
2014-06-14 How EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety
2014-06-14 Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
2014-06-15 Lack of Breast Feeding Linked to Autism
2014-06-15 Breastfeeding and Empathy
2014-06-15 Fluoridation Scam Unheard of in Europe
2014-06-15 The Shadows of Power: The CFR Agenda
2014-06-15 The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy
2014-06-16 Polish Central Bank Head Caught Bribing Govt Official
2014-06-16 High Comedy: Lindsey Graham Grooming Iran for False Flag Frameup
2014-06-16 Is The Epidemic of Sudden Infant Deaths Medically Induced?
2014-06-16 Fraud Across the Board in Effort to Prop up the Economic Illusion
2014-06-17 USDA Considers GMO Contamination ‘Normal’
2014-06-17 It’s Getting Harder to Hide Infants from Questionable Vaccinations
2014-06-17 Monsanto Infiltrates Public School Curriculum
2014-06-17 Plasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly
2014-06-17 The Death Of The Rust Belt
2014-06-17 Reprise: Wesley Clark on the Real Agenda in the Middle East
2014-06-18 "Liberating" Ukraine
2014-06-18 The Most Destructive Presidencies in U.S. History: George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama
2014-06-18 US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Return to Scene of the Crime
2014-06-18 America's Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq
2014-06-18 2nd Amendment: Hilary Claims Minority Terrorizes Majority
2014-06-18 In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism
2014-06-18 The Clinton's Arkansas Drug Empire
2014-06-18 Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown
2014-06-18 Herding Sheep From Slaughter to Slaughter
2014-06-18 The Myth of War as Economic Stimulus
2014-06-18 JPFO: Is There Really an Epidemic of Mass Shootings?
2014-06-18 Putin Advisor Proposes “Anti-Dollar Alliance” To Halt US Aggression Abroad
2014-06-18 Max Keiser: The Wal-Mart of Fraud + Nomi Prins
2014-06-19 Reprise: Modern Science Still Not Convinced Newborn Babies are Conscious
2014-06-19 US Won't Attack Its Own Proxy Army in Iraq
2014-06-19 The Origins of War in Child Abuse
2014-06-20 Science has lost its way, at a big cost to humanity - LATimes
2014-06-20 Only 18 confirmed US flu deaths in 2001. What?! - Jon Rappoport
2014-06-20 Does science support infant circumcision?
2014-06-20 The Essence Of The Banking Industry... think "Ukraine"
2014-06-20 MafiAmerica is Terror Inc.
2014-06-20 IRS Lost Lerner's Emails?... Not really!
2014-06-21 The International Banking Cartel
2014-06-21 Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died
2014-06-21 CDC Cover-Up of Link Between Autism and Mercury in Vaccines
2014-06-21 How Mercury Destroys the Brain - University of Calgary
2014-06-21 Ten ways mercury is toxic to the body
2014-06-21 “End the Fed” Rallies in Germany
2014-06-22 Wayne Madsen: CIA faction behind leak of NSA document trove
2014-06-22 PDF of "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate" online
2014-06-22 Yet More Research on Circumcision and Mind Control
2014-06-22 More Research on Circumcision and Mind Control
2014-06-22 CIA Mind Control Project Financed Circumcision Psychological Research
2014-06-22 Origins of Psychological Warfare
2014-06-22 How the West was Won by Nazis and Wall Street
2014-06-22 Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain
2014-06-22 Is Obama Admin Trafficking Children for Political Purposes?
2014-06-22 Former FDA Reviewer Speaks Out About Intimidation, Retaliation and Marginalizing of Safety
2014-06-22 US Health Care: Most Expensive by Far, Least Effective
2014-06-23 How to Lie to a Generation of Families - Malfeasance in the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Program
2014-06-23 World War BZ
2014-06-23 Central Banks on Corporate Buying Spree
2014-06-23 Credit Rating Agencies/Economic Terrorists Dodge Reforms
2014-06-23 Gen Petraeus: After the USA, NAFTA
2014-06-23 Iraq Falling Apart is the Real “Mission Accomplished”
2014-06-23 Russia Prepares for an “Expected U.S. Nuclear Attack”
2014-06-24 DHS: A beast that is accelerating our nation’s transformation into a police state
2014-06-24 House Passes Historic Medical Marijuana Amendment
2014-06-24 Chemtrails Whistleblower, Ex-Military Kristen Meghan
2014-06-24 US Southern Border is Gone
2014-06-24 Controlled Demolition of Official Story at Grand Opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum
2014-06-24 Humor: Talking Airheads Still Trying to Herd the Sheep Re: 9/11
2014-06-24 Reprise: Sibel Edmonds on Operation Gladio and Real History
2014-06-25 "Food" Monopolies Lobbying to Crush Protections for Small Farmers
2014-06-25 Cheney Threatens New Terrorist Attack
2014-06-25 Infant Abuse and Neglect and Social Control
2014-06-25 Success: GDP Disaster: Final Q1 GDP Crashes To -2.9%
2014-06-25 UN Hiring Post-War Disarmament/Reintegration Specialists for USA
2014-06-26 The Chaos In Iraq Is By DESIGN
2014-06-26 Vaccine researcher charged with felony crimes for research fraud; may spend 20 years in prison over faked AIDS vaccine
2014-06-26 Supporting Evidence for Aspartame-Alzheimer's Link Emerges
2014-06-26 Pirate Radio Station for $55 Could Help Decentralize Big-Telecom
2014-06-27 Neonicotinoid Insecticides are KILLING EVERYTHING
2014-06-27 Iraq: Maliki Starting to Figure out the US Game, Buying Jets from Russia
2014-06-27 ALL of the net jobs gains in the U.S. since 2000 have gone to immigrants
2014-06-27 From the reference section: Mysterious Explosions at the WTC on 9/11
2014-06-27 Millions Wrongly Treated for 'Cancer,' National Cancer Institute
2014-06-27 Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant
2014-06-28 The Murder of Detroit
2014-06-28 A Possible Use for Obama's Border Crisis
2014-06-28 Dead Leaders and their Bankster Murderers
2014-06-28 Science for Sale: Wholesale Corruption at EPA and CDC
2014-06-28 Monsanto Security Tries to Shut Down Reporters at World Headquarters
2014-06-29 Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire
2014-06-29 Drugs and Vaccines Are More Dangerous for Children
2014-06-29 The Road to WWIII
2014-06-30 Mexico Trafficking Refugee Children to Southern Border
2014-07-01 ISIS and the USA: A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement
2014-07-01 Facebook's Psychological Experiments Connected to Department of Defense Research on Civil Unrest
2014-07-01 Ukrainian President Poroshenko has been working for the U.S. government since at least 2006
2014-07-01 Paypal Freezes Out Crowdfunding for Encrypted Email
2014-07-01 Cryptome Says Snowden Revelations on Hold but Others May Release them to Avoid War
2014-07-01 Ukraine's Gangster State
2014-07-02 EPA Set to Approve Dow Concoction on your Food
2014-07-02 America Seems to Be Losing War in Ukraine
2014-07-02 Fluoride: The Tide is Turning
2014-07-03 What's in Your Beer?
2014-07-03 Comment on the FCC's Proposed Net Neutrality Rule
2014-07-03 NATO's War on Ukraine in Pictures
2014-07-03 National Cancer Institute Caught Killing Promising Cancer Treatment
2014-07-04 Police Confiscate Healthy Baby For "Testing" Because Of Off-Grid Birth
2014-07-04 Imposed Drought: Doing "God's Work" in Detroit
2014-07-04 Militarizing Public Education: Teaching the Official 9/11 Fable to Kids
2014-07-04 Clitorectomy in America: One Person's Story
2014-07-04 Circumcision Photo of the Day
2014-07-04 Obama's Ethnic Cleansing Operation in Ukraine
2014-07-04 American Obstetrics in Two Photos
2014-07-04 The Reverse Panopticon
2014-07-05 Ukraine: RAND recommends Mass Murder, Impoverishment, Decimation of Infrastructure
2014-07-05 Empathy as a Choice and Pleasure vs Pain or Neglect in Infancy
2014-07-05 Pedophilia and the Infrastructure of Power
2014-07-06 Yellen Lying About Cause of Recent Financial Bubbles
2014-07-06 Washington's Nazis and their Big Lies
2014-07-06 9/11: WTC 7 Collapse Destroys Official Story
2014-07-06 GMO Bt Corn Registered as a Pesticide by EPA
2014-07-06 Lies, Damn Lies and Government Statistics
2014-07-06 Ukraine: We All Get the Tyranny We Deserve
2014-07-07 The US Government is Hastening the Crash of the Dollar
2014-07-07 Inflation: Breakfast Food Up 24% Since January
2014-07-07 NSA Compiling Blackmail/Extortion Dossiers on Americans
2014-07-07 Unjust Trade and Forced Migration
2014-07-07 A Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve
2014-07-08 ISIS and the "Three State Solution"
2014-07-08 Guns & Butter: Catherine Austin Fitts on The Black Budget
2014-07-08 Secrets and Lies of the Bailout
2014-07-08 H.A.D. - A Short Story by Shaun A. Saunders
2014-07-08 Announcing two new Kerth Barker books
2014-07-08 UK: 114 files missing from 'Westminster pedophile ring' dossier
2014-07-08 Book Banning in the USA
2014-07-08 Weed the People movie trailer
2014-07-08 Germany lets US keep its gold reserves
2014-07-09 Junk food gets encoded in DNA of future children
2014-07-09 Central Banksters on Global Corporate Buying Spree
2014-07-09 The militarization of American public schools
2014-07-09 RT on 9/11
2014-07-09 Eugenics: The War on Life
2014-07-09 "Syrian Girl" on ISIS
2014-07-10 Senate committee passes CISA cybersecurity bill that could broaden NSA powers
2014-07-10 Manufacturing "History" for Future Generations
2014-07-10 Unrepentant: The Genocide of Canada's Native Peoples
2014-07-10 Ex-Greenpeace member scared of imminent ‘global cooling’
2014-07-10 Dozens More Pentagon Programs To Manipulate Social Media Revealed
2014-07-10 MSM journalists blast Obama admin for ‘politically driven suppression of news’
2014-07-11 Video: Genetic Roulette
2014-07-11 Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower
2014-07-11 Did the BIS just call for a stock-market collapse?
2014-07-11 Roundup-Ready GMO Corn Study Republished
2014-07-11 Scientists Pledge to Boycott Publisher That Retracted GMO Paper
2014-07-12 UK 7/7 Attacks: Skeptics Intrude on State Celebration of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice
2014-07-12 Ralph Nader, The Road to Corporate Fascism
2014-07-12 The Birth of a New Earth: Curriculum for Conscious Procreation
2014-07-12 Former al-Qaeda Commander: ISIS Works for the CIA
2014-07-13 The Looming Foreclosure Crisis
2014-07-13 UK: Too Many Elite Pedophiles to Prosecute
2014-07-13 Mass Influx of Immigrants: Preparations Began Under Bush/Reagan
2014-07-13 The Real Face of the European Union
2014-07-13 The Border Crisis: A Bipartisan Effort
2014-07-13 Jim Rickards: Crash of the Global Currency Market and Insolvency of the U.S. Dollar
2014-07-13 Rwanda to Ukraine: The American Way of Genocide
2014-07-15 Leaked RAND Corporation Memo Exhibits Total Indifference to Human Suffering
2014-07-16 Rwanda 1994 What Really Happened?
2014-07-16 Book: Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa
2014-07-16 Pentagon Expands Training Of Mexican Military
2014-07-16 EPA To Seize Paychecks Of Individual ‘Rule Breakers’
2014-07-16 Is TOR an NSA Honeypot?
2014-07-17 Monsanto's Roundup Linked to Fatal Kidney Disease Epidemic
2014-07-17 The stinkier the better for bonding
2014-07-18 Zionist Intelligence Operation SPLC + Holder Conjure New Domestic Extremist Bogeyman
2014-07-18 NSA: Thieves, liars and fools
2014-07-18 Ukraine: Obamacons Get Ball Rolling On World War III
2014-07-19 Hidden History: Hitler and the Founding of Israel
2014-07-19 Was Flight MH-17 Diverted Over Restricted Airspace?
2014-07-19 World GDP Hopes Are Collapsing
2014-07-19 Anti-Dollar Alliance Prepares Launch Of BRICS Bank
2014-07-19 Coverup of Sailors Exposed to Fukishima Radiation
2014-07-19 NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is Western Intelligence Asset
2014-07-19 Ukranian Rebel Leader Says Bodies on MH17 "Weren't Fresh"
2014-07-20 California County Unanimously Votes to Further Investigate Geo-engineering
2014-07-20 NY Politicians Scramble to Keep 9/11 Initiative Off the Ballot
2014-07-20 US Congress Manuvering to Enter Military Alliance with Ukraine
2014-07-20 Fifty Years of the Deep State
2014-07-20 Malaysian Flight False Flag Evidence Revealed
2014-07-20 Ukraine air traffic controller suggests Kiev military shot down passenger plane
2014-07-20 US Business Primary Victims of Allegedly anti-Russian Sanctions
2014-07-20 Ukraine: A National IQ Test for the USA
2014-07-20 5 Books the "Government" Doesn't Want You to Read
2014-07-21 Russian Economic Advisor: Ukraine is Under American Occupation
2014-07-22 Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots
2014-07-23 The MH17 Cover-Up: Interview with Paul Joseph Watson
2014-07-23 MH17: The Mystery of a Ukrainian Army ‘Defector’
2014-07-23 Black Hat Talk on TOR Vulnerabilities Cancelled
2014-07-23 Americans' brains being fried by cell towers
2014-07-23 Tarpley on Possible Russian Responses to Economic Sanctions
2014-07-23 U.S. Leads 21-Nation Special Forces Exercise In Colombia
2014-07-23 Bankster Puppet UN Organizing Mexican Gangs to Infiltrate USA
2014-07-24 "Government" Steps up Domestic Chemical Warfare
2014-07-24 Iraq: US Puppet ISIS Orders FGM Campaign
2014-07-24 The Self-Directed Weaponization of Human Identity
2014-07-25 NATO's Gladio Army in Ukraine
2014-07-25 Ukranian Gangstate Calls for Nuclear Strikes
2014-07-25 Guilt By Insinuation
2014-07-25 Something is very wrong on the USA border
2014-07-25 9/11 and the Comicbook Version of History
2014-07-26 The International Banking Cartel
2014-07-26 Yugoslavia: The Weight of Chains
2014-07-27 Success: Median Household Wealth Has Plunged 36% Since 2003
2014-07-27 Foundation of Mass Mind Control
2014-07-27 Medicine in the Service of Social Control
2014-07-27 MH17 Crash Site Still Not Secured
2014-07-28 Germany Gives up on Getting Back its Gold
2014-07-28 OKC Bombing: Murderers & Traitors in Government Continue Coverup
2014-07-28 Deleted BBC Report. “Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shot Down MHI7″, Say Eyewitnesses
2014-07-28 California FEMA Camps Being Readied for Refugees from Bankster Coup
2014-07-29 Beam Weapons by David Dees
2014-07-30 Mass Immigration at Southern Border Invites Ebola Outbreak
2014-07-30 Top Financial Experts Say World War 3 Is Coming … Unless We Stop It
2014-07-30 The FBI: Terrorists Among Us
2014-07-30 Global Elite Agitating for War Against Russia
2014-07-30 Evidence Shows MH17 Attacked by Military Aircraft
2014-07-30 TOR: USA's Funding Belies Claims of Security
2014-08-01 Conspiracy Theory: Water Fluoridation is Significant Cause of Cancer
2014-08-01 Counter-Surveillance Strategies for Dealing with the Police State
2014-08-01 Lee Harvey Oswald, Vaccines, SV40 and Dr.Mary's Monkey
2014-08-01 Ebola: Medical Martial Law
2014-08-02 Conspiracy Theory: An Architect on the 9/11 Fairy Tale
2014-08-02 EU Approves Export of Military Equipment to Ukraine
2014-08-02 California and Ukraine National Guard gear up for military collaboration in 2015
2014-08-02 Is Ebola Pandemic Being Used as a Psyop?
2014-08-02 Hillary Clinton backs GMOs to the hilt
2014-08-02 Origins of Terrorism as a Media Event
2014-08-02 NATO is Bombing Eastern Ukraine
2014-08-02 NSA Shows its Colors in Saudi Arabia
2014-08-02 USA's Puppets in Kiev Have Tenuous Hold on Power
2014-08-02 Federal Court Orders DOJ To Release Fast And Furious Information
2014-08-02 Plausible Scenario for Bioterror Psyop Event
2014-08-02 The Impending Financial False Flag and "Economic Reset"
2014-08-02 Seralini vs Monsanto
2014-08-03 Analyst: Germany Secretly Planning to Join BRICS
2014-08-03 To Sell a War
2014-08-03 Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’
2014-08-03 The Terrorist List Lottery
2014-08-04 Peak Prosperity on Money Creation
2014-08-04 Feds Shut Down Heirloom Seed Library in Pennsylvania
2014-08-04 Defining Away Economic Failure: “Offshoring Manufacturing” and the Decline of America’s Industrial Base
2014-08-04 What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?
2014-08-04 LEAKED: The Internet Must Go
2014-08-05 Coca Cola Spending Millions to Stop GMO Labeling
2014-08-05 U.S. has highest first-day infant mortality out of industrialized world, group reports
2014-08-07 Palast: How Obama Could End the Argentine Debt Crisis
2014-08-07 Greenwald: US Intelligence Enables Israeli Attacks
2014-08-08 Western Sanctions Against Russia Backfire
2014-08-09 US Doctors Still Evicting Babies from their Mothers' Wombs
2014-08-09 Stress and the Toxification of the Womb
2014-08-10 Empire - The New Scramble for Africa
2014-08-10 Past Presidents' Warnings About the Invisible Government
2014-08-10 Humanitarian Bombing in Ukraine
2014-08-10 The View From the Top: Population Reduction is Job 1
2014-08-10 The Rise Of The Petroyuan and the Erosion of the Dollar
2014-08-10 What an Ebola Lockdown Looks Like
2014-08-10 Video: Birth As We Know It
2014-08-10 Why One Person Won't Be Lining Up for the Ebola Vaccine
2014-08-10 Paul Craig Roberts on War and the Dollar
2014-08-10 Remembering The Swine Flu Psyop
2014-08-10 The Global Dominance Group
2014-08-10 New Bill Would Demilitarize Regulatory Agencies
2014-08-11 ISIS Bankrolled by USA's Biggest Allies
2014-08-11 US Has Cure for Ebola Infection
2014-08-12 NATO Baiting Russia Into War
2014-08-13 Gold and Currency Wars
2014-08-14 Why Did the Fed Pump and Dump US Real Estate Markets?
2014-08-14 Study finds Public Input to Public Policy "Insignificant"
2014-08-15 Conspiracy Theory: Vaccines Might Not Be Safe
2014-08-15 20 Facts That Show How NAFTA Is Destroying The Economy
2014-08-15 Nestle CEO on Wonders of Pseudofood
2014-08-15 Corbett: The Ebola Effect
2014-08-16 New Wave of GMO Crops Poised for Approval Despite Public Outcry
2014-08-17 Inconvenient History of the TDAP Vaccine
2014-08-17 How to Ban GMOs in Your City or County
2014-08-17 Biotech Takeover of Ukraine Imminent
2014-08-17 ISIS: West Unleashes Satanism in Iraq
2014-08-17 Therapist on US Government MK-Ultra Satanic Abuse of Children
2014-08-18 Implausible Deniability - West's ISIS Terror Hordes in Iraq
2014-08-18 UK "Investigating" Elite Kidnapping, Abuse of Children
2014-08-18 Ferguson: Is the DHS Planting Provocateurs?
2014-08-18 Escalation: Obama Broadens Iraq War Goals
2014-08-19 Army Preparing to Use Lethal Force Against “Unarmed Civilians” During “Full Scale Riots”
2014-08-19 14 Yr Old Anti-GMO Activist
2014-08-20 CDC Whistleblower on Vaccine-Autism Fraud
2014-08-20 New Paper Finds Overlooked Racial Dependency in MMR-Autism Data
2014-08-20 Andrew WakeField on his MMR Autism Research
2014-08-21 The New America: Nazi Government
2014-08-21 Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, by the Numbers
2014-08-21 Regime changing no-fly list rules
2014-08-21 Thieves Prepare to Steal the Internet
2014-08-21 Growing Mayhem: US Operating on Both Sides of Syrian-Iraqi Border
2014-08-21 Bank of America agrees to record $17bn settlement over mortgage fraud
2014-08-21 Pacific Ocean is Dying
2014-08-22 CDC Autism Whistleblower Revealed
2014-08-22 "Russian Aggression Prevention Act”: A Direct Path to Nuclear War with Russia
2014-08-23 commondreams.org targetted by zionist psyop
2014-08-23 Ukrainian Nazis: Another Tool of the US Ruling Class
2014-08-23 The New Cold War
2014-08-23 US Police Train with Foreign Militaries to Crackdown on Dissent
2014-08-23 Net Post Implies "ISIS" False Flag Threat to Chicago
2014-08-23 Engdahl: The Gods of Money
2014-08-23 What The World Bank Actually Does
2014-08-23 Jim Rickards on Alex Jones
2014-08-23 The Civil Forfeiture Machine
2014-08-23 Corporate Media Plays Dumb on Spread of Radical Islam
2014-08-23 The CIA's Weaponization of a Generation of Afghan Children
2014-08-23 Even the CFR is having second thoughts on the US coup in Ukraine
2014-08-23 Book Review: Seeds of Destruction
2014-08-23 CDC Vaccine Researcher Goes Crazy, Starts "Listening to Conscience"
2014-08-24 Armed Psyop: The Islamic State
2014-08-24 Reprise: Fabled Enemies
2014-08-24 MH17 Crash Investigation “Classified” Under A “Non-disclosure Agreement”
2014-08-25 Military Helicopters descend on Twin Cities
2014-08-25 US-NATO To Deploy Ground Troops, Conduct Large Scale Naval Exercises against “Unnamed Enemy”
2014-08-25 Massive Outflow of Refugees from East Ukraine War Zone, Resettled in Russia
2014-08-25 Experts: James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake
2014-08-25 How Cops Create Riots to Justify Crackdowns
2014-08-25 Cornel West slams 'counterfeit' Obama's presidency
2014-08-25 OKC bombing: Claims of second accomplice and FBI intimidation
2014-08-26 Matt Taibbi and Max Keiser on Ferguson and Bankster Scams
2014-08-27 Corbett: MH17 Exposed
2014-08-27 Success: War on Children: 1 in 6 Has Developmental Disabilities
2014-08-27 US Congressman says 'incestuous relationship' between CDC and vaccine manufacturers needs to be scrutinized
2014-08-27 CDC Vaccine Whistleblower Letter to CDC Director
2014-08-27 Al Sharpton Exposed as FBI Informant
2014-08-27 CDC Autism Whistleblower Makes Public Statement
2014-08-27 An Alternative to Fractional Reserve Banking
2014-08-27 The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan
2014-08-27 US No Longer the "Indispensible Nation"
2014-08-28 Ultimate Con: The Fed Giveth and the Fed Taketh Away
2014-08-28 Mass Male Circumcision: Social Destabilization Posing as Charity
2014-08-29 Breaking: Media BS Happening Somewhere
2014-08-29 Rape and Pillage Marketed as Foreign Aid
2014-08-29 Hooker Says CDC Lying About Lack of Race Data in Vaccine Autism Study
2014-08-29 Federal Cybersecurity Director Found Guilty on Child Porn Charges
2014-08-30 Reality: Neurologically, MGM is the same as FGM
2014-08-30 Video: The Construct
2014-08-30 Take Back Your Power - the movie
2014-08-30 Losing Eden
2014-08-30 Zengardner: Intention and the Rite of Disengagement
2014-08-30 Over-Used Car Salesman Warns of ISIS Terror in the US
2014-08-31 Jim Rickards On the Next Great Ripoff
2014-08-31 Facing Defeat, Empire planning 'rapid-deployment force' of 10,000 troops to counter Russia
2014-08-31 Obama Opens Fracking to BP in the Gulf of Mexico
2014-08-31 How the World Bank, IMF and Biden's Son Plan to Dismantle Ukraine's Economy
2014-08-31 Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer
2014-08-31 The USA is Now a 3rd World Country
2014-08-31 Obama Stonewalling Release of Classified 9/11 Report
2014-09-01 Is the US Planning to Blame Russia for Dollar Collapse?
2014-09-01 Empire Fighting on All Sides of War in Syria
2014-09-01 Fukushima Radiation Has Spread Worldwide
2014-09-01 Economic solutions already here for full employment, zero public deficits and debts
2014-09-01 Ebola: ZMapp cures 100% lab monkeys
2014-09-01 Autism Experts Sound off on CDC Vaccine Coverup
2014-09-01 Sewage Sludge: land application, health risks, and regulatory failure
2014-09-02 Putin Advisor: There Will Be War
2014-09-02 Environmental Impact of the Debt-Money System
2014-09-03 Satanists Await Inevitable American Fukushima
2014-09-03 Shutdown of USA in Progress
2014-09-03 Bill Gates, WB Demographer Agree: Use Vaccines for Population Reduction
2014-09-03 Sterilization of Native American Women
2014-09-03 Eugenics: An American Tradition
2014-09-03 Reprise: AIG, Pivotal Player in Housing Collapse, Tied to CIA
2014-09-04 30 Million Americans On Antidepressants
2014-09-04 The Billionaire Dogooder's Foundation
2014-09-04 Foley Beheading Likely Staged
2014-09-04 The Pedophocracy: Scotland Yard worried about ‘media frenzy’ over pedophile network at Westminster
2014-09-04 Shadowstats on State of the Economy
2014-09-04 American Medicine Kills At Least 225,000 Per Year
2014-09-04 CDC Whistleblower on Thimerosal in Pregnant Women
2014-09-04 Third Ebola Victim Flown to non-BSL4 US Hospital
2014-09-04 Kerth's Video on Psychic Defense and JFK's Occult Murder
2014-09-04 Russia Responds to NATO's First Strike Nuclear Doctrine
2014-09-04 Ukraine: US Intelligence Veterans Letter to Chancellor Merkel
2014-09-05 Papers Please: Federal "Real ID" Law a Fake Remedy to Federal Corruption
2014-09-05 Geoengineering and the California Drought
2014-09-05 Conclusive Link Between GMOs and Disease in Rats
2014-09-06 Origins of GMO Industry
2014-09-06 Satanic group to build temple in Detroit
2014-09-07 Pentagon Is Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police
2014-09-07 WMD's in Iraq: The Pentagon's Excess Inventory Liquidation
2014-09-07 Informed Parent Teaches Clueless Doctor about Vaccines
2014-09-07 Gulf Coast: "People are Dying in Droves"
2014-09-09 War on ISIS will take years, cost billions, murder thousands: Mission Accomplished
2014-09-09 Fed still blaming its victims for consequences of its own savagery
2014-09-09 Debt, Vaccines and Food as a Weapon: When International Aid is Used for Population Control
2014-09-09 UK Telegraph Discovers Debt Free Money
2014-09-10 Farcebook Supports Sadism, Hates Self Defense
2014-09-10 Russian Strategic Bombers Near Canada Practice Cruise Missile Strikes on US
2014-09-10 Psychiatry: The Ultimate Scam
2014-09-10 Mortgage Scammers Also Profited from 9/11
2014-09-10 Fed Pulls Rug Out From Under Municipal Finances
2014-09-10 De-Dollarization Continues: China-Argentina Agree Currency Swap, Will Trade In Yuan
2014-09-10 The Enemy Within Pushes World Out of Dollar System
2014-09-10 NSA Whistleblower William Binney Joins Richard Gage to Call for 9/11 Truth
2014-09-10 Empire to Destroy US Water Supply in Pursuit of Russia
2014-09-11 Syrian Gas Attacks: Media Clings to Worn Propaganda Line in Push for War
2014-09-11 Reprise: CDC’s Depopulation Policy Targets Gullible Women
2014-09-11 Keiser Report: De-Dollarization
2014-09-11 ​US threatened Yahoo with $250K daily fine when it resisted NSA data requests
2014-09-12 Palast: BP and the 3 Stooges Defense
2014-09-12 Rothschild-Owned Reuters Tries to Normalize Torture
2014-09-12 Banksters Desperate for Crisis to Blame for Collapse
2014-09-12 Long list of virologists mysteriously being killed or 'suicided'
2014-09-12 Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children
2014-09-13 Former Whitehouse Interpreter on Mind Control
2014-09-13 Untangling the Bizarre CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque
2014-09-13 Mind Control: America's Secret War
2014-09-13 Real History: Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11
2014-09-13 What Happened to Global Warming?
