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Open season on vaccinating pregnant women

… Around 2006, CDC took stock of the persistently low compliance with its influenza recommendations, largely ignored by both doctors and pregnant women, and began more aggressively promoting flu shots for pregnant women. In an update in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, CDC cited as evidence of the vaccines’ safety during pregnancy a grand total of two retrospective epidemiological studies of medical records—one of which was published in 1973.

In 2011, CDC and other medical trade organizations also began recommending that all pregnant women get the Tdap vaccine (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis), which, among other ingredients, contains neurotoxic aluminum. Tdap coverage in pregnancy increased substantially following this recommendation, particularly in women who also received other vaccines during pregnancy. The FDA’s original approval of the two Tdap brands (Boostrix and Adacel) in the mid-2000s was as a booster for teens and adults, and the product inserts state that Tdap should be given during pregnancy only “when benefit outweighs risk.” At the time of the 2011 recommendation, no prelicensure studies of Tdap safety during pregnancy were available, so most of the (largely unpublished) data used to justify the recommendation came from post-licensure pregnancy pharmacovigilance conducted by vaccine manufacturers. To this day, online information for Boostrix states that “it is not known whether Tdap vaccine will harm an unborn baby.”

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Aluminum Vaccines: American Medicine’s Love and Devotion to Your Child

There is no place in the universe for these people.   They would be cast out even from hell.

Regulators Remain Indifferent to Unsafe Levels of Aluminum in Vaccines

Vaccines are complex laboratory creations designed for one seemingly simple purpose: to stimulate a theoretically protective immune response. However, some vaccines are not as likely to have their intended effect without an “adjuvant” to amplify the vaccinated individual’s response. Aluminum salts are the most common type of vaccine adjuvant in use, despite abundant science establishing aluminum as a neurotoxin.

In 2002, only two childhood vaccines contained aluminum adjuvants, but the aluminum picture had changed dramatically by 2016, when children received five aluminum-containing vaccines from birth to age three and at least two more in the teenage years. Two independent researchers are raising important questions about the wisdom of this ramped-up use of injected aluminum in young children. In a study published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (JTEMB) and a related online article, the researchers methodically show that current levels of aluminum in vaccines—wrongly termed “safe” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—derive from “outdated information, unwarranted assumptions and errors.”

Missing science: counting the ways 

According to the two researchers, current aluminum amounts in vaccines lack the rigorous scientific underpinning ordinarily required to make a proper determination of toxicity and dosing. One of the largest gaffes is that “the entire paradigm to aluminum dosing in vaccines [was not] determined considering body weight.” Continue reading Aluminum Vaccines: American Medicine’s Love and Devotion to Your Child

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Even from a strictly Darwinian perspective, empathy is humanity’s ace in the hole.  It is the foundation of social organization, without which we would not have language, science, technology or the desire to pass these gifts on to future generations.  Without empathy, we would not have family and community.  We would be isolated, defenseless, naked apes, easy prey for any carnivore of even moderate size, or, in a modern day context, for any social grouping of sufficient cohesion  among themselves. Thus, in a very real sense, empathy is power.

But humans are born at a very early stage of development compared to other mammals.   Aside from human breast milk, babies need pleasurable sensory and experiential inputs to activate their full neurological potential, especially their empathic potential.  These require family cohesion and stability which is only possible with well-developed parental empathy and bonding.  Thus in healthy nurturing families, empathy is amplified and passed on through the generations, with predictable benefits in terms of survival, success and fulfillment.

Nature has provided only 3 biological processes in which the hormones and the neural connections of love and empathy are activated in the human brain.  These are sex, birth and breast feeding.  While social and physical activity can contribute, these basic reproductive processes are foundational to making human brains receptive to other positive stimuli.  Sex, birth and breast feeding are nature’s way of inducing the emotional states which bond families together and maximize empathic and survival potential.  Such strong primal bonds naturally resist the dissociative social and economic pressures that the overlords use to divide people, and groups of stable families can form very stable and resilient communities, which are inherently subversive to the top-down management necessitated by large scale centralized social control.

Families and communities are a form of distributed autonomous hubs of economic activity and intelligence and a distributed information store.  They are a source of inconvenient history, invention, innovation and mutual support and solidarity which raises constant trouble for anyone seeking to impose a top-down command-and-control social structure suitable for unchallenged rule, while their economic efficiency and largely self-contained economic activity reduces opportunities for the financial harvesting which would otherwise occur via loanable and taxable currency flows.  Furthermore, they produce new people which at least initially are socialized outside of the seamlessly integrated banking / governmental complex to boot.   A losing proposition all the way around for the parasitic financial and political overlay which has feasted on human activity for centuries.  So it’s not surprising that the family has long been a prime target for empire builders, and aside from the usual economic, social and legal incentives used to disrupt families and push kids into state management, they also work behind the scenes to throw a monkey wrench precisely into sex, birth and breast feeding.

Rockefeller medicine’s (see: https://www.corbettreport.com/rockefeller-medicine-video/ and http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/05/medical-psychopath-school-diary-of-a-3rd-year-medical-student/ ) dogged pursuit of circumcision, obstetrical abuse and bottle feeding are precision-guided missiles aimed at the heart of human civilization itself, and western obstetrical medicine acts as a trojan horse, cloaking its primary function of destabilization and control behind a mythology of exaggerated (often iatrogenic) birthing dangers and fascistic notions of genital conformity and emotionally barren childcare.  Trauma-based dissociation and control at a social/societal level.  MK-Ultra on a national scale.  A recipe for mass alienation, social atomization and political impotence, and a totalitarian society which suppresses and redirects human potential into statist pursuits of large-scale Darwinian fitness and empire, with the localized social structures enabled by empathy replaced with the institutional pathologies enabled by the empire’s paper currency, which is firmly in the control of those who legally counterfeit it, the banks.  http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/03/censored-ben-franklin-on-the-real-cause-of-the-american-revolution/

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