Governments And WHO Changed Covid-19 Policy Based on Suspect Data From Tiny US Company

Comment: The outfit that somehow got the ears of the WHO and every major world nation, appears to have been a dodgy front operation for something else, and was used to destroy the credibility of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for covid-19. In short, it seems someone with a lot of influence really wanted to prevent the widespread acceptance of an effective treatment for Covid-19 (looking at you, Big Pharma).

Dr. Mandeep Mehra, the lead co-author of the dodgy study, is a director at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, which is credited with providing funding. Dr. Mehra and The Lancet failed to disclose that Brigham Hospital has a partnership with Gilead and is currently conducting TWO trials testing the drug Remdesivir, the prime competitor of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19, the focus of the study….

Drug scam: First US Troops Arrive In Colombia Pursuant To Latest Deployment

As in many places around the world, Colombians seem to be emerging from the state of virus-induced shock and paralysis and are taking a renewed interest in political developments. One of the topics that has dominated the news in recent days is the abrupt announcement by the US Embassy in Bogota on 28 May of an imminent additional US troop deployment to Colombia (giving less than a week’s notice of their arrival – they were due to arrive on 1 June). At least 50 members of the national Congress from nine pol

Five Solutions You Won’t Hear from Politicians on How to End Police Violence Now

Since the George Floyd protests began last week, they have since morphed into a much broader movement which is now exposing a problem this country has suffered from for a long time. The system of law enforcement in this country has morphed into a militarized standing army, preying on the poor, and rife with corruption. Naturally, people are pissed.

As we have stated from the beginning of the riots, this reaction was inevitable. Minorities and the poor have been pushed into a corner and ignored as the state preyed on them through a system of extortion and violence. One can only be ignored for so long before they eventually lash out.

Remember when football players were peacefully protesting by taking a knee, and the country — including the Commander in Chief — collectively lost their minds telling them to shut up and sit down? Trump even called for them to be fired for this. Now, because these folks were ignored and told to shut up during their peaceful protests, the inevitable non-peaceful protests have begun.

For decades there has been a perfect storm brewing in this country as minorities and poor people have their doors kicked in and are terrorized by cops during botched raids for substances deemed illegal by the state and watch helplessly as their family members die in video after video at the hands of cops. Now, we have record unemployment, lockdowns, cops murdering people on video and facing no immediate charges, and those in charge sit at the top and point fingers.

Because the system will always refuse to accept responsibility for the situation it has forced onto the people, the blame game always comes next. Instead of realizing the error of their ways, government is now blaming the riots on Antifa, White Nationalists, the Alt right, “thugs,” and any other scapegoat they can find to blame besides taking responsibility. They are even blaming Russia now. You cannot make this up.

Naturally, this will never lead to any positive change. It will only prolong suffering, create more divide, and perpetuate a system of injustice for decades to come. Those who want to incite peaceful change, however, have been pushing these ideas out for a long time. Now, people may finally listen.

To lower the likelihood of future chaos, America’s system of law enforcement needs radical change. Instead of threatening to execute suspected looters with no due process — the discussion we should be having right now is how to fix this broken system. It is not difficult, it is based in logic and reason, and its effects would be significantly felt almost overnight.

Over the years, TFTP has been proposing these solutions and below we have compiled a list of five main actions that could effect this much-needed change, right now.

The first and most significant solution to this pain and suffering would be to end the war on drugs — today. Legalize every substance out there.

Richard Nixon, in his effort to silence black people and antiwar activists, brought the War on Drugs into full force in 1973. He then signed Reorganization Plan No. 2, which established the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Over the course of five decades, this senseless war has waged on. At a cost of over $1 trillion — ruining and ending countless lives in the process — America’s drug war failed, miserably, and has created a drug problem that is worse now than ever before.

This is no coincidence.

For years, those of us who’ve been paying attention have seen who profits from this inhumane war — the police state and cartels….

5G: Predictably, political parties take opposite sides

Divide and conquer. Why not vote for policies and get rid of parties?

5G opposition is worldwide. Cities AND countries have already taken action to ban, delay, and halt 5G deployment due to health and safety risks and warnings (see 123456789).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans by regulating the telecom industry. Ha! Despite expert warnings AND increasing opposition, they want to speed up 5G deployment during pandemic.  One commissioner has even dismissed opponents as “Tin Foil Hat people.” Funny – these “Tin foil hat” people now include more elected officials and two FCC commissioners.

From Fierce Wireless:

Lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum are citing the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason to support or delay a vote on an FCC order that would make it easier to deploy 5G equipment on existing communications infrastructure.