2014-09-13 The Ongoing Hoax of the "War on Terror"
2014-09-13 COINTELPRO Revisited: Covert Action is Tearing the Country Apart
2014-09-13 Independent Lab 'Confirms Viral DNA in Merck Vaccine'
2014-09-13 NeObamacons Institutionalized Neocon's Crimes
2014-09-13 AQ, ISIS, ISIL, IS etc are All the Same Farce in Different Guises
2014-09-13 Success: Single Americans become majority for first time
2014-09-13 The Farce of EU Democracy
2014-09-13 Kerth Interview on Blogtalk Radio
2014-09-14 US Employs Mercenaries Against California Pot Growers
2014-09-14 Economic Autism: EU seeks billions of euros to revive economy
2014-09-14 America’s missing jobs are not coming back
2014-09-14 Autistic Opinionator Wants Draft to Fight AQ/ISIS/IS
2014-09-14 Despite Obama’s Pledge to Curb It, NSA Mass Surveillance Wins Rubber Stamp
2014-09-14 Use of Glyphosate in Wheat Has Radically Increased Celiac Disease
2014-09-15 Video: The Accelerated Crash Course
2014-09-15 Doublespeak Dictionary
2014-09-15 The Islamic State: America is “Attacking” the Terrorists It Fostered
2014-09-15 Colonization by Bankruptcy: The High-stakes Chess Match for Argentina
2014-09-15 The Lone Gladio: Whistleblower Tells Fact Through Fiction
2014-09-15 Stiglitz on BRICS Bank
2014-09-15 American Ebola Patients' Waste Being Flushed into Public Sewers
2014-09-15 Ebola Has Been Airborne Since 1980's
2014-09-16 The EU and IMF Rape of Ukraine Agriculture
2014-09-17 Industrial Gagriculture: Farming Cancer in Argentina
2014-09-17 Video: The Globalization of NATO
2014-09-17 Occupy abolishes $4 million in other people's student loan debt
2014-09-17 Rozoff: America’s ISIL threat claim is ‘dishonest ploy’ to justify intervention
2014-09-17 Reprise: Syria Part of Years-Long Plan
2014-09-17 Continuity of Agenda: 20 Years of War in Iraq
2014-09-17 9/11: Anatomy of A Great Deception
2014-09-17 BENGHAZI: The Real Reason for the Cover-up
2014-09-17 What you're not being told about the USA Freedom Act
2014-09-18 Chemical producer lobbies for increase in allowed levels of pesticide linked to 'Beemageddon'
2014-09-18 Analyst: "Gold and Silver Endgame is Here"
2014-09-18 The Next Genocide: GMO Grass
2014-09-19 Assange says 'Google works like NSA'
2014-09-19 Psychiatrist Discusses the Lasting Trauma of Circumcision
2014-09-19 What Does the World Bank Do?
2014-09-20 Why Are Germans Rallying Against the Federal Reserve?
2014-09-20 Reprise: CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy
2014-09-20 Scottish Independence Vote: The Queen's Slip is Showing
2014-09-20 Who is Behind the ISIS Beheadings Videos?
2014-09-20 Winnie the Pooh, John the Baptist, tonsils, appendix, and foreskin
2014-09-21 The Climate Question
2014-09-21 New study links autism, cancer to vaccines made with human fetal cells
2014-09-21 Vaccines and Autism: Two Decades of Denial
2014-09-21 "Climate March" Hides Real Culprits and Real Solutions
2014-09-21 Spooky Sign at the Georgia Guidestones
2014-09-22 Economic Collapse: Gangster Discipline Within the Ranks
2014-09-22 Book Review: “The Lone Gladio” Blows the Lid Off Of Gladio B
2014-09-22 Hepatitis B Vaccine in Infancy: Another Medical Profit-Center
2014-09-22 ​Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press
2014-09-22 The PetroYuan Cometh: China Docks Navy Destroyer In Iran's Strait Of Hormuz Port
2014-09-22 From Ludicrous to Pathetic: 7/11 Clerks Get Reward for Flu Vaccination
2014-09-22 Premiere Institutional Child Abuser Pushing Shock Treatment on Infant Survivors of Obstetrical Abuse
2014-09-22 The Psychiatric Secret of Success
2014-09-22 Reprise: Just Getcher Damn Vaccine
2014-09-22 Beating a Dead Horse: Visible Thermite Explosion at WTC on 9/11
2014-09-22 NSA: The Eye of Sauron
2014-09-23 How dangerous is Ebola? Ebola + malnourishment?
2014-09-23 Interview With US Border Agent
2014-09-25 FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook
2014-09-25 Video Book Review: The Lone Gladio
2014-09-25 CIA Drug Scandal? No Problem for the Fake Media
2014-09-25 CIA Drugs: Gary Webb: Vindicated
2014-09-25 CIA Drugs: Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" Online
2014-09-25 COINTELRPO Revisited: Greenwald Exposes NSA Agenda to Destroy Journalists
2014-09-25 The Crimes of Eric Holder
2014-09-25 Eric Holder's Involvement In OKC Bombing Cover-Up
2014-09-25 AQ: The Terrorists R US
2014-09-26 Strange Immunity
2014-09-26 Musings from an intact man who is opposed to routine infant circumcision
2014-09-26 Book: The Anthrax Deception
2014-09-26 Importing Repression: Pentagon to recruit undocumented immigrants
2014-09-26 Faked war footage from "war on" Iraq/ISIS
2014-09-26 EPA Censored Honeybee-Pesticide Connection in the 1970's
2014-09-27 What you ought to know about vaccine court
2014-09-27 CNN Iraq War Hoax Revealed on Satellite Backfeed
2014-09-27 Sandy Hook Hoax Revealed by Internet Archive
2014-09-27 ‘Organic Ready’ Corn to Prevent Cross Pollenation with GMO Corn
2014-09-27 Cannabis Cures Cancer
2014-09-27 Healthy 12-year-old girl dies shortly after receiving HPV vaccine
2014-09-27 The Rockefeller Legacy
2014-09-28 Sandy Hook: FBI Report is Not a Smoking Gun
2014-09-28 US Deploys Death Squad Advisors to Ukraine
2014-09-28 Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story
2014-09-28 The Flu Vaccine War: Healthcare Workers Fight Back
2014-09-28 Ebola: Intrigue and Profits Behind the Headlines
2014-09-29 Who's Really behind ISIS
2014-09-29 CIA Drugs: Gary Webb Interview
2014-09-30 CDC Says Ebola in Dallas Tx
2014-09-30 $4.6 Trillion Stolen from U.S. Retiree Funds
2014-10-02 Genocidal W.H.O. Rejected Travel Ban from Africa
2014-10-02 War, Media Propaganda and the Police State
2014-10-02 Holder Decries Online Privacy for the Masses
2014-10-03 Diverting Dissent: Canada Takes a Cue from US COINTELPRO Tactics
2014-10-03 CDC Argues Against Shutting Down Air Travel from Africa to Stop Ebola
2014-10-03 Investigation is the Key to Vaccination Compliance
2014-10-03 CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents on Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines
2014-10-03 Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride
2014-10-03 Do these ten pieces of evidence prove the U.S. government is actively encouraging an Ebola outbreak in America?
2014-10-03 Book: Acid Dreams: Secret History of the Psychedelic Revolution
2014-10-04 WTF Is Happening At the Border?
2014-10-04 3 Acts of Insanity in the American Education System
2014-10-04 German Journalist Says Media is Paid by CIA
2014-10-04 Doctor Protests CDC Re: Ebola
2014-10-04 Local officials had one-day notice before doctor exposed to Ebola flown to Frederick
2014-10-04 Meet the Planetary Brain: The Global Banking Cartel
2014-10-04 MGM Fetishist Jailed for Pedophilia
2014-10-04 Project Censored: Ray McGovern Speech 9/24/14
2014-10-04 The Insanity of Importing Chinese Poultry
2014-10-04 CDC EXPOSED! | AntiCorruption Society
2014-10-05 Reprise: Fake Government sez: Founding Fathers Were Terrorists
2014-10-05 Flagrant Medical Child Abuse and Quackery on Display
2014-10-05 Media: The Fear Factory
2014-10-05 Hong Kong “Occupy Central” Protest Scripted in Washington
2014-10-05 Fukushima: Florida Hit with Highest Level of Radioactive Fallout Outside Japan
2014-10-05 Revolving door between Human Rights Watch and U.S. Gov't
2014-10-05 Big Brother Doesn't Like Being Watched
2014-10-05 Chomsky Clueless About Monetary System
2014-10-05 COINTELPRO in the '80s: The "New" FBI
2014-10-05 World Health Organization Suppresses Report on Iraqi Cancers and Birth Defects
2014-10-05 Corporate Internet Providers Threaten Net Neutrality
2014-10-05 WikiLeaks Revelations on Trans-Pacific Partnership Ignored by Corporate Media
2014-10-05 The Great Culling
2014-10-05 Gen. Stubblebine on 9/11: "OH MY GOD!!!!"
2014-10-06 Dr Leonard Horowitz Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola Nature, Accident or Intentional?
2014-10-06 More children undergo shock therapy
2014-10-06 The Real Reason Holder Quit | American Free Press
2014-10-06 What do Bill, Hillary, Barack Obama, Karl Marx and Saul David Alinsky have in common?
2014-10-06 Can Alleviating Autistic Symptoms Be as Simple as This?
2014-10-06 World War III Kickstarter UPDATE
2014-10-06 Help Obama Kickstart World War III!
2014-10-06 Flashback: Ebola False Flag Predicted By CIA Insider
2014-10-07 Feds Block Shipments of Colloidal Silver to Africa
2014-10-07 GMO Study Finds Severe Inflammation in Pigs
2014-10-07 Orwellian DOD Handbook Redefines Dragnet Data "Collection"
2014-10-07 Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India
2014-10-07 Virus-Controlled W.H.O. Maximizing Spread of Ebola in Europe Too
2014-10-07 German Journalist Admits He Worked for the CIA, Fears WWIII Agenda
2014-10-07 How to Handle a Conspiracy Theorist
2014-10-07 Max Keiser: Desperate Times
2014-10-08 Feds Pose as Arbiters in Police Assault on Baby
2014-10-08 Martial law shakes hands with the US vaccine program
2014-10-08 Highest Guatemalan Court Refuses US-Supported Monsanto Law
2014-10-08 US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops
2014-10-08 New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy
2014-10-08 US Destabilization from Pol Pot to ISIS
2014-10-09 U.S. Backed the Dictators Who Destroyed the African Healthcare System
2014-10-09 Success: Satanists Dethrone US as World's Biggest Economy
2014-10-09 The Founders Warned of the Government We Have Now
2014-10-09 USA: Government By Covert Action
2014-10-09 Agenda 21: The Bankster's Idea of Sustainability
2014-10-11 Shasta County Board of Supervisors Hearing On Chemtrails
2014-10-11 Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers
2014-10-11 Bid to Solve 9/11 Mystery Via NYC Ballot Ends After Court Ruling
2014-10-11 Obama Claims Support for Net Neutrality
2014-10-11 Roundup Destroying the Soil & Our Health
2014-10-11 Implausible Incompetence: CDC Ignoring Half of Potential Ebola Cases
2014-10-11 Banksters: Stealing money, then imposing austerity
2014-10-11 Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails
2014-10-11 Russia Deploying Tactical Nuclear Arms in Crimea
2014-10-12 Neocons Think They Can Win a Nuclear War with Russia
2014-10-12 CIA-Drugs: Can the MSM Handle Reality?
2014-10-12 US, UK Do Wargames About Economic Collapse
2014-10-12 The endgame has begun
2014-10-12 Edward Snowden Interview
2014-10-12 Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay et al sell Do-It-Yourself Circumcision Torture Devices
2014-10-12 The Secret of Oz
2014-10-12 The Money Masters
2014-10-12 Success: First Ebola Infection Contracted in the USA
2014-10-12 James Rickards: Collapse Coming
2014-10-13 The Final Financial Blow: Derivatives Claims Get First Payout in Banking Crisis
2014-10-13 Corbett: The Ebola Effect
2014-10-14 Doctors Nationwide Slam CDC Handling of Ebola
2014-10-15 NIH Granted Crucell Exclusive Rights to Sell Working Ebola Vaccine Based on NIH Research
2014-10-15 Reprise: Rockefeller Medicine
2014-10-16 Odd Campaign to Convince Africans that Ebola is Real
2014-10-16 Film: Propaganda
2014-10-16 Bill of Rights Vanishing Before Our Eyes
2014-10-16 Federal Reserve Bank Admits Again That It Is NOT a Federal Agency
2014-10-16 Chemtrails in Your Face
2014-10-16 Science for Sale: Get Your Very Own Industry-Funded Studies Today!
2014-10-16 CDC Still Lying About 2009 Swine Flu
2014-10-16 Kleptagon Trying to Rewrite History of Vietnam War
2014-10-16 Sibel Edmonds on “The Lone Gladio”
2014-10-17 Kleptagon Preparing to Start WWIII
2014-10-17 Doctor: U.S. Army Rejected Successful Ebola Drug
2014-10-17 ‘Beast of SAVAK’ Prowls Streets of Orlando Florida
2014-10-17 US Ended Up Gassing its Own Soldiers in Iraq
2014-10-17 Reprise: Boston Bombing Patsy Linked to Top CIA Official
2014-10-17 Who is Sibel Edmonds?
2014-10-18 A Way to Stop the Spread of Ebola in the USA
2014-10-18 US Gross National Debt Growing Exponentially Since 2001
2014-10-18 ​FBI director wants access to encrypted smartphone data
2014-10-18 How Mideast Mythology is Marketed to Academicians
2014-10-18 Waste From Ebola Poses Challenge to Hospitals
2014-10-18 The Luciferian's Massive Crimes at Abu Grahib
2014-10-18 Senate Report on CIA Will Sidestep Look at Bush 'Torture Team'
2014-10-18 Ebola Strain Is "Much Worse Than We’ve Ever Seen Before"
2014-10-19 Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
2014-10-20 Secret Project Created Weaponized Ebola in South Africa in the 1980s
2014-10-20 FBI wants Congress to mandate backdoors in tech devices to facilitate surveillance
2014-10-20 White House Deletes Petition to Stop Ebola Flights
2014-10-20 Operation Gladio, False Flags & the US War Against Islam with Sibel Edmonds
2014-10-20 Francis Boyle on US Bioterrorism
2014-10-21 1996: Cuba denounces US biowarfare to UN
2014-10-21 1971: CIA Link to Cuban Pig Virus Reported
2014-10-21 Empire Willing to "Sacrifice" Massive US Groundwater Pollution to Destroy Russia
2014-10-21 Africa: Does "Ebola Outbreak" Mask Massive Chemical Dumping?
2014-10-21 Obama’s Ebola Czar Thinks There’s Too Many People in Africa
2014-10-21 Scientists: Ebola Can Spread by Air in Cold Weather
2014-10-21 British Spy Chief Calls For Crackdown On Internet Freedom
2014-10-21 Ebola: Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?
2014-10-21 2009: US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn't be weaponized
2014-10-21 Feds Stockpile Protective Gear in Expectation of “Emergency” Event
2014-10-21 2013: US, Coalition partners conducted mass casualty exercise in the Horn of Africa
2014-10-21 Journal "Science" Afraid to Cross Swords with Biotech Industry
2014-10-21 Obama considers allowing torture overseas
2014-10-22 Scientists: Humans are 'an infection' and Ebola is Earth's immune response to consume all the human 'meat'
2014-10-22 How To Start A War, And Lose An Empire
2014-10-22 IAEA Was on Board With Bush Deception About Iran Nuclear Program
2014-10-22 Mexico Adopts the "Salvadoran Solution"
2014-10-22 Psychological Aspects of 9/11 Denial (Part 2)
2014-10-22 Dear America, Find A Hobby Other Than Illegal Invasions of Sovereign Countries
2014-10-23 Ratner on "American Exceptionalism" and Torture
2014-10-23 New York Fed’s Conference Evokes Thoughts of Violence Against Wall Street
2014-10-23 Ebola Czar is Political Pathogen
2014-10-24 Ebola in the US Has Hallmarks of a Planned Happening
2014-10-24 More on nanosilver as an antiviral agent
2014-10-24 Chechen President Says ISIS Boss Works for CIA
2014-10-25 Geoengineering, Global Dominance & Junk Science
2014-10-25 Petition to Stop CIA Abuse of Children
2014-10-25 Russian FM Lavrov Speech to UN: West aims to vertically structure humanity
2014-10-25 Francis Boyle: Ebola is a Bioweapon
2014-10-26 American Obstetrics: The National Scandal Continues
2014-10-26 UK Pedophile Ring Extends Into Highest Levels of Government
2014-10-26 CIA Contractor Tosh Plumlee on Benghazi
2014-10-27 Living Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure - 60 Minutes Video
2014-10-28 Rules for Reporting on Vaccines (parody)
2014-10-29 Corbett: How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"?
2014-10-29 Peer Reviewed Research Proves Biotech’s Studies on GMOs are Flawed, Inaccurate
2014-10-29 US Deploys DU to Middle East Again
2014-10-29 Viral Doomsday - Not Imminent
2014-10-29 Tests Find Monsanto’s Soy in Portland-Bought Infant Formula
2014-10-29 It's Crazy to think Obama Wants a Real or Fake Ebola Epidemic in the USA
2014-10-31 Party Time! How You Can Create Common-Good Democracy Right Now
2014-10-31 Dr. and Nurse Ghoul at Serial Circumcisers' Convention in San Diego
2014-10-31 Is "Ebola" a GMO to Promote a Vaccine, Martial Law and Africom?
2014-10-31 Reprise: Remembering the Swine Flu Hoax
2014-10-31 Washington's Nazis Resume War in Ukraine
2014-10-31 Globalist Military Industry Group Projects 80% US Population Reduction by 2025
2014-10-31 Why We’re Poorer: Inflation and Deflation Are Now Globalized
2014-10-31 Iraq: Extremists Execute Up to 30,000 Surrendered Soldiers and Civilians
2014-11-01 Book: Thy Will Be Done - Rockefeller and the Conquest of the Amazon
2014-11-01 The incredible shrinking flu hoax
2014-11-01 Ebola: Francis Boyle Interviewed by Dave Lindorf
2014-11-01 “The Lone Gladio”: James Corbett Interview
2014-11-02 Ex CIA Robert Steele on Ebola, False Flags and Election Manipulation
2014-11-02 Stop the Megaloads Now!
2014-11-02 Faces of Power: A Halloween Gallery
2014-11-02 Success: One-Third of American Children Now Live in Poverty
2014-11-02 FBI Holds Secret Meeting To Scare Congress Into Backdooring Phone Encryption
2014-11-02 Fake Politics and Corruption
2014-11-02 Retired Head of LA Branch of FBI on Satanism, Pedophilia in High Places
2014-11-02 Establishment Desperate to “Co-Opt” Populist Uprising
2014-11-02 Ebola Roundup from Natural News
2014-11-02 Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone ‘underreported’, Entire Villages Gone
2014-11-03 Is a HAARP Weather Weapon Causing the California Drought?
2014-11-03 Weather control for fun, profit & population control
2014-11-03 Global Warming: Founder of Weather Channel on CNN
2014-11-03 WTF: New Samsung Voice Recognition TVs Spy on You
2014-11-04 The invention of “virus reality”
2014-11-04 Obama Pushing Psychiatric Surveillance of US Public School Children
2014-11-05 IMF Sets Sights on USA
2014-11-05 Research: Some Cancer Diagnoses Kill Quicker Than The Cancer
2014-11-05 Reprise: Lack of Breastfeeding Linked to Autism
2014-11-05 Global Warming Petition Project
2014-11-05 Dallas Federal Reserve President sez: Don't Mess with the "FED"
2014-11-05 Canada’s Central Bank says: “You Should Consider Working For Free”
2014-11-06 US Trade Imbalance with China Hits New High
2014-11-06 Why is the Pentagon making Ebola ‘therapeutics’ and CDC Patenting Ebola strains?
2014-11-06 Demand the FCC Enact Real Net Neutrality
2014-11-07 National Academy of Sciences Envisages Global One Child Policy, Pandemics to Solve Overpopulation
2014-11-07 TOR is Broken, Onion Domains Hacked, Global Mafia Arrests Competition
2014-11-07 $9 Billion Witness: JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare
2014-11-07 From the Redundant Unprovable Allegations Department: US Alleges Russia Installed Alleged Trojan Horse
2014-11-08 Greenspan Completes his Cycle of Destruction
2014-11-08 Russia may ban fast food commercials in TV programs for kids
2014-11-08 Google Storing DNA from Medical Dragnet for Eugenics, Targeted Killing
2014-11-08 Media Agrees “Not to Report” on Suspected Ebola Cases in U.S.
2014-11-08 Chomsky Agrees: US Pushing World Toward Nuclear War
2014-11-08 Illegal NSA Spying: Real Reporter Refuses to Divulge Sources
2014-11-08 Kerth's New Book on Remote Viewing and UFOLOGY
2014-11-08 How the Government Controls the Drug Trade
2014-11-08 Alternative Ebola Therapy Shut Down in Africa
2014-11-09 UK: Who Controls MI6?
2014-11-09 Media silent on the continuing shakeup in the US nuclear command
2014-11-09 Canada’s False Flag Terror: Fingerprints of U.S. Involvement
2014-11-09 Another Covert Mass Sterilization Campaign Uncovered
2014-11-09 US Destroying Syria’s Oil Infrastructure Under Guise of Fighting ISIS
2014-11-09 Ebola - Excuse for Ma$$ Vaccination?
2014-11-10 Corporate Foundation Funding of "Left" Media
2014-11-10 Immunologist Admits Infants Only Vaccinated to ‘Train Parents’
2014-11-10 Marketing Poverty as Green
2014-11-10 Fake US Government Used Napalm Against Indigenous People in Brazil
2014-11-10 Success: EU ripoff causing massive rise in poverty
2014-11-10 "Secret Government" is Secret No More
2014-11-11 Food Scientists: New GMO Potatoes ‘Extremely Worrisome’
2014-11-11 Help this farmer stop Monsanto’s GM canola
2014-11-11 Film: Lifting the Veil
2014-11-11 1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification” - Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon
2014-11-11 Review of recorded GMO contamination
2014-11-12 Mike Gravel Urges Udall to Put Classified Torture Report in Public Record
2014-11-12 Vaccine Accidentally Contaminated with Sterilization Agent -- Again (satire)
2014-11-12 Mission Accomplished: "America is Done"
2014-11-12 Bill Gates Admits Vaccination Part of Population Control Strategy
2014-11-12 Russia Announces Deployment of Bombers Over Gulf of Mexico
2014-11-12 Howard Beale Speaks Blasphemy from the Pulpit
2014-11-12 CDC Killing US Pregnancies Wholesale
2014-11-12 How the US is Sacrificing the Dollar on the Altar of Imperial Expansion
2014-11-12 Reprise: Just Getcher Damn Vaccine!
2014-11-13 Obama Admits ISIS Strategy About Deposing Assad
2014-11-13 We Are Now In The Longest Continuous Period of War In American History
2014-11-13 India mass sterilisation: women were ‘forced’ into camps, say relatives
2014-11-13 The Government's Psychological Warfare Against Martin Luther King
2014-11-13 Eugenicist, GMO-Pushing, Perpetually Warring Government Wants Clean Water
2014-11-13 G20: The Traveling Police State
2014-11-13 G20 in Toronto: Into the Fire
2014-11-13 Corbett: China and the New World Order
2014-11-14 Two Years after the Libor Scandal, Banks Get Token Fines for Rigging Global Foreign Exchange Rates
2014-11-14 Eugenicist Enforcer UN Decries US States' Toleration of Pot Use
2014-11-14 California’s Prison Revolution, Forcing Inmates Into Debt & Norway’s Jail Utopia
2014-11-14 DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 Minutes
2014-11-14 Government Drug Running and Social Destabilization: Freeway Ricky Ross on Alex Jones
2014-11-15 Ukraine Operation: Russia Called Out American Bluff with Electronic Warfare
2014-11-15 US Government: The Crisis Feedback Loop
2014-11-15 How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11
2014-11-15 Slow Poison: Roundup Linked to Spike in Chronic Disease
2014-11-15 Vaccine Conspiracy or Racist Population Control Campaign: The Kenyan
2014-11-16 California Allowed Frackers to Inject Billions of Gallons of Toxins into Clean Aquafers
2014-11-16 The Fake Science Behind GMO "Food"
2014-11-16 My Last Words to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney - Tomas Young
2014-11-17 UK: Pedophilia and Child Murder is the Glue Holding the Establishment Together
2014-11-17 West's Propaganda War on Syria Exposed Again
2014-11-17 Chemical Warfare: US Crops Are Drenched with Roundup Right Before Harvest
2014-11-17 The Cruel Injustice of the Fraud’s Bubbles in Housing
2014-11-17 Slow Murder: Nearly half of Florida households are struggling financially, unable to pay for basic necessities
2014-11-17 Billion-dollar lawsuits claim GMO "corn" destroyed US exports to China
2014-11-17 ISIS: The Secret Government's Terrorist Mercenaries
2014-11-18 The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)
2014-11-18 The Medical Shadow Government
2014-11-18 Police expert: War on terror has turned our cops into occupying armies
2014-11-18 Even Solar Energy Experts Never Look Up in the Sky
2014-11-18 Why an Assassinated Psychologist - Ignored by US Psychologists - Is Being Honored
2014-11-18 Common Soap Sterilization Chemical Linked to Cancer
2014-11-18 Iraqi Intelligence: USA Is Supplying ISIS with Weapons, Food
2014-11-19 Fusion Centers are spying on innocent Americans & have virtually no oversight
2014-11-19 US Stole Ukraine's Gold After Coup
2014-11-19 Mainstream media finally exposes secretive vaccine court
2014-11-19 Toxic Psychiatry + Obamacare = $Billions Looted from Taxpayers
2014-11-19 WHO exposed in Prenatal Mass Murder Operation in Kenya
2014-11-19 Film on the Satanic Establishment
2014-11-19 Towards a World War III Scenario: America’s “Contingency Plan” to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons
2014-11-19 Is Global Warming Just a Profitable Hoax, or a Trap?
2014-11-19 Reprise: Pivotal Player in Housing Collapse Linked to CIA
2014-11-20 Ponderosa Pine RIP
2014-11-21 BOOM! China & Russia To Accuse U.S. Of Not Having The Gold
2014-11-21 Circumcision, Social Control and the Loss of Family Stability
2014-11-21 The “Double Government” Secret Gets Out
2014-11-21 Egyptian God of Death Lording over Denver Airport
2014-11-21 Cynthia McKinney on Ebola, false flags and … another presidential bid?
2014-11-21 Obama's Lunacy Backfires: China – Russia Eurasian Trade Bloc Undermines US Neocon Agenda
2014-11-21 CNBC Host Silenced on Arithmetic of Obamacare
2014-11-21 Mexico Narcodemocracy in Upheaval
2014-11-21 The Real Rick Ross: CIA Behind Hip-Hop’s Drug Fetish
2014-11-22 Race Baiting for Division and Social Control
2014-11-22 The Gods of Money
2014-11-22 Reprise: The 9/11 Psyop on Full View
2014-11-23 UK: Protecting the Pedophile Establishment is a Matter of National Security
2014-11-23 Eugenics in your "Phood": Aspartame Causes Diabetes
2014-11-23 Utah Considers Cutting Off Water to the NSA’s Monster Data Center
2014-11-23 Monsanto Being Blocked Around The World
2014-11-23 Mercenary Medicine: Antidepressants Numbing Minds of Children
2014-11-23 ISIS is a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the US Government
2014-11-23 Public "Education": The Brainwashing Machine
2014-11-24 UK Parliament Discusses Nature of Money
2014-11-24 All-Out War in Ukraine: NATO’s ‘Final Offensive’
2014-11-25 Will the Real Government Nuke An American City?
