The Depopulation Agenda: EPA Buried Study on Honeybee Collapse

Toxic food and drink, toxic medicine, toxic education, mass environmental destruction, fake journalism, real wars on our food supply and economy, fake wars on everything else except the biggest threat to this country, which is wholesale government corruption.  Can there be any doubt that the federal government is trying to kill us?  What do you expect from a merger of mafia, business and government?

We’ve been living in denial ever since they killed the president.  The evidence has piled up since then: the overthrow of one democratic government after another (the real domino effect), the drug smuggling, the subversion of domestic democratic movements and institutions, the declassified evidence of wall street’s participation in the 3rd reich, the torture, the FEMA camps, the kidnapping and MKULTRA torture of children for sex and blackmail.  It’s right in front of your face.  Do you really think the big 0 will save us?

People still can’t believe it’s come to this, that the threat is overblown, that every generation has its doomsayers predicting imminent catastrophe, why should this time be any different?  But there’s one crucial difference this time.  The internet has laid bare the mechanisms of economic, social and political control used used by a formerly invisible supranational elite.  For the first time in human history, the real depravity and obscenity of the subhuman parasite class that sits astride the world has been laid bare for all to see.  They have to move now or their empire of deceit will collapse and their very lives will be endangered.   We are at the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity to free humanity from chains we have worn for centuries.  This is truely a war worth fighting.  99% of the people will lose big time under the incipient old world odor.  Our only hope is to educate the technocrats which the pathocrats need to implement their nightmare.

Narcodollars for Dummies: The Ultimate Cold Call

In june 1999, the chairmain of the new york stock exchange traveled to Colombia and met a top FARC commander, requesting that the FARC launder their drug proceeds through the NY stock exchange instead of spending it on local community projects.  The commander refused, narco corrupted bill clinton signed “plan colombia” in 2000 and military “aid” to Colombia rose nearly 7-fold in 2 years.   But the drug war chemical spraying operations only targetted farc areas, not the areas controlled by the US sponsored drug cartel known as the Colombian government.

Whistleblower: CIA Orchestrated Fast and Furious

CIA trained the Los Zetas drug gang at Ft. Benning (SOA), then later armed their gang rivals, the Sinaloas and watched them fly a 747 full of cocaine into the USA.  Meanwhile the gun-related violence caused by our public servants is being used to nullify the second amendment, which is ultimately about little more than last-ditch self protection, in the face of our taxpayer funded military monster.

The masters of the world (the central bankers) use wars and turmoil to accrue wealth via sovereign debt, and  financial warfare (the shock doctrine) to take over societies.  When people are desperate, they beg for a strongman to bring order, if not law, back to the streets.  This is what wall street and london did to germany before the rise of hitler.  It’s what they’re doing to the UK right now, where cops were told to stand down while clueless newly impoverished rioters gave them the pretext for a clampdown later.

We are way past corruption here people.  This country is under attack in an undeclared war which has already decimated vast swaths of our industrial and social infrastructure.  Obstetrical abuse paved the way for the mass slave mentality which has rendered our communities unable to self-organize and defend themselves from oppression from above.   The attack is coming from all sides, seemingly professionally and scientifically orchestrated.   The assault on families and children is a key component of the psychological operations being waged against us.

Tyrants need terrorists.  That’s why they staged 9/11.  That’s why another 9/11 is coming, to enforce the dictates of these white collar looters who plunder with impunity through the financial system, a creature of the private federal reserve corporation which is owned by wall street banks such as jpmorgan, which in turn is controlled by the rothschild family.  A criminal syndicate controls your means to procure food and water, transportation and self-defense.  The grocery store shelves can and probably will be emptied in a few days after the collapse of the commercial paper market (, which would have happened in 2008 if not for the grace of the federal reserve, the key culprit responsible for our current economic predicament.