A group of Republicans on Monday sent a letter (PDF) to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai saying the 5G Upgrade Order will allow companies to improve services in communities now, when they need it the most.

The next day, 24 Democratic members of the Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to Chairman Pai pointing to the ongoing challenges that local governments face during the pandemic and urged him to delay the vote, saying the ruling would grant companies the right to expand existing cell sites without regard to local processes.

The FCC has said it will consider at its June 9 meeting a Declaratory Ruling and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would clarify, and seek comment on changes to, the FCC’s rules implementing a section of the Spectrum Act of 2012 in order to accelerate the deployment of communications infrastructure by facilitating the upgrade of existing sites for 5G networks.

More than a dozen counties and cities, including Los Angeles, Boston and Portland, Oregon, submitted a filing (PDF) on Tuesday saying the commission should not adopt the draft order as released.

Read full article

Exposure to 5G (see 12) and other sources of wireless radiation (see 12) can reduce immunity and cause other health issues including increased cancer risk AND since 2018, there have been reports of people and animals becoming sick after it was turned on (see 1234).  So why would an agency fight to speed up deployment during a pandemic (see 12345678)?  Lawsuits have already been filed against the FCC for NOT protecting the public from unsafe levels of radiation (see 12) as well as 5G.

As referenced in the Fierce Wireless article – 5G opposition isn’t likely to go away regardless of tactics used by members of “The Swamp” that Trump promised to drain. ….

Black Ops & False Flags with Ole Dammegard & Cody Snodgres

Cody Snodgres joins Ole Dammegard and Jason Goodman to discuss the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and other false flag black ops.

See also Cody’s book and more conversation between Ole and Cody at

Minnesota AG Elevates Murder Count Against Chauvin, Charges 3 Officers With Abetting Floyd’s Killing

In keeping with the wishes of both the George Floyd’s family and the expectations of the public, Minnesota’s attorney general has just charged the three other officers seen in the video of Floyd being killed while being taken into custody, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, a longtime hero of the Democratic left who was closely involved with Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president, has reportedly decided to elevate the charges against Derek Chauvin while also  adding charges of aiding and abetting murder against the other three officers at the scene.

Keith Ellison

The other officers at the scene included two white man and an Asian man, who will be charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, while Chauvin’s charge is elevated from third-degree murder – a kinda-sorta murder charge that only exists in three states – to second degree murder, along with a manslaughter charge.

The other three officers at the scene — Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane — will also be charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder, according to the sources, who spoke on conditions of anonymity. Chauvin was arrested last Friday and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter….

The charges come just days after Minnesota’s Democratic Governor, Tom Walz, asked Ellison to take over the prosecution, which at the time was being led by  the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, amid public outcry over what many saw as charges against Chauvin that were too lenient. A lawyer representing Floyd’s family has said the family would like to see Chauvin face 1st degree charges, which would indicate a premeditated killing.

Floyd’s killing, which occurred amid a string of other racially-tinged incidents, has set off the worst social unrest in the US in 50 years.

Russia Finally Responds to US Nuclear First Strike Policy, Adopts its Own

But don’t worry, the demoncrats will save us.

MOSCOW – Earlier in the week, Vladimir Putin amended the Fundamentals of State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence, by means of presidential decree. The decree sets out that Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy is defensive in nature and is aimed at maintaining the potential of nuclear forces at a level sufficient for this. It also claims it guarantees protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. The decree alters official policy but comes more closely with the reality of the posture that has developed as a result of the US’ policy since at least 2010.

The United States has refused to adopt a no first use policy and says that it “reserves the right to use” nuclear weapons first in the case of conflict. The US doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons was revised most recently in the Nuclear Posture Review, released April 6, 2010.

The language of the Russian decree drapes its first strike policy in the language of defense.

“The Russian Federation considers nuclear weapons exclusively as a means of deterrence, the use of which is an extreme and necessary measure, and is making all necessary efforts to reduce the nuclear threat and prevent aggravation of interstate relations that can provoke military conflicts, including nuclear ones,” the document says.

Russia will be ready to use nuclear weapons in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction against it or its alliesas well as in the case of non-nuclear aggression against the Russian Federation, which would threaten the existence of the Russian state and the possibility of a retaliatory nuclear strike.

The conditions for the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia in the document are the receipt of reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles attacking the territory of Russia and (or) its allies, as well as the use by the enemy of the territory of the country and its allies of nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, the Russian Federation will be ready to use nuclear weapons if the enemy acts on its critically important state and military facilities, the failure of which will disrupt the response of nuclear forces, and in the case of aggression using conventional weapons, which would threaten the very existence of the Russian state .