2014-11-25 "Federal" Reserve Is At The Heart Of The Debt Enslavement System That Dominates Our Lives
2014-11-25 The Money Fix
2014-11-26 William Rockefeller: Snake Oil Salesman
2014-11-26 FCC Preparing to Auction Away More Public Property
2014-11-27 TruthStream Media: About All Those Vaccines
2014-11-27 CPS, Medical Quacks Kidnap 3 Normal Happy Children
2014-11-27 U.S. & ‘International Banks’ Finance Ukraine’s Civil War
2014-11-27 Geoengineering (Chemtrails) Coming Out of the Closet
2014-11-27 Weather Manipulation for Power and Profit
2014-11-28 Germany's DW Reports ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO's Turkey
2014-11-28 Manufacturing Enemies: Drones Kill 28 for Every Intended Target
2014-11-29 Modern Economic Theory
2014-11-29 Global Economy Bailing out of Dollar
2014-11-29 Ex-CBS Reporter: Spineless Media Bosses Eroding Our First Amendment
2014-12-01 Giant Banks Take Over Real Economy As Well As Financial System, Enabling Manipulation On a Vast Scale
2014-12-01 "Kids Say No to Pharma" Rebels Take Medical Cartel by Storm
2014-12-01 G20 Signs Off on Cyprus-style Bail-ins to Take Deposits and Pensions
2014-12-01 Obama and the New Aristocracy
2014-12-01 Eliminating 90% of Heart Disease Risk
2014-12-02 Dr Suzanne Humphries: The Problems with Vaccines
2014-12-02 Millions Wrongly Treated for 'Cancer,' National Cancer Institute
2014-12-02 Conclusive Link Between GMOs and Disease in Rats
2014-12-02 Video: Freedom From Choice
2014-12-02 Corbett: China and the New World Order
2014-12-02 Independent Education: the crisis and the crossroad - Jon Rappoport
2014-12-02 Video: Death by China
2014-12-02 The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall
2014-12-02 Ina May Gaskin: Reducing fear of birth in U.S. culture
2014-12-03 Ukrainians Finally React to West's Wholesale Theft of their Gold
2014-12-03 "Hear This Well" - Hundreds of parents tell their stories - Vaccines can & do cause autism
2014-12-03 CDC Sez: "Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks"
2014-12-03 Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia
2014-12-03 High Council of Mass Murderers Attacks U.S. Gun Rights, Citing Ferguson
2014-12-03 Thinking Is An Expensive Occupation
2014-12-03 Leading German Journalist: CIA Media Pushing for World War
2014-12-03 Young Black Men 21 Times more likely to be Killed by Cops
2014-12-04 US Military’s Training of Mexican Security Forces Continues as Human-Rights Abuses Mount in Mexico
2014-12-04 The Idiotic Economic Theory That’s Causing Governments to Blow Up Their Economies
2014-12-04 The Golden Trap of Chess Master Vladimir Putin
2014-12-05 UK: VIP paedophile ring ‘abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'
2014-12-05 Censorship of Malaysian MH-17 Shootdown Over Ukraine Continues
2014-12-05 US House Votes Overwhelmingly to Move Closer to WWIII
2014-12-05 Spite House: The Last Criminal Act of the War Against Vietnam
2014-12-05 Reprise: Operation Tailwind: Pentagon Murdered Deserters in Vietnam
2014-12-06 The Federalization of Police and the Lucifer Effect
2014-12-06 Child Sex Slaves of the Elite: Forgotten Documentary from 1981
2014-12-06 Ted Gunderson Interview with Noreen Gosch
2014-12-07 Boston Bombing Prosecutor Sez Witnesses ‘Afraid’ to Testify
2014-12-07 Russ Baker Interview on Bush/CIA Connections to JFK Assassination
2014-12-07 JFK: Interview with Oswald's Lover
2014-12-07 Reprise: JFK Assassination: Interview with Dave Ratcliffe
2014-12-07 Wall Street Demands Derivatives Deregulation, Taxpayer Backing In Government Shutdown Bill
2014-12-07 CNN Reporter Clueless on Vaccine Manufacturer Impunity
2014-12-07 Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors
2014-12-07 Global Internet Freedom On The Decline In 2014
2014-12-08 Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles
2014-12-08 Obama's Defense Sec. Nominee Another Neocon Functionary
2014-12-08 Elite Think Tank Admits to Ongoing Climate Engineering Experiments
2014-12-08 Fearless Parent Radio: Vaccines During Pregnancy
2014-12-09 Half of Americans believe in medical conspiracies
2014-12-09 When in doubt, they'll take you out
2014-12-09 USA Has A History Of Attacking Themselves To Go To War
2014-12-09 America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?
2014-12-10 Fluoride Robs You of Your Health While Believed to Be Good
2014-12-10 NSA Whistleblower Calls for 9/11 Truth
2014-12-10 US Budget Bill Stealthily Allows Banks to Use Federal Deposit Insurance to Cover Swaps and Derivates
2014-12-10 Scam artist Kerry calls for new three-year war powers to fight Islamic State
2014-12-11 Congress Passes Bill Which Grants “Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American”
2014-12-11 Garth Nicolson Blows Whistle on Deadly Vaccines
2014-12-11 Vaccine Illusion eBook
2014-12-12 Ten Facts You Should Know About The Police State
2014-12-13 9/11 and the War Against the American People
2014-12-13 Bail-In and the Financial Stability Board: The Global Bankers' Coup
2014-12-13 Doctors, Researchers Charged with Heresy Against the Vaccine Church
2014-12-13 US legitimacy waning over 9/11 hoax
2014-12-14 Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Presentation to Syrian Conference on Terrorism
2014-12-15 Tetanus Vaccine Causes a New Disease Known as Antiphospholipid Syndrome
2014-12-15 Hot Air and Mirrors: Climate and Social Control
2014-12-16 $2.7 Tn Price Tag for Afghan, Iraq Wars
2014-12-16 US Mind Control Experiments on Military and Civilians
2014-12-16 Obama's Brain Initiative
2014-12-16 Psychiatrist Blows Whistle on Psychiatric Scam
2014-12-16 Explosive Details - The Real Reason Eric Garner was Killed?
2014-12-16 Torture and the Big Lie
2014-12-17 Alfred McCoy: Psychological Torture is Already Enshrined in US Law / Gravel Calls on Udall to Put Entire Torture Report in Public Record
2014-12-17 Why Did the Left Fall For Obama?
2014-12-17 Video: It's a Wonderful Lie: 100 Years of the "Federal" Reserve
2014-12-17 Video: The Secret of Oz
2014-12-18 Franklin Coverup: The White House Call Boy Ring
2014-12-18 The Colder War: Interview with Marin Katusa
2014-12-20 Reprise: False Flags in Iraq: The Trail of the Terrorists
2014-12-20 Reprise: Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job
2014-12-20 Ludicrous False Flag: The Sony Hack and the Net Censorship Agenda
2014-12-20 The Great Game: US Stuffed Shirts Sleepwalking to the Apocalypse
2014-12-20 Ellen Brown on Impending "Bail In"
2014-12-20 More Proof That The Mainstream Media Is Scripted
2014-12-21 GMO Time Bomb
2014-12-21 The Western Aristocracy and the High Church of Pedophilia
2014-12-21 Extreme Roundup Contamination is Now the Industry Norm
2014-12-21 The Rockefellers in your Food
2014-12-21 The Hows and Whys of Gold Manipulation
2014-12-21 Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives
2014-12-21 Is US-NATO Preparing to Wage War on Russia?
2014-12-21 Chemtrails: The Secret War
2014-12-21 The Problem with Curiosity
2014-12-21 Sharyl Attkisson: CDC Says 1400 Cases of Ebola in the USA
2014-12-21 MO Hospital Administrator: Ebola Cases Being Disappeared
2014-12-21 Sharyl Attkisson: "Stonewalled": Interview on C-Span
2014-12-22 The world is forty trillion dollars in debt. Who the f*ck does the world owe? Jupiter?
2014-12-22 CIA Reigns Over Congress with Impunity
2014-12-22 Reporter Blocked from Investigating Elite Satanic Pedophilia Ring
2014-12-24 9/11 Debate: The Resolute Meets the Immovable
2014-12-24 Is Ukraine Preparing for a Nuclear False Flag to Frame Russia?
2014-12-24 Gold: Ukranian Central Bank Ripped off Again
2014-12-25 US torture schools in Latin America
2014-12-25 Vaccines and the Depopulation Agenda
2014-12-25 The Umbilical Cord and Premature Deliveries
2014-12-25 FBI Protects Snipers Who Plotted to Kill Occupy Protesters
2014-12-25 Idiots and Federal Agents Celebrate Killing Cops
2014-12-25 EU home to secret US torture centers
2014-12-26 Descent Into Tyranny
2014-12-26 Iraq: US Soldiers Raped Boys in Front of Their Mothers
2014-12-26 Rockefeller Gagriculture May Kill $2 Billion Wine Industry
2014-12-26 NATO Doing Makework with ISIS/AQ in Iraq
2014-12-26 Reprise: Former LA FBI Bureau Chief Investigation of Satanic Elite
2014-12-26 How the TPTP would stage a bioterror event
2014-12-26 Jim Willie: Dollar Surge is Sign of Last Stage of Dollar System
2014-12-26 Sen. Mark Udall can make history by releasing the torture report
2014-12-26 China To Launch Yuan Swap Trading With Russian Rubles On Monday
2014-12-26 Rust Contaminated Vaccines World Wide Recall
2014-12-27 Putin Signs New Military Doctrine: Names NATO, US As Main Foreign Threat
2014-12-27 Ellen Brown on the New G20 Bank Bail-in Rules
2014-12-27 USA Programmed for Self Destruction
2014-12-28 Why has the US paid out $3 billion if vaccines are safe?
2014-12-28 Selling ‘Peace Groups’ on US-Led Wars
2014-12-28 Flu Shot Coupons
2014-12-28 S.Korea: Mandated Chickenpox Vaccine INCREASES Disease
2014-12-28 Gerald Celente: Everything is Rigged
2014-12-29 9/11: John Kerry Makes Surprising Statement Re: Building 7
2014-12-29 The Need for the Next War
2014-12-29 Torture Report: Former Intel Officials Call on Mark Udall to Declassify
2014-12-29 Get Ready for TTIP
2014-12-29 Seed Libraries Struggle With State Laws Limiting Exchanges
2014-12-29 The United States of Torture
2014-12-30 Fast & Furious Shows that US Torture Elite Will Kill for Disarmament
2014-12-30 Bolivia's Morales: US "Backs Drug Trafficking"
2014-12-30 GMO Industry Infiltrating Anti-GMO Movement
2014-12-30 Paul Craig Roberts: War in 2015?
2014-12-31 Germany Furtively Repatriating Gold
2015-01-01 safecss
2015-01-01 The Political Consequences of Child Abuse
2015-01-01 The Gold Shell Game
2015-01-03 The Israeli Occupation of US Media
2015-01-03 Failed fascist coup in America led to strategy change for corporate elite
2015-01-04 Yes, Bayer Drug Knowingly Infected People with HIV
2015-01-04 States Attempting to Regulate Seed Banks Out of Existence
2015-01-05 FOIA: What is the Government Hiding?
2015-01-07 Sadopedophiles at CDC Push for Universal MGM
2015-01-07 EU Showdown: Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid
2015-01-08 Study: MGM Doubles ASD Risk
2015-01-09 Was Sandy Hook a FEMA Exercise?
2015-01-10 US Al Qaeda Actors Exposed
2015-01-11 Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment
2015-01-11 Did the Polio Vaccine REALLY Work?
2015-01-11 Early Child Sex Slavery Documentary
2015-01-11 MIT Doctor Links Roundup to Autism
2015-01-11 Reminder: MLK Killed by Government Agents
2015-01-11 Yet More Exposés of the UK Elite Pedophile Rings
2015-01-14 Detective in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout
2015-01-14 Paris Shooter Lived With Underwear Bomber Patsy
2015-01-14 FORBES: Study Suggests Wi-Fi Exposure More Dangerous To Kids Than Previously Thought
2015-01-15 Franklin Scandal: Deposition of Paul Bonacci on Monarch Mind Control
2015-01-16 Shocking History of the CIA
2015-01-17 The Road to World War 3
2015-01-17 Military Internment Camps in the USA
2015-01-17 Radical Statists Threaten Kidnapping Unless Entire Family Submits to Flu Shot
2015-01-17 CDC Deletes Fact Sheet Linking Polio Vaccine to Cancer
2015-01-17 3 Year Old Dies After Getting Flu Shot
2015-01-18 5 Places where it's inappropriate to breast feed
2015-01-18 Rethinking Polio
2015-01-18 Charlie Hebdo: "The French 9/11"
2015-01-19 Success: Majority Of Public School Students Are In Poverty For First Time In 50 Years
2015-01-19 Look UP, Friends! Take note! Speak out!
2015-01-20 Swiss De peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis
2015-01-20 CIA Still Controls Major Media
2015-01-21 Vast experiments on humans: a forgotten document
2015-01-21 Reprise: "Unhinged" - Circumcision Key to Jewish Psyche?
2015-01-21 Psychiatric Drugs Send 90,000 to Emergency Rooms Each Year
2015-01-22 Agenda 21: Why They Won't Leave You Alone
2015-01-22 Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death in Children
2015-01-25 TPP: Heaping Insult on Injury
2015-01-26 Americans want to repeal Bill of Rights
2015-01-26 US Prohibition Govt Killed 10,000 by Poisoning Alcohol
2015-01-27 Vital Video reprise: Autism: Made in the USA
2015-01-27 How Mercury Triggered The Age Of Autism - YouTube
2015-01-27 1979 Wyeth Memo on DPT
2015-01-28 1995 IBM internal memo on illegal neural chip experiments on unwitting california prisoners
2015-01-28 Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Xinjiang Operations, Paris Shooting, Fake Alternative Media
2015-01-28 Another Sept 11 debunking video
2015-01-29 Another Bait and Switch: Banksters Prepare Public for Overt Bankster Governance
2015-01-29 Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Xinjiang Operations, Paris Shooting, Fake Alternative Media
2015-01-29 The West is the Real Origin of Islamic Fundamentalism
2015-01-29 The American Police State
2015-01-29 Oil Collapse Could Cause Biggest Catastrophe Since Great Depression
2015-01-29 Bulgarian Demolished His House Just Before the Bank Could Repossess it
2015-01-30 Connett: 12 Arguments Against Water Fluoridation
2015-01-30 Vaccines: The Toxic Truth
2015-01-31 CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-SIDS Infant Death Link
2015-01-31 Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine
2015-01-31 Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Govt Researchers Confirm
2015-01-31 PLAGUE – The Book - a must Read!
2015-01-31 Can We Continue To Justify Injecting Aluminum Into Children?
2015-02-01 Effects of Early Mother-Infant Separation One Year Later
2015-02-01 Putin’s Ultimate Move To Crush The EU And NATO
2015-02-01 Doctor Educating Public on Vaccines Receives Bomb Threats, Cancels Tour
2015-02-01 What to Expect From Your Doctor When You Say No to Vaccines
2015-02-01 Kelloggs Targets Kids with GMO Corn, Soy and Roundup
2015-02-02 Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio
2015-02-03 Thimerosal Tied to Autism
2015-02-03 Circumcision’s Psychological Damage
2015-02-03 The Vaccine Onslaught
2015-02-04 The Dark Evil at the Heart of the Empire
2015-02-04 Breaking: CDC vaccine whistleblower given immunity to testify
2015-02-05 CDC Whistleblower Revealed Racism and Fraud in Autism Research
2015-02-05 Bertand Russell on Scientific Social Control
2015-02-06 Thimerosal Content and Package Inserts of Some US Licensed Vaccines
2015-02-06 NATO Positions Reinforcements as Ukraine Puppets Face Collapse
2015-02-06 21 curious questions we're never allowed to ask about vaccines
2015-02-06 Greg Palast on IMF Riots and the Shock Doctrine
2015-02-06 The Globalization of War, America’s “Long War” against Humanity
2015-02-06 EPA knew pesticides were killing honeybees in the 1970s but punished those who spoke out
2015-02-06 12-year-old Girl Dies Hours After She is Injected with HPV Vaccine
2015-02-07 How the vaccine-autism link is statistically obscured
2015-02-07 Researcher says Army scientists secretly sprayed cities with radioactive particles for years
2015-02-07 Fake Supplements: Eugenics and Codex Alimentarius by Covert Means
2015-02-08 Mystery Behind Dropping Oil Prices Solved
2015-02-08 Editor of Major German Newspaper Says He Planted Stories for the CIA
2015-02-08 More Evidence That Sandy Hook was a Hoax
2015-02-08 Ukraine Admits “No Russian Troops Are Fighting Against Us”
2015-02-08 Marianne Williamson with Bill Maher on Vaccination
2015-02-08 Vaccine Heresy - 21 questions we're not allowed to ask about vaccines
2015-02-08 Did NATO Just Set Off a Nuke in Ukraine?
2015-02-09 Oncology nurse quits after 17 years to promote nutrition and natural therapies for healing cancer
2015-02-09 Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America
2015-02-09 Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: Federal Reserve System is Corrupt and Undermines Democracy
2015-02-10 Milton Friedman on the Origins of the Great Ripoff
2015-02-10 Why does Big Food put harmful chemicals in cereal in America but not Europe?
2015-02-10 How Vaccinated Kids Infect The Non-Vaccinated
2015-02-11 Another Reason Why You Should Take Doctors With a Grain of Salt
2015-02-12 Reprise: Border Crisis: The Crocodile Tears of the Empire
2015-02-12 Palast: Greece Is a Crime Scene, and Vulture Funds Are to Blame
2015-02-12 What’s Behind Big Pharma’s Freak-out Media Blitz Over Measles?
2015-02-12 Catherine Fitts 2015 Forecast
2015-02-12 America's MIA Children
2015-02-13 Fight the Eugenicists with the "Food Babe Way"
2015-02-14 News Blackout: Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism
2015-02-14 Agent Orange GMOs receive USDA approval
2015-02-14 10 Year Body Count: 108 from Measles Vaccine, Zero from Measles
2015-02-14 Smoke and Mirrors about Net Neutrality
2015-02-14 The Secret Government is Right Under Your Nose
2015-02-15 Franklin Pedophile Blackmail Scandal: The Johnny Gosch Case
2015-02-15 NSA: The Eye of Sauron Prepares for New Leaks
2015-02-15 Genetic Vandalism: Whistleblowing Scientists Under Attack
2015-02-15 Glenn Greenwald: State Surveillance and the Assault on Civil Liberties
2015-02-16 Why Aren't ISIS and Al-Qaeda Attacking Israel?
2015-02-16 The Confiscation of Bank Deposits and The Derivative Debt
2015-02-16 Autism Explained: Synergistic Poisoning from Aluminum and Glyphosate
2015-02-16 Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?
2015-02-16 The Empire's Satanic Nazi Aristocracy Targeting American Kids
2015-02-16 Testimony of MK-Ultra Survivors
2015-02-16 "The Franklin Coverup" PDF Online
2015-02-16 NYT Reporter Dies Shortly After Snowden Interview
2015-02-16 Medical Martial Laws Passed or Pending in 33 States
2015-02-16 White House Petition Seeks to Ban Mandatory Vaccination Legislation
2015-02-17 Nine Dangers of Fluoride Exposure
2015-02-18 American Eugenical Medicine is 3rd Leading Cause of Death
2015-02-18 Eugenical Psychiatry Increasingly Worried About Healthy Food Movement
2015-02-18 FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Interviews MK-Ultra Survivor Paul Bonacci
2015-02-18 Congressional Hearing Showcases Boldfaced Lies About Vaccines
2015-02-18 Junk Food Eugenics: More Deadly than War, Famine, Genocide
2015-02-18 Reprise: The Vaccine Psyop
2015-02-18 Orwellian Irony: People Who Distrust the State Said to be "Faith Based"
2015-02-18 UN "Peacekeeping" forces still committing atrocities in Haiti
2015-02-19 Vaccines and Autism: The Revolving Door at the CDC
2015-02-19 IMF Imposes Radical Energy Cost Increases on Ukraine
2015-02-19 De-Dollarization Accelerates: Russia Launches SWIFT-Alternative
2015-02-19 UK Guardian Admits: Banks Create Money as Debt
2015-02-19 Close the Loophole that Allows Government to Read All of Your Emails After 180 Days
2015-02-19 NYU Professor Uncovers How the FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud and Misconduct in Drug Trials
2015-02-19 Reprise: Even the CFR is having second thoughts on the US coup in Ukraine
2015-02-20 BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth Behind Vaccines, GMO's and Big Pharma
2015-02-21 Reprise: US, Russia In Deadlock Over ABM’s in Europe
2015-02-21 Vaccine Woman - Jon Rappoport
2015-02-21 How Corporate America Supported Nazi Germany
2015-02-21 The Western "Democratic" Model of Political Repression: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
2015-02-21 Ukraine: Neobamacons Suffer Crushing Defeat in Debaltsevo
2015-02-22 Obama’s Fake War against the Islamic State
2015-02-22 Rickards: The Death of Money
2015-02-22 USA Wrote Checks for Salvadoran Death Squads
2015-02-22 200 Evidence-Based Reasons NOT To Vaccinate - FREE Research PDF
2015-02-22 US Human Rights Record to Be Reviewed by UN Panel
2015-02-22 Up for a Vote: Whether to Join America’s Police State
2015-02-23 Vaccines Don’t Work. Here Are The Facts.
2015-02-23 The "Revolution" Business
2015-02-24 Concered Citizens Warned of Fluoride Dangers in the '50s, but We're Still Drinking It Anyway
2015-02-24 Secret Police Black Site Discovered in Chicago
2015-02-25 Reprise: The War on Empathy, Love and Family
2015-02-26 The FBI's Toxic Metabolism: Manufacturing Enemies
2015-02-26 Study links fluoride in water to hypothyroidism
2015-02-26 FDA is hiding 22 fraudulent studies
2015-02-27 Elena Tonetti: ReWilding Birth
2015-02-27 Medical Eugenics Biggest Contributor to Gross Domestic Punishment
2015-02-27 We are Swimming in Aluminum
2015-02-27 Science as the New Religion
2015-02-27 Comments to HHS about Mandatory Vaccinations due March 9th
2015-02-28 How Many Constitutional Laws Have Been Broken by the 9/11 Coup?
2015-02-28 Pedophilia is Systemic in US Government
2015-03-01 Google Considers Dumbing Itself Down
2015-03-01 Oxidative Stress: The Link Between Autism, Vaccines, Glyphosate, Gender-Related Susceptibility and Lack of Breast Feeding
2015-03-01 The Depravity of the Elite: Naked Man Attempts to Escape Buckingham Palace
2015-03-01 Genetically Modified Food: Virtually All Independent Research is Cause for Concern
2015-03-02 9/11 Coup Regime Still Supplying Weapons to ISIS
2015-03-02 Marketing an Enemy: ISIS Video Shows Execution Firing Squad
2015-03-03 Chicago's Guantanamo: 9/11 Gangsters Turn their Attention to the Domestic Theatre
2015-03-03 Big Pharma’s Mass Vaccination Agenda: Propaganda Assault on Informed Consent
2015-03-04 Chinese Govt Buys Billboards Advertising the New World Reserve Currency
2015-03-04 Obama Creating "Country Within a Country" with US-Created Refugees
2015-03-04 Underground History of American Education
2015-03-04 CIA Asset Joins Islamic State in Libya
2015-03-04 Corporate Government Spies Infiltrate Activist Groups
2015-03-04 California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated
2015-03-05 Obama-Netanyahu "Fallout" is Theater in Preparation for Israeli Strike on Iran
2015-03-05 Cancer patients warned about vaccines
2015-03-06 UN Drug Kingpins Reveal the Nature of the NWO Beast
2015-03-06 Colin Ross on MK-Ultra Mind Control Program
2015-03-06 Why the rise of fascism is again the issue
2015-03-06 Women are the Backbone of the Anti-MGM Movement
2015-03-06 US Govt Shipped Guns to Mexican Drug Gangs for Wall Street Narcodollar Laundering
2015-03-07 Occult Zionism: A Rothschild Experiment
2015-03-07 Reprise: The Occult History of the 3rd Reich
2015-03-07 Tools of Oppression: Stanford Prison Experiment, Milgram Obedience Experiment, Asch Conformity Experiment
2015-03-07 The "Cataclysmic Conflict" Yet to Come
2015-03-07 ​US mom faces prison sentence for blocking son’s circumcision
2015-03-07 Ritual circumcision linked to increased risk of autism in young boys
2015-03-07 Developing World – The WHO’s Private Vaccine Laboratory
2015-03-08 42 Admitted False Flag Events
2015-03-08 Main Core: The "Government's" Kill List
2015-03-08 Cell Phones are Mobile Eavesdropping, Tracking Drones
2015-03-09 Italian court rules mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism: US media continues total blackout
2015-03-09 Birth: Study of Horses Shows Importance of the Big Squeeze
2015-03-10 Aluminum-induced entropy in biological systems: implications for neurological disease
2015-03-10 Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine
2015-03-12 Guns and Butter: The American Police State
2015-03-13 Obama Wants War Without Geographical Limitation
2015-03-13 China-IMF talks underway to endorse yuan as global reserve currency
2015-03-13 U.S. Postal Service Expands Construction Of Secret Rooms
2015-03-13 Prominent U.S. Scientist Sounds The Alarm On Geoengineering
2015-03-13 REMINDER: Free Viewing of Bought Movie ends March 15!
2015-03-14 Aluminum in baby formula and vaccines
2015-03-14 Autism, Epigenetics and Oxidative Stress
2015-03-14 A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given 8 Vaccines
2015-03-14 Pentagon hires its own foreign death squad trainees to teach US officers
2015-03-14 CIA Director Describes How the U.S. Outsources Terror Interrogations
2015-03-14 Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’
2015-03-14 Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us
2015-03-14 Vaccine World Summit | Summit Experts
2015-03-15 Yet more evidence ISIS has western backing
2015-03-15 The Business Model of the War on Terror and the Path to WWIII
2015-03-15 Common Core's Recipe for Imposed Ignorance
2015-03-15 Nomi Prins: When QE Ends, the Market Will Come Apart
2015-03-15 Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project
2015-03-15 Statism: The most dangerous religion
2015-03-15 Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve
2015-03-16 Intelligence Officer: Every Single Terrorist Attack In U.S Was a False Flag Attack ... Or Egged On By the Government
2015-03-16 Banksters Determined to Start WWIII
2015-03-16 How EPA became the Environmental Pollution Agency
2015-03-16 Mysterious Glitch Routed UK Nuke Weapons Data to Russia
2015-03-16 The Neobamacon's Threat to World Order
2015-03-17 The State of the Media
2015-03-17 Dollar Exit Accelerates: 5 Major US Allies Sign on to Chinese Development Bank
2015-03-17 Stratfor: US aims to prevent a German-Russian Alliance
2015-03-17 Putin says Ukraine crisis threatens nuclear war
2015-03-17 My Gardasil Story - DANGEROUS VACCINE
2015-03-17 Former Merck doctor says Gardasil vaccine is deadly
2015-03-18 Massive drills across Russia
2015-03-18 The Top 10 Tricks Used by Corporate Junk Science
2015-03-18 Resonance: Beings of Frequency
2015-03-18 Loose Change Final Cut - 9/11 Truth
2015-03-18 Mechanisms of aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in pediatric populations
2015-03-19 9/11 - Anatomy of a Great Deception
2015-03-19 The REAL Truth About Cancer video series - sign up
2015-03-19 Fluoridated Water Linked to 30% More Hypothyroidism
2015-03-19 Here’s Why You Should Find The Bloodstained Men’s Jumpsuits So Offensive
2015-03-19 The Vaccine Culture War in America: Are You Ready?
2015-03-19 Important new GMO book: "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth"
2015-03-19 The Soviet holocaust Story - Award-winning Documentary
2015-03-19 RadioWHO: Putin: From Russia With Death
2015-03-19 MEDIA FAIL: Is the West’s Coverage of Ukraine a Failure of Nuclear Proportions?
2015-03-19 Corbett: The Last Word on Independence
2015-03-20 Aluminum in Vaccines: A Neurological Gamble
2015-03-20 Adults Targeted as Federal Government Prepares to Track the Unvaccinated
2015-03-20 New Merck Allegations: A Fake Journal; Ghostwritten Studies; Vioxx Pop Songs; PR Execs Harass Reporters
2015-03-20 The Western Diet As A Lethal Disease Vector
2015-03-20 Eugenical Medicine a Worldwide Problem
2015-03-20 Study Confirms Chronic Kidney Failure 5 Times Higher in Glyphosate-Ridden Areas
2015-03-21 Government Plans Further Invasion of Children's Bodies
2015-03-22 Watch free this week: "Take Back Your Power"
2015-03-22 NATO Launches "Wide-Scale" War Games Near Russian Border
2015-03-22 Smart Meters – Shocking Insurance Development
2015-03-23 Counterfeiters Threatening Chicago with a Detroit Like Collapse
2015-03-24 Fluoridated water increases ADHD rates
2015-03-24 GMO food pushers are 'anti-science'
2015-03-25 Fluoride Linked to Coronary Heart Disease
2015-03-26 Message to Americans from Former Canadian PM
2015-03-26 Putin Proposes Eurasian Currency Union
2015-03-26 Food Additive Synergistically Toxic with Aluminum Lake Coloring
2015-03-27 Business as Usual: Colombian Drug Cartels Funding DEA Sex Parties
2015-03-28 RAND Corp Plans for Federal Infiltration of Local Police
2015-03-28 Russia Builds Miles of Nuke Bunkers While US Does Nothing
2015-03-28 Eugenical US Medicine Most Expensive and Worst Among Industrialized Nations
2015-03-28 Secret History: The U.S. Supported and Inspired the Nazis
2015-03-28 How to Make a Psychopathic Monsanto Lobbyist Squirm
2015-03-28 Ex pharmaceutical rep comes clean, reveals horrors of Western medicine
2015-03-28 Neocon Legacy: The Destruction of the United States
2015-03-28 Black box memory card missing from crash site of Germanwings jetliner
2015-03-29 Lies and Deceptions on the Left: The Politics of Self Destruction
2015-03-29 Global Conference on the New World Order
2015-03-29 Obama Explains Brave New Constitution
2015-03-29 Are Weird New One-Cop Laws in Effect?
