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Scientocracy: science of democracy #1

The word Scientocracy is a neologism–it hasn’t found its way into regular use and its definition is in question. I define this word as a government of the people which is informed by science. These two factors, the growth of human population size and the world’s dependence on the products of science, make Scientocracy necessary to any future democratic republic. This is the political system of the future. However, the world is currently ruled by a type of secretive Technocracy. I define Technocracy as the rule of a group of elite technicians. Scientocracy is different than Technocracy. The root word meaning of science is to know. In contrast, technology is merely a way of doing something–a method–a technique. Our present global Technocracy is made up of functionaries who work for global corporations, bankers, and generational billionaires. All these technocrats have done is to take the age old methods of social oppression and given such methods technical precision. Technocracy is hierarchal and plutocratic. It is functional without being knowledgable. Scientocracy brings knowledge into democratic processes. It makes a republic of the people, for the people, possible. However, true Scientocracy must not be materialistic scientism. It must recognize that advanced physics can explain the validity of spirituality. Scientocracy must not be mere behavioral science, it must recognize the spirituality is essential to humanism. The present time New World Order is a global plutocracy that is killing the world and enslaving humanity so that a tiny minority can enjoy the illusion of absolute power. It is the Technocrats which serve the New World Order who have propped it up for this long. But their techniques will soon fail. As Technocracy falls, Scientocracy will rise.

State of Mind DVD review

The Bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. What it doesn’t say is that learning the truth can sometimes be very hard to take, but freedom is worth it. There is a new DVD titled STATE OF MIND, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CONTROL. It is the type of video that is hard to watch because the truth it reveals is so disturbing. But it is also the type of rare video that comes along which really empowers you. The information in this video is transformational. How the globalist elites are brainwashing the world is spelt out clearly. It has credible research which is well explained. This is not some conspiracy theory but deep politics. It’s the type of video that you want to look at in one sitting. And even if you already understand how the NWO is mind controlling the world, you’ll still learn new things. It’s perfect for introducing these topics to someone who’s new to deep politics because it breaks the information down into easy to understand chunks. It’s highly authoritative and very watchable. The thought criminals at Thought Crime Radio have seen it and strongly recommend it. It’s produced by FREE MIND FILMS. It’s website is STATEOFMIND.COM

Mushroom Clouds = No Amnesty

A good bee keeper has a symbiotic relationship with the bees. He establishes and maintains the hive and takes the excess honey produced. Ancient Luciferian rulers, such as those of Egypt, saw themselves as being like good bee keepers. They established and maintained agricultural societies and took the excess wealth for themselves. Contemporary Illuminati leaders compare themselves to ancient Egyptian royalty, but they are not the same. Representatives for the globalist oligarchy now say “It’s easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.” These are the comments of cowardly thugs not royalty. There is no royalty in this new age. The inbred generational billionaires who make up the globalist Illuminati oligarchy falsely believe that they are invulnerable. And many insiders who know of their existence are really afraid of them. The ritual child sacrifices intimidate many. The fact that the Illuminati have acquired WMDs in the post cold-war era is also threatening. And some otherwise decent and brave individuals have allowed themselves to be controlled by their Illuminati masters because of these fears: fear for their family–fear of seeing a mushroom cloud over a US city as part of a false flag op. But the truth is that once you understand what the Illuminati end game really is–you come to know that you must put aside such fears and do what is necessary to defeat the Illuminati. The Illuminati endgame is worse than even the destruction of several cities in the US or Europe. There will be no utopian society created by Luciferianism, what the  Illuminati really plan is to depopulate the world–cruelly killing billions. Those who survive this end-time agenda would be subjected to surgical mutilation and brutal brainwashing. All of the high ranking  Illuminati members have acquired power through betrayal, and all intend to eventually betray each other–even thou they presently pretend to be friends with one another. When the time is right, the wealthy aristocrats intend to betray even their most loyal servants. It is mathematically predictable that at some point even those now loyal to the globalist NWO will turn against it–resulting in chaotic violence. But there is another way. There is a way out, even for the members of the Illuminati. Think of how amnesty has worked out in South Africa and other places. Even after the 9/11 false flag and the economic rip offs, the idea of amnesty for the guilty could be sold to the people. What the people want is a restoration of representative government and economic security. The truth is that if you’re a really intelligent leader, it’s easier to control a million people than to kill them. But you would have to have more compassion and intelligence than the present time rulers of this secret world government. Voter qualification and a panopticon for politicians can make democratic government workable and stable. Parent qualification can regulate population size. Socio-political tools exist now to construct a better world for all people. It’s only the bloated egos of those born into power that keeps a rational international government from emerging spontaneously from the complex system that is humanity. If you are in the Illuminati or serve them, you may have done criminal things which you fear that, if revealed, could never be forgiven by the public. But the public has been willingly ignorant of 9/11 and a lot of other things. In forgiving themselves for such willful ignorance, the public would be psychologically receptive to forgiving their former leaders. An amnesty plan is still possible if you able to reject the old NWO plan and accept a more rational one–if you are willing to restore democracy and economic health for the middle class. If you are willing to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, legal amnesty is still possible. Even spiritual forgiveness is possible. But if WMDs are used, all bets are off. The eventual result of using them will be a bloody revolution of absolute revenge. Then there will be no forgiveness of any kind. If you are wise enough to understand me, realize that you now stand at the crossroads.