The fed’s owners live and breathe genocide.  They seem to delight in it, and they are avowed malthusians and eugenicists.  They inflict mass starvation through the private IMF and world bank.  They also believe the US middle class is a threat to their stated goal of global political integration.  But their entire empire is built on nothing more than people’s belief in the value of their toilet paper debt money, the ultimate ponzi scheme and mathematically doomed to hyperinflation.   Michael Hudson has stated that virtually the only time governments go into debt is during wartime.  Suppose your business model is collecting interest on sovereign debt.  Continuous war is what you need.  These people make the military industrial complex look like amateurs.

The IRS was created the year after the federal reserve act, and ultimately acts as their bill collector via the fake parallel tax-court system which has never heard of the constitution.

Whatever you think of Alex Jones’ libertarianism and personal style, he’s at least a recovering reaganite.  And his analysis of current events is spot on.  If you’re ready for the red pill, you can do no better than

Time is growing short, the shock doctrine is already upon us.  Austerity is coming.  Time to turn off your TV and meet your neighbors.  We’re all going to need each other.

Fun link to show and tell:  Go to , click on “Click here” in section 1.  Then click on “CLICK HERE” in the first paragraph.  Type in “federal reserve” and do a search.  Next, search on “internal revenue service”.  How about “central intelligence agency”.  We’re not in kansas anymore.

Satanic Ritual Abuse show July 4

We don’t usually have a show on the first Monday in the month, because someone else has that hour, but today is July 4 and the host of that show is gone.

Today’s impromptu show will be on the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Today’s show will feature Janel and Jeanice (who is visiting from Hawaii), Rich and Kerth.  Should be *hot*!

Listen and learn more about how the world is run… by terrorism first in the very best of families. Oprah had a show on this subject.

See also the May 16 show with Jeanice Barcelo. It addresses how this invisible system works through the birthing industry in our country. Chilling!

Child rearing practices of distant ancestors foster morality, compassion in kids

Today’s guest is Notre Dame Psychology Professor Darcia Narvaez.  Her studies show a relationship between child rearing practices common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies (how we humans have spent about 99 percent of our history) and better mental health, greater empathy and conscience development, and higher intelligence in children.

“Our research shows that the roots of moral functioning form early in life, in infancy, and depend on the affective quality of family and community support,” says Narvaez, who specializes in the moral and character development of children.

The three studies include an observational study of the practices of parents of three-year-olds, a longitudinal study of how certain child rearing practices relate to child outcomes in a national child abuse prevention project, and a comparison study of parenting practices between mothers in the U.S. and China. The longitudinal study examined data from the research of another Notre Dame psychologist, John Borkowski, who specializes in the impact of child abuse and neglect on development.

The results of Narvaez’ three studies as well as those from researchers around the world were presented at a conference at Notre Dame in October 2010, titled “Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness.”

“The way we raise our children today in this country is increasingly depriving them of the practices that lead to well being and a moral sense,” she says.

Narvaez identifies six characteristics of child rearing that were common to our distant ancestors:

  • Lots of positive touch – as in no spanking – but nearly constant carrying, cuddling and holding;
  • Prompt response to baby’s fusses and cries. You can’t “spoil” a baby. This means meeting a child’s needs before they get upset and the brain is flooded with toxic chemicals. “Warm, responsive caregiving like this keeps the infant’s brain calm in the years it is forming its personality and response to the world,” Narvaez says.
  • Breastfeeding, ideally 2 to 5 years. A child’s immune system isn’t fully formed until age 6 and breast milk provides its building blocks.
  • Multiple adult caregivers – people beyond mom and dad who also love the child.
  • Free play with multi-age playmates. Studies show that kids who don’t play enough are more likely to have ADHDand other mental health issues.
  • Natural childbirth, which provides mothers with the hormone boosts that give the energy to care for a newborn.

See also, Why Do Kids Who Are Held and Cuddled Become More Empathetic Adults? at

Darcia’s Psychology Today blog “Moral Landscapes” can be read here.

Her page at Notre Dame is:

Transparency in all things