2015-03-29 Baby Torture Update: Circumstraints for Sale
2015-03-29 Video of Troops Training for Martial Law in Fort Lauderdale
2015-03-29 Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server
2015-03-29 Infant Mortality Rates vs Vaccinations Before One Year
2015-03-30 More Quack Science Behind CDC Vaccine Guidelines for Pregnant Women
2015-03-30 Electroshock and Psychiatry's Compulsion to Harm Children
2015-03-30 Causes of WWIII
2015-03-31 Microwaving Planet Earth
2015-03-31 Iceland Considers Eliminating Banks' Money Presses
2015-03-31 Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite
2015-03-31 How Vaccine Adjuvants Affect Your Brain
2015-04-01 Vaccine Mechanism of Harm Exposed
2015-04-01 Judge: Lawsuit against Merck’s MMR Vaccine Fraud to Continue
2015-04-01 Eugenicists Grabbing Africa's Seeds: USAID, EU and Gates Foundation Back Agribusiness Seed Takeover
2015-04-01 World Health Organization says Roundup "Probably" Causes Cancer
2015-04-01 The View from Russia
2015-04-02 Mainstream News Confesses Vaccines Make People Contagious
2015-04-03 Jim Willie: The Jig is Up
2015-04-04 FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Feinstein Responds By Saying We Should Censor The Internet
2015-04-04 Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment
2015-04-04 CDC building 'police state' registry system to track your vaccination status
2015-04-05 Why We Must End the "Federal Reserve"
2015-04-05 Directed Energy Weapons in Iraq
2015-04-06 Why the Federal Government Cannot Be Trusted
2015-04-06 A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’
2015-04-06 The Myth of the Efficiency of Industrialized Agriculture
2015-04-06 “Naked American Hero” goes to court
2015-04-06 Humans Erect Monument to Edward Snowden, State Intends to Take it Down
2015-04-07 Bankster Predators Show their Teeth
2015-04-07 Iceland Considers Stripping Power to Create Currency From Banks
2015-04-08 US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker
2015-04-08 Lawmakers declare vaccines essential to 'national security' after taking money from Big Pharma
2015-04-08 Feds seek an excuse to shut down the net
2015-04-09 The New Slavery
2015-04-09 Valentina Lisitsa - Moonlight Sonata
2015-04-10 Early Infant-Mother Contact versus Separation: Effects on Interaction One Year Later
2015-04-10 John Oliver lays out full horror of NSA surveillance programs, and interviews Edward Snowden in Moscow - No one in U.S. even notices
2015-04-12 CDC Admits Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship
2015-04-12 New Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children
2015-04-12 FBI Uncovers Yet Another FBI Terrorism Plot
2015-04-12 Bill Would Abolish Freedom of Access to Nutritional Supplements
2015-04-12 Twenty Years Later: Facts About the OKC Bombing That Go Unreported
2015-04-13 BIS: The Secretive Group That Runs The World
2015-04-13 Medical Predators Kidnap, Poison Vermont Teen
2015-04-13 Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention
2015-04-14 Greg Palast: The IMF/WB Austerity Scam
2015-04-14 New Mexico Lawmakers Join Growing List of States Protecting Children From Forced Psychiatric Drugging
2015-04-15 Colombian, US Drug Lords Have Close Working Relationship
2015-04-15 Second State To Ban Police From Seizing Innocent People’s Property
2015-04-15 TPP Fast Track Bill to Be Introduced in Congress This Week
2015-04-15 Reality 101: Governments Around the World Admit They Do False Flags
2015-04-15 Boston Bombing: Inconvenient Evidence
2015-04-16 Bloggers Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing
2015-04-16 TPP: A Trojan Horse
2015-04-16 US neoconservatives continue to control foreign policy
2015-04-16 Corbett: Political Pedophilia
2015-04-16 Corbett: Meet the Clintons
2015-04-17 Activist Post: Shakedown of Unvaccinated Students Begins in Spokane, WA
2015-04-17 California Drought: Why No Cloud Seeding?
2015-04-17 Robert F. Kennedy Jr on why vaccine mandates must stop
2015-04-17 EUgenicists Open Floodgates to US GMO Plague
2015-04-17 World Bank-funded projects force millions off their land
2015-04-17 300 US troops in Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces
2015-04-17 Food Chain Catastrophe: Emergency Shut Down Of West Coast Fisheries: “Populations Have Crashed 91 Percent”
2015-04-17 HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM
2015-04-18 Video: The Waco Massacre: A New Revelation
2015-04-19 Congress Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into “USA Freedom Act”
2015-04-19 ECB Bankster Scam Artist Interrupted
2015-04-19 Alex Jones on the State of the Union
2015-04-19 America's Dirty Little Secret: Male Genital Mutilation
2015-04-19 Ellen Brown: Drought Number One Emergency in California
2015-04-20 Nomi Prins: The World is in Play
2015-04-20 Dr. Gedde on Medicinal Cannabis for Epilepsy and more
2015-04-20 OKC Bombing: A Conspiracy Theory
2015-04-20 The World Bank’s 28 year-old Depopulation Plan
2015-04-20 The medical cartel: too big to fail, too evil to expose - Jon Rappoport
2015-04-20 Ellen Brown - No Backup Plan for California Drought with One Year of Water Left
2015-04-20 The Flu Shot Scam
2015-04-21 WIRED Now Admits the "Conspiracy Theorists" Were Right
2015-04-21 Kissinger: U.S. and China to Collaborate on Globalist “World Order”
2015-04-21 Gangster Murderers in Government: The OKC Bombing
2015-04-22 Psychological Issues of Doctors are Toxic to Children
2015-04-22 Confessions of a Gay DC Madame
2015-04-22 IRS: Financial Equivalent of Bleeding "Therapy"
2015-04-22 CIA Cutout AIG Funneled $B's to TARP Crooks
2015-04-22 F35, The Jet That Ate the Pentagon
2015-04-22 Whistleblowers reveal criminal practices of pharmaceutical industry in stunning interviews
2015-04-22 Battlefield America: The War On The American People
2015-04-22 Cell Phones Can Be Used as Bugs Even When OFF
2015-04-22 12 Food Additives to Avoid
2015-04-22 Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture
2015-04-22 Assassination of Martin Luther King: An Act of State
2015-04-22 California One Vote Closer to Forced Child Vaccination
2015-04-22 Jade Helm Presentation to Big Spring Texas City Council
2015-04-23 Crooks Pushing for TPP THIS WEEK
2015-04-23 Before You Send Your Child to Public School
2015-04-23 School Of The Americas Is Still Exporting Death Squads
2015-04-23 Second State To Ban Police From Seizing Innocent People’s Property
2015-04-24 FBI systematically faked evidence in 95% of testimony
2015-04-24 Saudi Arabia’s Alleged Involvement in the 9/11 Attacks. “Red-Herring”, Propaganda Ploy
2015-04-24 Cocaine Importation Agency's PR Campaign Against Exposure
2015-04-25 The Nazis in Washington And Their Friends in Kiev
2015-04-25 Warning on Toxic Vaccines
2015-04-26 Government Human Experimentation: Beyond Treason
2015-04-27 The ISIS Show
2015-04-27 Nazis Didn't Loose WWII
2015-04-27 JPMorgan Buying Physical Silver
2015-04-27 GSK Document Admits Vaccine Caused Autism
2015-04-27 Psyop: US Army Training Film
2015-04-27 Reece Comittee Investigation into Tax Exempt Corporate Foundations
2015-04-27 TV Commercial Contains Subliminal Reference to Martial Law
2015-04-27 Domestic Militarization of USA Continuing
2015-04-27 Bankster Control Freaks Mounting Propaganda Campaign Against Cash
2015-04-27 Vaccination: The Hidden Truth
2015-04-28 Is US Justice Department behind violence in Baltimore?
2015-04-28 What the Banksters Want with Ukraine
2015-04-28 Reprise: Staged Massacres: Aurora, Sikh Temple, Disarmament Agenda
2015-04-28 SGT: Corbett: China and the New World Order
2015-04-28 A multi-trillion dollar fraud explained
2015-04-28 The Peer to Peer Economy
2015-04-28 Bestevidence: The Fed is Destroying the United States
2015-04-28 Nuclear Savage
2015-04-28 A Blueprint For Locking Down The Nation
2015-04-29 The operation called “manufactured consensus”
2015-04-29 National Security Whistleblowers Call for Repeal of Patriot Act
2015-04-29 TPP: Total Pillage and Plunder
2015-04-29 The Wealth Abyss
2015-04-29 Why Is No One Talking About The Political Assassinations In Ukraine
2015-04-29 Liz Wahl RT Defection was Domestically Directed Propaganda
2015-04-29 Poverty Accelerating in the USA
2015-04-29 US GDP Plummeting
2015-04-30 Baltimore Police Manufactured a Riot
2015-04-30 CA SB277 on vaccines moves toward disastrous passage
2015-04-30 Police, Military Dwarf Crowds In Baltimore
2015-04-30 Roots of America's Decline
2015-04-30 Baltimore and Ukraine: The Soros Connection
2015-05-01 American Psychological Association Supported Torture “At Every Critical Juncture”
2015-05-03 Exposing Geoengineering
2015-05-03 The "Conspiracy Theory" Propaganda Tool
2015-05-03 Bird flu ravaging commercial flocks remains mysterious
2015-05-03 Counter Insurgency Doctrine: The Science of Oppression
2015-05-03 Military Preparing for “Violent, Strategic Dislocation Inside the United States”; Possibly from “Economic Collapse”
2015-05-03 The Decline and Fall of the United States
2015-05-03 Stock Markets a Study in Mass Insanity
2015-05-03 Federal Government Ordered to Explain Why it Needs a Cell Phone Kill Switch
2015-05-04 The Mother of All Margin Calls May Create “A Domino Effect” which “Locks Up” the Entire Credit System
2015-05-04 The Pretended Cluelessnesss of the Central Banks
2015-05-05 The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?
2015-05-06 Reprise: American Medicine's Recipe for Baby Brain Damage
2015-05-06 The Planetary Incineration Model of Debt-based Economics
2015-05-06 Who Gutted American Industry?
2015-05-07 Economy Going Nowhere
2015-05-07 Donetsk Republic Tells Scam-artist Banksters to Leave
2015-05-07 The Start of the Bush Crime Family
2015-05-07 The Recruitment
2015-05-07 Federal Court Rules NSA's Bulk Collection Not Authorized by "Patriot" Act
2015-05-07 Banksters Who Crashed the Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP
2015-05-07 Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us
2015-05-08 Meet Patriot Act 2.0
2015-05-08 Video: Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
2015-05-08 The 100th Anniversary of the Lusitania False Flag
2015-05-08 Who is Really Behind ISIS?
2015-05-08 Operation Paperclip:The CIA and the Nazis
2015-05-08 Who Funds ISIS?
2015-05-08 CFR's Grand Strategy: China Must Be Defeated, The TPP Is Key
2015-05-08 Corbett on Virtual False Flags and the Emerging NWO
2015-05-08 Bankster Drones Caught in Covert Sterilization Campaign in Mexico
2015-05-08 Normalizing Torture: Psychologists Should be Charged
2015-05-09 American Birth Trauma Again Emerges as Plausible Explanation for Anomalous Health Statistics e.g."Hispanic Paradox"
2015-05-09 Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd on Corporate Foundations' Agenda for Public Education
2015-05-10 Apologies Re: categories on this site
2015-05-10 Maker of Children’s Tylenol pleads guilty for selling contaminated drugs
2015-05-10 Real Journalists Catch Liars Offguard
2015-05-10 America's Greatest Child Sex Scandal: Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska
2015-05-10 Reprise: The Eugenic Impulse in Psychiatry
2015-05-11 Bottle Feeding Tied to Postpartum depression
2015-05-11 Australia: mandatory vaccines and the secret treaty
2015-05-11 Catherine Fitts: Economic Turning Point Coming This Fall
2015-05-12 Glyphosate Blankets GMO Crops Near 3,247 Elementary Schools across America
2015-05-12 Russia Asks Greece To Join BRICS Bank
2015-05-12 Mockingbird Media's Preemptive Attack on Stone's "JFK" Film
2015-05-13 75% of vaccinated children in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized
2015-05-13 Federal Bill Would Require ALL Public School Students be Vaccinated
2015-05-13 Trickery Afoot Regarding Vaccine Exemptions
2015-05-13 What Does U.S. Treasury Do With Vaccine Excise Taxes It Collects?
2015-05-14 9/11: Head of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM
2015-05-14 Democrats’ Cave-In on TPP and TTIP
2015-05-14 ​Psychiatric drugs kill 500k+ Western adults annually, few positive benefits – leading scientist
2015-05-14 Max Keiser on TPP
2015-05-14 Reprise: Obama's Chronic Treachery
2015-05-14 Economy Slowing from Recession to Depression
2015-05-14 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages if We're Lucky
2015-05-14 Stiglitz: The secret corporate takeover hidden in the TPP
2015-05-14 Acclimating Us to Troops in the Street
2015-05-15 Aussie Does Upbeat Video of Kerth's Prayer
2015-05-15 Robert Kennedy at Vaccine Hearing in VT Congress
2015-05-15 Vaccine Documentary: Trace Amounts
2015-05-15 Robert Kennedy: There Was Never a Disruption in Pediatric Vaccine Mercury Exposures
2015-05-15 Video: What are they thinking?
2015-05-16 Boston Bombing Trial: Fake Government & Fake Media Put on a Show
2015-05-16 Banksters Orchestrate UN Global Salvation Campaign
2015-05-16 KPFA Censors Vaccine Show on Guns and Butter
2015-05-16 Video: Circumcision: The Truth
2015-05-16 Californians Paint their Brown Crunchy Lawns Green
2015-05-16 Documents to remain sealed in Boston bombing case
2015-05-16 Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with 'radioactive' particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology
2015-05-16 WHO Caught Again in Covert Sterilization Campaign
2015-05-17 California Senate passes mandatory vaccination law
2015-05-17 Important edits to "Modern Money Mechanics" article
2015-05-17 The New Silk Road
2015-05-17 Rockefeller Foundation Admitted Funding, Developing Anti-fertility Vaccines Intended for “Mass-scale Distribution”
2015-05-17 REVEALING Margaret Sanger Interview - PLANNED PARENTHOOD
2015-05-17 James Tracy on the Strange Anomalies of Sandy Hook
2015-05-17 Banks Rule the World, but Who Rules the Banks?
2015-05-17 Sibel Edmonds: ISIS is Rebranded Al Qaeda
2015-05-17 Wayne Madsen Interview on NSA, JFK, 9/11 and Fascism in the USA
2015-05-17 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out
2015-05-18 9/11: The Curious Case of Philip Marshall
2015-05-18 US Military Trains for Domestic Counterinsurgency
2015-05-18 Infant antibiotic use linked to adult diseases, possibly autism
2015-05-18 Has the WIC Incentive to Formula-Feed Led to an Increase in Overweight Children?
2015-05-18 The Heart of the Matter: The Central Banking Cartel is Waging Wars to Prevent the Rise of State-Owned Central Banks
2015-05-18 Senator Reads the TPP and Exposes Its Contents
2015-05-18 Zarlenga: The Lost Science of Money
2015-05-19 Private Central Banking: The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind
2015-05-19 How the US is Engineering its own Downfall
2015-05-19 Great Depopulation Idea: Put Nuclear Timebomb Next to the Great Lakes
2015-05-19 Tsarnaev’s own lawyer ignores evidence he is innocent of Boston bombing
2015-05-19 UN spokesman cries on camera over Gaza school attack
2015-05-19 Another TPP Whistleblower Comes Forward
2015-05-19 Interview with Mind Control Victim Used to Blackmail Politicians as a Child
2015-05-20 TPP Poses Threat of Internet Censorship
2015-05-20 The Trojan Horse President
2015-05-20 Medicare and the Depopulation Agenda in the TPP
2015-05-20 Feds Exempt MRAPs from Prohibited Police Equipment
2015-05-20 Chomsky on the Abuse of Language
2015-05-20 Secret Fed Paper Advocated a "Carry Tax" on All Physical Cash
2015-05-20 5 Major Banks Plead Guilty To Market Rigging, Fined $5.7B
2015-05-20 Mind control through emotional domination: How we're all being manipulated by the "crisis of the NOW"
2015-05-20 Washington Post Sez Osama bin Laden was a Conspiracy Theorist
2015-05-20 Medical Cartel Cracks Down on California Midwife
2015-05-20 A Rocket Scientist's Version of Childbirth
2015-05-21 Wave of Refugees Prepare to Flee Eugenics in California
2015-05-21 Canada Follows US Lead in Manipulation of Science
2015-05-21 Government witch hunt to eliminate Monsanto critics
2015-05-21 New NASA Data Shows Polar Ice Has Not Receded Since 1979
2015-05-21 International EMF Scientist Appeal
2015-05-21 Over 200 Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans from Electromagnetic Radiation Fields
2015-05-21 False Flag Economics: Govt Creates, "Saves" People from Poverty
2015-05-22 Dangers of Fetal Ultrasound
2015-05-22 Editor of Lancet: Half of Medical Literature False
2015-05-22 Obedient Congress Moves to Submit to WTO Ruling on Food Labelling
2015-05-23 Corruption is Legal in the USA
2015-05-23 Crying and shackled, mother consents to son’s circumcision after being jailed
2015-05-23 Senate kills bill on NSA domestic surveillance reform
2015-05-23 George Soros Funded Destabilization Operation in Ferguson
2015-05-23 Former UN IPCC Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By ‘Natural Variations’ In Climate
2015-05-23 ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Are Causing Militants To Abandon ISIS
2015-05-23 The Human Brain And Quantum Physics
2015-05-23 James Prescott: Origins of Love and Violence
2015-05-23 Vaccine Nation
2015-05-23 Russ Baker on Boston Bombing Trial
2015-05-24 Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad
2015-05-24 The Empire Sets Its Sights on Macedonia
2015-05-24 GMO: Seeds of Death
2015-05-24 Corbett: Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist
2015-05-24 Corbett: ISIS Furious About Conspiracy Theories and Truthers!
2015-05-24 Your Government-Approved Diet May Kill You
2015-05-25 US Market Rigging Clearly Exposed For All to See
2015-05-25 Poking the Bear: NATO Jets in Exercise Near Russia
2015-05-25 Stevia Hailed by Overpopulation Propagandists as an Anti-Fertility Agent
2015-05-25 Toxic Sludge Is Good For You: The Public Relations Industry Unspun
2015-05-25 The Navy's Great Alaskan "War"
2015-05-25 Media Blackout of NATO Official's Dire Warning
2015-05-26 Tarpley: The Political Economy of the American System
2015-05-26 UK: Abuse Survivor Speaks Out: “Cops Stood Guard as I was Raped by Politicians as a Child”
2015-05-27 Secret Meeting in London to “End Cash”
2015-05-27 ALEC Exposed in Georgia TV Investigation
2015-05-27 The Beginning of the End of the USA
2015-05-27 Bank of England Official Received Emails Relating to Libor Manipulation
2015-05-27 Latest US Coup Plot Foiled in Macedonia
2015-05-27 Boston Marathon Bombing: A Primer
2015-05-27 Adults Targeted as Feds Prepare to Track the Unvaccinated
2015-05-27 Ben Livingston: The Father of Weaponized Weather
2015-05-28 Congress on Vacation, Visit them Re: "Patriot" Act
2015-05-28 Weather Modification Causing Global Climate Chaos and Environmental Catastrophe
2015-05-28 The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual
2015-05-28 Birth Stories: Speaking Up About Obstetric Violence
2015-05-29 Chemical Warfare: Crops being drenched with glyphosate immediately before harvest
2015-05-29 The West's Resurgent Fascists Threaten WWIII
2015-05-29 Obstetrical Abuse Reverberates Through Generations Via Epigenetics
2015-05-29 Corporations Shell out $1.2 Million in Senate Contributions to Fast-Track TPP
2015-05-29 Launch of world's first search engine that favors New Media while banning corporate and government propaganda
2015-05-29 NSA Dragnet Started Before 9/11 "Justification"
2015-05-29 U.S. ‘Progressive’ Magazines Deep-Sixed Senator Sanders’ Incipient Presidential Campaign
2015-05-29 Experts Shocked to Learn US Centers for Disease Control Taking Drug Company Funding
2015-05-29 Birth Trauma: James Tracy Interviews Jeanice Barcelo
2015-05-29 Birth: Early contact versus separation: effects on mother-infant interaction one year later.
2015-05-30 Ex CIA Agent on the Rule of the Elite
2015-05-30 Video: The Patent Wars
2015-05-30 Alex Jones interviews Gerald Celente
2015-05-30 The Prosecution of an American President
2015-05-30 War Threat Rises As Economy Declines
2015-05-30 Perfect Storm of Bubbles Now Forming in the US
2015-05-30 Texas Wants to Repatriate its Gold from New York
2015-05-30 The Huge and Growing Disconnect Between IPCC Climate Forecasts and Reality
2015-05-30 Dirty Secrets of GHW Bush
2015-05-31 WHO opens the doors wide to corporate influence
2015-05-31 GMO Headlines
2015-05-31 The Orwellian Refugee Racket
2015-05-31 Useful Idiots Pushing for War Against China
2015-05-31 Canadian Federal scientists push for protection from political interference
2015-05-31 California Farmers Are Watering Their Crops With Oil Wastewater, And No One Knows What’s In It
2015-05-31 Plastics, tiny penises, and human evolution
2015-05-31 Who Owns the Federal Reserve?
2015-05-31 Icelanders Charge Bankers with Counterfeiting
2015-06-01 Is Roundup Driving The Autism Epidemic? Leading MIT Researcher Says YES
2015-06-01 The "Patriot" Act vs "Freedom" Act Shell Game
2015-06-02 CNN uncovers high surgical death rate at hospital
2015-06-02 The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Adam Ruins Everything
2015-06-02 9/11: Reality Check
2015-06-02 UK’s Independent Newspaper Blows Lid Off Vaccine Damages
2015-06-03 Rep Grayson Sends Out Alert on TPP Fasttrack
2015-06-03 DC Protesters Demand To See TPP Text, Rebuffed By Obama Administration, Police
2015-06-03 "Freedom" act is worse than "Patriot" act
2015-06-03 Occupied USA: Military Explosions in Flint MI
2015-06-03 Peter Schiff, Mike Maloney Economic Update
2015-06-03 CDC Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website
2015-06-04 UK Blackmailed, Protected Elite Pedophiles at Belfast Boys Home
2015-06-04 Mannarino: The Zombie Economy
2015-06-04 Obama's Intel Connections
2015-06-04 Why USA "Freedom" Act is Not a Win for Civil Liberties
2015-06-05 Barbarians Fight Aggressively to Retain “Civil Asset Forfeiture”
2015-06-05 FBI's Terror Factory
2015-06-06 Hepatitis B vaccinations for infants...
2015-06-06 US Officials Consider Nuclear Strikes against Russia
2015-06-06 Schiff: The "Fed" Destroyed the Economy
2015-06-06 A New Kind of Genocide
2015-06-06 Forget the TPP – Wikileaks Releases Documents from the Equally Shady "TISA"
2015-06-07 Bee populations face another threat: aluminum
2015-06-07 Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound
2015-06-08 Fetal Ultrasound Bibliography: Human Studies Conducted in Modern China
2015-06-08 New World Order of Global Warfare
2015-06-09 Former Salesman for Vaccine Maker Merck Would'nt Vaccinate His Son
2015-06-09 How Many Nations In The World Do Not Have A Central Bank?
2015-06-09 Bilderberg Decides World’s Political, Economic Policies, Says NATO Secretary-General
2015-06-09 Washington’s Death Squads
2015-06-09 More Treachery: Obama Asks Secret Court to Continue Bulk Collection
2015-06-10 US police do not hire intelligent people: Ex-CIA contractor
2015-06-10 The Network of Global Corporate Control
2015-06-10 Forget the G7 summit – Bilderberg is where the big guns go
2015-06-10 Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans are next
2015-06-10 False flag pending for Washington?
2015-06-10 It's all a lie, still you believe
2015-06-11 CA Vaccine Bill Passes Health Committee, Heads to Full Assembly for Final Vote
2015-06-11 DHS is training EMS and firefighters for urban warfare
2015-06-11 Order Followers - The People Who Keep The System Of Slavery In Place
2015-06-11 Circumcision: The Elephant in the Hospital
2015-06-12 Common Feminine Health Products Riddled with Dangerous Chemicals
2015-06-12 Call Your Congress Member TODAY and Say NO TPP
2015-06-12 Fast-tracking TiSA: Stealth Block to Monetary Reform
2015-06-12 Bilderberg Gangsters Plot Next Move
2015-06-12 Obstetrical quackery: Consequences of immediate cord clamping
2015-06-12 U.S. Military Assets Are Now PrePositioned For The Upcoming War
2015-06-13 Globalists Plan to Ram Through TAA Next Week
2015-06-13 Corbett/Media Monarchy: NWNW
2015-06-13 Obama the Cult Leader
2015-06-13 Military to Designate Americans as Enemy During Collapse
2015-06-13 Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad
2015-06-13 Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It "Non-Confiscatable"
2015-06-13 Cruz, Paul push for ban on indefinite detention of US citizens
2015-06-13 Two Contending Visions of World Government
2015-06-14 AMA Votes to End Personal Vaccination Exemptions
2015-06-14 War on Cash: Scam Artists Plan Final Magician's Trick
2015-06-15 Hilary Clinton among friends at the CFR
2015-06-15 Bond crash across the world as deflation trade goes horribly wrong
2015-06-15 Hackers Conference on ES&S Voting Machines
2015-06-15 Hacking Democracy
2015-06-15 Is Vaccine Science Tobacco Science?
2015-06-15 TPP Trade Agreement Up for Vote Again
2015-06-15 Du Pont: The Secret Political Power
2015-06-15 Alert: GOP/Obama Want To Delay Fast Track Vote Till July 30
2015-06-16 Industries Favoring TPP Gave 8.6 Times More Money To Lawmakers Than Industries Opposed
2015-06-16 Greek PM Schedules Putin Meeting Ahead Of "Lehman Weekend"
2015-06-16 Eugenicists at FDA abandon trans-fat trojan horse
2015-06-16 Why does the Pentagon need bioweapons labs in Ukraine?
2015-06-16 Jade Helm: Mastering the Human Domain
2015-06-16 Vatican Throws its Lot with the Luciferians
2015-06-17 Connection Found Between Solar Output, Climate and Earthquakes
2015-06-17 Obama Pushes for War with Russia
2015-06-17 Home Raided by SWAT Team for Delinquent Student Loans
2015-06-17 Why the US Wants War
2015-06-17 2008 Crash: An Inside Job
2015-06-17 Monsanto Buys Itself Another Legislative Bill
2015-06-17 Fake Petition to Nuke Russia Sparks International Incident
2015-06-17 Brzezinski: It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them
2015-06-17 How Obama’s ‘Trade’ Deals Are Designed to End Democracy
2015-06-18 House to vote again thursday morning on fast-track for Obama
2015-06-18 War on Terror Hoax Threatens American Kids
2015-06-18 Success: Highest ever recorded number of globally displaced
2015-06-19 US Govt Reduces Water Fluoridation Dose
2015-06-19 Military movements on the northern US border
2015-06-19 Cell Phones and WiFi are a "Serious Public Health Issue" - Canadian Parliamentary Report
2015-06-19 10 Prison Security Techniques Being Implemented on the American People
2015-06-19 Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDx
2015-06-20 Ukraine and the Washington War Party
2015-06-21 The Latest on TPP Fast Track
2015-06-21 Ellen Brown: Fast Tracked Secret Trade Agreements
2015-06-22 Charleston Massacre Happened During Federal Active Shooter Drill
2015-06-22 NATO To Place Heavy Weapons on Russia’s Doorstep
2015-06-22 Earth Enters Sixth Mass Extinction Event
2015-06-22 Apple mind-control news is on the way
2015-06-22 JAMA Study Confirms Whistleblower: Routine Hospital Vaccine Damage Happening to Infants
2015-06-23 TPA Final Senate Vote is WEDNESDAY: Who to Call
2015-06-23 A simple solution to our trade imbalances
2015-06-23 Success: One-Third Of All Americans Are On The Edge Of Financial Ruin
2015-06-23 US criminal economics
2015-06-23 IMF Violates IMF Rules, to Continue Ukraine Bailouts
2015-06-23 JAMA Admits Vaccination Policy is Harming Premature Infants and Says "So What?"