The document says that the president can, if necessary, inform the military-political leadership of other countries and international organizations about their readiness to use nuclear weapons, about the decision to use them, and about the fact of using nuclear weapons.

Guaranteed deterrence of a potential adversary from aggression against Russia and (or) its allies is one of the highest state priorities.

“The containment of aggression is provided by the entire aggregate of the military power of the Russian Federation, including nuclear weapons,” the document says.

According to the decree, Russia’s nuclear deterrence measures are carried out continuously, in compliance with its international obligations in the field of arms control. In addition, the possibility of adapting policies to military threats is taken into account.

Among the principles of a nuclear deterrence policy are indicated the centralization of government, the rationality of the structure and composition of nuclear forces and assets, and their maintenance at the minimum level sufficient to fulfill the tasks. At the same time, part of the forces is maintained in constant readiness for combat use.

The uncertainty for a potential adversary of the scale, time and place of the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia is also called crucial.

With nuclear deterrence, Russia will take into account the deployment of hypersonic and laser weapons, missiles and shock unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a potential adversary. Among the main military dangers that could escalate into military threats of the Russian Federation and to neutralize which nuclear deterrence is carried out, are called “deployment by states that consider the Russian Federation as a potential adversary, anti-ballistic missile defense systems and systems, cruise and ballistic missiles of medium and shorter range, high-precision non-nuclear and hypersonic weapons, shock unmanned aerial vehicles, weapons of directed energy. “

Russia considers the creation and deployment in space of anti-ballistic missile defense (ABM) and strike systems a danger, the neutralization of which requires nuclear deterrence. In the text of the document, among the main military dangers that could develop into military threats of the Russian Federation and to neutralize which nuclear deterrence is carried out, is called “the creation and deployment in space of anti-ballistic missile defense systems and strike systems.”

Plans to develop hypersonic missiles have already been announced in the United States, they are one of the leaders in the development of laser weapons. Russia has also repeatedly pointed to US plans to deploy weapons in space. In particular, on February 25, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov , speaking at the Conference on Disarmament, said that “the plans of the United States, France and the North Atlantic Alliance as a whole to launch weapons into space are becoming more and more real.” At the same time, Lavrov noted that it is not too late to prevent force confrontation in space by formulating general rules of conduct.

Gaddafi Warned of CIA-Sponsored Islamic Terror in Europe 6 Years Ago

Military Occupation of America Begins

It now seems certain the social lockdown imposed during the COVID scare will be extended with a “second wave” blamed in part on people protesting the police execution of George Floyd.

As it now stands, there is no way the massive protests in America will come to end anytime soon. The yellow vest protests in France went on for months, only to be sidelined by COVID. Make no mistake. Macron and the neoliberals were seriously freaked out by week after week of yellow vest protests and riots. The elite considered it a serious threat to the French state and its corrupt establishment.

Trump has absolutely no viable options. He has threatened to send federal troops into states in violation of what remains of Posse Comitatus. It was mostly destroyed by the national security state logic of the neocon John Yoo and the Bush administration.

Trump has threatened to use the Insurrection Act to go after rioters and looters. It should be mentioned that police (now embedded with federalized National Guard soldiers) are exploiting the violence to attack peaceful demonstrators, for instance, the following chemical attack in Philadelphia.

The Chicago Police are notorious for use of over-the-top violence in reaction to dissent in the Windy City. Apparently little if nothing has changed since 1968 and the savage beatdown of protesters, media, and bystanders by Mayor Daley’s police during the Democratic Convention.

Few deny George Floyd was sadistically executed, but what’s missing here is the fact his murder is part of a far larger issue that is not being addressed.

The paramilitarization of state and local law enforcement by the federal government has resulted in heavily armed police-soldiers that regard both the guilty and innocent alike as enemy combatants. Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan and the onset of the disastrous war on drugs, the Pentagon has fed a steady stream of hardware designed for war and mass murder into police agencies from sea to shining sea.

No doubt this “civil war” will run through summer and land square in the lap of both parties during the conventions. Due to the riots and protests, the Democrats have pushed their convention back to August from July, probably in the hope, there will be some kind of resolution that will settle the dust by the end of summer. It’s not going to happen, even though, as of Wednesday, the rioting and violence have ratcheted down a notch or two.

Likewise and undoubtedly more violently during the RNC convention the following week in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Late note: North Carolina rejected convention taking place in NC, no doubt realizing and dreading the consequences).

Expect militarized national conventions, unlike anything in the past.

Transparency in all things