NWO creates Shangri-la?

I have been told by contacts that there is a division within the Illuminati between the old money oligarchy and the technocrats who manage the affairs of their wealthy masters. Most of the power players in the global oligarchy want to go ahead with the brutal WWIII plan that is supposed to beat everyone into submission economically and emotionally. Then everyone will become willing slaves to the NWO. The smarter Technocrats know that such a plan will only result in true chaos and effective resistance. Instead they want to seduce the world into accepting global government. One plan, rejected by the old school Illuminati aristocrats, would liberate Tibet by making it a UN protectorate state. Then Tibet would be turned into a model utopian country–a true Shangri-la. This would sell the rest of the nations of the world on the idea of aligning themselves to the UN’s globalization plan. What China would get out of this is they would occupy Pakistan territory under the UN banner and then they could build their oil pipeline. Personally, I like the idea of Tibet being liberated if it were a democracy where they could elect Buddhist priests or whoever they want into office. I don’t object to China having oil as long as they come to an agreement with the Pakistan government. I have come to believe that some of the Illuminati Technocrats are smarter than their old money masters, but I still have doubts that generational billionaires will ever agree to any plan that might actually create a better world. In my heart I personally desire that Tibet be liberated. But I don’t know that this plan is the way it will be done.

the judas principle

When I was young persons that I knew in the Society of Lucifer told me that the real secret to wealth and success in life was the Judas principle. It was a secret that all the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world knew. Like Judas of old taught through his example, you gain the trust of others and then when it becomes profitable to do so, you betray that trust for money or power. Their have been times when I have used this principle to gain money and have always come to regret this in time. Yet a true sociopath never feels remorse. And the most powerful people in the world are true sociopaths. They often work hard to gain the trust of others, but in the end they always betray that trust for money and power. This is how the most wealthy families in the world came to be that way. Now these same families have come together with a plan to take over the world and destroy America in the process. There are many of us who oppose the Illuminati who feel that July 4th of this year would be the perfect time for a false flag operation. Something will have to be done to justify the controlled demolition of the American economy. There are many who work for the global elite who are in on this betrayal of the American people. However, all such persons will in the end be betrayed by their employers. There is no utopia at the end of this process. The final entropy of this process will be authentic chaos, a truly unplanned event in which everyone attempts to betray everyone else. As you betray so shall you be betrayed. It turns out that the law of karma is real. As you will find out if you use the Judas principle. as a business model. But there is another plan. The New World Order plan is not the only one. The Great Plan of Lucifer is not the only plan. There is another plan. By Deus there is. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

D.U.M.B.s Syndrome & nerve gas theory

The Deep Underground Military Bases around the world (both governmental and corporate) have long had a syndrome where long term workers who live in these deep underground bases get sick and don’t get well until they return above ground. Doctors can find no causes. This seems to confirm the nerve gas theory that every DUMB has been booby trapped during construction with a nerve gas system that can be remotely triggered. Only the Rothschild’s personal bunkers seem to be unaffected by this syndrome. Apparently the nerve gas booby traps have small slow leaks that get into the air of the bases and make the workers slowly sicker. Many who think that they’re loyalty to the NWO will be rewarded with a safe place for themselves and their families are going to be surprised with those nerve gas tanks are remotely opened after everyone gets underground. I’m sure the wise ones know what’s going to happen on July 4th of this year and all that will follow. When the sh*t hits the fan, maybe you should rethink going underground to your assigned quarters. Just a head’s up. Great Great Grandpa Albert Pike always believed in planning ahead.

agent provocateur vs. non-violence

An agent provocateur is someone hired to infiltrate a legal and non-violent movement with the intention of undermining it. He advocates violence or criminal activity and this then justifies the police or military to come in and suppress the movement. Always distrust anyone who promotes violence. Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati Doctrine in 1776 promoted the use of agent provocateurs as a method of eliminating resistance. Violence can’t be used to overthrow the New World Order. They control the weapons of mass destruction. You’re not going to defeat nuclear weapons with handguns. You may need your firearms to defend your family during the coming riots when the breakdown comes. But advocating violent revolution is not practical. Non-violent action however can still create change. Using the spread of truthful information to awaken minds is necessary. Using non-violent confrontation to awaken consciousness is also good. Informed people who survive the coming collapse of society will be the ones who rebuild it.