2015-06-23 $140 Billion Bond Fund Goes To Cash As It "Braces For Bond-Market Collapse"
2015-06-23 The Fed's Policies Have Paved the Way For an Even Bigger Crisis Than 2008
2015-06-23 Putin: Propaganda Reigns In The West
2015-06-23 UN Godfathers Seize on Charleston Massacre to Push Civilian Disarmament
2015-06-23 The Likely Solution to the California Drought
2015-06-23 Ellen Brown on Obamatrade
2015-06-23 G. Edward Griffin: Central Banks on Runaway Train
2015-06-24 Corbett: Global Civil War?
2015-06-24 Corbett: Central Banks Prepare to Fail Upward/Global Oligarchs Jockey for Power
2015-06-25 Pentagon's New Definition of Journalists
2015-06-25 Interesting Perspective from the Backwoods
2015-06-25 Eugenics: Obama signs 'Monsanto Protection Act'
2015-06-25 Another Angle on Stopping the Fascistic TPP
2015-06-25 Michael Hudson on Fictitious Capital
2015-06-25 A World Without Work
2015-06-25 California Lawmakers Approve Strict Vaccination Requirement
2015-06-25 Dissolving Illusions: Vaccination Past And Present
2015-06-26 British Medical Journal Reveals CDC Lies About Ties to Big Pharma
2015-06-26 Reprise: CDC Still Lying About 2009 Swine Flu
2015-06-27 The Corporations Behind Hitler
2015-06-27 Corbett: Laughing at Tyrants
2015-06-27 Vaccine Manufacturers are killing half a million people annually with deadly psychiatric drugs
2015-06-27 Public Ignorance of Value of Silver
2015-06-27 Edging Toward Nuclear War
2015-06-28 US Govt Pushing 2 Bad Bets
2015-06-28 US To Begin the Invasion of Syria
2015-06-28 EPA Knew EMFs Were a “Probable Human Carcinogen” Decades Ago and Covered It Up
2015-06-28 Ultimate Super Rad Glam Makeup Tutorial!
2015-06-29 Fracking Waste Water Being Used to Irrigate California Agriculture
2015-06-29 The Mafia Dons in Charge of the Global Economy
2015-06-30 Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows
2015-06-30 Helium 3 Leaking from Fault in California
2015-06-30 Mafia Warns of Terrorist Attack
2015-07-01 Palast: IMF and Greece's Planned Implosion
2015-07-01 Bill Black on Banksters
2015-07-01 Greg Palast on the Bankster's Method for Stealing Whole Countries
2015-07-01 Former World Bank President Spills the Beans on Part of the Master Plan
2015-07-02 Palast Tells How The IMF Set-Up Iceland and Greece
2015-07-02 Smoke, Mirrors and the "Disappearance" of Polio
2015-07-03 America Has Wrecked Ukraine for Generations
2015-07-03 The Psychiatric Business Model
2015-07-03 Matt Damon: An Actor Speaks About Reality
2015-07-03 History of the "New World Order"
2015-07-03 US military strategy for world domination targets Russia and China
2015-07-03 Joseph Goebbels Speech Played by German Cops at G7 Summit
2015-07-04 Feds ‘Lose’ Audits for Fort Knox Gold
2015-07-04 Video of Child Being Tortured by Officers Exposes Severe Problem of Putting Kids in Adult Prisons
2015-07-04 If Vaccines don’t cause Autism why is it listed on the package insert
2015-07-05 Documents Prove EPA Knew Glyphosate was Carcinogenic 30 Years Ago
2015-07-05 Hemp for Victory
2015-07-06 Is the Autism Epidemic Deliberate?
2015-07-06 Greeks Owe Nothing to the Banks
2015-07-06 The Racket
2015-07-06 Haiti and the shock doctrine
2015-07-06 US Preparing Coup to Prevent Greece from Falling Under Russian Influence
2015-07-06 Former Health Advisor to Canadian Govt: No Vaccine Proven Safe or Effective
2015-07-06 9/11 and the Big Lie
2015-07-07 Wikileaks: How TISA Would Rip Up Financial Regulations around the World
2015-07-07 The Man who Defied Hitler & the Nazis by Refusing to Salute
2015-07-07 UK 7/7 Attacks: Intelligence Analyst Speaks Truth to Power
2015-07-08 Greece: What You're Not Being Told
2015-07-08 Fake Media and Sandy Hook: A Comedy of Corruption
2015-07-08 Exposing American Obstetrics: Stories of Bullying and Battery
2015-07-08 Censored: Operation Gladio: Full BBC Documentary
2015-07-08 Vaccination Schedules Then and Now
2015-07-09 TTIP: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
2015-07-09 The Gold "Leasing" Scam: Biggest Bank Robbery in History
2015-07-09 The Four Horsemen
2015-07-09 Clergy Response Teams: Recruiting Religion in Service to the Devil
2015-07-09 Greg Palast on Vulture Capitalists and the Synchronous Implosion
2015-07-10 Emails Show Hillary Clinton Disobeyed Obama And Continued Funding For Honduras Coup Regime
2015-07-10 THE PEOPLE VS. Central Banking FASCIST TYRANNY
2015-07-10 Ellen Brown: The Challenge and Promise of Greece
2015-07-10 Geoengineering and Weather Warfare
2015-07-11 Superfake. Hyper-Realism Coming to an Event Near You
2015-07-11 Army to consider hollow point bullets for new pistol
2015-07-11 US military leaders call Russia ‘greatest threat’, demand more funding
2015-07-11 Tsipras Betrays Referendum, Sells Out to the Banks
2015-07-11 The Banker's Secret To Own The World
2015-07-11 California Water and wildlife at risk from fracking
2015-07-12 Pentagon Concludes America Is Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World, Plans War against Russia
2015-07-12 Breast Cancer is Big Business
2015-07-12 New Global Taxman to Wage War on Informal Economy
2015-07-12 The James Holmes case
2015-07-12 Is the Sun Going to Sleep?
2015-07-12 Fluoride, Fluoride, Everywhere
2015-07-13 Lucifer's Retirement Plan
2015-07-13 The EyeOpener- Exposing ‘In-Q-Tel’: The CIA’s Own Venture Capital Firm
2015-07-13 Four Reasons Not to Breastfeed in Public
2015-07-13 The Men Who Own the US Government
2015-07-13 Scientific Review: 'No Evidence' Water Fluoridation Prevents Cavities - but It Significantly Reduces IQ
2015-07-13 Russian Hackers Release Faked ISIS Video Production
2015-07-13 End Of Aspartame: Study Links Diet Soda To Major Problems
2015-07-14 Yet another 9/11 Truth Video
2015-07-14 Americans OK With Abolishing the First Amendment
2015-07-14 97% Owned
2015-07-14 What Assets Did Greece Just Hand Over To Europe?
2015-07-14 UberGang Forces Inventor to Abandon Anonymizing WiFi Project
2015-07-14 The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy, It is a lie
2015-07-14 Tsipras' Act of Treason
2015-07-14 The Lightbringers - Architects of Deception
2015-07-14 U.S. Government Engineering The Climate To Control Populations
2015-07-14 Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Found Floating in River
2015-07-14 California’s SB277 Debate - Who is Educating our Doctors about Vaccines?
2015-07-14 Who dares play Russian roulette with our children?
2015-07-15 Feds Brazenly Subverting 4th Amendment in Illegal Criminal Cases
2015-07-15 Down the Rabbit Hole: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
2015-07-15 The Mess that Nuland Made in Ukraine
2015-07-15 Medical Battery in Obstetrics
2015-07-16 Monsanto Protection Act Clears House Committee
2015-07-16 Wide Variation in Cesarian Rates Indicates Pervasive Quackery
2015-07-16 George Washington Warned of Illuminati
2015-07-16 Where is the USA's Gold?
2015-07-16 Autism, Environment, EMF - and what to do about it
2015-07-16 Vaccine Court Awarded Millions To Two Children With Autism. So What Changed?
2015-07-16 The IMF formula for taking over a nation
2015-07-16 Video: What I Learnt About Libya
2015-07-16 Infant Body Parts for Sale: Foreskins
2015-07-17 Jeb Bush: Americans Need to Work Harder
2015-07-17 Fake Government Pursues "Domestic Terrorist" Psyop
2015-07-17 Was MH17 a Botched Assassination Attempt Against Putin?
2015-07-18 RFK: Racism, Autism and the CDC
2015-07-18 The Liars are Losing But They Haven't Lost
2015-07-18 Mexico Drug War Explained
2015-07-18 The Birth Monopoly
2015-07-18 Deadly Delivery: The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA
2015-07-18 WHO: Prevention and elimination of disrespect and abuse during facility-based childbirth
2015-07-19 Nazi Sympathies of British Royal Family Typical of Western Elites
2015-07-19 New GMO Soy Study Invalidates "Substantial Equivalence" Theory of Genetic Vandalism
2015-07-19 How Greek Debt Can Be Annulled
2015-07-19 Greece: Ellen Brown Interviews Paul Craig Roberts on Bankster's Con Game
2015-07-19 The Super Entity That Controls Your Government
2015-07-19 Reprise: Government Plans Further Invasion of Children’s Bodies
2015-07-19 Amazon Review of Kerth's Book "Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism "
2015-07-19 Reprise: Occult Zionism: A Rothschild Experiment
2015-07-19 Inventor of Anonymizing Wireless Hub Halts Project After Government Threats
2015-07-20 Psychopaths at the Top
2015-07-20 Sneak Attack on Net Neutrality Picks Up Steam in the House
2015-07-20 Scopolamine: Instant Mind Control
2015-07-20 Iraqi Forces Shoot Down Israeli Made ISIS Spy Drone
2015-07-21 Trojan Horse: The War on Raw Milk
2015-07-21 War on Fat is War on Neural Development
2015-07-21 Codex Alimentarius and the Great Culling
2015-07-21 Federal Government Prepares to Track Unvaccinated Adults
2015-07-22 Polio Wasn’t Vanquished, It Was Redefined
2015-07-22 American Addict: the medical police state
2015-07-22 Corbett: Anarchy on the Streets
2015-07-22 How to Fake an Alien Invasion
2015-07-22 Hackers "Take Control & Crash" Jeep Cherokee From A Sofa 10 Miles Away
2015-07-22 Reprise: FDA Reneges on Antibiotics in Factory Farms
2015-07-22 Corbett: But What About the Roads?
2015-07-23 Chatanooga Shooter Was on SSRI's
2015-07-23 What is in Chemtrails?
2015-07-23 Fake Media Hiding Truth About Benghazi, Fast & Furious
2015-07-23 House passes bill blocking states from requiring GMO labels on food
2015-07-24 New Book: Vaccines and Autoimmunity
2015-07-24 New Research (Again) Confirms Vaccines Do Have a Dark Side
2015-07-24 Top Researchers Reveal Vaccines Can Cause Autoimmune Disease
2015-07-24 Explosive: The real reason Holistic Doctors are being killed and vanishing!
2015-07-24 Interview: Why The CIA Kills Rock Stars
2015-07-24 Obama Says Real Threat to U.S. is Its Own Citizens
2015-07-24 Child Abuse: CDC Suggests Mothers Delay Breastfeeding to Enhance Vaccine
2015-07-24 Shock Report: China Dumps Half a Trillion Dollars
2015-07-24 Child Abuse: The Elephant in the Living Room
2015-07-24 Eugenicists kill proposal to curb mercury dental fillings
2015-07-24 DARK Act: Anti-GMO-Labelling Bill on Fast Track
2015-07-25 Catherine Fitts: Central Bank Warfare Model
2015-07-26 The Case Against The Bank Of Canada
2015-07-26 House Votes for Monsanto’s Right to Deceive Consumers
2015-07-26 The Yes Men's solution to California's drought: if you eat beef, don't wash
2015-07-27 UK PM Cameron explains .01% doctrine: ‘Destroy nation-states to invent our own barbaric realm’
2015-07-29 US Special Forces Trained Mexican Drug Cartel
2015-07-29 GcMAF, Nagalase, Cancer, Autism and Vaccines
2015-07-29 Colostrum: Another Reason for the War on Raw Milk
2015-07-29 GcMAF and Nagalase: Banksters Murdered Researchers
2015-07-29 Reprise: Vaccines Made from Aborted Fetuses Cause Autism
2015-07-29 Three Ways to Give a Baby Chronic Disease
2015-07-29 Psychiatry and the Military: The Hidden Enemy
2015-07-29 Success: Nearly One Fourth of US Kids Live in Poverty
2015-07-29 Commercial wheat doused with glyphosate herbicide just before harvest
2015-07-29 TPP Negotiations Move to Luxury Hotel in Maui
2015-07-29 House Votes for Arbitrary Revocation of American Passports
2015-07-29 Military-like response to one suspect shuts down American neighborhood
2015-07-29 Senators given under 60 minutes to read 1000+ page bill before vote
2015-07-29 California implements forced vaccine policy inside compulsory school system
2015-07-30 Vaccines: Mainstream Medicine Militantly Clueless on Infant Immune System
2015-07-30 Is GcMAF the real reason why holistic doctors are dead?
2015-07-31 Vaccination: One Pediatrician's Experience
2015-07-31 Breaking: Jade Helm Operations Manual Leaked
2015-07-31 Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, Rest in Peace
2015-07-31 Teresa Sievers, MD, Murdered July 2015, RIP
2015-08-01 Congressman reveals CDC destroyed vaccine documents
2015-08-01 Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, MD and healer - RIP
2015-08-02 Lack of Breastfeeding Kills Over 1 Million Infants A Year
2015-08-02 Mainstream Media Journalists, “Independent” Experts and the CIA
2015-08-03 ALEC Behind Recent Push For Mandatory Vaccination
2015-08-03 Confessions of an economic hitman - John Perkins
2015-08-03 More on Dr. Bradstreet, Nagalase, and the Viral Issue in Autism
2015-08-03 Official Science: The State Religion
2015-08-03 Who's Stealing Your Vote?
2015-08-03 Repeal Bill of Rights?
2015-08-03 Homeland Security Idle on 2008 EMP Threat
2015-08-04 How to Repeal the Tax Loophole That Allows Companies to Hide Their Profits in Offshore Accounts
2015-08-04 Obama's New War in Syria
2015-08-04 Obama's War on Whistleblowers
2015-08-04 How Doctors Responded to Being Named a Leading Killer
2015-08-05 Five Things Shills Don't Want You To Know
2015-08-07 Vaccines: Delusional Researchers Ignore Their Own Findings
2015-08-07 Syria Chaos: Russia Jumps In the Fray
2015-08-08 The Science Delusion
2015-08-09 14 Incredible Facts about 9/11
2015-08-09 Child Sacrifice Goes Mainstream
2015-08-09 Distant Thunder: Germany's Gold Still in Doubt
2015-08-09 Government Criminals Assert Right to Unfettered Surveillance
2015-08-09 Max Keiser: Navigating the Collapsing American Empire
2015-08-09 Human Leather for Sale
2015-08-09 Vicious Out of Control Downturn Coming-Chris Martenson
2015-08-09 CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link
2015-08-09 World Defenseless Against Next Financial Crisis
2015-08-09 Forced vaccinations part of HHS’s Healthy People 2020 Agenda
2015-08-09 Merck Whistleblower on Vaccines
2015-08-10 Big Pharma and Organized Crime — They are More Similar Than You May Think
2015-08-10 Kansas officials stonewall mathematician investigating voting machines
2015-08-10 Psychopathic Medical Researchers Hid Prozac-Suicide Link in Children
2015-08-11 Kerth Barker
2015-08-11 Patricia Robinett
2015-08-11 Rich Winkel
2015-08-11 John Zielinski
2015-08-12 Central Bankers Threaten Color Revolution Against Putin
2015-08-12 Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions
2015-08-12 The Social Cost of Capitalism
2015-08-13 The Shemitah Is Bullshit!
2015-08-13 Ireland Refuses to Extradite Man to U.S. Because Prison System is Too Inhumane
2015-08-14 Torture: Jeb Bush Plays Badcop to Obama's Goodcop Routine
2015-08-14 The Setup: Pentagon Exercises Reveal U.S. Would Struggle to Win War With Russia
2015-08-15 Cashews Are a Natural Anti-Depressant
2015-08-15 Jeb Bush's Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering
2015-08-16 More about possible computer hacking into automobiles
2015-08-16 Five Chiropractors killed in uncannily similar accidents
2015-08-16 Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia - YouTube
2015-08-17 PDF Book: The Federal Mafia
2015-08-17 Government Sponsored Genocide: US Has No Strategic Grain Reserve
2015-08-17 WHO is Still Sterilizing Africans With Adulterated Vaccines
2015-08-17 FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
2015-08-18 Reprise: TCR Interview with Catherine Fitts on the Real Economy
2015-08-18 Alternative Explanation for Global Warming
2015-08-19 Abortion Sting Film
2015-08-19 Anti-Geoengineering Researcher to EPA: Do Your Job!
2015-08-20 Transnational Corpses Creating Planetary Flood of Human Migration
2015-08-20 Wakeup Call to the Police and Military
2015-08-20 US DIA Head: USA Cultivated ISIS
2015-08-20 Trumping the Federal Debt Without Playing the Default Card
2015-08-21 Hillary's Emails a Diversion from US Arming ISIS via Benghazi
2015-08-21 Warning! - Your car, drone or tea kettle can be hacked
2015-08-21 Mark Fiore on Toxic Mining Law
2015-08-21 GMO and the Attack on Scientists
2015-08-21 Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines
2015-08-21 JP Morgan Hires Recently Retired U.S. General, Raymond T. Odierno
2015-08-22 Scotland Bans GMO Crops
2015-08-22 Snowmass, CO Ends Water Fluoridation
2015-08-23 Medical Murder: Silence Implies Intent
2015-08-23 Humans Need Not Apply
2015-08-23 Transcending Tyranny - Max Igan
2015-08-23 Kitty History
2015-08-23 US media blackout: France turning against vaccines
2015-08-24 Sandy Hook and the Politics of Mass Shootings
2015-08-25 JFK: "There's a plot in this country..."
2015-08-25 Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World
2015-08-25 Control Freaks Turn Birth into Techno-nightmare
2015-08-25 Toxic vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months; safe limit is 25 mcg
2015-08-25 Video: MOBILIZE
2015-08-26 The Raping of America- Mile Markers on the Road to Fascism
2015-08-27 US Military Now Has Authority to “Capture and Punish” Journalists Who they Deem “Belligerent”
2015-08-27 Most Prestigious Medical Journal in America Calls for GMO Labeling!
2015-08-28 Reprise: The "Traditional Way America Goes to War" Against YOU
2015-08-28 Video: Terrorstorm
2015-08-28 9/11: Missing Links
2015-08-28 Dr Arpad Pusztai PhD - Harmful results in GMO research
2015-08-28 What China's Treasury Liquidation Means: $1 Trillion QE In Reverse
2015-08-28 The Tightening Noose Around Non-Aluminized Children
2015-08-29 GcMAF treatment kills cancer cells in real time
2015-08-29 Torture: The Satanic Inquisition
2015-08-29 Ethnic Cleansing: Pulling the Plug on New Orleans
2015-08-29 Texas Town Fires Police Dept, Hires Private Citizens for Security — Guess What Happened to Crime?
2015-08-29 Holistic MD Who Died Suddenly, Said He’d Heard Big Pharma Hopes He Gets Hit By A Bus
2015-08-29 Jury Nullification puts the power in the hands of the people
2015-08-29 The Organic Effect
2015-08-29 Vaccine? - Yes or No
2015-08-29 Lies You Will Hear As The Economic Collapse Progresses
2015-08-30 Emergency room visit for 1 in 168 children after 12-month vaccination
2015-08-30 Only Global Banks Will Benefit From A Cyber-Attack On The U.S.
2015-08-30 Nearly One-Third Of 847,000 Vets With Pending Applications For VA Health Care Already Died
2015-08-30 The Greater Good - Vaccines Exposed
2015-09-02 Russia Drafts Bill to Eliminate Federal Reserve Notes from Trade
2015-09-02 Vaccines and Retroviruses: Book Review: "Plague"
2015-09-02 David Korton's 10 Point Recovery Plan
2015-09-02 Despite High Child Vaccination Rates, CDC Calls for Shaming Schools
2015-09-02 Military Drills Disrupt Civilian Aviation Radar Along East Coast
2015-09-03 The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization
2015-09-03 West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror
2015-09-03 Young Girls Convulse On The Floor After HPV Shot
2015-09-03 Are Saudis Using Neutron Bombs in Yemen?
2015-09-04 America: Destroyed by Design
2015-09-04 The Tobacco Conspiracy - How does this relate to other corporations?
2015-09-05 Biotech Found to Use GM-Contaminated Rat Feed in Fraudulent Studies
2015-09-05 Govt Reform Committee Investigation on Mercury/Vaccine/Autism
2015-09-06 Editor of the Lancet: Science has Taken a Turn Toward Darkness
2015-09-06 Syrian Migrant Crisis: What They're Not Telling You
2015-09-06 Statistician Finds Proof That Our Elections Are a Sham
2015-09-06 Central Banks Nervous as Alternative Currency with David Bowie’s Face Goes Viral
2015-09-06 2030 Agenda Decoded: Global Fascist Takeover
2015-09-06 British government surveilling 3-year-olds for 'extremism' while defending pedophile elitists
2015-09-06 Economy: Black Swans Ahead
2015-09-06 Vaccination: Roll Up Your Sleeve and Bend Over
2015-09-06 Last Real Version of TrueCrypt Still Available
2015-09-07 Army Admits Radioactive Dumping in St. Louis County
2015-09-08 Jeb Bush Asked What He Did With 9/11 Hijackers' Files
2015-09-08 Documentary: The Creation Of HIV/Aids
2015-09-08 Sick Sea Animals Off Western Coast of North America
2015-09-08 Plague: Vaccines, Retroviruses and Corruption: Interview with Judy Mikovitz
2015-09-08 The GcMAF Book
2015-09-09 Death Squads and Democracy: Connecting the Dots
2015-09-10 Cynthia McKinney's PhD Dissertation: Hugo Chavez, White Supremacy, COINTELPRO and Wikileaks
2015-09-10 US poisons Navajo river water in scorched earth campaign
2015-09-10 Former Greek Parliament Speaker on Situation in Greece
2015-09-10 Container With Aid For Refugees Was Full Of Weapons And Ammunition
2015-09-10 US Continues Deliberate Sabotage of Dollar via Russia Sanctions
2015-09-10 Ex-Merck employee turned anti-vaccine activist now terrorized by Big Pharma Black Ops branch
2015-09-10 'Monsanto Mafia' scientists named, exposed for pushing GMO agenda in exchange for grants, favors and gifts
2015-09-10 "The Poisoned Needle" by Eleanor McBean, 1957
2015-09-11 29 Holistic Doctors and Practitioners Poisoned During Conference, Some in Critical Condition
2015-09-12 Dead Bankers, Pedophiles, Chemical Plant Explosions and Currency Wars
2015-09-12 TPTB Using Micro-Spies in Arms Race to Control People
2015-09-12 NSA Doc Reveals ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi is U.S., British and Israeli Intelligence Asset
2015-09-12 Neuroplasticity Redefines Our Understanding of the Brain
2015-09-12 Confessions of a congressman
2015-09-12 9/11: Decade of Deception
2015-09-13 The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know
2015-09-13 Cynthia McKinney: Wikileaks Documents Excluded from Academic Research
2015-09-14 9/11: Al Qaeda Bought Out Ground Zero
2015-09-14 Never Forget … Your Country Admits to False Flag Terror
2015-09-14 The UN’s “Sustainable Development Agenda” is Basically a Giant Corporatist Fraud
2015-09-14 Obama administration suppresses account of CIA torture
2015-09-14 Afghan President: Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist
2015-09-14 Russian FM: U.S. Knows ISIS Positions in Syria, Refuses to Bomb
2015-09-15 List of Additives in Vaccines Fact Sheet from CDC
2015-09-15 Staged ISIS Beheading Video
2015-09-16 Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions
2015-09-16 Chemtrail pilots share details
2015-09-17 Nanoaluminum in Chemtrails is Inducing Alzheimers Disease - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock
2015-09-18 WWIII is Here
2015-09-18 Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas
2015-09-19 Kerth says: Watch this Film on the Vatican
2015-09-19 Can't fix "stupid"...
2015-09-19 Dark Legacy: George Bush And The Murder Of John Kennedy
2015-09-19 The NSA Surveillance Smokescreen
2015-09-19 OPEC, Russia and the New World Order Emerging
2015-09-20 The Religion of Statism
2015-09-20 John Oliver Takes on the Medical Mafia
2015-09-21 FDA: Fraud and Deception Agency
2015-09-21 Corbett: The Bankster-Created Collapse and the NWO
2015-09-21 The New Clinton Chronicles 2015
2015-09-21 Generating Electricity from The Flow of City Water Systems
2015-09-21 Demonic Possession Of The Vatican Exposed: Leo Zagami Interview
2015-09-21 What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies 
2015-09-21 Gallup Poll: Half of Americans See Washington as a Threat
2015-09-22 Uruguay Does Unthinkable, Rejects Global Corporatocracy
2015-09-22 Russian Govt Completely Bans GMOs in Food Production
2015-09-22 Prescott Bush Interview (1953)
2015-09-22 Former George Bush Chief Economist Says 911 Was An Inside Job
2015-09-23 Globalist Pedophile Plan Exposed
2015-09-23 Visas for Al Qaeda
2015-09-23 The Setup for Economic Collapse
2015-09-23 Downing Street stays silent over claims David Cameron Had Sex with Dead Pig
2015-09-23 A Nation Founded by Geniuses But Run by Idiots
2015-09-23 GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know
2015-09-23 US Government (NIDA) Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer
2015-09-24 The Atlantic buried this amazing interview - the answers made too much sense
2015-09-24 Be your own doctor
2015-09-24 This Police Department Challenged Big Pharma and Won
2015-09-24 9/11 Traitors Still Running Wild in USA
2015-09-25 This Dad Wrote A Check To His Kid’s School Using Common Core Math
2015-09-25 Sibel Edmonds: ISIS is US
2015-09-26 Pushbutton Famine
2015-09-26 Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing
2015-09-26 Jim Marrs: The Depopulation Agenda
2015-09-26 UN Releases Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship
2015-09-26 The Refugee Crisis: Separating the Conspiracies from The Conspiracy™
2015-09-26 CPS Workers in Public Schools & CPS Kidnaps Children for Money
2015-09-27 Nomi Prins-Federal Reserve Transition to Destruction
2015-09-29 100 Free Survival Downloads
2015-09-29 Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense
2015-09-29 New Study: Vaccinated Children Have Up To 500% More Disease Than Unvaccinated Children
2015-10-01 "Federal" Reserve Planning a Controlled Crash
2015-10-01 Putin address to UN GA: "Do you realize what you've done?"
2015-10-01 UROKO: The True History of the Banking Cartels and the Federal Reserve
2015-10-01 Obama Lied About Opposition to NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision
2015-10-02 The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone
2015-10-02 Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster
2015-10-02 Sibel Edmonds: Cointelpro II Uncovers Corruption in High Places
2015-10-02 Meet the 9/11 Whistleblowers
2015-10-03 Russian Strikes In Syria Expose Western Duplicity
2015-10-03 A Mosaic Of Facts - Media Weapons Of Mass Delusion
2015-10-03 Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground Invasion
2015-10-03 "They Just Don't Want A Job" - The Fed's Grotesque "Explanation" Why 94.6 Million Are Out Of The Labor Force
2015-10-03 Cannabis Cures - Government Kills
2015-10-03 'Legally Kidnapped': US child protective services accused of separating families for profit
2015-10-03 Study Confirms Babies Are Right: Circumcision is Mutilation
2015-10-03 Putin Calls Out Washington
2015-10-03 Monsanto operatives pretend to be journalists for Discover, Slate, The Washington Post and the New York Times
2015-10-04 Unemployment Worse Now Than During Great Ripoff
2015-10-04 How To Solve The European Migrant Crisis
2015-10-04 FINANCIAL DOOM 30 Days Max: “The Next Lehman Brothers” as LARGEST Commodity Trading Co. On Earth IMPLODES
2015-10-04 Syrian Refugee Crisis: What The Media Is Hiding
2015-10-04 Reprise: Conspiracy Theory Rock
2015-10-04 Canada raids farm for supplying raw milk demand; food freedom activists successfully defend it
2015-10-04 Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common... and it's not guns
2015-10-04 The Business Interests of Private Central Banks
2015-10-05 Spot the 9/11 Liars
2015-10-05 Predictive Programming Explained
2015-10-05 Eustace Mullins - The Rape of Justice, Court Procedures & The Law
2015-10-06 Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media
2015-10-06 The New Childhood in America
2015-10-06 The Unanswered Questions Behind 9/11 Answered
2015-10-06 35 School Shootings/ Mass Stabbings Tied to Psychiatric Drugs
2015-10-07 Reprise: The "Federal Reserve" System: The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind
2015-10-07 Was Doctors Without Borders bombed for Opposing TPP?
