Carbon currency on the horizon

Another paradigm of artificial scarcity.  It’s all about social control and depopulation, elite objectives since ancient times.

Of course if you believe in man made global warming (“belief” is the appropriate word here.  Whether it’s true or not, it’s become a state religion embraced by the mass media despite conflicting data, non-predictive computer models and evidence of forgery, something that should give one pause), it all makes sense, and it all fits in tidily with real concerns over industrial pollution, environmental destruction and genetic corruption.  The problem is that the culprits for the latter problems are well defined, very powerful, continue their practices with impunity and are already positioned to profit from the monetization of carbon.  Meanwhile choking off the carbon cycle (which includes solar energy input via plants) will drastically impact all of us, including the most vulnerable.  Hundreds of millions can be expected to starve to death under a carbon regime.   I find it remarkable that the opinion leaders on the left universally ignore the inconvenient truths about the establishment’s sudden concern over grassroots energy use which maintains basic food supplies and shelter.  Is humanity itself truly a blight on the earth, or is it rather our pathological debt-based currency system which produces supremely destructive boom-bust cycles and endless war?  Have we been tricked AGAIN?  Nah, this time they’re telling the truth …. best to trust in “science”, such as it is.



The Depopulation Agenda: EPA Buried Study on Honeybee Collapse

Toxic food and drink, toxic medicine, toxic education, mass environmental destruction, fake journalism, real wars on our food supply and economy, fake wars on everything else except the biggest threat to this country, which is wholesale government corruption.  Can there be any doubt that the federal government is trying to kill us?  What do you expect from a merger of mafia, business and government?

We’ve been living in denial ever since they killed the president.  The evidence has piled up since then: the overthrow of one democratic government after another (the real domino effect), the drug smuggling, the subversion of domestic democratic movements and institutions, the declassified evidence of wall street’s participation in the 3rd reich, the torture, the FEMA camps, the kidnapping and MKULTRA torture of children for sex and blackmail.  It’s right in front of your face.  Do you really think the big 0 will save us?

People still can’t believe it’s come to this, that the threat is overblown, that every generation has its doomsayers predicting imminent catastrophe, why should this time be any different?  But there’s one crucial difference this time.  The internet has laid bare the mechanisms of economic, social and political control used used by a formerly invisible supranational elite.  For the first time in human history, the real depravity and obscenity of the subhuman parasite class that sits astride the world has been laid bare for all to see.  They have to move now or their empire of deceit will collapse and their very lives will be endangered.   We are at the cusp of an unprecedented opportunity to free humanity from chains we have worn for centuries.  This is truely a war worth fighting.  99% of the people will lose big time under the incipient old world odor.  Our only hope is to educate the technocrats which the pathocrats need to implement their nightmare.

Transparency in all things