2015-10-07 Brzezinski Calls For ‘Retaliation’ Against Russia For Fighting ISIS
2015-10-07 Oregon Shooting Compilation
2015-10-08 Oregon gunman was taking five types of medication, possibly vaccine-damaged with autism spectrum disorder
2015-10-08 Oregon Mass Shooting Another False Flag To Hide Real News?
2015-10-09 The US Trade War on the US
2015-10-11 The Original Psyop
2015-10-11 Celebrating Genocide – Christopher Columbus' Invasion of America
2015-10-12 British Pilots Given Green Light to Shoot Down Russian Jets
2015-10-12 Did You Know You Have a Uniform Birth Number?
2015-10-12 Vit. K and American Medicine's Ongoing Reckless Endangerment of Kids
2015-10-12 Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared and More
2015-10-12 UN 1976 Weather Weapon Treaty
2015-10-14 The "Fed": They come from Planet Klepto
2015-10-14 From JFK to 911
2015-10-14 Fracking Associated With Premature Birth - Johns Hopkins study
2015-10-16 No Guns for Negros
2015-10-17 Merck Whistle-Blower Details Mandatory Vaccine Push
2015-10-17 Local Community Rejects Federal Militarization of Police
2015-10-17 Government Lying 101
2015-10-17 Gun Control Works - for Whom?
2015-10-17 Germ Warfare Covertly Waged On U.S. Citizens Since The 1950s
2015-10-18 Hastert and The Congressional Child Rape & Blackmail Scandal: What You'll Never See in the Media
2015-10-18 US End Game in Syria is Just the Beginning for Wider Regional War
2015-10-19 Suicide and Cardiovascular Death after a Cancer Diagnosis
2015-10-19 Madsen: Evidence Shows Clinton Ran a Parallel, Outsourced State Dept
2015-10-19 Global Warming – Largest Science Scandal in US History?
2015-10-19 TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter
2015-10-19 Russian Involvement in Syria Has Exposed Real US Agenda
2015-10-20 Dr. Deisher testifies on the connection between vaccines and rising rates of autism
2015-10-20 Collapse Of Western Financial System Looms as Neocons Force Russian Hand
2015-10-20 5 Vital Stories the Media Failed to Report While Obsessing Over Lamar Odom & the Kardashians
2015-10-21 Laughter as Medicine
2015-10-21 Russia Puts Blindfold on NATO in Syria
2015-10-21 New Canadian PM to Withdraw Canadian Military from US Wars
2015-10-21 Catherine Fitts: The Black Budget and the Breakaway Civilization
2015-10-21 Manhattan Project Radiation Dump Unraveling in St. Louis
2015-10-21 The Truth About Cancer
2015-10-23 Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly?
2015-10-23 Minor Miracle: Maryland Legalizes Raw Milk for PETS
2015-10-23 Iceland Has Now Sent 26 Corrupt Bankers To Prison
2015-10-23 Turkey Supplied Sarin Used in Syrian False Flag Attack
2015-10-23 Toxic Agriculture and the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health and the Environment
2015-10-23 Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn
2015-10-24 GMO DARK Act: Eugenicists Try Again for Mass Poisoning
2015-10-24 TPP: Pretense of Legitimate Government Vanishing in Europe
2015-10-24 The Hidden Tyrants: Central Bankers Know Exactly What They Are Doing
2015-10-24 MGM: A "Right" Parents Shouldn't Have
2015-10-24 U.S Gives Up Against ISIS, Makes You The New Enemy
2015-10-25 The False Assumption Behind the War on Cancer
2015-10-25 GMO and The Puppetmasters of Academia
2015-10-25 Physics Today Refuses to Publish Rebuttal Re: "Global Warming"
2015-10-25 Why nobody knows what's really going into your food
2015-10-25 Our daily poison
2015-10-25 People Are Dying: Evacuate the Gulf Now
2015-10-25 Perfluorooctanoic Acid in DuPont's Non-Stick Cookware
2015-10-25 The Spice That Prevents Fluoride from Destroying Your Brain
2015-10-26 How the West Recolonized China
2015-10-26 Drugs as Weapons against Us - a book by Jon Potash
2015-10-26 Vaccine Coverup Imploding
2015-10-28 Why the "Chemtrail Conspiracy" is Real
2015-10-28 Ukraine and the Mosaic of Facts
2015-10-29 "ISIS pay well but beheading someone is the initiation test"
2015-10-29 White Helmets: War by way of Deception Part II ~ “If it looks like an executioner.. 
2015-10-29 White Helmets: War by Way of Deception Part I
2015-10-29 9/11 Anthrax Attacks: Criminal Government In Your Face
2015-10-29 How Obama Could Beat the Debt Ceiling and Go Out a Hero
2015-10-30 25 Cancer Stem Cell Killing Foods Smarter Than Chemo & Radiation
2015-10-30 Is Trump to be Assassinated?
2015-10-30 How the CIA created the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ label to shut down healthy skepticism
2015-11-01 Dinosaur Google and Youtube engaging in wholesale censorship
2015-11-01 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money
2015-11-01 Snowden: Smartphones can be hacked into with just one text message and then used to spy
2015-11-01 Instant millionaire status per US household: Top 3 benefits of monetary reform, public banking
2015-11-03 Revealed – US Senate Document Confirms National and Global Weather Modification (Geoengineering) Programs
2015-11-03 Blanket of Secrecy Descends on National Weather Service
2015-11-03 The Western Financial System in 2 Minutes
2015-11-03 Rosalind Peterson reports on chemtrails/ geoengineering at the United Nations 
2015-11-04 The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: A Guidebook for Violating International and Domestic Law - Part I
2015-11-05 Congress Finances Endless War with Social Security Fund While Ignoring Money Creation Power
2015-11-05 Ukrainian Wikileaks: McCain and Saakashvili plotting to shoot down American plane in Syria to blame Russia [transcript]
2015-11-05 The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: A Recipe for Total War and Military Dictatorship - Part II
2015-11-05 President Obama's broken promises on war
2015-11-05 The Pentagon’s Law of War Manual: Total War, Mass Detention and Martial Law - Part III
2015-11-05 Electromagnetic Radiation Exposures – Did You Know?
2015-11-05 What Is ISIS?
2015-11-05 Reprise: Vaccines, Autism, Fetal Cells and Homologous Recombination
2015-11-06 Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare book by Peter Gøtzsche
2015-11-07 How 'Big Brother' watches you
2015-11-08 The ISIS Farce, Hoax, Insult to the Intelligence etc.
2015-11-08 10 Conspiracy "Theories" That Turned Out to Be True
2015-11-08 Minutemen Volunteers Arrest 2 CIA Cocaine Traffickers at Mexican Border
2015-11-08 The "Fed" Has Already HYPERINFLATED The Dollar
2015-11-08 U.S Secret Government Operation Exposed In L.A.
2015-11-09 Secret TPP Text Unveiled: It’s Worse Than We Thought
2015-11-09 TPP, WTO, NAFTA: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History
2015-11-09 Scientist Offers Monsanto $10M to Prove Him Wrong on Ominous Findings in GMO Soy
2015-11-10 9/11: What You're Expected to Believe
2015-11-10 The Neocon's Grand New Adventure: Nuclear War
2015-11-11 The Central Bankers Are Preparing To Crash The Economy
2015-11-11 The COMEX Gold Fraud
2015-11-11 DNA Harvesting: Another Way Babies are Fresh Meat for Medicine
2015-11-12 CIA=Cocaine Importation Agency
2015-11-12 Video: All Wars are Bankers Wars
2015-11-12 PDF: "War is a Racket" by Gen. Smedley Butler
2015-11-12 MGM: Doctors Fear Speaking Out
2015-11-13 U.S. Apache Attack Helicopter Follows Behind ISIS Convoy … Doesn’t Fire a Single Shot
2015-11-13 U.S. Demands There Be No Democracy in Syria
2015-11-13 The Banksters' Takedown of Europe
2015-11-14 The Vaccine Culture War in America
2015-11-15 Clinton Campaigner Confronted on AQ/ISIS/ISIL/IS Support
2015-11-15 Corporate Media Blacks Out Pentagon Report Exposing U.S. Role in the Creation of ISIS
2015-11-15 IMF Accepts Chinese Yuan As Reserve Currency
2015-11-15 European Food Authority Concludes that “Glyphosate is Safe”
2015-11-15 The Banks that Control America
2015-11-16 Secrets of the Federal Reserve: Currency Coup from Within
2015-11-16 Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes
2015-11-16 Former CIA Officer and the US Government’s War against Whistleblowers
2015-11-17 Origins of ISIS aka Islamic State
2015-11-17 What Happened Just Before the Paris Attacks
2015-11-17 Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag
2015-11-17 Who Is Pulling The Terror Strings?
2015-11-17 Was Paris a False Flag?
2015-11-17 The global war on peasants
2015-11-17 Naomi Wolf on False Flags
2015-11-17 Putin Exposes G20's Financial Ties to ISIS
2015-11-17 IBM, the Holocaust and the War on Terror
2015-11-17 Reprise: 1995 IBM internal memo on illegal neural chip experiments on unwitting california prisoners
2015-11-17 Fluoride: Poison On Tap
2015-11-18 Professor Darrel Hamamoto Exposes Mind Control Programs in Universities
2015-11-18 Feds ban First Amendment rights for skeptical weather scientists
2015-11-19 Democracy Now Demonstrates What It Means to Be a "Good German"
2015-11-19 American Journalist Murdered By Turkey For Exposing ISIS Ties
2015-11-19 Technocracy and Climate Eugenics
2015-11-19 Naomi Wolf - The End of America revisited
2015-11-19 Last scientist in Congress warns on human genetic engineering
2015-11-20 Hang Onto Your Wallets: Negative Interest, the War on Cash and the $10 Trillion Bail-in
2015-11-20 FDA Pushes Involuntary Abortions on Clueless Pregnant Women
2015-11-20 FDA approves experimental GMO salmon for human consumption
2015-11-21 Putin to G20: Stop Funding ISIS!
2015-11-21 Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria
2015-11-21 Baby Foreskins for Sale
2015-11-21 JFK: The Chilling Truth
2015-11-21 The unreported risks of bio engineered foods
2015-11-22 Voting? Ask Your Doctor
2015-11-22 Gagriculture, vaccines implement longstanding plans to bifurcate the human species
2015-11-22 A Russian Grandma's Advice to Obama
2015-11-22 US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Syria to Oust Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop
2015-11-22 2 Paris Attackers 'stopped drinking and started praying' six months before atrocity
2015-11-23 Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings 
2015-11-24 Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs
2015-11-24 Turkey Threatened Putin ‘Stop Bombing ISIS’ Days Before Jet Shoot Down
2015-11-24 Who Exactly is Trying to Kill off Cash?
2015-11-24 Gen Wesley Clark: ISIS Created by the West
2015-11-24 UN Fascists Want Inventory and Tracking of all Human Stock
2015-11-24 Sibel Edmonds: The Mind-Boggling Level of Media Censorship in the Hastert Case
2015-11-24 Catherine Fitts: Mother Lode of Trouble Coming with Federal Budget
2015-11-24 NSA Surveillance and What To Do About It
2015-11-25 U.S. Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans
2015-11-25 ISIS Oil Tankers Hit for First Time – With 45-Minute Warning
2015-11-25 CDC Exploring PR Techniques to Persuade Gullible Parents on HPV Vaccine
2015-11-25 Massachusetts’s Rejection of Common Core Test Signals Shift in U.S. - The New York Times
2015-11-25 H.R. Giger's Birth Trauma Art
2015-11-26 JFK Was Killed by a Lone Gunman. Really! All is Well in Washington
2015-11-26 What JFK Said about Conspiracy, Secret Societies, Freedom (excellent visuals + transcript)
2015-11-26 Extreme Oath of the Jesuits
2015-11-26 Video on MK-Ultra/ Franklin Scandal: Who Took Johnny?
2015-11-27 The Central Banking Mafia Is In a Corner, War is the Solution
2015-11-27 Under the Thumb of the Global Financial Mafiocracy
2015-11-27 Former CIA Operative: Get Ready for WWIII
2015-11-28 The Dark Side Of Prenatal Ultrasound With Jeanice Barcelo
2015-11-28 France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media Sites
2015-11-28 Putin Points Out the Obvious: ISIS Was Created by the West
2015-11-29 Reliable disease biomarkers to measure sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
2015-11-29 Unacceptable Levels - a movie
2015-11-29 Russia Blocks NATO's Terror Convoy at Syrian Border
2015-11-29 How The Government Legalized Domestic Propaganda
2015-11-29 Is This The Common Denominator Of All Disease?
2015-11-29 Birth: What happens naturally
2015-11-29 Radical Idea: Stop Hurting Babies
2015-11-30 Ruling in Mexico Sets Into Motion Legal Marijuana - The New York Times
2015-11-30 Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics
2015-11-30 Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children
2015-11-30 18-year-old tackles a huge global problem - water purity
2015-12-01 Hunger Games Going Live
2015-12-01 Say Goodbye to the "First World"
2015-12-01 Putin Says Global Warming is a Fraud
2015-12-02 Washington attorney obliterates Big Pharma's vaccine propaganda
2015-12-02 Maurice Strong, Ultimate Insider, is Dead
2015-12-02 John Zielinski Kickstarter Campaign: America's MIA Children
2015-12-02 Help & Hope for Electromagnetic Radiation Sensitives
2015-12-04 Man Gets $1.30 Fine For 30 Marijuana Plants, Judge Says Prohibition Is "Obsolete And Ridiculous"
2015-12-05 Radical, Subversive, Evil Mother Protects Her Kid from the Luciferian State
2015-12-05 Is Circumcision Legal? by Peter W. Adler
2015-12-05 Call Washington now: Net Neutrality in trouble
2015-12-05 March of the Luciferian Neocon War Criminals
2015-12-05 Iraqi Prime Minister: US ground forces not welcome in Iraq
2015-12-05 MGM and FGM: Why the Double Standard?
2015-12-05 What in the World has Happened to the American People?
2015-12-06 Obama and the Gun Agenda
2015-12-06 Obama - Continuing the 9/11 Cover-Up
2015-12-06 Provision Killing Net Neutrality Threatens Must-Pass Spending Bill
2015-12-06 The American Genocide Agenda
2015-12-06 Central Banks Are In The Harvest Phase Of The Collapse
2015-12-06 David Icke on Banking System
2015-12-06 The Deep State & The War On Cash
2015-12-06 Putin Says Russia Will Be World’s #1 Exporter of Non-GMO Foods
2015-12-07 Global Warming, Global Scamming
2015-12-07 What would a real campaign against gun violence look like?
2015-12-07 Why did they pass a law that makes staged hoaxes and crisis-acted movies legal?
2015-12-07 What Is The Average Global Temperature?
2015-12-07 Study Linking GMOs and Tumors Vindicated Yet Again…MSM Stays Silent
2015-12-07 Something is Weird With the San Bernadino Massacre
2015-12-09 Comics Drawn By Medical Students Reveal Fear And Confusion
2015-12-09 Why you'd have to be a complete idiot to take a flu shot
2015-12-09 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS
2015-12-09 Flu shot hoax admitted: "No controlled trials demonstrating a decrease in influenza"
2015-12-09 Social Control, Destruction of the Family and the Kinsey Syndrome
2015-12-10 Universal Vaccinations for Children Committee Members Accept Big Pharma Money
2015-12-11 Superbug Resistant to all Treatments - Natural Allopathic Medicine to the Rescue
2015-12-11 Turkey Probably Waited in Ambush for Russian Plane
2015-12-11 Congressional Testimony on Climate Change
2015-12-12 Impossible Odds in Mass Murders and Terrorism
2015-12-13 Congressional Testimony on Climate Change
2015-12-13 Amazon Censors Book: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook"
2015-12-13 Iraq Seeks Exit from US "Protection"
2015-12-13 U.S. being bombarded with Fukushima radiation 1,000 times higher than normal
2015-12-13 Mom faces jail time for letting her son play outdoors
2015-12-13 Indian doctors sue Bill Gates for harming children with deadly 'humanitarian' vaccines
2015-12-13 ISIS Now Alleged to Have Chemical Weapons—But Who Did They Get Them From?
2015-12-13 Video Shows Israeli Commandos Rescuing Wounded Jihadists From Syria
2015-12-13 Book: "Exile"
2015-12-13 Russia Debates Unorthodox Orthodox Financial Alternative
2015-12-13 Russia’s Dollar Exit Takes Major New Step
2015-12-13 Freeway Rick Ross: American Education is Another Form Of Slavery
2015-12-13 Islamic State works with Pentagon to destroy Syria
2015-12-13 David Icke: Agenda 21: Blueprint for Global Control
2015-12-13 Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador
2015-12-14 Drugging toddlers becoming big business for Big Pharma, million kids under 5 on brain-damaging psych meds
2015-12-14 Ancient History: CIA Analyst Says CIA Taught Nazi Torture to Iran's Secret Police
2015-12-14 Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad
2015-12-15 Mortality rate of middle-aged white Americans increasing rapidly
2015-12-15 Claim: Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting
2015-12-15 Will Bhutan Be The World’s First Organic Nation?
2015-12-15 Scientists Break the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink
2015-12-15 Greenpeace Co-Founder Warns of Global Climate Change Scam
2015-12-15 Video: Global Warming Swindle
2015-12-15 EU Carbon Trading Scheme Riddled With Billions in Fraud
2015-12-18 Govt Moves Ahead with Domestic Encirclement
2015-12-18 Vaccines: What Is Not on Insert Labels?
2015-12-19 Bush Military Official: The Empire's Ship is Sinking
2015-12-19 Ralph Nader & Abby Martin on Corporate Elections
2015-12-20 Wayne Madsen on European Social Engineering
2015-12-21 Reprise: Russian Orthodox Church Prime Force Behind Alternative Banking Model
2015-12-22 EMF pollution poses serious health risk, says deceased MD
2015-12-22 "Peace Journalist" Hand Wringing Over "Conspiracy Theories"
2015-12-23 9/11: What you're expected to believe
2015-12-23 "Free World" Moving Troops Into Position For WWIII
2015-12-23 Stiglitz on TPP: A Big Mistake
2015-12-24 Keiser Report: Why Not People’s Quantitative Easing?
2015-12-24 Confessions of a Former Swiss Banker
2015-12-25 Website Hacked, Question Censored: Why So Many Mass Shootings Under Obama?
2015-12-26 Climate Change? Obama Ignores Huge Methane Leak in California
2015-12-26 Medicine's Embarrassment: Psychiatry Cooks Up New Disease: Eating Healthy is a “Mental Disorder”
2015-12-26 Sandy Hook: A Total Psyop?
2015-12-26 Hilary Clinton vs GOP: Can you Tell the Difference?
2015-12-26 Interview on book: "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook"
2015-12-26 Monsanto Co-operations: Who to Boycott
2015-12-26 Why The CIA Kills Rock Stars
2015-12-27 Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties to Turkish Intelligence
2015-12-27 Central Banking and Economic Collapse
2015-12-27 The Fake Recovery
2015-12-27 Sandy Hook Crisis Actor "Father" also Plays "FBI SWAT"
2015-12-28 Seymour Hersh: Pentagon Revolt Against Covert Support for ISIS
2015-12-28 Real Government Ships Guns and Ammo to Syrian Refugee Camp in Greece
2015-12-28 Disturbing 9/11 Facts You'll Wish Weren't True
2015-12-28 Declassified Documents Reveal Pentagon’s 1950s Planned Nuclear Holocaust: “Systemic Destruction” and Annihilation of Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, Beijing, …. More than 1000 Cities.
2015-12-28 Psychiatry's Reign of Terror
2015-12-29 Pediatrician Resigns Because "AAP Knows Vaccines Cause Autism"
2015-12-29 Factor 8: The Clinton's Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal
2015-12-29 How Big Oil Conquered the World
2015-12-29 'Organic' food from China exposed
2015-12-29 37 lies Americans tell themselves to avoid confronting reality
2015-12-29 A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin
2015-12-30 Major Event Will Be Used To Cover-Up The Collapse Of The Economy
2015-12-30 Seymour Hersh: The President Lies and We Take It
2016-01-01 Jim Willie on Petro-Narco-Geopolitical Year in Review
2016-01-02 Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion
2016-01-02 Video: 9/11: Incontrovertible Evidence
2016-01-02 Jim Rickards: Chinese Yuan Will Replace U.S. Dollar As Reserve Currency
2016-01-02 Czech president: Refugee influx 'organized invasion'
2016-01-03 Reprise: 9/11 in 5 Minutes
2016-01-03 Reprise: All Wars are Bankers Wars
2016-01-03 More than 500 jihadists cared for in Israel
2016-01-03 Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website
2016-01-03 What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies
2016-01-03 Another Alternative Cancer Doctor Killed, Found in Makeshift Grave
2016-01-03 Outspoken opponent of EU fascist takeover nearly assassinated
2016-01-03 The Infinitely Programmable Human
2016-01-03 “New Research Suggests [Fluoridating Water] Is Dramatically Misguided”
2016-01-03 False Flags in Iraq
2016-01-03 Iraq: USA Used Death Squads to Manufacture Civil War
2016-01-04 BOA Explains How Central Banks Rigged And Manipulated The Market
2016-01-04 156 Eyewitnesses Say 9/11 Twin Towers Collapsed Due To Explosives
2016-01-04 9-11 Video Analysis Shows Undoubtedly a Glitch in the Software
2016-01-04 9/11: Decade of Deception (NEW 2015)
2016-01-05 The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire | AntiCorruption Society
2016-01-05 Reprise: Our Land: Collateral for the National Debt
2016-01-05 Guns and Butter: Vaccines: Threads of Corruption
2016-01-05 9/11: US State Dept Visas for Al Qaeda
2016-01-05 The Federal Reserve's Social Engineering Project
2016-01-06 Belgium's Franklin Coverup
2016-01-06 Vaccine ingredient maximizes brain exposure to toxins
2016-01-07 The Rise Of Non-State Crypto-Currencies
2016-01-08 Recent massacres: Problems with the official stories
2016-01-08 The Mystery of Who Owns the Federal Reserve
2016-01-08 OPCW Confirms: Rebels Used Chemical Weapons in Syria, Not Assad
2016-01-08 Alan Grayson Running for Senate
2016-01-09 CIA Circumcision Study Secretly Circumscribed
2016-01-09 X22Report: Entire US Economy Is In Trouble
2016-01-09 The Auctioning of Britain
2016-01-10 The OTHER Reason for the American Revolution
2016-01-12 Success: Global Economy Screeching to a Halt
2016-01-12 Moyers: The Secret Government
2016-01-12 Acclimating the Peasants to Their Owners
2016-01-13 Incontrovertible - New 9/11 Documentary
2016-01-13 "Regret Mom" Demonstrates Against Medicine's Child Abuse Racket
2016-01-13 Economic Saboteurs Win Again – “Audit the Fed” Bill Fails in the Senate
2016-01-13 The Fed's Shareholders Need War
2016-01-14 Reprise: Pentagon Can't Find, White House Won't Release Records of bin Laden's Death
2016-01-14 How to Alienate Babies from their Mothers
2016-01-16 Kerth Barker: The 7 Prophesies of James
2016-01-16 Government named top US problem
2016-01-16 Another Vaccine Conspiracy Exposed—This Time It’s the HPV Vaccine
2016-01-16 Why is the US Pushing Russia Into Wrecking the Western Economies?
2016-01-17 Obama's Idea of a Healthy Economy
2016-01-17 Another Betrayal: Obama Signed Illegal Surveillance Bill
2016-01-17 Feds suppressing herbal molecule that makes your liver nearly 'bulletproof' against alcohol damage
2016-01-18 Alleged Iranian Power Grid Hack a Perfect Setup for a False Flag
2016-01-18 More studies show unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children
2016-01-18 Obama Nominates Pharma Lobbyist to head the FDA
2016-01-18 WalMart: The High Cost of Low Prices
2016-01-18 Reprise: 25 Rules of Disinformation
2016-01-18 Reprise: Behind the Scenes at an ISIS Beheading Production
2016-01-18 Reprise: Angry White Woman on Conspiracy Theories
2016-01-18 Reprise: U.S. Postal Service Expands Construction Of Secret Rooms
2016-01-18 Reprise: DHS “Requested” Shooting Targets of Pregnant Women
2016-01-18 Reprise: Pavlov's Infant
2016-01-18 Reprise: Know Your Terrorists: Ayman Al-Zawahiri
2016-01-18 Reprise: Martin Luther King Killed by Government Agents
2016-01-19 Pope wants a one world religion
2016-01-19 Libya Was Invaded to Prevent Pan-African Currency
2016-01-19 Americans Sign Petition to Repeal Bill of Rights
2016-01-19 FDA Seeks Blanket Approval for Ultimate Mind Weapon
2016-01-20 Russia Says U.S. Expanding Bioweapons Labs in Europe
2016-01-20 High-level CIA: Elite are Satanists
2016-01-20 Bernanke Says Dollar is Running out of Steam
2016-01-20 The Hastert Coverup: How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?
2016-01-21 Zero Point - The Story of Mark McCandlish and the Free Energy Fluxliner Space Craft
2016-01-21 The Dangers of Willful Blindness
2016-01-22 IMF Wants to Wreck European Middle Class
2016-01-22 The Polio Vaccine Origin of AIDS - 2004 Documentary
2016-01-22 How the US Government Helped Wall Street Gang-Rape America's Middle Class
2016-01-22 The FDA Wants to Approve Shock Treatment Without Testing
2016-01-23 Senate Bill Gives All Domestic and Foreign War Power to President
2016-01-23 Global Trade Grinds To A Standstill
2016-01-23 Reprise: Obama Actually PUSHED For NDAA Indefinite Detention
2016-01-23 Reprise: Obama's Fake Help for Victimized Homeowners
2016-01-24 US authorities distorting tests to downplay lead content of water
2016-01-24 If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?
2016-01-24 How the Government Manipulates Your Thoughts Online
2016-01-25 WHO, CDC, GACVS Mislead on HPV Vaccine Safety, Alleges MD in Open Letter
2016-01-25 CDC Blatantly Lied About Swine Flu Incidence in 2009
2016-01-25 Obama's "Fast and Furious" Operation: A Trail of Bodies
2016-01-25 Pope Hawks Global Religion
2016-01-25 Complete Rewrite of War Power Act on Senate Floor
2016-01-25 Malthusian admits: Real purpose of modern medicine is to reduce human population
2016-01-25 French govt had already infiltrated groups which perpetrated Paris attacks
2016-01-25 US Lab Releases Deadly Virus In Ukraine
2016-01-25 US Military Tested Chemical Weapons on WWII Soldiers by Race
2016-01-26 FBI Investigators Will Go Public If Obama’s Attorney General Does Not Indict Hillary Clinton
2016-01-27 Life Terms for Turkish Journalists who Reported Shipping Arms to Syria Militants
2016-01-27 Antidepressants taken during pregnancy increase risk of autism by 87 percent
2016-01-28 The Mystery of ISIS’ Toyota Army Solved
2016-01-28 Doctor Caught on Video Abusing Birthing Mom Loses Medical License
2016-01-29 Injection Wars: Forced Vaccination Bill in VA Moving Fast
2016-01-31 Orwellian: Facebook Harvests Facial Recognition Data
2016-02-01 David Icke on EU Migration Crisis
2016-02-04 Trump Raises Vote Fraud Issue, Plane Has Engine Trouble
2016-02-04 Franklin Coverup Video Playlist
2016-02-06 Washington Aristocracy Says "Trust Us, Russia's Been Bad"
2016-02-06 Cruelty in Maternity Wards: Fifty Years Later
2016-02-06 Research says it’s OK to pick up your baby each time it cries
2016-02-07 Rappoport: The Truth About the Zika Virus
2016-02-08 Corbett: The Government is Weaning Us Off of Cash
2016-02-09 The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect an FFF Operation
2016-02-10 Multiple Infant Vaccines Linked To Dramatically Increased Mortality
2016-02-10 California rapidly turning into medical police state: Mandatory vaccines and genetic discrimination now routinely harming children
2016-02-11 Murdered Holistic Doctors Discovered Cancer-Causing Enzyme Being Added to All Vaccines
2016-02-11 Ten Secret Prisons Where The US Government Tortures Victims of its Foreign Policy
2016-02-12 Gangster Baby Raping Government Wants to be "Equal partner" in Child Rearing
2016-02-14 Terrorist Masterminds Training Cops to Shoot First
2016-02-14 Book Review: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
2016-02-14 Scalia Dies of Natural Causes, No Foul Play Suspected etc
2016-02-14 Bloodstained Men and Friends at the SuperBowl
2016-02-15 The Citadel Is Breached: Congress Taps the Fed for Infrastructure Funding
2016-02-15 Lawyer Who Pushed Constitution-Free Killing of Americans is on Supreme Court Shortlist
2016-02-15 No Autopsy for Scalia
2016-02-15 Why Russia and U.S Cold War Could Soon Turn Into A World War
2016-02-15 Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency
2016-02-15 Scalia already embalmed
2016-02-15 EU Moves to Eliminate 500 Euro Bill
2016-02-16 Russia Bans All U.S. Corn and Soy Imports Due to GMO Contamination
2016-02-17 Circumcision Trauma and Brain Damage
2016-02-17 Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling?
2016-02-17 Scalia - What can he do to me?
2016-02-18 9/11: Decade of Deception
2016-02-18 Kerth: Scalia's Execution and the NWO
2016-02-19 American Imperialism is Wrecking the US Dollar
2016-02-20 The Zika False Flag
2016-02-20 Social Engineering 101
2016-02-20 The Supicious Death of Justice Scalia
2016-02-21 Fluoridated water & ADHD among children & adolescents in the US
2016-02-22 Anti-GMO labeling act moves to Senate
2016-02-22 The Us Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover
2016-02-22 Ellen Brown Interview on the Money Scam
2016-02-22 Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag… Before it Happens.
2016-02-23 Anthrax Attacks: Key to 9/11
2016-02-23 Sandy Hook: The Life of Adam
2016-02-23 Obama's Military Purge Continues
2016-02-24 The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle
2016-02-24 Scalia's Pivotal Death
2016-02-24 The Vaccine Mafia is Real
2016-02-26 The history of American medicine in two minutes
2016-02-26 Judge Scalia Was With Members of an Elite Secret Society When He Died
2016-02-27 More Abuse: Updated Munchausen Obstetrics Article
2016-02-27 Mind Control - Your thoughts are not your own
2016-02-27 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents
2016-02-27 The CIA's Mission: Wreak Havoc
2016-02-27 Anti-GMO Chipotle Victim of Corporate Sabotage by GMO Pushers
2016-02-28 Shrinks Join in Ongoing Native American Genocide
2016-02-28 EU Plotting Huge Military Merger
2016-02-28 Video: 97% Owned
2016-02-28 Princes of the Yen: Truth About Central Banks
2016-02-29 GMO: Passage of DARK Act Now IMMINENT
2016-02-29 GMOs have been ‘catastrophic’ for US agricultural exports
2016-02-29 Rockefeller Foundation Funds, Owns and Patents the Zika Virus
2016-03-01 Zika HOAX exposed by South American doctors: Brain deformations caused by larvicide chemical linked to Monsanto
2016-03-01 Zika & the Law of Unintended Consequences
2016-03-02 Junk Food and Social Control
2016-03-02 Computer Rigged Elections
2016-03-02 Patricia's Interview About FGM in the USA
2016-03-02 Interview with Louis Wolf, Publisher of Covert Action Quarterly
2016-03-03 Striking Admission By Former Bank Of England Head: The European Depression Was A "Deliberate" Act
2016-03-03 Romney the corporate predator
2016-03-03 Depressed? Angry? Anxious? Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression
2016-03-04 The Real Terrorists: The .01%
2016-03-05 European Research into Male Genital Mutilation
2016-03-05 FGM and the Impaired Moral Reasoning of the Medical Mind
2016-03-05 U.S. Military Contractors Return In Droves To Iraq
2016-03-05 Nanotechnology found in popular foods, despite repeated denials
2016-03-06 Trump's Racism: Where is it?
2016-03-06 Intactivist Offers Remedial Education to AAP Doctors
2016-03-06 Libya, Syria and the US Elite's Depravity
2016-03-06 Ted Gunderson, Ex-FBI, on Satanic Government and the NWO
2016-03-06 Jon Rappoport on Zika Virus: Trust Us. We’re Experts
2016-03-06 Catherine Fitts: Criminals Running US Government
2016-03-07 Chris Hedges: Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism
2016-03-07 The Pattern of Deception Driving US Foreign Policy
2016-03-07 How to naturally detox from mandatory vaccine injections
2016-03-07 Interview with US Green Party Presidential Candidate
2016-03-08 Global Notwarming Is Real
2016-03-08 Do you remember five men being arrested by NYPD on 9-11 for filming and celebrating the attacks?
2016-03-08 Land of the Fleeced, Home of the Slaves
2016-03-08 The FDA Wants to Promote Violence Against Women
2016-03-09 U.S. Bureau of Justice: 73% of girls in the juvenile justice system have been physically or sexually abused
2016-03-09 ObamaCare and the Crapification of Health Care: A Growing Collection of Horror Stories
2016-03-09 CDC refuses to surrender incriminating documents linking MMR vaccines to autism
2016-03-09 Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear
2016-03-09 Goldman Sachs Is Your Master
2016-03-09 Syria and the Demise of the Petrodollar
2016-03-09 Nuclear Weapon Strike in Yemen
2016-03-11 Methods of Depopulation
2016-03-11 Fascism, Agenda 21 and Fake Environmentalism
2016-03-11 Elites Link Disbelief in Govt Propaganda to Mental Illness, Lay Groundwork for Incarceration
2016-03-11 Electroshock: A Call to Action To Curtail Abusive "Treatment"
2016-03-11 Obama to Push Passage of TPP Trade Deal Despite Rising Public Opposition
2016-03-11 Feds attack Pro-constitution sheriff
2016-03-11 Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals
2016-03-12 Barrie Trower: 60% Of Todays Schoolgirls To Have Pregnancy Issues In Future Because Of WiFi!
2016-03-12 It's Not Autoimmunity, It's Viruses
2016-03-12 Educate Yourself: Read, Watch, Think and Do...
2016-03-13 FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform On “Anti-government” Students
2016-03-13 Central Banksters Jockey for Control of Digital Currency
2016-03-13 New Study Shows Cannabis is a Highly Effective Antidepressant
2016-03-13 USA uses TPP-like trade-court to kill massive Indian solar project
2016-03-13 Splenda: Another Tool of Eugenicists
2016-03-13 NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing that has nothing to do with terrorism
2016-03-13 "A Mind of Your Own" by Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan
2016-03-13 Soros Funding Anti-Trump Protests
2016-03-13 Shock Treatment Destroys Lives
2016-03-14 Massive FDA crackdown coming on natural product companies
2016-03-14 FDA to declassify electroshock therapy to same risk category as condoms
2016-03-14 The Scientific Consensus Directory (the "Sci-Con")
2016-03-14 The Torture Biz
2016-03-15 Sacrificial Lambs Pediatric Clinic
2016-03-16 The Economic Hitmen
2016-03-16 New insult to intelligence: US judge blames Iran for 9/11
2016-03-16 Fake Government Confirms War on Terror is War on USA
2016-03-17 Supreme Court Nominee Instrumental in OKC Bombing False Flag Coverup
2016-03-17 WHO Wants to Market Vaccines Like Burgers and Soda
2016-03-19 Portland To Sue Monsanto For Contaminating Waterway With PCBs
2016-03-20 Soros / CIA Plan to Destabilize Europe
2016-03-20 Washington Continues to Violate 1972 Treaty on Bio-Warfare
2016-03-20 9/11: Methodical Deception
2016-03-22 Video: America's Future
2016-03-22 Perloff: The CFR Agenda
2016-03-23 Italian court rules mercury and aluminum in vaccines cause autism: US media continues total blackout
2016-03-23 CBS and MSNBC censor Bernie Sanders criticism of Monsanto, TPP and Big Pharma
2016-03-24 Satanic Eugenicist Pedophiles Sterilize Girls with Gardasil
2016-03-24 USA's Support for Honduran Mass Murder
2016-03-24 The Clintons Do Haiti: Keep the Natives From Breeding
2016-03-24 A Shocking Indifference
2016-03-25 Bloodstained Men 2016 Protests
2016-03-25 MKUltra Victims Testimonies
2016-03-25 MGM: Medical Schools Lying to Doctors
2016-03-27 Proposed Canadian Budget Calls for Bank Bail-Ins
2016-03-27 Another Prediction of Financial Collapse
2016-03-27 NIH Continues Coverup of Main Cause of Youth Suicide
2016-03-27 Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks
2016-03-28 Brussels Attacks and the Emerging Global Fascist Order
2016-03-28 Advertisement for Medical Crisis Actors
2016-03-29 Trump Exposes the Media Matrix
2016-03-29 Taxpayer Funded Traitor Outed Re: Sandy Hook Project
2016-03-29 Reprise: JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man's Trick
2016-03-30 Fast and Furious Covert Op Ongoing: Shipping Weapons Abroad
2016-03-30 Update to VAXXED: the ABC News interview that Big Pharma didn't want you to see
2016-03-30 Nuclear Chemist: “Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity via Geoengineering”
2016-03-30 Terror War On You - Official Trailer 2016
2016-03-31 Boston Bombing: Tsarnev Exonerated, but Will Die Anyway
2016-03-31 California bans commercial crab fishing due to excessive radiation in seafood
2016-03-31 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money
2016-04-01 50 Cents a Dose - a new movie on vaccines
2016-04-01 Breakthrough cancer cures documentary threatens to collapse the for-profit cancer industry
2016-04-01 Pediatrics Journal says to stop calling breastfeeding natural
2016-04-02 Vaccine Injury Claims Expected to Increase in 2016
2016-04-02 Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine
2016-04-02 A Feminist Nursing Critique of Circumcision
2016-04-02 Moringa, an angel in plant form
2016-04-03 Former science chief: "MMR fears coming true"
2016-04-03 Review of the Film “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”
2016-04-03 How the CDC Manipulates the New Autism Rate
2016-04-05 What Is Happening to Our Police?
2016-04-05 US Has 25 Systemically Dangerous Institutions
2016-04-06 Central Banks Admit When The World Suffers They Thrive And Profit
2016-04-07 Powerful forces threaten Houston film festival to pull VAXXED documentary
2016-04-08 Key Democrats, Led by Hillary Clinton, Leave No doubt that Endless War is Official U.S. Doctrine
2016-04-08 Anti-Circumcision Protest in Missouri
2016-04-09 Another HPV Vaccine Success Story
2016-04-09 Does anyone need Gardasil?
2016-04-10 James Rickards: IMF World Currency Crash Conspiracy
2016-04-14 Video: Trace Amounts
2016-04-15 I Want Him Back
2016-04-17 Vaxxed: Wakefield Interviewed on RT
2016-04-18 UC Davis spent $175K to cover up pepper spray incident on Internet
2016-04-18 TV Mind Control
2016-04-20 Officials Charged in Flint Water Crisis
2016-04-20 Joe Plummer re his new book "Tragedy & Hope 101"
2016-04-21 Dear Future Generations: Sorry
2016-04-22 A Heartwarming Vaccine Success Story
2016-04-24 Boston Bombing Anniversary: Unanswered Questions
2016-04-24 Obama Requests EU Support for Possible War Against Russia
2016-04-26 The fluoride wars: loving cancer, loving lower IQ
2016-04-27 Total media blackout on the biggest cancer story of the decade: Millions of diagnoses were wrong... NCI finally comes clean - NaturalNews.com
2016-04-27 Farmer Forced to Dump 248 Gallons of Raw Milk & Break 1200 Free Range Eggs by Michigan Dept of Agriculture - Freedom Outpost
2016-04-27 Chloramine + Lead Pipes + Fluoride = Contaminated tap water
2016-04-27 Breaking the Spell of Our Cultural Imprisonment
2016-04-28 Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead
2016-05-01 Quite bluntly...
2016-05-01 Turning Nature against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN Plan to Halt Population Growth
2016-05-01 "Smart Meters" causing tidal wave of mysterious illnesses
2016-05-01 Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed | Wake Up World
2016-05-03 Court Takes Child From Mother After She Mentions Chemtrails At School
2016-05-03 U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo | Reuters
2016-05-03 Doctor’s Refusing Care Unless Patients Sign “Immunization Contract” Forcing Full Schedule of Shots - Jefferey Jaxen
2016-05-08 9/11 Commission member Bob Kerry unmistakably states that 9/11 was a 30-year conspiracy
2016-05-11 Americans imprisoned for marijuana, while feds get patents on the drug - NaturalNews.com
2016-05-14 The 12 biggest SCIENCE LIES you've been told by corporations, government and the corrupt media
2016-05-17 Dealing with Stress, Violent Tendencies & Depression... and all manner of dis-ease
2016-05-21 CIA Family Secrets: A Life Of Conspiracy Theory
2016-05-22 Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Explained In 7 Minutes
2016-05-24 New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA
2016-05-24 OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert
2016-05-24 Ron Finley, The Gangsta Gardener: Can a tomato change a child's life?
2016-05-25 Switzerland Follows Iceland in Declaring War Against the Banksters
2016-05-26 Pilger: A World War has Begun
2016-05-29 KPFA Censors Guns and Butter Vaccine Show
2016-05-29 Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
2016-05-29 The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11
2016-05-30 Glyphosate Pretending to be Glycine: Devastating Consequences
2016-06-01 Why is Obama Playing Russian Roulette?
2016-06-01 The Dirty War on Syria
2016-06-01 PA State Legislators Oppose Billboards Honoring USS Liberty Vets
2016-06-01 Does Conventional Medical Training Destroy Empathy?
2016-06-05 15 Points of Global Depopulation
2016-06-06 Use of term “FDA” should always trigger a warning
2016-06-06 "Direct Order" Documentary - Soldiers Ordered To Take Anthrax Vaccine & Got Brain Damaged
2016-06-08 Reprise: Beyond Treason
2016-06-08 Killing Our Own : The Truth About Gulf War Syndrome
2016-06-11 How to Hack an Election
2016-06-11 Radiation doctor says TSA naked body scanners can cause cancer
2016-06-11 Monsanto, America’s Monster
2016-06-11 We are at War
2016-06-14 Prison Labor is the New American Slavery
2016-06-15 Orlando Eyewitnesses: Accomplices
2016-06-18 Howell and Four Other Suspects Involved in Planned Sunday Massacres
2016-06-18 Fukushima Still Leaking
2016-06-18 Intactivists Parade in Boston
2016-06-18 Aluminum's Best Kept Secret
2016-06-18 Russ Baker: Don’t Rush to Judgment in Orlando Shooting
2016-06-18 Orlando Gay-Club Shooter Is Also An Actor
2016-06-18 Orlando gay-club shooting: The pieces that don’t fit
2016-06-18 DHS Claims Dominion Over Gun Ownership
2016-06-18 ISIS Training Camp Near El Paso
2016-06-20 The Bilderberg Group - Love is the Answer (a little bit of satire)
2016-06-21 FEMA Activates Civilian Corps
2016-06-21 Obama's EPA caught covering up high heavy metals pollution across U.S. cities as federal government wages multi-faceted WAR against its own citizens
2016-06-21 Microwave Radiation - Frying My Eggs
2016-06-21 "Your Cell Phone's Been Nuking Your Johnson"
2016-06-23 American Medical Association Complicity with Big Tobacco
2016-06-23 The Smoking Gun For All False-Flag Ops
2016-06-23 15 Facts About The Imploding U.S. Economy That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See
2016-06-23 Brexit: The Movie
2016-06-23 New McDonald's Farm
2016-06-24 Turmeric or Curcumin: Plants vs. Pills
2016-06-25 Orlando Cops Told to Stand Down — Not to Pursue Shooter for 15-20 Minutes
2016-06-25 Sugar: The Bitter Truth
2016-06-26 Pilger: Why the British said no to Europe
2016-06-26 PINK RIBBONS ARE A PSYOP: How the disease industry scams society
2016-06-26 Vaccine as Bioweapon: Is Baxter at it again?
2016-06-27 Trailer for Oliver Stone's Ukraine on Fire
2016-06-27 White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia
2016-06-27 The Federal Reserve ADMITS that Its 12 Banks Are PRIVATE - Not Government - Entities
2016-06-29 The FDA is stockpiling military weapons ­— and it’s not alone
2016-06-30 Monsanto's puppets in the U.S. Senate move to outlaw GMO labeling laws nationwide
2016-07-02 Pro-GMO Spin Masquerading as Science Courtesy of “Shameful White Men of Privilege”
2016-07-02 Dr. Ralph Moss on "The Cancer Industry" - The Business of Blood Money
2016-07-09 US Mayors Blast Obama, NATO: War Games on Russia’s Border Endanger Humanity
2016-07-10 The War on Weed: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for “Corporate Cannabis” Part II |
2016-07-12 Homicide and the SSRI Alibi
2016-07-13 Aluminum and Pregnancy
2016-07-13 Imagine No More Safe Chocolate To Eat — 70% Of World’s Chocolate To Be Genetically Modified - Check Out The Healthy World
2016-07-14 Senate Rejects Amendment Expanding FBI Surveillance Powers By Narrow Margin - Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent Foundation
2016-07-15 Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome
2016-07-15 John Kerry Spills The Beans: Moderate Rebels Not So Moderate
2016-07-16 Sibel Edmonds on the Final Stage of Erdogan's Takedown
2016-07-16 The Neocon's Plan for Mideast Management
2016-07-16 Reprise: Even the CFR is having second thoughts on the US coup in Ukraine
2016-07-16 Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?
2016-07-16 US Govt Pushes Universal Depression Screening for Kids Even Though It's Not Supported by Research
2016-07-16 Putin: NATO is Pushing for WWIII
2016-07-16 War on Terror: Grow TF UP!
2016-07-17 Nice France Terrorist Sent $110,000 to Family Before Attack
2016-07-17 FBI Tried to Lure Orlando Shooter into a Terror Plot in 2013
2016-07-17 New Evidence of Multiple Participants in Orlando Shooting
2016-07-17 Film "My Dinner With Andre" (1981) Strangely Predictive
2016-07-17 Brain Damaging Babies for Social Control
2016-07-17 Reprise: Russian Hackers Release Faked ISIS Video Production
2016-07-17 Big Ag Wants to Sell You GMO Marijuana
2016-07-17 Video: War by Other Means
2016-07-17 Plague: Interview with Judy Mikovits
2016-07-17 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
2016-07-17 Reprise: Staged Massacres: Important Links
2016-07-17 Fake CIA Agent and FOX News "Terror Expert" Sentenced to Prison for Lying to the Public for Years
2016-07-17 How to opt out from 'smart' meters (before & after measurements)
2016-07-18 Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt
2016-07-23 Pediatricians Group Warns of Sterility, Autoimmunity from Gardasil
2016-07-24 Ending the Peanut Allergy Epidemic
2016-07-24 Hillary A Threat to All Humanity
2016-07-24 Catherine Fitts: The Debt Game Is Over
2016-07-25 Autism: When Doctors Lie
2016-07-25 Male circumcision: the issue that ended my marriage
2016-07-25 15 Terrifying Secret Human Experiments Done in the US - Scared Yet?
2016-07-26 GMO Companies Attack Independent Researchers
2016-07-27 Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’
2016-07-27 9 Uses For Hemp You Won’t Learn From Mainstream Media
2016-07-27 Gestapo In The USA: FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout
2016-07-28 Deaths of 125 Scientists, 75 Bankers...
2016-07-29 Interview with Jill Stein
2016-08-01 US Election Shocker: Is This How The Vote Will Be Rigged?
2016-08-02 Dementia in an 85yr old Reversed with Coconut Oil in 35 Days
2016-08-02 The big secret nobody wants to tell - TEDxSinCity
2016-08-02 Infants Deeply Traumatized By Common Medical Procedures, New Study
2016-08-02 CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link
2016-08-03 Benghazi Backgrounder
2016-08-03 Video: Satan's Children
2016-08-03 Huge US Blunder in Turkey Cost $2B and Strategic Ally
2016-08-03 The One Percent - The growing wealth gap
2016-08-04 7000 Turkish Forces Surround US Air Base In Turkey, Lockdown In Progress
2016-08-04 Russia Warned Erdogan of Incoming Coup
2016-08-05 Zika Psyop: Spraying with brain-shrinking pesticide in Florida
2016-08-09 Authority Figures In Denial Mode About Election Fraud
2016-08-10 Blaylock: Vaccine Tyranny
2016-08-10 Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead | Zero Hedge
2016-08-12 Zika 101
2016-08-12 Hackers Demonstrate How to Rig An Election
2016-08-12 American Medical Advice Kills Again
2016-08-13 14 Ways to Protect Yourself from the New World Order (NWO) Agenda
2016-08-13 Former U.S. Air Force Officer Warns of Atmospheric Spraying (Geoengineering) and the Coming Collapse
2016-08-14 Behind the Farce of the DNC Convention
2016-08-15 Constitutional Atty Warns of "Strong Cities" UN Police Force
2016-08-15 Stating the Obvious
2016-08-17 How Zika Became a Threat
2016-08-19 Edmonds: Turkey Setup for Coup
2016-08-19 New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function
2016-08-20 WHO Guidance on "Vaccine Deniers" Reads Like Military Psyops Manual
2016-08-21 Congressional Briefing on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
2016-08-21 How We Know ISIS Was Made In The USA
2016-08-24 Pilger: Silencing America as it prepares for war
2016-08-24 Torture is a Tool of Terrorists
2016-08-25 10 PLANKS of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx
2016-08-25 Watch out Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria -“Greater Israel” might wipe you off the map
2016-08-26 Israelis Bombing Syrian Govt Get Shot Down by Russian SAM
2016-08-26 Leaked ISIS Docs Show 70% of Recruits Don't Even Know What Islam Is
2016-08-26 Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic
2016-08-26 Central Banks Own $25 Trillion Of Financial Assets
2016-08-26 Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next?
2016-08-27 There is Only One Bank
2016-08-28 Soros: Social Controllers' Planning Documents Hacked
2016-08-28 Vaxxed Full Documentary Online
2016-08-28 We Are Being Groomed for the Next Big War
2016-08-28 Medical Predators Try to Push Useless Vaccination to New Mother
2016-08-29 Vaccines, ISIS, Benghazi, Federal Reserve - major media complicity
2016-08-29 Monsanto vs Decency
2016-08-30 The Clinton's Trail of Bodies
2016-08-30 Ken O'Keefe: Arrest the Traitors
2016-08-30 Watchdog: Secret Board Resolution Paved Way In ICANN Internet Globalization Agenda
2016-08-31 How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines? – WELLNESS AND EQUALITY
2016-08-31 Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines
2016-08-31 Manufactured Civil Unrest: Leaked Docs Prove The Real Goal Is Federalizing America's Police
2016-09-02 Zika Spraying Kills Millions of Bees in South Carolina
2016-09-02 US Special Ops Training in Latin America Tripled, Docs Reveal
2016-09-06 Surprise! Infants Deeply Traumatized by Medical Procedures
2016-09-06 Damning Emails Expose Monsanto-Bayer Sabotage of Seralini GMO Research
2016-09-06 Vaccine-glyphosate link exposed
2016-09-06 The Surprising Cause of Melanoma (And No, it’s Not Too Much Sun)
2016-09-06 CDC Wants Apprehension, Detainment, and Forcible Vaccination for Suspicion of Infection
2016-09-06 Leaked Clinton Emails Show Plans to Destroy Russia
2016-09-07 Who is Obama’s boss? And why it matters
2016-09-08 Screens In Schools Are a $60 Billion Hoax
2016-09-08 A Dog Is Re-Elected Mayor for a Third Term, Proving Politicians Are Useless
2016-09-09 Pro-Cannabis neuroscientist attacked by LAPD
2016-09-09 Lunatics still cutting umbilical cords too soon
2016-09-10 Video: 9/11 Exposed - 2nd Edition (2015)
2016-09-11 Why Are We Giving A Vaccine for A Sexual Transmitted Disease To Newborns?
2016-09-11 Short 9/11 Compilation
2016-09-11 Jeanice Barcelo on Birth Trauma
2016-09-11 Blindingly Brilliant Teenage Female Guitarist
2016-09-12 The End of Medical Privacy
2016-09-14 Latin American scientists reject GMO crops
2016-09-14 White House to maintain nuclear “first strike” policy
2016-09-14 The Zika Hoax: Medical False Flag
2016-09-14 AMA Admits Vaccine Harm to Premie Infants, says "So What?"
2016-09-16 Vaccines can and do cause autism, says San Antonio prosecutor
2016-09-17 History of Monsanto, The World's Most Evil Corporation
2016-09-18 Stefan Molyneux interviews Alex Jones
2016-09-18 Russian Documentary "President"
2016-09-18 Russian UN Ambassador on US Bombing of Syrian Army
2016-09-18 Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of Syrian Military
2016-09-19 Substance Found in Breast Milk Kills 40 Types of Cancer Cells
2016-09-19 Obama Signs Monsanto DARK Act
2016-09-19 Is Political Correctness Mind Control?
2016-09-23 Pentagon Warmongers Torpedoed Cease-fire Deal Rather Than Give Up “ISIS” Info to Syrians and Russians
2016-09-27 Washington Tries to Break BRICS – Rape of Brazil Begins
2016-09-27 How Bernie Sanders Could Become President With Only 130,000 Votes
2016-09-27 The Big Dirty Secret Every Doctor Knows
2016-09-27 Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines
2016-09-27 These 13 Corporations Are "Big Pharma": Their History, Crimes, and Products
2016-09-27 Angelina Jolie Describes Her Induction Into Illuminati
2016-09-27 FBI Warned of Racist Infiltration of Cops in 2006
2016-09-28 Union of Concerned Scientists: GMO's Do Not Increase Yield
2016-09-29 Washington Threatens Russia More Directly Than Before
2016-09-29 Death by China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base
2016-09-29 The Symbiotic Relationship Between Central Banking and Total War
2016-10-01 Illegitimate Intelligence Agencies Are Gathering Information Against You in Case of Your Dissent
2016-10-01 “ADHD Is A Fake Disorder” Says Neurologist-Turned-Author
2016-10-02 China Joins Russia in Syria
2016-10-02 Vermont Privacy Law Hinders Federal Corruption and Lawlessness
2016-10-02 The Bizarrely Profitable Business Of Baby Foreskins
2016-10-03 Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 Million to Make Fake Terrorist Videos
2016-10-05 Ron Goldman - circumcision questions
2016-10-06 Chinese Immigrant Destroys Gun Control
2016-10-06 Making Electronic Voting Transparent
2016-10-09 Factor 8 Video Located
2016-10-09 MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED
2016-10-12 Survey of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Kids
2016-10-12 Wikileaks Emails Show Clinton Insiders “Conspired to Produce an Unaware and Compliant Citizenry”
2016-10-12 The Hack: Excerpt from HBO Documentary "Hacking Democracy"
2016-10-12 Russia Follows NATO's Lead, Prepares for War
2016-10-13 Wikileaks Clinton Email Dump References Murder of Antonin Scalia
2016-10-14 Humanity Just Moved to the Brink of World War
2016-10-14 False Flag Or Standard Procedure? US Air Force Caught Repainting Several Jets To Appear Russian
2016-10-14 Britain's Central Bank Says Who's in Charge
2016-10-16 US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation
2016-10-16 The Petrodollar | War Machine
2016-10-16 The Conspiracy "Theory" Conspiracy
2016-10-16 Seymour Hersh: Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War
2016-10-16 Hillary Clinton: The Empire Files
2016-10-16 NYT’s Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda
2016-10-16 Hillary's Cozy Relationship with US Media
2016-10-17 Afghanistan: 15 Years of Invasion and Occupation
2016-10-18 George Soros: Trump Will Win in a Landslide but Hillary will be President
2016-10-19 Film Trailer: A Very Heavy Agenda
2016-10-19 The Hillary Machine: Rigging the Election Part 1
2016-10-19 The Hillary Machine: Rigging the Election Part 2
2016-10-19 Ken O'Keefe: False Flag: American Traitors and Mossad
2016-10-20 How logic opens up a new world for you
2016-10-22 Hillary Clinton’s plans to gut Social Security
2016-10-22 New Leaks Show Clinton Campaign Coordinated with Journalists to Smear Bernie Sanders
2016-10-22 Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections
2016-10-22 Fake Election is a Done Deal
2016-10-22 It's DANGEROUS to Have Mixed Drinks at a Bar or Restaurant in the USA
2016-10-23 The Big Put on the USA
2016-10-23 Success: Afghanistan opium production up 43% since last year
2016-10-23 Soros to make a killing with European 'forced migration'
2016-10-23 Sandy Hoax
2016-10-23 Programmed to Kill: Mind Control and Manufactured Terror
2016-10-23 NY/NJ Bombing: The Curious Case of the Incurious Security Guards
2016-10-24 Gender Bending Plasticizers in Fast Food Containers
2016-10-24 Too Big to Rig?' The Truth About Our Vulnerable U.S. Election Systems
2016-10-24 Texas Director of Elections Avoids Questions
2016-10-24 America's Shadow Government And Its Silent Coup
2016-10-24 Who Controls America?
2016-10-25 Who is Huma Abedin?
2016-10-25 Alternative Views: Pete Brewton: THE MAFIA, THE CIA AND GEORGE HW BUSH
2016-10-25 Alternative Views: Boys for Sale
2016-10-25 Alternative Views: The American Power Structure
2016-10-26 9/11 - What Happened to the Passengers?
2016-10-27 Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper
2016-10-27 Alternative Views: Fed Up
2016-10-28 Texas Election Theft in Progress
2016-10-30 See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to steal the election
2016-10-30 Why flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in history
2016-10-30 Occult Religion Of Hillary Clinton
2016-10-31 CDC director blocks vaccine scientist from testifying
2016-10-31 Ex-FBI assistant director calls the Clintons a 'crime family'
2016-10-31 Voting Machine Scam: Fraction Magic
2016-10-31 After Zika scaremongering, Washington Post now admits Zika virus doesn’t cause brain deformities after all
2016-11-02 Hillary Attempts Coup
2016-11-02 Cornell Faculty Refuse to Defend GMO Crops
2016-11-03 Staged car bombing in Iraq
2016-11-03 Dirty tricks on the road to the white house
2016-11-03 Election Fraud in Texas
2016-11-04 Hillary Clinton's very scary astrological chart
2016-11-04 What's for dinner at Hillary's?
2016-11-04 Ballot Images – A new way to verify that election results are true
2016-11-04 Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset of the New World Order
2016-11-05 Fraction Magic - Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration
2016-11-05 The Real Huma-gate Crime is the Muslim Brotherhood
2016-11-06 FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
2016-11-06 Assange: Libyan War was Part of Hillary's Election Plans
2016-11-07 Obama Encourages Undocumented Immigrants to Vote
2016-11-07 Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta
2016-11-08 Hillary Ally Donated $700K to Wife of FBI Agent in Charge of Hillary Investigation
2016-11-09 Media Blackout as White House Issues Executive Order Giving Broad Powers to ‘Global Health Security Agenda’ for Infectious Disease Threats
2016-11-10 Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD is Largely a Fraud
2016-11-10 Bev Harris: Hillary Tried To Steal Election From Trump But Failed
2016-11-10 US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse
2016-11-12 Fake election surveys: Weaponized Media Used A Proven Psychological Manipulation Technique
2016-11-13 Six Toxic Artificial Sweeteners Approved By The FDA | The Liberty Beacon
2016-11-13 Podestas, Pizza and Pedos
2016-11-14 Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune
2016-11-15 AAP Doctor on Humor of Sadopedophilia
2016-11-17 Child Sex Trafficking through Child “Protection” Services
2016-11-17 Australian 60 Minutes on UK Branch of Global Pedophile Network
2016-11-17 Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation
2016-11-17 AE 911 Truth Video
2016-11-19 Video: The One Percent
2016-11-19 2013: Now Legalized, US Propaganda Swears It’s "Fair and Accurate"
2016-11-20 5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions
2016-11-20 3 Sinister Things America Let Obama Get Away With that Trump Can Use to Devastate the US
2016-11-20 How a World Wide Satanic Pedophile Network Controls the World
2016-11-20 Head of Media Matters Dated Owner of Pedophile-Linked Pizza Joint
2016-11-21 Norway pedophile scandal: Politicians, police reportedly among 20 arrested suspects
2016-11-21 DAPL's Worst Nightmare: Big Oil EXPOSED By Whistleblower
2016-11-22 When It Comes to Fake News, the Fake Government Is the Biggest Culprit
2016-11-23 Former NIST Employee Speaks Out on Bogus 9/11 Report
2016-11-25 Support Sibel Edmonds' Site!
2016-11-26 Paul Craig Roberts: WWIII: WE ALL MIGHT BE DEAD SOON
2016-11-26 Clinton's Amazingly Delusional Campaign Strategy
2016-11-26 The WP's "Smoking Gun" for Russia's Claimed Election Meddling in the USA
2016-11-27 Sibel Edmonds on Political Blackmail
2016-11-27 Janet Phelan: Report from Biological Weapons Convention
2016-11-27 The UN's Population Reduction Department Exposed
2016-11-27 Cognitive Dissonance
2016-11-27 Child Pornography Bust Rescues 400 Kids
2016-11-27 Pedophile Network Likely Murdered CPS Whistleblower
2016-11-27 Democide: Death by Government
2016-11-27 PizzaGate: the Documentary
2016-11-28 CNN is paid by foreign and domestic government agencies for specific content
2016-11-28 Vaccination and Health Outcomes: Survey of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Kids
2016-11-30 Pizzagate: Satanic Abuse Survivor Speaks Out
2016-11-30 DC PizzaGate Blog
2016-12-01 The Major Purveyor of ‘Fake News’ is the CIA-Corporate Complex
2016-12-02 FT Admits NWO Gatekeepers Heading for “Marie Antoinette Moment”
2016-12-03 CDC Prepares for Mass Forcible Injections in the Name of Fighting Diseases that the Feds are Allowing to Stream Across the Border
2016-12-03 The Orwellian War on Skepticism. Battling "Fake News"
2016-12-03 Demopublicans: Good cop Bad cop
2016-12-03 93% of 'patient advocacy' groups funded by drug & medical giants
2016-12-04 Tyranny at Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy
2016-12-04 US Govt Paranoia Over Loss of Public Trust Rising to Level of Hysteria
2016-12-04 5 Fake Stories The Mainstream Media Reported as Real
2016-12-05 Fake News: Interview with Former CBS Star Reporter Re: CDC Fraud
2016-12-05 The New McCarthyism: Equating Loyal Dissent with Treason
2016-12-05 Pedocracy: For decades, Berlin government authority deliberately sent orphans to 'special school' run by pedophiles
2016-12-05 "Everyone Who Disagrees with Me Is a Russian Propagandist"
2016-12-05 The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda
2016-12-05 Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images
2016-12-05 NY Times CEO was BBC Exec Who Defended Pedo Jimmy Savile
2016-12-05 New Research - Strong relationship between mercury and autism
2016-12-05 "Fake News" Site Threatens Washington Post With Defamation Suit, Demands Retraction
2016-12-05 Crisis at the Federal Reserve. The End of the Washington Consensus?
2016-12-05 BBC Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack To Drag Britain into Syrian War
2016-12-05 Federal Reserve System is a Threat to Western Civilization
2016-12-05 Pedocracy: Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate
2016-12-05 RFK: An All-American Political Assassination
2016-12-05 Michigan Bill Would Nullify Executive Orders and Other Presidential Edicts
2016-12-06 EU Bankster Puppets Demand Faster Censorship on Social Media Sites
2016-12-06 Video: Propaganda and Manipulation
2016-12-06 Mass Sterilization Through Endocrine Disruptors: Our Stolen Future
2016-12-06 Beauty Products for Black Women Are Full of Dodgy Ingredients
2016-12-06 IBM Forced Illegal Neural Implants on Unwilling Prisoners in 1995
2016-12-06 Ted Gunderson Interview on Satanic Underground
2016-12-07 Pedocracy: Satanic Dessert
2016-12-07 Pizzagate is no surprise to those who have been paying attention
2016-12-07 Brice Taylor: MK-Ultra Victim Seduced Politicians for the CIA
2016-12-07 Darkest Cover-Up IN HISTORY Under Way - PizzaGate 12/7/16
2016-12-07 Your Government's Concern for Your Health
2016-12-07 WHO Wants to Market Vaccines Like Burgers and Soda
2016-12-07 The Satanic UK Child Protective Services
2016-12-07 Trump Cabinet Selections: Radical Militarization, Government by Generals and Billionaires
2016-12-08 PizzaGate Breakthrough: ROTHSCHILD and CTR's David Brock Had Social Ties w/ Jimmy Comet
2016-12-09 NYT, WaPo Fake News Still Bringing Real Guns to Iraq, Killing Thousands
2016-12-09 The Constitutional Case for Monetary Revolution: Open Letter to President Elect Trump
2016-12-09 Video: Endgame Addendum
2016-12-09 The Globalist Attack Plan Three Weeks After The Election
2016-12-09 Podesta's emails: Congressman Says Keep the Blinders On
2016-12-09 Breitbart Tweeted about Pedosta Before Death
2016-12-09 Pope throws his lot with the pedophiles
2016-12-09 Clinton to Congress: Take action against ‘epidemic of fake news’
2016-12-10 Before Mysterious Death, Andrew Breitbart Targeted Podesta in Tweet
2016-12-10 The Pedocracy Pushes Fake News to Discredit Wikileaks Disclosures
2016-12-10 Trump Silent on #PizzaGate, But Close Supporters Talking
2016-12-10 Top researchers confirm that vaccines can trigger autoimmunity
2016-12-11 Film: In Utero
2016-12-11 Pedosta's "Artwork"
2016-12-14 Where is Julian Assange?
2016-12-14 Bombshell: CDC whistleblower goes further: mercury causes autism
2016-12-14 Georgia secretary of state says cyberattacks traced to DHS addresses
2016-12-15 Satanic Pedophile Government Prepares to Combat Information With Guns
2016-12-15 It’s getting harder to ignore Pizzagate
2016-12-15 Western Media Fake News About Syria Exposed
2016-12-15 Psychopathic Virtuoso Samantha Powers Struts Her Stuff
2016-12-16 Repost: Kerth Barker: The 7 Prophesies of James
2016-12-17 Julian Assange IT IS TIME to SHOW something to the WORLD
2016-12-17 When The Syrian Chickens Come Home To Roost
2016-12-18 5 Problems with the Claimed CIA Claim that Russia Hacked DNC Emails
2016-12-18 MK-Ultra: Brice Taylor: Thanks for the Memories
2016-12-18 Vaccines: What Is There To Be "Pro" About?
2016-12-19 CIA Meddles in US Election As it Has in Countless Foreign Polls
2016-12-19 International physicians protest against AAP’s policy on infant male circumcision
2016-12-19 Robert Plumlee: Deep Cover; Shallow Graves
2016-12-19 Counter-Propaganda Bill Quietly Creates US Propaganda Factory
2016-12-20 MGM, Ina May Gaskin and the Power of Denial
2016-12-21 Fake News: Intensification of information warfare
2016-12-21 Robert Kennedy on Toxicity of Mercury
2016-12-22 Bond Bubble Bursting
2016-12-22 Pizzagate Documentary
2016-12-23 Pizzagate, Pedophilia & The Cult
2016-12-24 Major Western Media Remove Norway Pedophile Ring Story
2016-12-25 VIP Vaccines: Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians
2016-12-25 Why Would People Lie About Climate Change?
2016-12-26 PizzaGate: 100's of CHILDREN MISSING IN VIRGINIA
2016-12-27 DC Police Caught Lying About Pizzagate Investigation
2016-12-27 The Pedophocracy
2016-12-28 Vaccine Injury Judgments up 400% in 2015, Mainly Due to Flu Shot
2016-12-28 Putin Expounds on the Value of Human Decency So Lacking in Western Propaganda
2016-12-30 22 ‘must-see’ vaccine documentaries
2016-12-31 Vaccine Detox: Do This IMMEDIATELY if Baby Regresses after Shots
2016-12-31 Tanzanian farmers face heavy prison sentences if they continue sharing seeds
2016-12-31 PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal
2017-01-01 Obama Admin to Turkey: We Didn’t Create ISIS
2017-01-01 Mountain of Evidence for a Massive International Pedophile Ring Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies
2017-01-01 Pedogate: Another Survivor Comes Forward
2017-01-01 2015: Pedophiles Run the Government and No One Gives a Damn
2017-01-02 Pizzagate: The Horrible Truth
2017-01-02 Pizzagate: A Primer
2017-01-03 Six (6) case studies that point to a massive child-pedophile ring at the highest levels of power
2017-01-03 Central Banksters Banning Cash One Country at a Time
2017-01-03 Abby Martin on John Podesta
2017-01-04 Assange interviewed on Fox
2017-01-04 Washington Is Behind India’s Brutal Demonetization Project
2017-01-04 PizzaGate: A Comprehensive Guide
2017-01-05 WACO, a new revelation
2017-01-05 Snopes - a questionable authority
2017-01-05 Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players
2017-01-06 DNC ‘did not allow’ FBI to examine hacked servers before agency blamed Russia as culprit
2017-01-06 The American Eugenics Regime
2017-01-06 Binney/McGovern: Pedosta Emails were leaked, not hacked
2017-01-07 Creator of NSA's Global Surveillance System Calls B.S. on Russian Hacking Report
2017-01-07 Clapper the Perjurer says "Russian Hack" an Act of War
2017-01-08 Evidence Airport Massacre was Yet Another Staged Event
2017-01-08 Evidence that Ft. Lauderdale shooter manipulated with mind altering psych drugs and ISIS video indoctrination by US Govt
2017-01-08 The "American" Global Empire - Fighting Back: Pilger Unleashed
2017-01-08 Debtors Prison for Kids
2017-01-08 Elites Terrified of Upcoming Wikileaks
2017-01-08 Impossible Odds in Mass Murders and Terrorism
2017-01-08 The Decline of the American Empire
2017-01-10 Raggedy Ann - A symbol of dead child victims of vaccine
2017-01-10 Playboy Magazine promotes pedophilia in 1978
2017-01-11 Free "Vaccines Revealed" docu-series Jan 10-18 - Sign up now
2017-01-11 PizzaGate Suspect Being Investigated By F.B.I.
2017-01-11 Reiterating: Fake Polls Show Which Media Are Establishment Propaganda Outlets
2017-01-11 Air Canada Denies Florida Airport Shooter Story
2017-01-11 Early Exposure of Pizzagate: Boys for Sale
2017-01-11 Daily Show Cancels Wikileaks/Podesta Segment
2017-01-11 Washington Pedophile Club Prepares for Mass Exposure
2017-01-12 Pizzagate Compilation
2017-01-13 America's MIA Children - the movie
2017-01-14 Video: Vaccines Revealed: The Coverup
2017-01-14 Updated Pedogate Compilation on VOAT
2017-01-14 Slave Holders and Pedophiles Intend to Wreck Human DNA
2017-01-14 D.C. National Guard General Ordered Removed Days Before Trump Inauguration
2017-01-14 NATO Preparing for WWIII in Europe
2017-01-14 The Circumcision of Kokopelli
2017-01-15 Birth Trauma in America: The Hidden Agenda
2017-01-15 The Soft Coup Collapses – CIA Bluffing, Russia Did Not Hack, Blackmail Revealed
2017-01-15 Vaccines, Rockefellers and Eugenics
2017-01-15 CDC "Spider" Scientists attack the CDC, blow the lid off
2017-01-15 Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
2017-01-16 Corbett: What I learned from the "Russian Hacking" Intelligence Report
2017-01-17 Media Whistleblower Found Dead
2017-01-17 Real Purpose of "Russian Hacking" Intel Report
2017-01-18 European Union Bans Amalgam Fillings for Children and Pregnant or Nursing Women
2017-01-19 New Edit of Zielinski's "America's MIA Children" Uploaded
2017-01-20 Private Intel Contractors Emerge as Influential Political Force
2017-01-20 Ratchet Maddow Exposes the Neofascist Plan to Force Trump into War with Russia
2017-01-21 CNN Sez It's ILLEGAL to read the Wikileaks Emails
2017-01-21 Another Reason the Pedophiles Hate Putin
2017-01-22 Vitamin C Basics
2017-01-22 GcMAF Cancer Therapy Available via Japanese company
2017-01-22 Former House Speaker/Pedophile Wants Hush Money Back from Child He Raped
2017-01-22 Franklin/Pizzagate Shorter Re-Edit of Zielinski's "America's MIA Children"
2017-01-22 Should US Soldiers be Forced to Be Vaccine Guinea Pigs?
2017-01-22 PDF Book: Pizzagate for Dummies
2017-01-23 Organ Transplant Donors: Are They Really Dead?
2017-01-23 Video: The Great Culling: The Truth About Our Water
2017-01-24 Andrew Wakefield Interview
2017-01-24 Organizer for DC Women's March is Pro-Sharia Law
2017-01-24 The Studiously Ignored Endocannabinoid System
2017-01-24 Why Generous Foreign Sponsors Are Turning Their Back on the Clinton Foundation
2017-01-24 How the Clintons Raped Haiti, How the USA Will Be Raped
2017-01-25 Bought Movie Clip: Chickenpox Vaccine
2017-01-25 The Indian Demonetization Disaster Explained
2017-01-25 Obama and the Merchants of Death
2017-01-26 Robert David Steele: Truth and Reconciliation in the USA?
2017-01-26 Michel Chossudovsky: Corporate Foundations and Color Revolution in the USA
2017-01-27 Dr Humphries on Vitamin K and Breastmilk
2017-01-27 Reprise: Swine Flu Deception at the CDC
2017-01-27 Trump Setup To Blame for Federal Reserve Sabotage
2017-01-28 Trump Refutes Effectiveness of Flu Shot
2017-01-29 The Petrodollar and Why You Should Care About It
2017-01-29 Julian Assange May Be Captured or Dead
2017-01-29 Federal Reserve Declares War on Trump's Policies
2017-01-29 A Miracle Treatment for Parkinsons
2017-01-29 GcMAF, Autism and Murdered Doctors
2017-01-29 Video: The People Who Control America
2017-01-29 Video: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook
2017-01-31 What the Pharmacorps Don't Want You to Know About Vitamin D
2017-02-01 Douglas Valentine on Resurrection of Operation Phoenix
2017-02-02 Vitamin K shot: Another Reason to Birth at Home
2017-02-02 Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines
2017-02-03 Vaccine Panel February 20, 2016 Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo
2017-02-03 Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Contained Metals & Debris - New Study
2017-02-03 MSM Reporter Ben Swann Goes Dark After Pizzagate Report
2017-02-04 Lead Researcher in Development of Gardasil Vaccine Comes Clean
2017-02-05 Onion Child Trafficking Portal Hacked, Available on Torrent
2017-02-07 Brand New Elite Whistleblower Smashes Global Warming Science
2017-02-07 The government's war on natural health and natural people
2017-02-07 UW Scientist Henry Lai Makes Waves in the Cell Phone ...
2017-02-08 Tulsi Gabbard Exposes Obama's Lies on Syria
2017-02-08 CDC Issues New Vaccine Guidelines for Adults
2017-02-08 Sean Stone Film: A Century of War
2017-02-09 NOAA manipulated data to exaggerate climate warming ahead of UN conference – whistleblower
2017-02-10 OKC Bombing: Another Silenced Witness to Mass Murderers in the FBI and OKC Police Force
2017-02-11 America's Gestapo - The FBI's Reign of Terror
2017-02-11 Powerful Profile of a Flu Vaccine Victim
2017-02-11 Miniscule Roundup residues in food linked to serious liver disease
2017-02-12 Syria: Amnesty Roped Into USA's Vast Propaganda Apparatus
2017-02-12 European media writing pro-war stories under CIA pressure
2017-02-12 Oxford Univ Medical Ethics Panel: Newborns Have No Rights
2017-02-14 Thousands of medical studies found to be useless but still no disclaimers
2017-02-14 Comparison of John Podesta's Voice and Leaked Video of Child Torture Chamber
2017-02-14 Pizzagate / Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim
2017-02-14 Flu Shot Increases Vulnerability to Other Types of Infections
2017-02-14 Biomarker for autism vulnerability still ignored in medical industry
2017-02-14 How the Left Killed the Anti War Movement
2017-02-15 CIA broke the law to take out its critic General Flynn
2017-02-15 New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro and Nano Contamination
2017-02-15 Pizzagate Updates: FBI Raids Adoption Agency
2017-02-15 Another comparison of Podesta's and MK-Ultra Programmer's Voice
2017-02-15 Obama's Fascist Coup in Ukraine: Kiev Snipers Were False Flag Operatives
2017-02-15 Reprise: VIP Pedophile Ring Abused Teenager Inside Buckingham Palace
2017-02-16 KILLING US SOFTLY: The Global Depopulation Policy
2017-02-16 Weapons of Mass Feminization
2017-02-17 Feds Make Record Gains Against Human Trafficking Networks
2017-02-17 Save the Children from the "Elite"
2017-02-18 The Scandalous History Of Infant Formula
2017-02-18 Video: An Open Secret: Pedophilia in Hollywood
2017-02-18 Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list
2017-02-18 Pedogate/Franklin Coverup: Interview with Anon DHS Insider
2017-02-18 Will World War 3 Start in Ukraine?
2017-02-19 More health studies of vaxxed vs unvaxxed populations
2017-02-19 Neuropsychiatric Disorders Following Vaccination of Children and Adolescents
2017-02-19 Princeton Economic Historian Clueless About Causes of WWIII
2017-02-19 Bill Gates Links Vaccines to Population Control 4 Times
2017-02-19 Real History: Ukraine Pipeline War and the Petrodollar
2017-02-19 Political Pedophilia Researcher Posts Video for Her own safety
2017-02-19 Pizzagate: Do We Know The Full Scope Yet?!
2017-02-19 Video: Cancer is Serious Business
2017-02-19 Bill Gates Signals Imminent Use of Bioweapons Against Humanity
2017-02-20 Podesta's Pizza Mansion
2017-02-20 Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal
2017-02-21 Reprise: Directed Energy Weapon Used in Iraq
2017-02-21 Reprise: The USA's Use of False Flag Ops in Iraq
2017-02-21 The USA's Ongoing False Flag Regime in Iraq
2017-02-21 USA: A Shooting Gallery
2017-02-21 Pedocracy pulling out all stops to muddy the waters
2017-02-22 High Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases
2017-02-22 Child sex abuse is not being taken seriously by UK police
2017-02-22 Rappoport: GMO People: What Could Go Wrong
2017-02-22 Professional Liars: Our Job is to Control Exactly What People Think
2017-02-22 What to do IMMEDIATELY if you Child Starts to Regress after Vaccination
2017-02-22 GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from its index… “memory holes” Natural News investigative articles on vaccines, pharma corruption, fraudulent science
2017-02-23 Fake "Progressives" Threaten Natural News to Mount Infowars Attack
2017-02-23 Nagalase/GcMAF Compilation
2017-02-23 Test Your Vaccine Knowledge
2017-02-23 VAULT 7: We take a look and it's scary as hell
2017-02-23 McCain Illegally Travels To Syria, Meets With Fighters; No Criticism From MSM
2017-02-23 Pedosta Joins Washington Post
2017-02-23 Project Veritas Releases Whistleblowers' Audio from CNN Psyop
2017-02-23 David Seaman: Bitcoin, Pizzagate Update
2017-02-23 Hillary Clinton's Veiled Reference to Pizzagate in Tweet to General Flynn
2017-02-23 The pedogate volcano is about to explode
2017-02-23 Medical Mafia Continues Ignoring Vaccine Studies
2017-02-23 PedoPlague: Sir Edward Heath WAS a paedophile, says police chief
2017-02-23 Podesta, Washington Post and the NCMEC
2017-02-23 Pizzagate Primer
2017-02-23 Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting 2/23/17
2017-02-24 The Fed as Suicide Bomber
2017-02-24 Five Scientific Facts: Links between Autism and Vaccines?
2017-02-24 Reprise: Chicago Federal Reserve on "Modern Money Mechanics"
2017-02-25 Reprise: Whistleblower: CNN is Paid By Foreign and Domestic Governments for Specific Content
2017-02-25 Reprise: Sniping US Soldiers in Iraq: An Inside Job
2017-02-25 Reprise: Iraq: USA Used Death Squads to Manufacture Civil War
2017-02-25 Vaccine Warning Post-it Notes Available
2017-02-25 The Bullshittery of the DNC
2017-02-25 Ex-Marine Shatters Myth of Joining the Military
2017-02-25 Murder by Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy against America
2017-02-25 Chemtrails Fully Explained - well documented
2017-02-25 Podesta: An "art" gallery
2017-02-25 Reprise: Operation Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media
2017-02-26 Reprise: Colin Ross on MK-Ultra Mind Control Program
2017-02-26 Utah Tries to Move Out From Under Federal Reserve
2017-02-26 Medical Research Rife with Corruption
2017-02-26 Alex Jones on Pizzagate
2017-02-26 Truthstream: Sorry Week for Liberty
2017-02-26 Truthstream: Deep State: Elections Mean Nothing
2017-02-26 Do You Trust Snopes? You Won’t After Reading This
2017-02-26 Trump says Bill Clinton has a Jeffery Epstein Problem
2017-02-26 Pedophile Island: Epstein, Huma, Bill & Hillary Clinton
2017-02-26 Why the MSM Is Ignoring Trump's Sex Trafficking Busts
2017-02-26 Whitehouse Petition Re: Google Censorship of Natural News
2017-02-26 Coordinated Attacks on Real News Websites May Herald Major Operation
2017-02-26 Google an “information dominance” front for the CIA
2017-02-28 CDC admits, then censors SV40 vaccine contamination
2017-02-28 Corbett: Hitler was a Rothschild
2017-03-01 CDC study accidentally finds that Thimerosal (mercury) remains in the body far longer than previously believed
2017-03-01 Freeman Dyson on Nuclear and Climate Science
2017-03-02 Democratic Establishment Is Trying To Start A War With Russia
2017-03-02 China Practicing ICBM Attack on USA
2017-03-02 Is the USA Killing Russian Diplomats?
2017-03-02 Social Engineering 101
2017-03-02 Vaccine Damage Awareness “Empty Stroller Walk” March 5, 2017
2017-03-02 First Amendment right to film police
2017-03-02 Trump Caves to Real Government on Russia Policy
2017-03-02 CIA vs France
2017-03-03 Breaking: NVIC Tracking 134 Vaccine Bills Introduced in 35 States
2017-03-03 WH Petition Re: Vaccines Needs Signatures
2017-03-03 The vaccine discovery that destroyed Judy Mikovitz's career
2017-03-03 Vaccines: Doctor questions his medical indoctrination
2017-03-04 NATO Has Begun Echoing The ‘Election Meddling Is An Act Of War’ Line
2017-03-05 Suzanne Humphries on Vitamin C
2017-03-05 Sibel Edmonds Uncovers the "Untouchables"
2017-03-06 The Child Abusing Scam of Infant Vaccination
2017-03-06 Clapper the Perjurer:" We Didn't Bug Trump Tower"
2017-03-06 LeMonde Brands Corbett Report "Fake News"
2017-03-06 MSM as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War
2017-03-07 Video: Vaccine Syndrome
2017-03-07 Drug Boss Escobar Worked for the CIA
2017-03-07 Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam
2017-03-07 PIZZAGATE CORE EVIDENCE: In 5 Minutes
2017-03-07 Former Technical Director of NSA: Trump is Right, Everything is Being Collected
2017-03-07 Wikileaks Unveils "Vault 7"
2017-03-08 Ex-CIA: Intel Agencies Sought to Derail Trump
2017-03-08 The Surveillance State and Learned Helplessness
2017-03-08 Truthstream on Eugenicist Gates Threat of Bioweapon
2017-03-08 Infant Twins Die Simultaneously After Vaccines, Medical Board Rules ‘Just a Coincidence’
2017-03-08 Interview with scientist on military vaccine experimentation
2017-03-08 The FBI: The Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich
2017-03-08 CFR: The Beating Heart of the Octopus
2017-03-09 Alex Jones Interview: NWO vs Nationalism
2017-03-09 Satanic Pope: Populism is Evil
2017-03-10 Albert Pike claimed: "We Control Islam and We'll Use It to Destroy the West.”
2017-03-10 Video: Gray State: Probably a Psyop
2017-03-10 Subliminal messages in TV network signoff from 1960's
2017-03-12 Human DNA in Vaccines: Insertional Mutagenesis
2017-03-12 Vaccines: The Greater Good
2017-03-12 Vaccines: Silent Epidemic
2017-03-12 CDC Foundation accepts millions of dollars from vaccine manufacturers
2017-03-12 Bioethics and Eugenics: The Ugly Truth